CFMGT Chapter 2: The Villain is my Wife

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 2

After finishing his conversation with 010, Xie Lan closes his eyes to relieve the lingering dizziness and gathered his thoughts.

It didn’t take long before the door of the room was once again opened, and several stern-looking female insects walked in.

Without a word, they use tape to seal Xie Lan’s mouth shut. Amidst his frightened muffled sounds, they lift him, along with the chair, and carried him outside onto a aircraft.

Xie Lan is already suffering from a headache, and being carried around like this only made him feel worse. Once seated on the aircraft, he closed his eyes and rested, no longer attempting to struggle.

The female insect assigned to guard him looks at the dispirited Xie Lan with a hint of confusion, exchanges a few words with the other insects beside her, and politely addresses Xie Lan, “Fifth Prince, when we arrive at the certification office, you and General Jiang can take a wedding photo. We will take care of the rest. Please refrain from trying to escape or call for help. While male insects are precious, as per His Majesty’s words, we do not lack one male insect like yourself. Please cherish your own life.”

Without lifting an eyelid, Xie Lan casually nods twice, indicating his understanding. As a sacrificial male insect, he knows the drill.

Besides, his mouth is taped shut, so how can he call for help? It would be futile to try.

However, his nonchalant demeanor only made the female insects more concerned, suspecting that he may be plotting an escape. As a result, they tighten their vigilance throughout the journey.

Finally, the aircraft arrived at its destination. The female insects once again lifted up Xie Lan horizontally and made their way to the marriage certification office. It seems that the place has been cleared in advance, even a cleaning robot cannot be seen. Xie Lan, resembling a lifeless insect, is directly placed next to another insect for the wedding photo.

The female insect quickly positioned him and respectfully addressed, “General Jiang, we have brought the Fifth Prince, Xie Lan. You may proceed with the necessary procedures.”

Xie Lan’s nostrils caught a familiar scent, causing his heart to tremble. Unable to resist, he opened his eyes and coincidentally heard the nearby insect speak in a gentle and refined tone, tinged with a hint of amusement. “Oh? You’ve worked hard. But the Fifth Prince seems rather reluctant. If you don’t want to be my mate, you can just say so. After all, I don’t like to force on unwilling individuals.”

Even the voice sounds so familiar. Xie Lan couldn’t believe it and turned his head, meeting the captivating gaze of the female insect—Jiang Zhibei.

Unlike most robust military females, the villain’s body appears slender and agile, yet there is an undeniable explosive power hidden within. Wearing the military attire, his perfect waistline is accentuated.

At the same time, Jiang Zhibei’s facial features resemble those of a delicate and graceful sub-female, with a slight softening of the coldness and a touch of gentleness and beauty. His straight nose and thin lips, along with his slightly curved foxy eyes, radiate a three-fold charm that truly captivates others like a warm spring breeze.

Xie Lan stared at the villain, his heart screaming in madness, “System, system! Explain to me why this villain looks exactly like my wife?! Could it be that my wife also crossed over?”

The appearance, voice, and even the aura of this villain, Jiang Zhibei, are identical to his wife’s!

010 immediately rushed to work, also shocked and stuttering,【Please wait, host. 010 will immediately submit an emergency request to the higher-ups. Just hold on a little longer!】

After catching a glimpse of Xie Lan’s appearance, Jiang Zhibei’s underlying restlessness strangely dissipated.

As a male insect, Xie Lan’s physique appears more similar to a female insect rather than a weak male. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, and smooth lines. Despite having his mouth sealed with tape, his face exudes a rare, handsome beauty. With a high and straight nose, and peach blossom eyes shining beneath feathery lashes, he appears innocent and naive, devoid of the cruelty and greed commonly seen in male insects.

At this moment, those beautiful eyes gaze at him with a mixture of surprise and joy, devoid of any negative emotions.

Jiang Zhibei sensed that this male insect is slightly different from what he had seen in the records, but upon deeper contemplation, that feeling dissipated like the wind, and he decided not to simply care any further.

