CFMGT Chapter 3: Rules of Engagement

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 3

Every male insect is a unique and precious treasure. This has been recognized by the entire Zerg for thousands of years.

Although they are physically delicate, male insects possess the ability to provide pheromones that soothe the mental state of female insects, ensuring their position at the pinnacle of the Zerg society.

The Empire has established the Male Insect Protection Association, which provides highly favorable legal conditions and welfare benefits for male insects who are unable to take care of themselves. The association also encourages polygamous relationships, with all property belonging to the male insects to ensure a high standard of living for these pampered creatures.But it is precisely because of this preferential protection and privilege that led the Zerg society to become chaotic and distorted.

Males preferes delicate and sterile sub-females compared to sturdy and robust female insects. So, female insects can only use other methods to entice male insects to provide them with pheromones.

At the present,  the most widely accepted method is the practice of letting male insects abuse female insects. Because of the strong healing abilities and robust physical qualities of female insects, male insects can freely indulge in mistreating and manipulating them. This way, the female insects obtain the male insects’ pheromones to alleviate their mental state, barely surviving in this manner.

This is the current state of the Zerg society. This environment created the characteristics of most male insects: cruel, depraved, arrogant, and domineering.

To see a male insect crying in a pitiful manner? Such a statement, when placed in a  male insect, would likely be perceived as a joke.

As Jiang Zhibei calmly contemplated this in his mind, the very joke unfolded before his eyes. The male insect sitting across from him, with his damp eyes filled with a sense of grievance, carried an accusing undertone that made Jiang Zhibei question the reality before him.

Despite his initial intention of making the male insect suffer, when he saw the male insect actually cry, an inexplicable feeling surged within Jiang Zhibei’s heart. It was as if the instinct of the insect race was flowing through his veins, stirring his heart and urging him to immediately embrace the male insect and console him.

This unfamiliar instinct cast a gloomy shadow over Jiang Zhibei’s heart, almost losing control over the sadistic tendencies buried beneath his skin.

For many years, he had been resisting this instinct, fighting against the natural obedience and submission of male insects by female insects, resisting the need for pheromones to suppress his spiritual power, and rebelling against the unjust and humiliating fate he had endured since birth.

Though the impulse brought about by this instinct was not strong or harmful, he would never allow himself to succumb to it.

Jiang Zhibei’s voice remained gentle, but with a subtle hint of coldness that was difficult to detect, “I apologize sincerely, Fifth Prince.”

Is that all? Xie Lan felt disappointed in his heart. “Wife, you used to come and comfort me immediately in the past. I can’t understand you anymore. My heart hurts!”

010 whispered slyly, 【Host, you need to consider your wife’s current identity. If you provoke him, he might lock you up in a dark room and forcibly extract pheromones from you~】

Upon hearing this, Xie Lan quickly crawled up from the ground and sat upright in his seat. During the process, he involuntarily let out a painful cry of “hiss” due to the bump on his head, but he quickly swallowed it back, looking quite pitiful.

Seeing that even his subordinates couldn’t help but cast condemning glances, Jiang Zhibei scared them into turning their heads with a gentle yet chilling gaze. Then he added to the male insect, “After we reach our destination, I will arrange for a doctor to examine you. Please don’t worry.”

Xie Lan lowered his eyes, looking dejected. He made a faint “hmm” sound and remained silent. It was evident that the male insect realized the sudden acceleration of the aircraft was the doing of the female insect before him, and so he refused to talk to Jiang Zhibei.

Jiang Zhibei observed coldly from the side. Although he disliked male insects, he found the performance of the male insect before him quite intriguing. So he rested his chin on his hand and asked with genuine interest, “Did you get hurt badly from the fall?”

As soon as the female insect spoke, two tears rolled down the male insect’s face. The male insect obviously didn’t expect to lose control so quickly with just a gentle remark. He awkwardly turned away and discreetly wiped his eyes, stubbornly saying, “It’s not serious. I’m fine.”

He appeared to be a pitiful figure who had been bullied but was trying to hold himself together! Xie Lan couldn’t help but give himself a mental applause for the acting skills he had honed over the years.

