FLBOTCP Chapter 35 Part 2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 35 Part 2

S City Amusement Park

Zhao Yao was browsing the e-book “Comprehensive Explanation of Amusement Park” when he received the project report from Chen Xi. He roughly scanned it, and after confirming there was no problem, he sent Chen Xi an [👌] emoticon.

The two just came out of the aquarium, and their legs were sore from walking for a long time. Currently, Pei Mingzhan is buying a drink while Zhao Yao sat in the resting place and flipped through the e-book, intending to complete the rest.

“Haunted house…?” Zhao Yao looked at the e-book’s explanation: ‘It is suitable for creating an intimate atmosphere and promoting physical contact between couples, thereby catalyzing the development of feelings.’

The environment in the haunted house is dark, and it does have a movie theater atmosphere. Thinking of this, Zhao Yao fell into deep thought again. Could it be going to the dark places, is the kind of holy land for lovers?

He took the map casually, and the haunted house facilities in the amusement park were not far away from where they were.

When Pei Mingzhan came over with hot milk, Zhao Yao’s gaze remained on the map. He thought Zhao Yao was looking for the merry-go-round again, so he asked, “What are you looking at? Are you really planning to go on the merry-go-round?”

Zhao Yao suddenly said: “I almost forgot. We haven’t gone to the carousel yet.”

Pei Mingzhan shot himself in the foot with a rock: “I don’t recommend going now. There are too many couples and children on the carousel. Especially during the daytime, there are basically only children there. In the past, I couldn’t even experience anything.”

“Are there many couples at night?” Zhao Yao asked.

Pei Mingzhan was taken aback: “Yes.”

He suddenly thought of those messy reference books at Zhao Yao’s house and his weird behavior in the movie theater some time ago. “Zhao Yao, are you here to observe other couples ride the carousel? “

“It’s not an observation this time. I plan to experience it myself.” Zhao Yao understands the importance of practice after going through the movie theater. At this point, he can’t learn anything by observing. “Of course, I won’t ask you to come with me. When the time comes, you will wait outside the carousel for me.”

Zhao Yao felt a little weird when he read the statement in the book. The book says when you’re sitting on a carousel looking at your partner waiting outside, your heart will feel sweet and warm. This statement is a bit mysterious and a love-minded brain. But he was also curious about what it would feel like to sit on it and look out for your partner.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t understand what Zhao Yao meant, “Then, do you want to go now?”

“The carousel is a little far away.” Zhao Yao pushed the map before Pei Mingzhan: “Let’s go to the haunted house first.”

Pei Mingzhan thought Zhao Yao was still a child at heart and wanted to come and play. Now he knows that Zhao Yao came here again because of his weird theory of love. Then he was curious: “What is the reason for this? Is the atmosphere in the haunted house good?”

Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan and pushed the phone in front of Pei Mingzhan. “Simply put, this is the truth. I just don’t know how the haunted house in this amusement park is. So, I have to go in and take a look.” 

Pei Mingzhan nodded: “Why don’t you send me a copy of this?”

“Are you interested?” Zhao Yao laughed: “I thought you’d find it weird that I am doing this. “

“It’s all right. Feeling weird can be a stereotype.” Pei Mingzhan swiped Zhao Yao’s phone, “And you still have a lot of places you haven’t checked out. Send me a copy now. In the future, you don’t have to explainto me. I will cooperate at any time.”

“Aren’t you retiring because of your company?” Hearing this, Zhao Yao asked suspiciously: “Why do I feel like you don’t have to manage the company?”

Pei Mingzhan clicked to share with friends and said, “It’s okay. No matter how busy one’s work is, one must still rest on weekends.”

After sharing, he handed the phone to Zhao Yao: “Do you know the true intention of this is to prepare for a future relationship?”

“If I meet someone in love.” Zhao Yao picked up the drink Pei Mingzhan had just brought over and felt the warmth in his hand.

Hot? Amusement parks have places where drinks are served. But most of them are room temperature or cold beverages. Hot drinks are further away and harder to find. It turned out that he had been away for so long just to run to buy this.

“Thank you.” Zhao Yao said.

Pei Mingzhan looked down at the phone and didn’t hear Zhao Yao’s words. So, he raised his head and asked, “What did you just say?”

Zhao Yao didn’t mention it anymore, “It’s okay. Let’s go there now.”

The location of the haunted house is close to where they had just rested. Sot, it just took them a few minutes to walk. Zhao Yao noticed that Pei Mingzhan was not walking fast. Pei Mingzhan seems to be taking care of his leg injury.

“For this haunted house, there are real NPC.” Pei Mingzhan said with a slightly serious face: “They may come to the front to scare you. Also, moving around in a dark environment is inconvenient, especially with your leg injury. Otherwise, let’s not go. “

Zhao Yao: “It’s okay. I will just not run.”

Pei Mingzhan saw that Zhao Yao had made up his mind, and he couldn’t stop him. Pei Mingzhan carefully looked at the rules outsides when he got to the haunted house. After confirming with the staff that the NPC would not attack tourists, he took Zhao Yao to buy tickets.

Few people are queuing here. Pei Mingzhan took the time to explain: “Just looked at the picture over there. You will stand on my right. And try to stand behind me as much as possible.” Most scary things will come out on both sides of the aisle. Standing on the right side is better. At least the left leg is protected and can avoid collisions with the other props. 

