C6: The Escaped Male

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 6

In the afternoon, when he was about to place orders while browsing in the star network, Xie Lan suddenly realized a problem. That is, although he wants to prepare carefully to entertain guests, in theory he couldn’t have known that Cecil would be visiting today.

So, if he prepared thoroughly, how would he explain the source of the information to Jiang Zhibei when they arrived?

‘I made a quick calculation and think you’ll have visitors today. What do you think?’

Xie Lan fell into deep thought.

It was 010 that eventually offered a feasible suggestion, 【Why don’t you prepare for some other reason? Then, when the guest arrives you can act as if you didn’t expect anyone but still welcomes them properly. 】

“That makes sense,” Xie Lan stroked his chin. “But what reason can I use for the preparation?”

010 was silent again. After a while, it tentatively suggested,【To apologize for the breakfast I made for you this morning?】

Xie Lan covered his face in frustration. “Damn it! Don’t mention that again!”

Seeing that the host became angry with shame, 010 wisely kept quiet. Surprisingly, after his momentary anger, Xie Lan found that the reason was quite feasible and began preparing his order. In the interstellar era, deliveries were very fast. Soon everything Xie Lan needed was at his doorstep.

By this time  the IV drip had finished. So, Xie Lan was able to get out of bed and picked the items himself, completely forgetting that he could have asked the home robot for help.

—The consequence of personally picking the items was that he ended up being locked out at the villa gate which could only be opened by Jiang Zhibei while clutching a large box.

A gust of cool wind blew, and Xie Lan shivered in his thin pajamas and slippers. He came to a conclusion, “I’m really stupid, truly.”

The entire system of 010  was at a loss. It never expected that someone as grown-up as Xie Lan could lock themselves out of their own home. Of course, this was mainly because Jiang Zhibei had forgotten to input Xie Lan’s iris. 010 stammered, 【H-h-host, what do we do now?】

Xie Lan, “Aren’t you a system from the future? Why can’t you help me open the door?”

010: “…Host.  010 can’t do that. I will apply to the main system to add that feature later. But I can help you contact Lieutenant General Jiang Zhibei on the star network!”

“I don’t have his contact information. Do you?”


010 felt heartbroken. “Then can we only be locked out of the door?”

The wind is really strong. Xie Lan sneezed, and suddenly, there was a bright idea in his mind to trick someone.


Jiang Zhibei opened the door, and as expected, it was pitch dark inside. When the smart home system detected someone returning home it was automatically activated, and warm lights gradually illuminated every corner of the room.

Cecil was surprised as he followed. Gloating a little like he was watching a show. “How could the male suddenly disappear? Could it be that he’s obedient on the surface but secretly escaped?”

Jiang Zhibei went upstairs and quickly opened several room doors to confirm that the male weren’t inside. The male’s bedroom was messy, with unmade bedding and an IV drip swaying on a stand. Even his luggage wasn’t packed indicating that his departure had been impromptu.

Did he discover something?

At this moment, Jiang Zhibei had completely shed his gentle facade. His face was dark, resembling a thundercloud on the verge of a storm.

The golden-haired female Zerg continued to mock him, “Hahahahaha, this male zerg is quite patient. He hadn’t already gone to the Male Protection Association to report you, right? I advise you to contact your subordinates to find him as soon as possible, in case the royal family holds this handle they probably won’t give up easily even after you were fired and reassigned.”

“It’s too late.” Jiang Zhibei’s violent demeanor was quickly gone and returned to his usual cold emotionless state. He contacted his subordinates on the star network while descending the stairs. “It was my negligence. I forgot to deactivate the villa’s access. The intelligent system shows that Xie Lan left around three in the afternoon. If he took a spacecraft to the Male Protection Association, it would take about two hours to get there.”

Cecil also turned on his light brain and continued to grumble, “I told you back then that you shouldn’t have agreed when the royal family pressured you. You should have found a male without any background. Look at the mess now… Who?!”

The final stern shout was directed towards the door. Female zergs had keen hearing and can easily detect someone sneaking outside.

A rustling sound reached their ears, and a cautious head poked in through the door, meeting a surprised gaze from Jiang Zhibei and Cecil.

Xie Lan had been sitting in the woods outside the villa holding the delivery package. His lips were chapped and there were grass blades on his head. He even placed the cardboard box over himself to shield against the wind. At one point, he took off the delivery box and used it to block the wind, but then he fell asleep.

It wasn’t until a few moments ago that he was awakened by 010, who had been watching the villa’s movements all along. Xie Lan hurriedly rushed back to join the drama.

Cecil was still using his light brain. He stared in amazement at the disheveled male across from him and murmured, “These days, do escaped males come back like this?”

Xie Lan blinked and adopted an innocent tone, “Who are you? What are you talking about? Escape from where?”

Jiang Zhibei quickly stepped forward, gripping the male’s wrist and dragging him inside. Because of his emotional fluctuations, he unintentionally used too much force. Xie Lan let out a muffled groan and furrowed his brows, but he didn’t resist and allowed himself to be pulled inside obediently.

Cecil’s jaw almost dropped in shock as he looked at his cold and ruthless colleague. He then glanced at the pitiful, helpless male his colleague was holding. He suddenly felt disillusioned about zerg life.

Jiang Zhibei released Xie Lan and coldly asked, “Where did you go?”

Xie Lan’s wrist had been tightly gripped by the female insect, and his skin had reddened. He looked at the female zerg whose behavior changed drastically with confusion and a touch of grievance. He replied softly, “I went to pick up a delivery. What’s wrong..?”

