New Novels Announcement

Hello everyone! I have picked new novels to translate. One is Plane Supermarket, for this I’ll be starting to upload chapters 7-9 from monday to wednesday (One chapter per day). The first 6 chapters are up and you can see it on novelupdates. The translator was not updating for more than 3 months now, so New Novels Announcement

July Updates

Hello everyone! I am back! Well the site is… FINALLYヽ(〃∀〃)ノ Some updates for everyone. It all started with me wanting to remove the html that is showing (I hate it till this day) on the first few paragraphs (It is still there TT). Then, it went full blown site crashing every now and then. Those July Updates

Announcement !!

Hallo fellow reader!Thank you for supporting pandakokoa! Reading everyone’s comments made me really happy (♡°▽°♡) So, I am planning to save up chapters first before posting again. And by that time, release schedule of chapters will be consistent (´。• ω •。`). With that being said, chapter release will begin again on 2nd Week of May Announcement !!