In the real world, if he had tried this act, his wife would have seen through it immediately. But Jiang Zhibei, being inexperienced, had no idea that Xie Lan was putting on a show. He only thought he had gone too far this time and would then clumsily try to comfort him.

It was so easy to make an inexperienced spouse soften their heart! Hehe!

But the scene Xie Lan had anticipated did not unfold.

Jiang Zhibei seemed completely oblivious to Xie Lan’s ambiguous remarks, as if he genuinely believed them. He smiled and said, “That’s good.”

Xie Lan: “?”

Xie Lan’s mind fell into unprecedented confusion.

Wait, wasn’t his wife the one who used to fall for his act? How could she suddenly become so cold and indifferent? This was throwing him off, and he had no idea how to proceed with his performance!

Amidst Xie Lan’s existential crisis, the aircraft finally arrived at its destination, which happened to be Jiang Zhibei’s current residence.

As the lieutenant general of the empire, Jiang Zhibei enjoyed generous benefits and his residence was decorated to the highest standards. This villa has a prime location and covers a large area, including a conventional garden, swimming pool, and a dedicated landing pad for aircraft. It even had its own private hot spring. But due to Jiang Zhibei’s busy military schedule, he treated the house merely as a temporary resting place and paid little attention to its interior decoration. As a result the villa, like Jiang Zhibei himself, appeared grand and alluring on the outside, but was actually cold and empty inside.

The other subordinates left on their own, and Jiang Zhibei led Xie Lan into the house. He first called the family doctor to examine the injuries sustained by the male insect. The family doctor was taken aback, as he had never seen a male insect injured before. Although it seemed like a minor bump on the surface, the male insect’s fragile body had resulted in a hard hematoma forming on the back of his head. Additionally, there were several abrasions on his elbow joint.

Although such injuries would heal in a matter of hours on a female insect, they posed a serious problem for the delicate male insect. If Xie Lan were to report this to the Male Insect Protection Association, Jiang Zhibei would undoubtedly be charged with intentionally harming a male insect, leading to a punishment of thirty lashes and demotion.

But Xie Lan remained silent and obediently allowed the doctor to treat his injuries. He followed every instruction without a word, even if it caused him pain and made his eyes well up with tears. He refrained from uttering any insults or curses.

The military female doctor had never encountered such a polite male insect before. As he 1 finished treating the injuries and left with his medical kit, he couldn’t help but cast a disapproving glance at the commanding general. 

But Jiang Zhibei merely raised his eyes slightly, and the female insect, who had served as the Jiang family’s household doctor for many years, quickly scurried away without uttering a word.

Now, it was just him and the male insect alone. Jiang Zhibei made his way to the living room, contemplating the differences he had observed in this male insect compared to what he had envisioned.

He had expected the male insect sent by the royal family for their arranged marriage to be no different from the ones he usually interacted with. But it was clear that this male insect was exceptionally handsome, with a superior personality and outstanding qualities in every aspect. He didn’t seem like the type to be chosen by the royal family as a mere pawn.

This meant that either the male insect was intentionally disguising his true nature, or the royal family’s schemes behind the scenes were more dangerous than Jiang Zhibei had anticipated.

Jiang Zhibei’s eyes moved slightly.

Completely unaware that his exaggerated performance had actually made his husband more wary of him, Xie Lan sat obediently on the couch in the living room, waiting for Jiang Zhibei to initiate the next part of the script.

In his mind, Xie Lan engaged in a conversation with 010, feeling as if his male dignity had been dealt a blow: “I don’t understand. My wife used to fall for my act so easily. How could he suddenly become so indifferent? Did your meddling with the story change his character?”

010 thought to itself that even hosts like him could experience setbacks. It took great pleasure in responding, 【Well, you see, host, I don’t know the specifics of your husband’s character development, but I do know that he currently harbors a strong hatred towards male insects.】

Xie Lan was initially taken aback, but then he remembered the setting in the book, “Right, my wife is quite ruthless. He even killed many male insects…” Realizing something, he hurriedly asked, “Why does he have such an extreme hatred towards male insects? Did he go through something in the past?”

