The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase His Wife (Zerg) – Table of Contents

Title: The Cannon Fodder Male Relies on Green Tea to Chase His Wife (Zerg) (炮灰雄虫靠绿茶追妻[虫族])
Author: Changbai bubai/Changbai is not white (长白不白)
Status in Raws: 39 chapters (Completed)

Release Schedule: Sporadic


Xie Lan transmigrated into a Zerg novel and became a cannon fodder prince who was about to be offered to the youngest General of the Empire, Jiang Zhibei, who is also the biggest villain and a female insect.

On the surface, Jiang Zhibei appears gentle, modest, and is the dream lover of countless male insects. However, in reality, he is the mastermind behind a series of large-scale disappearances of male insects in the Empire. Countless male insect bones are buried beneath his villa.

And as the main antagonist, his fate is also tragic: After his misdeeds are discovered by the Empire, he is thrown by the protagonist’s female insect to a garbage star to be enjoyed by inferior male insects. He endures continuous torture for several days before finally finding release in death.

The original body attempts to exert his rights as the male master against Jiang Zhibei, but ends up being led by Jiang Zhibei with a smug smile to the basement. From then on, he hangs above the pile of corpses, becoming a machine that provides pheromones, living a life worse than death.

Xie Lan trembled with fear while watching the plot, but suddenly became ecstatic upon seeing a familiar figure at the wedding scene: “Isn’t this my wife from my past life? My darling wife!”

The wife in this lifetime has a completely different personality from the previous one. Faced with a cautious and suspicious wife, Xie Lan chooses the simplest, most direct, and most effective strategy: to be a green tea person.

Jiang Zhibei detests male insects and sets out to make him suffer. Xie Lan doesn’t make a fuss. He sits on the ground, looking at Jiang Zhibei with a pair of clear black eyes that become moist with tears, showing his pain.

Jiang Zhibei:…

Jiang Zhibei suspects the male insect and captures him to perform hypnosis, attempting to uncover the conspiracy in the male insect’s mind. Xie Lan obediently pretends to be hypnotized but every word he says revolves around his concern for Jiang Zhibei, filled with awkwardness yet intensity.

Jiang Zhibei:…

Under Xie Lan’s persistent and unwavering “green tea” approach, Jiang Zhibei’s attitude softens greatly in a very short time.

Until one day, when Xie Lan gets used to calling her “wife” in his mind, he accidentally blurts out, “Wife!”

Jiang Zhibei narrows her foxy eyes and asks, “Male master, what do you mean by calling me your wife?”

Xie Lan, caught off guard: “…Oh no.”

Full of vitality/transforms into a green tea person at any time/male insect Gong X surface-level gentleness and inner coldness and cruelty/female insect Shou.

Author’s Note:

1. This story is essentially illogical, like a small sweet treat, with numerous personal setups. Everyone can simply enjoy it for fun.

2. Both the attacker and the receiver have transmigrated. In the past life, the shou was the gong’s wife. In this life, the gong retains his memories while the shou does not. Once the gong recognizes the shou as his wife, he immediately begins using spoiled tactics.

3. In the early stages, the shou is a big villain due to some emotional trauma. He is cold and indifferent towards the gong. It is through the gong’s crying and deceiving that the shou’s heart softens and sweetness ensues. Approach with caution if you are sensitive to power dynamics.

4. The gong is a bit silly, and he possesses some plot devices from the book’s memory due to his transmigration. However, it won’t be mindless plot devices. Cuties who mind, be cautious~

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