Chapter 86.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 86

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment after hearing this. He suddenly realized that Chen Xi seemed unaware of his relationship with Pei Mingzhan. “Kind of,” he responded.

Chen Xi was confused. What did “kind of” mean?

He continued, “Then I won’t delay Zhao Zong any longer. There might be traffic on the eastern road section in the city. It’s better to instruct the driver to take an alternative route.” Lately, there had been road construction on the eastern section of the city, and with it being lunchtime and peak hours, it was prone to traffic jams.

The driver was already waiting at the door, but Yao Bai stayed behind because he still had work to finish.

Zhao Yao only found out from the call with Pei Mingzhan that his boyfriend had arrived early at the restaurant, but because of work, he was running late. He followed Chen Xi’s advice and had the driver take an alternate route, but by the time he reached Pei Mingzhan’s location, half an hour had already passed.

“I should have come to pick you up directly,” Pei Mingzhan mentioned as Zhao Yao arrived, pouring him a cup of hot tea.

“Well, the meeting ran a bit longer than expected, causing a delay. I should have informed you in advance,” Zhao Yao replied, sitting down. They caught up on the morning’s events, and soon the waiter also brought in exquisitely delicious Western cuisine.

They started talking about the Zhajiang Mian platform. A few days ago, Gu Sui had a phone call with Pei Mingzhan discussing a problem in this matter. Pei Mingzhan remarked, “The daily active user count on the platform has basically stabilized. The Zhajiang Mian platform primarily capitalizes on its technical advantage, while Gu Sui pays particular attention to user experience. The platform is satisfied with the status quo but being complacent can easily lead to becoming eliminated by the market. In addition to the content of the platform, his team encountered bottlenecks in the development issues.Coupled with the pressure caused by the competition of the top platform in the industry, they’re facing a bottleneck.”

At the beginning of the establishment of the platform, Zhao Yao had a very good impression on the technical foundation of the Zhajiang MianPlatform. Focusing on content can attract more traffic, but focusing on user experience can ensure the retention rate of users, and Zhajiang Mian Platform has a good foundation on this point. So at the beginning of the risk estimation, Zhao Yao raised the problem that the top competition affected the platform traffic. In addition, there was a recent sports event wherein the platform did not have the right to broadcast the event live, which was also a competitive disadvantage.

“Is Gu Sui discussing partnerships with other sports events?” Zhao Yao asked.

Pei Mingzhan replied, “He’s got one in the line. He kept a few of the individuals you recommended last time, I heard they’re from within the Zhao family?”

Zhao Yao recalled the matter. He had previously asked Zhao Changshuo for a few technical staff members, later recommending them to Gu Sui. “Hmm, is there a problem?” he asked.

Pei Mingzhan replied, “No, It’s just something he mentioned briefly.”

The pair exchanged a few casual remarks. Given their limited involvement in Zhajiang Mian’s affairs and the problems encountered within their original scope of consideration, they left it to Gu Sui to handle the crisis. Zhao Yao gave it little thought and then continued, “I instructed the renovation team to follow your recommendation for the bathtub we discussed last time. Shall we go and take a look in a while?”

Pei Mingzhan was a little surprised, “It was quite fast.”


Recently, Brother Lao has been rather troubled because more than one person in the industry has asked about the relationship between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao. The reason? A few days ago, both of them changed to the same profile picture. Well, It’s not entirely the same, but when observing Pei Mingzhan’s profile picture, one might think it’s an image of a kite, while Zhao Yao’s picture gives the impression that he casually picked any image from the internet.

But for people who happen to have both Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao as WeChat friends, seeing these two avatars together feels a bit ambiguous, especially for those acquaintances. Brother Lao observed Pei Mingzhan’s profile picture but couldn’t tell at first, but upon closer look, it turned out to be Zhao Yao. As for Zhao Yao’s avatar, recognizing Pei Mingzhan’s silhouette is as easy as recognizing his own shadow, even if it were turned to ashes.

Recently, It’s not uncommon for guys to set matching avatars with their buddies. Most people who ask Brother Lao about it assume that Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao share a great relationship and just want to gossip a bit, not giving much thought to the avatars, as these two appear very close like brothers. Brother Lao feels a bit nervous because of  others’ questions but also a bit sad that these people can’t see straight.

Is this what they really call friends? Seems like the understanding of straight male friendships has widened so much these days.

He scrolled through his friend circle and landed on Pei Mingzhan’s post, a simple picture of lunch. But looking closer, it was a meal for two, and if you looked even more closely, you could make out another person seated across from him.

They’re out again!? And they’re having lunch? Wasn’t this restaurant located in the city center?

This big brother can’t take a break for two days, does he really want to make a big fuss and let everyone know?

“Lao Ge, Pei Ge’s brand Weibo from yesterday hasn’t been reposted yet,” Lele reminded, noticing Brother Lao was once again lazing on the sofa, engrossed in his phone, probably browsing through Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao’s fan forums.

Ever since the last encounter at B&B, Lele had gradually realized that the relationship between Pei Ge and Mr. Zhao might not be simple. Coupled with Brother Lao’s occasional comments about artists lacking a sense of boundaries in relationships, Lele’s thoughts eventually settled.

Pei Ge and Mr. Zhao might be dating!

He then glanced sympathetically at Brother Lao, recalling the days when Brother Lao’s friends used to complain to him about the romantic entanglements of the celebrities under his care. At that time, Brother Lao confidently claimed that taking care of Pei Ge was a simple task without any pressure. Now, however, he was constantly lurking around the super-forums, meticulously dissecting every detail and scrutinizing the #10 Public Relations Strategies for Celebrities in Relationships#.

Brother Lao focused on his friend’s updates for a while. “Has Pei Mingzhan not posted yet? I even sent him a message on WeChat yesterday.”