【The perspective in the book is from the protagonist’s point of view, and 010 doesn’t know the backstory of Jiang Zhibei. But based on the background and social structure of this story, it is likely that Jiang Zhibei has been severely harmed by male insects in the past, which would explain his extreme hatred.】

Xie Lan was stunned.

As if a path had been opened in his mind by those words, in a flash of insight, Xie Lan understood something and muttered, “Severe… harm?”

Xie Lan should have thought of it earlier. Insects aren’t inherently evil and cruel. Their personalities are shaped by their environment. If Jiang Zhibei hadn’t gone through a terribly traumatic experience, he should have been gentle, obedient, full of youthful vitality, and exuding a vibrant aura, just like Xie Lan’s real-life wife. Instead, he now wears a gentle mask on the surface while hiding the deep brutality and tyrannical instinct in his bones.

Xie Lan truly felt like crying, but his eyes were dry, and he couldn’t shed a single tear. He could only repeat in a daze, “So, it’s highly likely that my wife was cruelly tortured by male insects in the past?”

That’s right, hadn’t he already seen the fate of the protagonist and all the female insects in the original book? There are many male insects like that in this world, and many female insects as well. Jiang Zhibei was just one of them, written as a villain and given the most tragic death.

In a flat mechanical tone, 010 stated without directly answering, 【Don’t forget Host, your task in entering this book is to reverse the three views and ending of the story. If the story in this book wasn’t so cruel, why would there be a need to put in such great effort to have you correct it?】

010’s voice had never been so solemn, 【So, please complete the task well, Host.】


Not long after the doctor left, Jiang Zhibei walked in. He was still dressed in his military uniform, tall and composed. Upon seeing the bandaged male insect on his head, he hesitated for a moment before quickly regaining a gentle smile. He sat on the sofa opposite Xie Lan, appearing concerned as he asked, “Fifth Highness, how are you feeling now?”

For some reason, the male insect’s complexion seemed even paler than before the bandaging, as he replied, “I’m fine now.”

Sensing the unusual tone of the male insect, Jiang Zhibei didn’t bother to dwell on it and went straight to the point. “Fifth Highness, now that there are no external threats, we can have a discussion about our marriage.”

“As you know, our marriage was initially proposed by the imperial family to maximize the interests of both parties. I don’t have an intention of seeking a male consort for myself, but being without a male consort for an extended period of time incurs a substantial annual fine.”

“So, upon learning of your strong resistance to this marriage, I developed an intention to propose a contractual marriage. From today onwards, we can be married in name only. I won’t expect you to comfort me mentally, nor will I interfere with your selection of female attendants or concubines. And at the same time, all my assets are at your disposal. My only request is simple. Please refrain from interfering with my life and do not force any physical intimacy upon me. Furthermore, we will need to maintain the appearance of a married couple in public.”

Jiang Zhibei carefully laid out all the documents he had prepared and said, “These are the specific terms I have drafted. Please take a look and see if you are willing to accept these conditions.”

But Jiang Zhibei didn’t inform Xie Lan that, according to his plan, if the male insect showed resistance to the contract or had a sudden change of heart and wanted to report him, he would cut off all communication with the outside world and temporarily confine the male insect within the villa to ensure his plan remained undiscovered.

Anyway, Xie Lan was just an insignificant pawn of the imperial family. As long as he could handle the Male Insect Protection Association, no one would truly care about his life or death.

Although theoretically, the male insects held the highest status, they appeared insignificant and powerless in the face of Jiang Zhibei’s absolute power and wealth.

The handsome and pale male insect didn’t resist or retract his agreement. He remained silent for a long time, so long that Jiang Zhibei started to grow impatient. Finally, in a low voice, he said, “I agree.”

Jiang Zhibei’s eyebrow raised slightly in surprise at the decisiveness of Xie Lan’s response. He jokingly said, “You really surprised me. I thought you would be like other male insects, demanding everything from your female partner even if you don’t love them.”

“…No.” Xie Lan had never despised his own words so much for lacking weight. He lifted his head to meet Jiang Zhibei’s gaze and emphasized each word, “I will never treat you like that.”


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  1. As said before, there are really no females in this world, only males. But these males are categorized in male-male, male-subfemale, male-female. So all pronouns will be he, they, them.[]

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