TOTLS Chapter 140

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 16 When Tao Yuan heard the resolute reply from Mai Wei, he couldn’t help but glance at Marshal Fred, and their eyes met perfectly. Suddenly, Tao Yuan felt like meeting the parents and immediately lowered his head. Marshal Fred stared at Tao Yuan for a while, then shifted his gaze TOTLS Chapter 140

TOTLS Chapter 139

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 15 Once again, Tao Yuan’s confession caused significant reactions online. In the Nanmeng Empire, the education received from childhood emphasized everyone’s right to independence. As a result, most people sympathized with and understood him, feeling that he had been pushed to such extremes, dehumanized, and seeking to take control of TOTLS Chapter 139

TOTLS Chapter 138

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 14 Before they returned to the main star, a military exercise was conducted by the garrison forces of the border star cluster. The impressive performance of the latest anti-air weapons in actual combat excited both the soldiers and the high-ranking officials. Even the ordinary citizens, after learning about it through TOTLS Chapter 138

TOTLS Chapter 137

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 13 “You…” Tao Yuan excitedly grabbed Mai Wei’s hand, wanting to ask him why he had suddenly come. But after glancing at Fei Qi, he said to Mai Wei, “I’ll go back to the room and wait for you. Hurry up, don’t waste time talking too much with him.” Tao TOTLS Chapter 137

TOTLS Chapter 136

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 12 Tao Yuan was headed for the border star cluster to assist in fine-tuning the new air-to-ground weapon control programs, ensuring these weapons were officially ready for deployment. Originally, Mei Wei was supposed to accompany him, but he received a last-minute assignment, forcing him to cancel their joint mission. Because TOTLS Chapter 136

TOTLS Chapter 135

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 11 A breakthrough was finally achieved after a year of dedicated efforts at the Weapons Research and Manufacturing Institute. A more powerful anti-aircraft weapon was developed. Now, all that awaits is the development of a program to maximize the utilization of these weapons, followed by a coordinated effort to revamp TOTLS Chapter 135

TOTLS Chapter 134

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 10 As soon as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him, Mai Wei swiftly turned around, delivering a powerful punch that sent Fei Qi crashing to the ground. Fei Qi felt as if half of his face was about to fall off, the pain rendering him numb. Sitting TOTLS Chapter 134

TOTLS Chapter 133

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 9 With Mai Wei off on a mission, it would be days before his return. Tao Yuan mused over the peaceful days without anyone bothering him. Although it relaxing, he was certain he would miss Mai Wei. As lunchtime approached, Tao Yuan grabbed his tablet and headed to the materials TOTLS Chapter 133

TOTLS Chapter 132

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 8 Mai Wei was sitting on the plush sofa as he held Tao Yuan in his lap. His hands were securely wrapped around his waist, one hand pinching his chin, while the other playfully nibbled on his lips and tongue. Tao Yuan felt his lips swelling from his passionate kisses. TOTLS Chapter 132

TOTLS Chapter 131

Arc 8: Interstellar Programmer Officer 7 After half holding Tao Yuan and sitting down on the sofa, Mai Wei poured a glass of water and hugged Tao Yuan as he gently fed him. Tao Yuan waved it off after sipping half of the water. His stomach was already brimming with liquid, feeling bloated.  He leaned TOTLS Chapter 131