Hearing Jiang Zhibei’s words, the female insects behind Xie Lan broke out in a cold sweat. Lieutenant General Jiang had already signed the marriage agreement with the royal family, so this sudden confrontation is likely due to the embarrassment caused by Xie Lan, who was brought here bound and gagged. They know he must be displeased.

However, they dare not release their grip on Xie Lan, fearing that he might attempt to escape. If that were to happen, they would bear the blame. Thus, the female insects remained silent, awkwardly smiling on the side.

Jiang Zhibei, having examined Xie Lan’s appearance, no longer troubled the female insects and simply turned his head. “Let’s take the photo.”

Xie Lan makes a muffled sound, gesturing to the female insects to remove the tape from his mouth. The female insects, still concerned that he might call for help, whisper, “Apologies, Fifth Prince. We’ll Photoshop the tape off later. Just take the photo like this.”

Xie Lan: “……?”

Can they really do that?

The employees at the marriage registry office have witnessed male insects bound alongside female insects while completing marriage procedures, but they have never seen anyone daring enough to bind a male insect against his will. Their hands tremble as they take the photo. However, due to the pressure from Lieutenant General Jiang and the royal family, they dare not utter a word about this shocking event. They simply pretend to be blind and act as if they haven’t seen anything.

After the photo was taken, the female insect guarding Xie Lan sent the electronically signed document to the notary office. Jiang Zhibei effortlessly signed his name. Then, their paperwork is complete. The two are now legally recognized as a married couple.

The female insect breathes a sigh of relief and unties the ropes binding Xie Lan. She carefully removes the tape, causing Xie Lan to wince in pain, tears welling up in his eyes. After respectfully bowing to Jiang Zhibei one last time, Xie Lan hurriedly returns to report to the royal family.

Xie Lan gently rubs his reddened cheek, feeling the lingering pain. He then offers a bright smile to Jiang Zhibei and says, “Old… General Jiang!”

The young and handsome male insect sports a red mark on his face, which appears somewhat comical. Unaware of it, Xie Lan smiles wholeheartedly, radiating a pleasing demeanor that is unlike the arrogance and conceit he expected from male insects.

Jiang Zhibei nods politely in response and then averts his gaze, leading his subordinates towards the exit. “Fifth Prince, follow me,” he says.

Clearly, now that Xie Lan has become Jiang Zhibei’s consort, he can only reside in Jiang Zhibei’s house.

Xie Lan eagerly stands up, trying to alleviate the numbness in his limbs caused by being bound. He limps after Jiang Zhibei, following closely.

Jiang Zhibei noticed the unusual behavior of the male insect and raised an eyebrow in mild surprise. It seems he didn’t expect the male insect to be as resilient as he thought.But he didn’t show any intention of offering assistance and continued walking at a normal pace, making Xie Lan chase after him.

At this moment, 010 finally chimes in, somewhat belatedly: 【Host, the main system says your permissions are insufficient to answer that question!】

Xie Lan became suspicious, “Insufficient permissions? Doesn’t that imply something fishy?”

010, appearing hesitant, stammers, 【010 doesn’t know either, Host.】

Xie Lan is no fool and inwardly chuckles, “It’s alright. I can understand enough from your attitudes.”

010: 【…】

Never mind, according to the main system, Xie Lan will eventually find out, so there’s no need to worry about it now.

010 smashed the pot and reminded him:【Although theoretically he is your spouse, you must be careful, as he has no memories from your real world. Don’t expose yourself!】

Xie Lan stared intently at the female insect walking in front of him, excitement and anticipation evident in his eyes. “So, does that mean I have to pursue my wife all over again?”

010: 【…Well, you don’t seem unwilling, Host.】

Xie Lan excitedly rubbed his hands together in his mind. “Of course I’m willing! I wanted to role-play with my wife before, but he was always too shy and refused. Now, I have been given this opportunity to directly play out a marriage before love scenario. Awesome!”

