C7: The Male Zerg in the Surveillance Video

The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase Their Wife Chapter 7

After the startup sound, the large simulated screen of the smart home system unfolded slowly in front of Jiang Zhibei. Jiang Zhibei casually selected today’s surveillance footage and chose the male zerg as the target. The system automatically began tracking the male zerg’s activities for the day.

At 4:29 AM, the male zerg opened the door. It was clear that he was not fully awake from his sleep. His walking posture was crooked and unsteady. He even almost bumped into the door frame.

Then, the male zerg fumbled his way into the kitchen and pulled out a light blue apron from somewhere. He skillfully tied a bowknot and then stared blankly at the ingredients in the refrigerator.

It wasn’t really Xie Lan’s fault because he thought that the food in the interstellar setting was not much different from the real world. So, he was very confident in his cooking skills. But when he saw what the real ingredients looked like, he was instantly confused and greatly shocked.

The male zerg was dazed for five minutes before he finally took out the light brain and searched for “recipes that female zergs like.” Then, he started clumsily imitating it, tossing back and forth for nearly two hours. During this time, the fire alarms set off multiple times because there was too much oil smoke. For some unknown reason the alarms didn’t spray water in the end, so Xie Lan and his apron managed to survive for the time being.

Later, Jiang Zhibei came to the kitchen and the two zerg finally sat down at the dining table together. Jiang Zhibei saw that after he tasted the food he suddenly got angry and left the table, and sarcastically said, “I hope you can finish this for me.” 

But what he didn’t expect was that after the male zerg vomited in the bathroom, he sat at the table dazed for a while looking like he might cry. Then he actually started eating the leftovers on Jiang Zhibei’s plate.

Yes, he was eating the leftovers from Jiang Zhibei’s plate.

Jiang Zhibei unconsciously clenched his fist. He watched the male zerg eat now and then until he finished. Finally, the male zerg lay on the table feeling unwell and clutching his stomach. In the end, he had to open the home system to call the family doctor. He watched as the male zerg lay in bed, looking weak but still adding items to the shopping cart. After seeing the delivery information arrived, he watched the male zerg leave to pick up the items, only to be rejected at the villa gate.

The surveillance camera captured the male zerg’s face, clearly showing his bewilderment as he struggled to hold onto the large box. He took a couple of steps back and forth, as if he were looking for a hole to crawl into. But of course, there wasn’t.

In the end, the wind was strong and the male zerg was already in weak condition. So, he hesitated for a long time before slowly walking toward the green woods next to the villa while still carrying the box.

The camera lost sight of what the male zerg did next. It wasn’t until nightfall when Jiang Zhibei returned home and the villa’s lights turned on. Only then the camera was able to capture the male zerg. He emerged from the woods rubbing his sleepy eyes and removing the cardboard covering from his body as he walked back.

In the camera, Xie Lan cautiously and alertly poked out his head, locking eyes with Jiang Zhibei. Outside of the frame, Jiang Zhibei gazed at the male zerg’s sleeping face, his chest rising and falling, his emotions restless for a long time.

The strange yet familiar zerg race instinct made his heart feel soft and weak. It swept over and over again, making his blood boil. He was shocked and angry and wanted to resist it, but this time he felt as if there’s nothing he could do.

Because his subconscious knew deep down that this male zerg wasn’t bringing him shame and pain but rather the joy of love and genuine submission.

He looked down at the pile of bags at his feet. These contained the items the male zerg had purchased. With a casual glance, he noticed some items were beautifully packaged takeout meals that could be heated, and others were decorative items for the room.

The female zerg squatted down and carefully examined the food inside the bags. After a moment, he snorted softly without much expression and muttered, “There’s nothing good here.”

But he didn’t call the home robot to throw away the items. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and slowly gathered them back into the bags.


The next morning, when Xie Lan woke up he couldn’t recognize where he was for a moment. When he came to his senses, he realized he was lying in the bedroom.

Xie Lan breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like his acting from yesterday was successful!

Although Jiang Zhibei’s mental power is quite high, 010 was able to block the female zerg’s mental interference. So, Xie Lan pretended to be controlled by his wife and took the opportunity to sell a miserable act.

But after Jiang Zhibei’s mental power was withdrawn, Xie Lan passed out and didn’t see what happened afterward. But now he was lying in his room, in one piece, which at least shows that yesterday’s performance had some effect.

Xie Lan attempted to sit up. But as he tried to do so he fell back onto the bed. It was then that he realized his muscles were sore and he had a slight headache. It is most likely the aftermath of his nap in the woods yesterday.

Just as he was about to try again, his bedroom door suddenly swung open. Jiang Zhibei walked in holding a tray and looked down at him. “Are you awake?”

Once again, he wore that gentle and polite mask on his face, making it impossible to find any fault with him, leaving the zerg with no room for criticism.

The male zerg in front of him seemed to recall the sudden coldness emitted by the female zerg last night. Instantly, fear and conflict appeared on his face and unconsciously moved back a little.

Jiang Zhibei ignored this and placed the tray he was holding on the bedside table. On the tray was an ice pack. His voice remained steady and elegant, laced with genuine concern, “It’s currently three in the afternoon. You’ve been asleep since last night, and you also have a fever. It only just subsided. How are you feeling now?”

