FLBOTCP Chapter 35 Part 1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 35 Part 1

A vague impression gradually took shape when Pei Mingzhan said certain things, like a fog that was swept away.

Zhao Yao genuinely didn’t have any playmates in S City. But, in his childhood memories, during vacations, the neighbor’s older brother would show up occasionally when he used to go to his grandfather in H City. He didn’t have friends in the same age group in H City, so his grandfather suggested Zhao Yao to play with the brothers next door. He said the brothers next door were only primary school students three or four years older than him. During that time, Zhao Yao, who was only three or four years old, longed for an older brother.

However, older children hate the little ones being around. Every time he went, no one took him to play. He could only sit by and watch the older kids play several times. Finally, he ran home angrily to find his grandfather, saying his brothers did not want to play with him.

At that time, there was a leader among this group of older children, and they called him “Peipei gē 1.” All the children always listened to him. Initially, the older children would not bring the younger ones to play games. With the young ones stumbling around, it was not fun to play. Until, one time, when Zhao Yao ran home crying. Peipei was called back home by his parents, then was reprimanded. The next day, he obediently came to Zhao Yao to apologize with snacks. 

Zhao Yao mostly listened to childhood anecdotes told by his mother. He, himself, didn’t remember why he ran home crying. Still, when his mother mentioned his playmates, he always thought of the big kid standing at the yard gate with two bags of snacks to apologize.

“What’s the matter?” Pei Mingzhan saw that Zhao Yao didn’t speak, so he asked, “Why are you absent-minded?” 

Zhao Yao returned to his senses: “I thought of something.”

Pei Mingzhan was about to ask him what he was thinking of, but the roller coaster’s speed suddenly increased. The whistling wind covered each other’s voices, and the screams of the tourists in front resounded through the sky.

Zhao Yao’s mood was quickly blown away by the fast-running roller coaster, and the feeling of weightlessness at high altitude made him unable to think. He didn’t come to his senses until the roller coaster ended. The safety device supporting them was turned off, and Zhao Yao stood up. With a pale face, he leaned on the seat.

After Pei Mingzhan went to the staff to take back his hat, he saw Zhao Yao’s pale face and ran over worriedly: “Are you all right?”

Zhao Yao stood up with his shoulders, “It’s okay, but I’m not used to it. I just didn’t slow down when standing up.”

He was careless. Riding roller coasters in his previous life was something he did when he was a child. But when he got older, he had a particular fear of such high-altitude facilities. He thought he was fine. And as a result, his physical response after riding the fast-moving roller coaster couldn’t be more real.

Pei Mingzhan helped him sit down on the rest area, and casually put the hat on him, “Slow down, let’s go.”

Zhao Yao agreed too quickly when he proposed to ride the roller coaster just now. He never thought that Zhao Yao would be afraid of heights.

Several people were sitting in the rest area next to the roller coaster at this time. Many people didn’t recover after getting off, and four or five people sat there scatteredly. Some parents took their children to ride the roller coaster. Some didn’t slow down when standing up and vomited on the garbage bag. The two young guys came to the rest area and attracted the attention of others.

An older father with a child immediately suggested to Pei Mingzhan: “Brother, you get a bag for your friend. Just let him spit it out.”

The kind-hearted young boy ran over with a bag and handed it to Pei Mingzhan.

Pei Mingzhan took the bag, “Thank you, kid.”

“You’re welcome, brother.” The kid ran away after finishing speaking.

Zhao Yao lowered his hat and said firmly, “No need.”

Pei Mingzhan squatted beside him, feeling both distressed and funny. So, he could only wait for him to recover.

The two originally planned to run away after getting off the roller coaster, but now they can’t. Fortunately, the staff who just recognized Pei Mingzhan didn’t say anything. Seeing that Zhao Yao’s condition was not good, they walked over silently. They handed a cup of hot water, “Brother Pei, is your friend okay?”

“Thank you.” Pei Mingzhan took the hot water, “Don’t tell others that I’m here, please.”

The staff nodded seriously.

Pei Mingzhan sat next to Zhao Yao and asked, “Why didn’t you refuse when I said let’s go on a roller coaster?”

“It’s been a long time since I rode it. I didn’t expect it would be like that.” Zhao Yao’s voice was a little muffled, “I won’t go to the big pendulum later.”  

“I won’t go too.” Pei Mingzhan said, “Let’s go to the aquarium later, and we’ll just take a walk.”


At Zhao’s Old House. 

 Zhao Ruihong looked at the buzzing gossip on the phone while she ate the fruit on the side, “I didn’t see it before. This Huihua 2 really has a hot search physique. Every time they have accidents, even the artists must be scolded with it. “

Zhao Changshuo, who was sitting on the other side of the sofa looking at the documents, looked at her, “What’s wrong with Huihua?”

Why didn’t he hear other people mention it?

“Oh, it’s okay. Ji Heyu, a little star from Huihua, was hacked and trending a lot two days ago.” 

After returning to China, Zhao Ruihong is keen to watching all kinds of domestic gossip news. And for the past few days, she has eaten a lot of melons, “It seems that there is a variety show doing a shady operation, and now netizens are pouring dirty water on the little star. Still, it seems other companies have a hand in it too.”

Zhao Changshuo thought, “Ji Heyu?”

