CFMGT Chapter 1: Transmigrating to a Zerg Novel

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 1


As if something is stirring his brain, the immense pain caused Xie Lan to unconsciously furrowed his brows even in his drowsy state. There are faint conversations in his ears, such as phrases like “lock him up,” along with the sound of the main gate slamming shut. It was really noisy.

Xie Lan’s consciousness gradually awakens due to the disturbance. Amidst the haze, fragments of memories flash before him. In his recollection, he was driving towards the airport when suddenly a heavy truck came straight at him while he was crossing the road. In an instant, everything turned black—

Xie Lan abruptly opens his eyes: “!”

He remembers now. He was hit by a car!

But apart from feeling a little feverish, he surprisingly doesn’t feel any pain?

Xie Lan is covered in sweat, panting for breath. His vision gradually focuses, and he suddenly freezes, struggling to utter the classic weak inquiry, “Where am I?”

At this moment, Xie Lan finds himself in a luxurious Nordic-style room, tightly bound to a chair, unable to move his hands or feet. A tall man in a black trench coat, with a commanding presence, stands with his back to Xie Lan, lighting a cigar. Upon hearing Xie Lan’s question upon waking up, the man chuckles without turning his head and says, “Oh, My Lord, do you think you can escape by pretending to have amnesia?”

He turns around, fixing his gaze on Xie Lan. Xie Lan is taken aback by the man’s appearance. His face looks normal, like that of an ordinary person, but all the exposed skin from his neck down is covered in strange black patterns, eerie and mysterious, resembling tattoos yet not quite.

Seeing him like this, Xie Lan’s first reaction is that he’s dealing with an experienced kidnapper. His family background is indeed excellent, and he has been kidnapped before, so he manages to stay relatively calm, not provoking the kidnapper. Instead, he secretly searches for a way to free himself while trying to negotiate with the man, “Brother, let’s have a civilized conversation. We can discuss how much money you want. Please, don’t get too excited.”

The man sneers and flicks off the ash from his cigarette, “Trying to buy me off? Fifth Prince, you should save your energy. You won’t be able to untie this rope. Three hours from now, whether you’re alive or dead, you will have to obtain a marriage certificate. Understand? It’s His Majesty’s intention. If you don’t want to be discreetly disposed of, fulfill your duty and contribute to the royal family.”

After saying that, he ignored Xie Lan’s bewildered questions from behind, “What Fifth Prince? Did you kidnap the wrong person?”, and simply opened the door and left.

Xie Lan looked at the door blankly, muttering to himself, “What marriage certificate? Could it be that someone has set their eyes on my beauty and wants to force a marriage?”

Suddenly, a mechanical voice rings in his mind, 【Ding! System connection in progress, updating… Update complete, system booting up… Boot-up complete. Greetings, host! System code 010 at your service!】

Startled by this sudden statement, Xie Lan jolts up but forgets that he is still bound to the chair, nearly toppling over to the ground. “Who are you? Where are you?”

【Host, you won’t be able to find me. System 010 exists within your consciousness.】

Struggling to steady himself, Xie Lan sits back down on the chair. “No, what are you? A system? Within my consciousness?”

【Yes, host. System 010 is a system designed to serve the world within the book. Once the system detected that you were in a critically endangered state in your original world, it automatically bound you to enter the world of the book. Upon completing the tasks, you will be rewarded and able to return to the real world ~ However, if you choose to give up the tasks, your physical body in the real world will also die ~】

Xie Lan stares blankly and says, “Critically endangered… state?”

Indeed, being hit head-on by such a large heavy truck, an ordinary person probably wouldn’t survive.

【Yes, host. The system has kept your body in a vegetative state. Once you complete your tasks, you will be able to awaken in your original world~】

It’s all too surreal, but Xie Lan has no choice but to believe. He desperately wants to return to his original world, so he reluctantly agrees, “I accept your task. Release the mission now.”