Exiting the social media app,  Brother Lao decided to give him a call.

The call was quickly picked up. The environment at the other end sounded peaceful. Brother Lao guessed that Pei Mingzhan might still be having his meal.

“Big brother, you haven’t reposted that Weibo yet? How about using those fingers to open a new post and share it?” Brother Lao’s tone sounded weak when talking to Pei Mingzhan, who was a person not easily swayed by soft or hard tactics.

Pei Mingzhan was a bit surprised to receive Brother Lao’s call. “Weibo?”

He suddenly remembered that there was such a thing, but yesterday, due to the company meeting, he had forgotten about this matter. “Alright, I’ll go online and do it in a while.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Yao asked.

“There’s a partnership’s promotional repost, I forgot to do it because of the meeting yesterday.” Pei Mingzhan hung up the phone and opened Weibo. He was logged into his secondary account and saw new updates on the homepage, probably another Weibo reposted by Zhao Yao. He swiftly switched to his main account and promptly reposted the Weibo requested by the studio.

 “This year, weren’t there no other collaborations?” Zhao Yao also opened Weibo and indeed saw Pei Mingzhan reposting information about a new product endorsement.

“Some commercial contracts haven’t expired yet, sometimes it’s necessary to cooperate and do a bit of PR for a particular brand,” Pei Mingzhan explained.

Afterward, he asked, “Do you have any plans this afternoon?”

Zhao Yao responded, “No, I’ll be at home this afternoon.”

He didn’t have any other activities planned. Originally, he was planning for the afternoon to watch “Li Meng” with Uncle Wang. But because something happened recently, he seemed to have missed a couple of episodes and was yet to catch up on those.

“I shouldn’t have to work overtime this afternoon,” Pei Mingzhan said, scanning the schedule sent by his assistant on WeChat. “Shall we go to the supermarket in the afternoon? You mentioned you wanted to eat cabbage dumplings yesterday, right? I’ll make them for you tonight.”

Zhao Yao nodded in agreement, “Then I’ll come pick you up after work.”


Pei Mingzhan’s secretary had recently become accustomed to the strange working hours of their boss. Last year, they didn’t notice this, but this year, their boss’ schedule had become increasingly unpredictable. After observing for around ten days, the secretary gradually discovered a consistent pattern. It was evident that this pattern revolved around whether the boss received a call from Mr. Zhao during working hours.

Today’s scenario was very obvious. Pei Mingzhan had completed the day’s tasks before 4 p.m. According to the secretary’s observations, when the boss finished tasks ahead of schedule, he usually arranged additional work to continue. He typically only left to rest after a project reached a certain stage of completion.

But today, after finishing the work at 4 p.m Mr. Pei began browsing tutorials online. At one point when someone entered to deliver some documents, they caught a glimpse of the boss watching cooking tutorials on a video website.

Once the clock struck the appointed time, Pei Mingzhan quickly collected his belongings and instructed, “Postpone all the urgent tasks until tomorrow morning. No need to send me any messages tonight unless It’s an emergency.”

The secretary nodded as they watched Pei Mingzhan leaving on time.

As Zhao Yao’s car reached the underground parking lot of Pei Mingzhan’s company, he spotted Pei Mingzhan already waiting in a particular spot. When he came over, Pei Mingzhan walked straight over and opened the back door of the car.

“You’re here early today.” Zhao Yao had seen a few tutorials while on the way since Pei Mingzhan had sent him some stuff in the afternoon. “I saw a Cantonese cuisine recipe on Weibo that seemed good. Can you cook Cantonese food? I’ll share it with you to take a look.”

Zhao Yao had been accustomed to sharing his recent food preferences with Pei Mingzhan lately. Sometimes, Zhao Yao would even try cooking, although not always with the best results. Then, Pei Mingzhan would patiently guide him through the process. “Let me see.”

Pei Mingzhan followed Zhao Yao’s Weibo link, quickly finding the shared recipe. “This doesn’t seem too difficult, but I think we don’t have the ingredients at home. We”ll have to buy some later.”

He agreed, noting the cooking instructions and habitually liking and reposting the post. He planned to add the required ingredients to his shopping list while at the supermarket later.

Zhao Yao nodded and continued scrolling through Weibo, when suddenly, he noticed a rapidly increasing red notification in the lower right corner. He usually received a fair amount of comments and messages on Weibo, so seeing a red notification was nothing out of the ordinary. But today there seemed to be an unusually high number of notifications, and the count was rising. “Something seems off with my Weibo today.”

“What’s wrong?” Pei Mingzhan paused.

Zhao Yao opened his phone to check, finding numerous notifications in his messages. “A lot of people are reposting and commenting on my posts,” he noted.

Pei Mingzhan frowned. Hehadn’t mentioned his alternate account to Zhao Yao yet. Also, given Zhao Yao’s frequent interactions with other users on Weibo, he hadn’t paid attention to his alternate ID. “Let me see,” he leaned in closer to Zhao Yao to take a look at the content on his phone.

Zhao Yao carefully read the comments, scrolling down the message thread. Soon, he reached the bottom where the reposts were located.

His hand suddenly stopped and asked, “Pei Mingzhan, did you repost my Weibo?”

Pei Mingzhan was taken aback and then directed his gaze towards Zhao Yao’s phone, noticing that Zhao Yao had already opened his Weibo homepage.

Under the “Trending” section was the repost he made of Zhao Yao’s alternate account”s recipe Weibo.

@PeiMingzhan: Repost Weibo//@AlternateAccount: Repost Weibo//@DailyRecipeRecommendation: How to make a delicious Cantonese dish 【Long-form Weibo post】

Pei Mingzhan pinched his brow, “I forgot to switch accounts.”

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