Soon the two people were next in the line. After Zhao Yao entered the door, he habitually observed the surrounding. The theme is retro. Even the furnishings inside are a weird red ancestral hall style. Zhao Yao’s gaze quickly moved to the air vents on both sides. Low air-conditioning and smoke are used here to create a gloomy atmosphere.

The tourists who walked a few steps ahead of them had already encountered their first scare, and screams quickly filled the building. Zhao Yao frowned slightly, “The soundproofing here is pretty bad.”

“On the other hand, it also creates a sense of fear for tourists.” Pei Mingzhan has been exposed to acting, and many props here are used when shooting special effects scenes. In addition, the two of them know that NPCs are pretending to be people, so they are not too afraid of these. Instead, Pei Mingzhan patiently explained to Zhao Yao the usefulness of some of the equipment.

The two quickly walked to the area where the NPC was hiding. Suddenly, a woman in red crawled out from under the table on the right when they were talking about the duration of special effects makeup. The lights in the room turned on her, and the pale makeup on her face was immediately brought out.

Zhao Yao paused and asked Pei Mingzhan: “Are lighting effects also important?”

“Let’s step back a little bit.” Pei Mingzhan glanced at the woman in red who appeared. After ensuring that the woman’s long nails were not stretched out, he continued: “Special effects makeup can sometimes achieve twice the result with half of the effort by relying on lighting.”

The woman in red tried to scare them again.

Zhao Yao nodded to her, “Thank you.”

The woman in red:? ? ? ?

The two continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened, not afraid of the NPC behind them looking at them. Only then was Pei Mingzhan convinced that Zhao Yao was not scared of this thing, so the two continued to talk while walking. They even talk about the sci-fi movie Pei Mingzhan filmed before.

Several NPCs appeared from behind. There was even one who appeared directly in front of Zhao Yao as if he was about to kill Zhao Yao instantly. They thought it would scare these tourists to roll and crawl on the ground. Unexpectedly, the tourist was just stunned for a moment and then nodded as if he was leader who was inspecting.

The NPC stopped involuntarily and made a few threats again.

Zhao Yao saw that this NPC did not leave directly like the previous ones. Instead, he stood before him. As if being pestered, he asked: “Your makeup is quite realistic. How long have you been wearing it? “

NPC: “……?”

He asked incredulously: “No, buddy, are you still chatting with me? If my boss knew this, he would deduct my pay.” 

“No, just curious.” Zhao Yao said: “The makeup on your face is a bit more complicated along the way.”

“Oh.” NPC said: “Our makeup brothers are skilled workers and quick at it too.”

The two chatted for a while. Then another tourist came from behind. Immediately the NPC brother ran to the corner like a cat. 

Zhao Yao had no choice but to follow Pei Mingzhan to finish the haunted house. His mind was still full of special effects scenes when he went out. He didn’t even feel the excitement of the haunted house mentioned in the book. And what is even more challenging to understand is that the book says that the dark environment can create an excellent atmosphere for a couple’s relationship. He thought, how can there be time to talk to NPCs?

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Where shall we go next?”

“Line up again.” Zhao Yao frowned and said: “I was just talking to you. I didn’t feel the atmosphere of the haunted house mentioned in the book.”

Haunted house atmosphere? Pei Mingzhan flipped through the e-book on his phone and turned to the explanation about the haunted house, “Then I have an idea. I just saw a place inside…”

Zhao Yao looked at him suspiciously.

Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao lined up again. They re-entered the haunted house and met the woman in red. The girl was trying to look scary, but after a closer look, the woman realized they were acquaintances. She wondered, “Why had these two people come in again ???”

She knew they weren’t scared at all. So, she just shrank back under the table.

Zhao Yao: “…”

“Come here.” Pei Mingzhan took Zhao Yao’s hand and led him forward.

Zhao Yao followed Pei Mingzhan, and the two quickly walked to the aisle between the red ancestral hall and the next scene. This was where they had just stopped, and it seemed to be a fork with no road. He followed Pei Mingzhan into the fork and was pulled into a small space the next instant.

There is no way at the fork. But they left a small space with a curtain for NPCs to hide. Zhao Yao was pulled into that space, and the next moment Pei Mingzhan stood next to him. The loud voice blocked the red light from outside, and Zhao Yao could only vaguely see Pei Mingzhan’s sharp profile.


There were screams from outside. The sound was from tourists panicking after being intimidated by NPC. The sound of table props colliding, the strange wind chimes, and all other sounds gathered in this not-so-sound-proof space made Zhao Yao feel peculiar in his heart.

It seems excited and curious. And it’s more about being in a room with people.

Pei Mingzhan stood outside him, encircling him. As if in the book, the couple was frightened due to the dark atmosphere. One party has a sense of security under the other party’s protection.

Zhao Yao did not seem to feel that sense of security, so he grabbed Pei Mingzhan’s coat and made a very capricious request: “Get closer.” 

The author has something to say: In the dark,

Lao Pei: Stand in a small corner for a while.

Brother Yao: Stand closer. (Take Peipei’s hand)

NPC: ??? Please get out !!


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