Upon receiving the command, the system immediately takes action,【The system will transmit the original plot of the book to the host. Please pay attention to the details.】

A large amount of plot floods Xie Lan’s mind, causing him to black out once again. He covers his head, trying to relieve the intense pain, and finally realizes the type of book he has transmigrated into—

The book is titled “Above All Insects 1,” and it tells the story of a human who accidentally transmigrates into the world of insects and gradually becomes accustomed to their lives. The protagonist, Long Aotian, gains numerous concubines and eventually becomes the emperor of the empire.

That’s right, it is an insect-themed novel. The insects in this world have a similar appearance to humans, but the difference lies in their gender classification. Instead of male and female, they are categorized as male insects, female insects, and pseudo-female insects. The man mentioned earlier was a female insect, characterized by the presence of insect patterns, while male insects do not have such patterns.

Due to the scarcity of male insects and the need for female insects to appease their mental strength with male insect pheromones, male insects hold the highest status and are legally allowed to have multiple female insects.

And the protagonist, Chen Feng, transmigrates into the body of an A-level male insect. 

As a naturally gay individual, after the initial shock, he quickly falls in love with the life of having a legal harem and becomes proficient in the brutal and lascivious nature of male insects. He even surpasses them, torturing and killing several of his female attendants. However, his female insects remain loyal to him, willingly enduring such cruelty, showcasing the author’s forced portrayal of their relationship.

In the end, Chen Feng, relying on the female insect he married, coincidentally becomes the emperor of the empire. From then on, he leads a life of utmost luxury and indulgence. All the female insects of the insect tribe become his reserve harem, and his daily task is to torment them in various ways. One could say that he became a reincarnation of the tyrant King Zhou in an interstellar version.

Surprisingly, this emperor is not overthrown by his subjects, and all the female insects aspire to be chosen by him and fill his harem.

Xie Lan is left speechless and shocked by the shattered social structure and shit-like plot of this book. After thinking for a while, he finally comments, “If Chen Feng doesn’t reincarnate as a member of the livestock industry in his next life, it will be really difficult for him to meet a fitting end.”

010: 【….】

Meanwhile, in the same transmigration scenario, Xie Lan’s situation is much more miserable. He transmigrates as a cannon fodder prince, who is soon to marry the main antagonist of the book and eventually gets tortured to death by the antagonist, serving as a cannon fodder male insect.

The antagonist’s name is Jiang Zhibei, the youngest and promising General of the Empire. Unlike most rough and bold military females, he appears gentle, well-mannered, and is like a refreshing breeze to the insects. He is the dream lover of many male insects.

But naturally, as the villain he is far from being so virtuous. His gentle appearance is merely an appearance. Deep down, Jiang Zhibei is sinister and cruel, a complete madman.

He refuses to bow down to male insects, yet he is compelled to maintain the stability of his mental strength due to his female insect identity. Therefore, he employs an extreme method. He illegally conceals male insects in his underground chambers and uses coercive measures to force them to release pheromones, thus suppressing their mental strength.

This solution is bold and insane. If society were to discover it, even his execution would be considered a mercy. However, Jiang Zhibei is wealthy, powerful, meticulous, and has carefully crafted a favorable public image, allowing him to evade discovery by insects for several years.

But these events occur later in the book. When Xie Lan transmigrates, it is still the early stages, and Jiang Zhibei is in the phase of maintaining his mental stability.

Due to the request of a royal alliance, Jiang Zhibei ultimately agrees to marry Xie Lan, a B-level male insect who is ranked fifth in the hierarchy, as his nominal male ruler.

Xie Lan, the original host, is a male insect who doesn’t have any female insects. Although he resists and fights against Jiang Zhibei, he is eventually forcibly taken to the official office and goes through the marriage procedures with him.

There’s no way Jiang Zhibei would be interested in the original host. After their marriage, he establishes three rules with the original host, making it clear that their union is only a pretense. However, the original host adheres to the ideology of male insect supremacy and believes that since Jiang Zhibei is now his female ruler, he must fully submit to him. He attempts to assert dominance over Jiang Zhibei, behaving in a manner similar to other male insects towards their female rulers.

At first, Jiang Zhibei ignores his advances and does not request pheromones from the original host. However, after some time, the original host becomes defiant. When Jiang Zhibei once again disregards his command, the original host lashes Jiang Zhibei’s face with a whip and then takes out the forbidden medicine given to him by the Xie family. He intends to provoke a mental breakdown in Jiang Zhibei, hoping that Jiang Zhibei will beg him on his knees to provide him with pheromones.

