CFMGT Chapter 4: Cooking for my Wife

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 4

Although the villa’s decoration lacked any displays, all the furniture in the room was of the highest quality, and even the blankets were made of a premium duck-down quilt. Lying on the bed felt like sinking into a cloud.

Xie Lan buried his face in the pillow, although his body and mind were extremely tired, he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

When he is alone, his soul from another world could catch its breath, and the bewildering emotions were amplified infinitely. Xie Lan couldn’t help but start recalling the original appearance of his partner.

He had known his wife since high school. At that time, his family was very poor, and he was a well-known poor student in the school. Relying on his outstanding grades, he managed to get a scholarship to ensure he could continue his education. However, the scholarship only covered his tuition and miscellaneous fees, and in order to survive, he had to find time to do various odd jobs. He was thin and pale, with his wrists swinging limply inside the oversized school uniform sleeves.

On the other hand, Xie Lan was the sole heir of the Xie Group. He possessed outstanding looks and a privileged family background, making him a prominent figure in school. However, the elite education he had received overseas not only made him highly capable but also kind and enthusiastic. He never used his status to bully others and was always eager to help those in need. He was loved and admired by countless girls.

The encounter with his wife was a very ordinary evening. At that time, Xie Lan had a whim and took a different route. Passing by a small alley, he unintentionally caught sight of a group of thugs surrounding and beating someone, hurling insults.

Xie Lan’s heroic spirit surged in an instant when he saw the scene. He threw his school bag to the ground and charged forward. With his exceptional combat skills, he quickly took down several thugs who only knew some basic moves. The thugs ran away with their tails between their legs, and Xie Lan looked at the person crouching on the ground. Coincidentally, the person also looked at him, and the eyes filled with despair and anger seemed to have a blazing flame, which left Xie Lan’s mind blank.

Many years later, Xie Lan admitted that there was indeed an element of infatuation back then. The other person’s eyes were filled with intense anger, so vibrant and alive, as if they would never fade. However, later on, he was completely captivated by his wife’s tenacity, excellence, and gentleness. What Xie Lan loved most was how his wife remained forever pure and untainted, freely spreading his wings and flying under Xie Lan’s protection.

In this world, Jiang Zhibei exceeded Xie Lan’s expectations entirely. Finally, he faced the fact that his wife had been completely warped under the oppression of the insect society, and he felt helpless about it.

It wasn’t that he would stop loving his wife. Xie Lan was still filled with concern for Jiang Zhibei. Xie Lan was just worried about how to break through his wife’s defenses using the identity that he hated the most.

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration and murmured to himself, “The identity he hates, is it being a male insect?”

010 had a bad feeling about this and then saw his host jumping up from the bed, saying, “Then I won’t be a male insect! With such advanced technology in the interstellar era, how could there be no gender reassignment surgery? I’ll become a female insect!”

010 was shocked and panicked, 【Host, calm down! Zerg does not have any gender reassignment surgery. Unless you cut yourself, you can’t change from being a male insect!】

Xie Lan was struck by lightning. He thought for a long time and finally made a painful decision, “Then I’ll cut myself! Even if there’s no life in this world, it’s all worth it for my wife!”

010 went crazy, 【???】

Xie Lan wasted no time and quickly opened the star network, saying, “System, quickly help me search for a legitiZerg hospital to arrange the nearest surgery!”

Seeing that his host was really determined, 010 had to pull out his trump card to scare Xie Lan, 【Host, you can go through with the surgery, but once you cut yourself, you won’t be able to produce male insect pheromones anymore. Without them, you won’t be able to appease the villain! The villain will still have to continue capturing male insects to extract pheromones, and eventually, there’s a high chance that the Empire will find out. By then, they will torture your wife to death, just like in the original book. Are you willing to let that happen?!】

Of course, Xie Lan didn’t want that! He instantly deflated and fell back onto the bed, bounced by the soft mattress. “Then what should I do? With this identity, he will never open his heart to me…”

010 thought for a moment and fetched some data from his database to show Xie Lan, 【Based on the completion method of previous hosts’ missions, you don’t have to be restricted by your own identity. Instead, make the villain realize that you are completely different from other male insects. You can refer to these examples. It might be helpful!】

Xie Lan received the information suspiciously, and went through it in his mind. He seemed surprised, saying, “Can this really work? But these actions are just some normal behaviors of ordinary males, right?”

【In the Zerg society, very few male insects can perform these actions, so more than 70% of insect missions are completed this way. Host can give it a try. Even if success doesn’t come quickly, subtle changes should still happen.】

Thinking of the useless male insects in the original book, Xie Lan couldn’t help but feel that the system’s words made some sense. After contemplating for a moment, he decided to follow the system’s advice. So, he regained his spirit, and impulsively, he set his alarm clock for 4 AM.


Jiang Zhibei always had to leave early for work in the military department.

After signing the agreement yesterday, the male insect felt upset and used the excuse of not feeling well to go upstairs and rest. Jiang Zhibei didn’t bother him. After all, the male insect couldn’t starve himself, and there was a home robot to take care of the pampered male insect.

Normally, female insects consumed convenient and nutrient solution as their food, and the kitchen was almost like a decoration. But when he walked out of his room this morning, he unexpectedly noticed some faint movements coming from the kitchen.

He glanced at the clock and saw it was 6:30 AM. Did the male insect wake up at this time to have the home robot cook breakfast? It is still quite early.

At first, Jiang Zhibei didn’t want to pay attention to the male insect’s meals. However, the strange noises from the kitchen were getting louder, and there was a faint smell of burning. He furrowed his eyebrows and decided to check if there was a malfunction with the home robot.