Jiang Zhibei sneered, “Picking up a delivery? Can you please explain to me why you left at three in the afternoon and only returned now? Did you go to a neighboring star to pick up the delivery?”

Cecil saw a faint blush on the male’s fair and beautiful face due to agitation. He detected the sarcastic tone in Jiang Zhibei’s words and instantly became furious. “How do you know when I left? Are you monitoring me?!”

As if hearing an incredibly amusing joke, Jiang Zhibei’s lips curled up. Although there was no humor in his eyes. “Monitoring? No, I don’t need to monitor you, Your Highness. Have you forgotten that the smart home system can automatically record entry and exit times?”

Xie Lan clearly paused for a moment, but he immediately straightened his chest and said confidently, “So what if I left at three and didn’t come back until now? There’s no rule saying that I can’t pick up a delivery at three and return in the evening, is there?”

Cecil raised a question, “Then where’s your delivery?”

Xie Lan, who had taken down the box of the express delivery and used it as a windshield all afternoon, said with a guilty conscience, “It was too heavy, so I threw it into the woods. You can go and look for it later. I definitely didn’t throw it away!”

Cecil, “… You picked up the delivery and then threw it away? Can’t you at least come up with a more believable excuse?”

Jiang Zhibei was too lazy and didn’t want to waste any more time on the male zerg’s excuses. He trusted the evidence he had obtained. He slowly approached the male insect, and released his mental power at the same time. His voice carrying hints of coaxing and suggestion. “Fifth Prince, can you tell me what else did you do this afternoon besides picking up the delivery?”

Under the influence of Jiang Zhibei’s mental power, the male insect’s gaze gradually became confused. He murmured, “I… I was locked outside the villa and couldn’t get in.”

Jiang Zhibei’s eyes stiffened.

“I left to pick up something, and the door automatically locked behind me. Jiang Zhibei didn’t add my identity information, so I couldn’t open the door. I also didn’t bring my light brain, and the villa is far from the city. I couldn’t walk back… I was wearing pajamas and slippers, and the wind was so cold… 

Although he was under the influence of Jiang Zhibei’s mental power, mentioning the sad incident made his voice clearly aggrieved. “So, I went to hide from the wind in the woods. Later, it got too cold, so I tore apart the delivery box to block the wind. As a result, the items in the box were scattered, and I couldn’t bring them back…”

That’s why his pajamas look so wrinkled and his complexion is so bad.

The room fell silent, and only the sound of their breathing could be heard for a moment.

Cecil sensibly turned and left the room. He returned after a while braving the night wind, carrying a bunch of miscellaneous bags in his hands. He nodded towards Jiang Zhibei, confirming what Xie Lan had said was true. In his hands were all kinds of goods in large and small packages, each with the address of the Jiang Zhibei and the order time.

Jiang Zhibei asked softly, “Why did you suddenly want to buy things?”

The manipulated male zerg gave an answer that Jiang Zhibei had never expected, “I didn’t realize how terrible I am at cooking this morning. I felt really sorry for him. So, I want to prepare properly and make him a delicious meal when he comes back from work… After all, female zergs can’t just drink nutrient solution, it doesn’t taste good…”

The male insect’s response was very incomprehensible and quite puzzling.

Very… unlike a male zerg.

But Jiang Zhibei didn’t believe that a B-level male insect could escape his mental hypnosis, which means Xie Lan wasn’t lying.

Jiang Zhibei fell silent for a moment and quietly withdrew his mental power. Xie Lan immediately closed his eyes, staggered a few steps, and was about to fall when the black-haired female zerg grabbed his waist and gently laid him on the couch.

Even though the male insect was only at a B-level, while Jiang Zhibei was a double S-level, the immense mental energy consumption from manipulating someone’s thoughts caused beads of sweat to form on the female zerg’s forehead. It almost made his bangs wet.

Cecil witnessed the scene of Jiang Zhibei being slapped in the face with his own eyes. He began to doubt if he might be silenced by the other party for knowing too much and deeply regretted why he had followed along tonight.

He awkwardly scratched his face, trying to hide his embarrassment. “Well, since this is all a misunderstanding, then should I go and let my subordinates rest and don’t wait for further instructions?”

Jiang Zhibei replied in a tired voice, “Yes, keep a close eye on the movements of the royal family, but don’t frighten the snake.”

Cecil casually agreed and made a hasty exit like lightning. But when he reached the door, he couldn’t resist turning back and teasing Jiang Zhibei, I’m just saying, you couldn’t possibly be this lucky to encounter such a top-notch male zerg, right? If by any chance you really don’t want him, let me know. I can consider helping you take him back, you know.”

Jiang Zhibei’s cold eyes swept across the room, and Cecil felt a chill down his spine and quickly ran away.

The female zerg lowered his eyebrows again and looked quietly at Xie Lan, who was sleeping soundly. The long eyelashes of the male cast a shadow on his handsome face. At this time, his lips were pale, dry and cracked because he had not drank water all afternoon. And his wrist, which had just been held hard by Jiang Zhibei, was already red and swollen. Even in his sleep, he frowned and looked uncomfortable.

After a while, Jiang Zhibei got up and accessed the smart home system in the room.

Author’s Note:

Yes, there’s surveillance in Xiao Jiang’s house!

I have a question for dear readers: Do you feel like 010 talks too much? (Laughs)

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