“You know him?” Zhao Ruihong became interested, “No way! It is said on the internet that he is a pet raised by Zhao Yao, is it true or not? “

Zhao Changshuo looked at Zhao Ruihong whose eyes were glowing, and chose to avoid it, “Do you believe this too?”

But he did see the child at Zhao Yao’s house.

Zhao Ruihong saw that he didn’t say anything. So, she didn’t bother to ask but said, “However, Zhao Yao’s people are pretty good. They are patient enough, and very decisive in doing things. The second episode of “Sheng 3” had just aired and now there’s a big turnaround. And still, people are following up.”

Zhao Changshuo knew that the matter should have been resolved when he heard what Zhao Ruihong said, “You are so interested in Hui Hua, why don’t you go see Zhao Yao after you come back?” 

“Me?” Zhao Ruihong turned her beautiful eyes: “In a while, in a while.”

Zhao Changshuo looked away: “You had a good relationship with him when you were young.”

“It’s meaningless to talk about things from our childhood.” Zhao Ruihong hooked her hands, “Besides, he is no longer working in the group. He is a salted fish like me. It should be said that we are in the same camp. Still, the relationship between you and Zhao Yao has changed so much. It has become so good now. Can you tell me the reason?”

Huihua Agency soon reissued a statement. For the past two days, they saved the evidence of the dirty water of public opinion on the Internet. They expressed that the false rumors affected the artist’s reputation and would be investigated individually. The long pictures posted included the most popular marketing accounts and the foul-mouthed Internet keyboard warrior. Many fans who saw the situation came to Weibo to applaud.

【 Actually, there is nothing to say, but Huihua is very timely in maintaining their artists every single time. 】4

【 That’s a new boss. You don’t know what kind of ghost Huihua used to be. Before, they just pretended to be dead. 】

【 Frantically calling Mr. Zhao. To be honest, almost as soon as the news on the Internet came out, the official blog was on the way to refute the rumors. 】

【 Official blog: I refuted the rumor, but you all don’t believe it. 】

【 Feeling happy, seeing the IDs of several stinky marketing accounts. If they can, I hope Huihua will not just verbalize the lawyer’s letter but sue people directly. 】

【 Hahaha, I’m laughing so hard. Have you forgotten about the film crew a while ago? They have many people that Huihua and other employers sued. 】

【 Don’t say, I don’t know what Huihua used to be like in the past, but now Huihua is suing as soon as they say they will sue. 】

The marketing account and netizens who were named immediately deleted their Weibo. However, many screenshots are still circulating on the Internet, and the Huihua legal department collected these as evidence, ready to submit for processing.

Many of them are marketing accounts raised by some companies.

Huihua knows these rival companies involved in these two days. Even so, they are not afraid to confront these companies head-on. Not only to account for this time but also to draw out the losses Huihua suffered in the past.

Chen Xi sat in his office. Just after hanging up the phone, another call came in, “Hello, Mr. Li.”

“You’re talking about the Internet? My boss’ idea to discuss this matter?” Chen Xi paused for a while, “How about this, Mr. Li? Let’s meet here. When the time comes, I will contact you to come for a cup of tea and chat…”

After Chen Xi finished speaking, he hung up the phone and cursed casually.

This morning, Huihua started to go through the old accounts. The marketing account is still a trivial matter. Even the projects that have been related to these companies in the past are also involved. Zhao Yao meant giving him full authority to deal with it. In fact, it means that he doesn’t have to worry about the faces of other companies. The accounts should be settled clearly. Compromising easily will only make these people feel Huihua is weak and can be easily bullied.

“Do these groups of people think they can just shake us off and leave if they mess with us?” Chen Xi sneered, “Don’t they see the current Huihua is not the same as before?” 

While Zhao Yao invested in Huihua, the high-level executives left one after another. But fortunately, they have already left. Otherwise, there would be no chance to clean up all the mess left by the previous management.

The secretary knocked on the door: “Mr. Chen, Manager Zhang made an appointment with you, saying that it was about the previous “Li Meng 5” project.”

“Let’s say I’m busy these days, we can talk about “Li Meng” later.” Chen Xi waved his hand. How arrogant was the attitude of this manager before? Even the company behind him is involved in the dirty water this time. Chen Xi saw all that happened. And now, the current “Li Meng” does not need their involvement at all.

“Are you saying that we, Huihua, can’t make “Li Meng”?” Chen Xi looked at the secretary: “How is the crew of “Li Meng” now? Is the preparation for the audition ready?”

The secretary said: “They are ready. The crew said the audition will be this afternoon.”

Chen Xi thought of someone: “Did Zhang Qi go too?”

“He went. Brother Liu took Zhang Qi with him.”

After Chen Xi confirmed, he habitually picked up his mobile phone. He wanted to report the project to Zhao Yao. Then, Chen Xi thought of Mr. Zhao’s indifferent voice at today’s meeting. Immediately he felt guilty, so Chen Xi could only send him a vx 6.


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  1. Ge = older brother[]
  2. Please note that on following translation Huihua, Hui Hua, Huihua Agency are all the same and used interchangeably[]
  3. 声 Sheng = Voice, Sound[]
  4. Instead of using “” during online comments, I will be using 【 】[]
  5. I kept the literal translation instead of translating it to English. I mean, ‘Dreams Apart,’ ‘Leaving Dreams,’ ‘Dreams Away,’ doesn’t really sound good as Li Meng.[]
  6. VX can also be WeChat when translating the raws to ENG[]


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