010: 【I don’t understand, but I am greatly impressed.】

Xie Lan passionately praised the system, “Your main system is truly a great system! It turns out that you gave me this identity just to reunite with my wife. You’ve put in so much effort! I was mistaken before and didn’t appreciate it. After I complete the mission, I will definitely make a banner and present it to you!”

010, being an inexperienced new system, was stunned by the speed at which humans change their attitudes. Hesitatingly, it replied, 【We don’t accept banners, Host. You just need to give us a five-star rating after the mission is over…】

“I’ll give it! I’ll give it!” Xie Lan completely disregarded the fact that his wife is currently a major villain. His mind was filled with thoughts of being close to his wife.

As he praised 010 in his mind, Xie Lan resolutely followed his nominal spouse into the aircraft. His body acted ahead of his thoughts, sitting naturally next to Jiang Zhibei. He then flashed a radiant smile at Jiang Zhibei.

Jiang Zhibei looked at the previously resistant male insect who was now sitting intimately close to him, feeling somewhat surprised. He couldn’t quite figure out what the male insect was thinking. Therefore, he subtly adjusted his position to sit a little further away from Xie Lan, maintaining a gentle smile on his face. “Fifth Prince, is there anything you need?”

It had been a long time since Xie Lan heard his wife speak to him in such a distant and polite tone, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, he felt a mix of excitement and shyness, as if he had returned to his high school days of pursuing his wife.

Suppressing his inner restlessness, Xie Lan replied with what he believed to be a composed and self-restrained manner, “There’s nothing I need. It’s just that this prince finds it pleasing to the eye to sit next to General Jiang.”

A slight stiffness appeared at the corner of Jiang Zhibei’s lips. He suddenly felt that this male insect was no different from those other insects who were easily swayed by appearances, not even bothering to hide their intentions.

He responded in a nonchalant tone, “Please make sure to sit securely. The propulsion system of this aircraft is the latest design by the military, different from what Fifth Prince has previously experienced. If you move around carelessly, there is a high chance of falling down.”

Understanding the implications in his superior’s words, the subordinate who had previously been inconspicuous in the pilot seat quickly switched the aircraft into military combat mode, increasing the speed while secretly disabling the decompression system specifically designed for male insects.

Xie Lan, who was actually just an ordinary human deep down, didn’t understand the difference in aircraft systems. Just as he was about to utter a confused syllable, he was suddenly hit by a powerful recoil, causing him to fall backward and hit the back of his head on the ground. He ended up in a disheveled state, seeing stars: “!”

In his mind, 010 screamed: 【Ahhhh! Are you okay, host?】

Upon witnessing Xie Lan’s miserable fall, Jiang Zhibei waved his hand, signaling his subordinates to switch the aircraft back to normal mode. Concealing a subtle hint of mockery in his concerned tone, he asked, “Fifth Prince, why are you so careless?”

Then, a crack appeared in Jiang Zhibei’s expression, revealing a gentle facade that slowly split apart.

Because for the first time in his life, he saw a male insect, who was always held in high regard, shedding tears.

Xie Lan had a remarkably attractive appearance. Despite having a standard male physique, his captivating peach blossom eyes made even shedding tears look harmonious, evoking an intense sense of maternal affection. He sat on the floor, holding the back of his head, his nose turning red. A tear lingered in his eyes, refusing to fall, giving him an extremely pitiful appearance.

010, now overwhelmed by maternal instincts, desperately tried to comfort the host: 【It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, please don’t cry!】

Xie Lan responded calmly in his mind, “My wife falls for this kind of act every time. Don’t speak, it disrupts my performance.”

010: 【…】

010 dared not respond and silently deactivated the dialogue mode.

Hmph, men!

I swear everytime I saw Xie Lan’s name it reminds me of my Dianxia Xie Lian uuurgh. Prolly the reason why I chose this ‎٩(⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)و̣̩⋆̩

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