Top-Tier Webnovels

Top-tier Webnovels All the web-novels I want to reread again CAUSE THEY ARE SOO GOOD. Note , this is in no particular order: Mo Dao Zu Shi ***** Genre: Wuxia (cultivation/martial arts)Note: Prepare tissues Tian Guan Ci Fu ***** Genre: Xianxia (immortality/cultivation with gods, demons, ghost, etc.)Note: Prepare tissues, and buckle-up its a long ride. Top-Tier Webnovels


Welcome to pandakokoa’s library! CURRENTLY READING: I’ve Got this Cannon Fodder’s Back RECOMMENDATIONS TOP TIER (I wish I could read them again the first time; in no particular order ) Note: Some are one of the first novels I’ve read that’s why its close so my heart and would definitely read them again. Anyways, at PANDAKOKOA’s Library