As he approached the kitchen, the burnt smell became more intense. Jiang Zhibei could hear muffled voices from inside, “…apply the star beast meat with milk fruit juice evenly, then put it in the refrigerator for ten minutes at zero degrees, and finally fry it over high heat until it turns golden brown.”

Did the home robot need to watch instructional videos to cook?

Jiang Zhibei immediately opened the kitchen door, and coincidentally, he came face to face with Xie Lan, who was holding a bowl in one hand and a small brush in the other.

Jiang Zhibei had to admit that this male insect in front of him was a type he had never encountered before. Xie Lan was not only in the kitchen, which male insects would never enter, but he was also wearing a light blue apron that females liked, with a carefully tied bow at his slender waist.

Seeing his wife come in, Xie Lan’s eyes lit up, and he beamed a bright smile, greeting Jiang Zhibei, “General Jiang, good morning!”

“…Good morning.” Jiang Zhibei replied with a cordial smile, and casually asked, “Are you cooking?”

Xie Lan continued brushing the star beast meat and humbly responded, “Yes, but I’m not very skilled in cooking, so I can only follow along with a video.”

…It was more than just not being very skilled. The whole kitchen was filled with the smell of burnt food, and the fire alarm was about to automatically spray water.

After contemplating for a moment, Jiang Zhibei tactfully asked, “Why did you suddenly want to cook? You can leave this kind of thing to the housekeeping robots. They can make any flavor that male insects like.”

“Um, because I thought from today onwards, we are in a contractual husband relationship, so today is a memorable day, and I wanted to personally cook breakfast to celebrate the beginning of our new life.”

Xie Lan put the prepared star beast meat into the freezer and casually adjusted the temperature to the lowest setting. He turned to Jiang Zhibei, revealing an infectious smile. The morning sun cast a golden light outside the window, making his hair shimmer, “I wonder if I can invite General Jiang to have breakfast with me before going to work?”

Jiang Zhibei watched Xie Lan’s actions and politely declined, “Thank you for your kindness, but female insects only need nutrient solution to sustain their lives. Gourmet food is something for male insects to enjoy. You can have your meal, I won’t join you.”

The handsome male insect seemed to have anticipated that he would say this, and his smile now looked somewhat cunning, “But theoretically, we just got married yesterday. If General Jiang goes to work so refreshed and early today, wouldn’t it be damaging to my reputation?”

Jiang Zhibei’s smile at the corner of his lips stiffened slightly.

He didn’t like others questioning his decisions, but Xie Lan’s inquiry did make sense.

As he appeared now, anyone at the military department would realize that his male Zerg was inadequate. Moreover, with the advanced star network, news might quickly spread to the imperial family, potentially causing some unforeseen troubles.

Jiang Zhibei could only reluctantly nod and agree, “You’re right, I overlooked this. I will have the meal with you then. You go rest, and I’ll take care of the rest.” Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be able to eat a single bite.

Xie Lan had already made up his mind last night to conquer his Zerg with his exceptional cooking skills. He firmly refused, “No need. I’ll be ready in a moment. General Jiang can go to the dining room and wait for a little while. It’ll be ready soon.”

Jiang Zhibei’s blood pressure seemed to be rising, but he didn’t want to start unnecessary conflicts with his male Zerg over such matters. So, he reluctantly agreed and went to the dining room first.

Twenty minutes later, Xie Lan successfully walked out of the kitchen, each hand carrying a large plate. His hair and apron were wet, and there were visible drops of water on his forehead, but he seemed unaware as he skillfully placed the two plates and cutlery on the dining table.

Jiang Zhibei was struggling to maintain his composed demeanor. He looked at the dark patch on Xie Lan’s chest and asked, “What happened? Why is it wet there?”

Xie Lan casually brushed his bangs backward, revealing a smooth and full forehead, “Oh, the kitchen suddenly started leaking water for some reason. Probably a burst water pipe. It’s not a big problem. I’ll change my clothes in a moment.”

In fact, the fire alarm eventually did go off automatically. 

Jiang Zhibei really didn’t want to think on the issue and decided to send someone to repair the kitchen later. He picked up his knife and fork, facing the plate in front of him once again in silence.

Xie Lan sat across from him with great anticipation, looking at him with shining eyes. “Do you like it? Is it tasty?”

After a while, the female Zerg picked up a lump that looked barely edible and calmly ate it without changing his expression.

Xie Lan anxiously waited the female Zerg’s reaction, but to his surprise, the Zerg chewed a few bites, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and stood up. “I apologize, Fifth Prince. I suddenly remembered some urgent matters that needed to be dealt with. It’s better for me to go to the military headquarters early. Don’t worry, I’ll pretend to be unwell.”

So, he’s not eating it anymore. Xie Lan felt a bit disappointed, but the fact that Jiang Zhibei sat at the dining table with him was already a significant improvement. With anticipation, he asked, “What do you think?”

In an instant, Jiang Zhibei truly suspected that the male Zerg was deliberately toying with him. He suppressed the urge to explode in anger and the nausea rising in his throat, forcing a smile as he turned back. “It’s delicious, but I won’t be able to finish it. Please don’t waste it. Could you help me finish it?”

Hearing Jiang Zhibei’s praise, Xie Lan felt delighted. It seemed that his culinary skills hadn’t regressed! Although the Zerg didn’t finish the meal, receiving such recognition was a significant breakthrough. From now on, he would cook every day, which would surely improve his wife’s fondness for him!

As Jiang Zhibei hurriedly left, Xie Lan happily opened the StarNet to check the latest news about the Zergs. He absentmindedly picked up a piece of meat from Jiang Zhibei’s plate and stuffed it into his mouth.

The next moment, Xie Lan’s smile froze on his face. He slowly lowered his head and looked at the unidentified object on the plate, contemplating for three seconds, then suddenly pushed the table away and rushed into the bathroom.

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