As a result, Jiang Zhibei not only crushes the original host’s wrist with one hand but also, with a sinister smile, takes the original host to the underground chamber where he reveals numerous lifeless bodies of male insects. With the original host terrified, Jiang Zhibei knocks him unconscious.

When the original host regains consciousness, he finds that a control chip has been implanted in the back of his head. From then on, during the day, he becomes a silent and obedient male insect, helping Jiang Zhibei fend off the marriage proposals from others. At night, he is dragged into the underground chamber, suspended amidst the remains of male insects, and forcibly drained of his last traces of pheromones by Jiang Zhibei. Controlled by the chip, he can’t even communicate for help with his eyes. Although he is alive, his existence is worse than death.

After witnessing the fate of the original host, Xie Lan is utterly terrified and speechless. “…”

Though it is said that being alive is better than being dead, this way of living is simply too horrifying!

After a while, he trembles his lips and asks the system, “To be honest, did you deliberately choose this role to torture me?”

010 expresses regret: 【No, host, this role was chosen by the main system for you. Unfortunately, 010 is unable to help with that.】

Xie Lan was angry: “But that’s the most perverted villain! What if one day he doesn’t like me and just hangs me up in the underground chamber? Where can I seek justice then?”

010 encourages Xie Lan: 【Since you’re already here, host, don’t be afraid. If the villain really treats you that way, 010 can activate the pain-blocking mode for you!】

Xie Lan: “… Thank you, but that didn’t exactly comfort me.”

But no matter how afraid he is, he is already in this role, and his life is in the hands of the system. Thinking of his gentle and caring wife who might still be by his bedside, Xie Lan reluctantly gathers his spirits and accepts reality, asking, “So what is my mission?”

010 immediately issued the mission: 【Here’s the situation. Due to the deviations in the values portrayed in this book, it has received numerous complaints from readers. The system has detected that the book was written by the author of a newspaper agency. Therefore, the task is for the host to correct the values depicted in the book and rewrite the ending. Once the ending is achieved, readers will provide ratings. If 70% or more of the readers agree to publish it, the mission will be considered successful~】

“Rewrite the ending?” Xie Lan suddenly becomes energized. “Are you saying that I can change this outrageous storyline?”

【Yes, host, our mission is to bring the storyline from the underworld back to the mortal realm. Now that you have started to follow the plot, you must do your best~】

Motivated by this goal, Xie Lan realizes that this storyline is truly not something that someone with normal values can tolerate. He suddenly remembers something and looks down at his own body. “So, my current body is that of the Fifth Prince?”

【No, host, your body has been custom-made for you through our biological scanning system. All the measurements are the same as in your real-world body. We have also altered the memories of the characters in the book, so they all believe that you are the real Xie Lan.】

It is indeed a good thing to be familiar with one’s own body. 

Although Xie Lan has accepted the reality, he still feels a bit melancholic. “Even though I will definitely remain faithful to my wife in every aspect, both physically and emotionally, it still feels like I’m betraying my wife by suddenly having a husband’s name with someone else. I hope my wife won’t be mad at me when I go back.”

010: 【…Is it possible that when you go back, you don’t need to tell your wife about this mission?】

“How can I keep something from my wife?” Xie Lan finds 010’s suggestion incredible. “That kind of thinking is wrong, inappropriate, and would make me a forever single system! My wife will always come first!”

010 was severely stabbed with its metaphorical mechanical heart: 【…】

010 had a bad feeling. The host he bonded with this time is very talented and proactive, but… it seems like he’s a bit of a henpecked husband?

In other words, will this mission really go smoothly?

Author’s note:

Preview for the upcoming story, “Every Protagonist in Need of Redemption Gets Reborn”! Interested readers can bookmark it~ Love you all!

Short novel that I started before. This one is a short story from the author’s main novel (Still didn’t read it tho). This novel only has 39 chapters, but Im only translating it when I have free time. So Im still not sure about the exact chapter release day. For now, Happy Reading <(˶ᵔᵕᵔ˶)>

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