He had a fever? Xie Lan subconsciously touched his forehead. It felt cool and was no longer hot.

The male zerg wore his emotions on his face. His expression was somewhat puzzled at the moment, as if he didn’t understand why the female zerg was showing concern again. He replied softly, “I’m okay now. It seems like the fever’s gone.”

“Well, the male zerg’s body is too fragile to handle the female zerg’s special medication. I helped apply some cold compresses, and your temperature has come down. That’s good.” Jiang Zhibei sat down on the edge of the bed, appearing to be concerned but actually probing,  “Do you remember why you suddenly passed out last night?”

It’s all because of your mental power! Xie Lan dared not say this and instead said awkwardly, “I don’t know either. I woke up already in bed. I have no memory of what happened.”

Jiang Zhibei showed a thoughtful expression at the right moment, “It might have been because of catching a cold from the wind and emotional excitement.”

Xie Lan remained silent but Jiang Zhibei wasn’t annoyed. “Do you have any appetite? It’s been a long time since you’ve eaten anything. I can have the home robot make some porridge for you. It’s good for digestion. Do you have any taste preferences?”

Unable to bear Jiang Zhibei’s pretense any longer, the male zerg’s breathing suddenly became rapid. But thinking of Jiang Zhibei’s sinister appearance from last night, he didn’t dare to lose his temper and could only turn his head in frustration while avoiding the female zerg’s gaze. His voice now carried a subtle hint of a quivering tone, “No need, Lieutenant General. You don’t have to take care of me. Please leave!”

Jiang Zhibei fell silent but remained seated at the male zerg’s bedside, unmoving.

Silence spread in the air, and the male zerg realized and felt fear creeping in. He turned his head and opened his mouth to say something but was met with Jiang Zhibei’s intense gaze.

His gaze was strange. As if he was looking at a novel and interesting species. It was filled with curiosity and wantonness.

But the male zerg automatically interpreted this gaze as a threat. In an instant, he became like a small animal gripped by the nape of its neck, shivering and stammering under the female zerg’s gaze. “No, it’s not bothering you, Lieutenant General. I can handle it myself…”

“Are you angry?” Jiang Zhibei suddenly asked.

The male zerg hesitated for a moment and then laughed nervously, “No, why would I be angry…”

“I’m very sorry.”

The unexpected apology from the female zerg left the male zerg stunned in place. Jiang Zhibei stared at the male zerg with teary peach blossom eyes, his voice sincere, “I left in a hurry yesterday and forgot to grant you access to the villa. Now, you have full access. The gate will always be open for you, no matter when you return.”

Xie Lan angrily said in his heart, “My wife is lying to me again. ‘Full access.’ I don’t believe you’ll grant me access to the basement!”

010, 【If you were granted access, you might become part of the basement, Host.】

Xie Lan immediately cut off communication with 010.

Unaware of Xie Lan’s internal conversation with 010, Jiang Zhibei continued, “…and I would like to express my apologies for being rude last night.”

In just two days of interaction, Jiang Zhibei keenly sensed the male zerg’s soft spot. His voice softened, carrying slight tremors and vulnerability that were easy for the male zerg to pick up on. “You also know our arrangement is not granted by the Empire. Although you agreed to my request kindly, I always secretly fear that you might suddenly change your mind and report me to the Male Protection Association. Out of trust in you, I didn’t take precautions against you. So, when I discovered you were gone yesterday, I felt betrayed. I scared you. I’m deeply sorry for that.”

Jiang Zhibei cleverly framed “I forgot to lock up the male zerg” as “I didn’t take precautions out of trust.” If he didn’t know the plot, Xie Lan would have foolishly believed his wife. Unfortunately, he held the secrets of his wife and had long seen through this flowery tactic.

But the drama still had to be performed.

The male zerg was obviously shaken. His expression was a mixture of heartache and inner conflict. Jiang Zhibei continued to press on, “Please rest assured. I have fully understood your noble qualities. From now on, I will place 100% trust in you. Can you give me a chance to make me change my ways?”

The male zerg once again turned his face slightly. He appeared to be slightly embarrassed this time not because of anger but because he finally heard the female zerg’s confession and also has a hint of secret joy. Finally, the male zerg regained his composure and put on an aloof expression as he said, “Alright, I’ll consider it based on your future behavior.” 

He was really quite naive and easily deceived.

How could such a male zerg be raised in a place like a filthy mud pond that was the imperial royal family?

A dark light flashed in Jiang Zhibei’s eyes. Regardless of whether the male zerg was as harmless and perfect as he appeared, he would be kept firmly under his control. If one day he discovered that the male zerg’s nature wasn’t as pleasing as it seemed now…

Well, he could always change it to something he likes.

Jiang Zhibei smiled at the male zerg, stood up from the bedside, “You should rest well for now. I’ll have the home robot bring you some porridge later.”

But as soon as he turned around, the corner of his clothes was gently tugged.

Reaching out and pulling Jiang Zhibei’s face close, the male zerg’s cheeks turned red, as if feeling somewhat embarrassed. He hesitated for a moment before stammering, “How do you use the water heater in your house?”

Author’s Note:

Xie Lan: To make it up to my “wife” I’ll order a fancy meal for him!

Smart home robot that can cook as long as it has ingredients: ?

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