FLBOTCP Chapter 100

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 100

Zhao Changshuo was quite surprised when he found this content. After clicking into it, he found it to be a collection of netizens’ casual gossip, with no concrete evidence that Zhao Yao had a girlfriend. But the discussions under this topic seemed a bit confusing…

【Hahaha, a beautiful love story, everyone is welcome to join the Pei Zhao ship!】

【I think the CP discussions are a bit too much. I have a friend working at Huihua, and she told me that Zhao Zong seems to have a girlfriend…】

【Ah? Zhao Zong has a girlfriend?】

【I’ve heard about it too. Zhao Zong has a girlfriend who often talks a lot on phone calls.’】

【Real or not? I haven’t seen any leaks about Zhao Zong’s girlfriend. I thought he was single 【laughing-cry emoji】.】

【The ‘beautiful love story’ tag mainly refers to the friendship between the Film Emperor Pei and Zhao Zong hhh. Sisters, don’t take it seriously.】

After finishing arranging things, the secretary prepared to leave for the day. Later, they noticed their boss was still looking at his phone even when the elevator arrived, “Boss, the elevator arrived.”

Zhao Changshuo withdrew his gaze, still thinking about when Zhao Yao got a girlfriend and why netizens insisted on labeling the friendship between two guys as a romantic relationship. Could it be that the boundaries between online and romantic relationships have become so blurred?


The handling of Feng Mu’s matter was ultimately entrusted to the legal team representing the Zhajiang Mian platform. Although Feng Mu did not explicitly state his intention to join the Zhajiang Mian platform, Zhao Yao clearly sensed a softening in Feng Mu’s attitude. In fact, over the past few days, he even obtained Feng Mu’s WeChat from Gu Sui and found him frequently asking questions on WeChat.

Zhao Yao had no reservations about answering these questions because, from Feng Mu’s questions to the subsequent technological development direction, it was evident that they aligned with the current technologies showcased in the Zhajiang Mian platform. Feng Mu was even making relevant adjustments. The addition of talents like Feng Mu to a young team like Zhajiang Mian would only enhance its capabilities, possibly accelerate the development of the live optimization technology by a few years.

So, he took some time to recall the key technical points he had read. Although he couldn’t remember the main technical details, he had a clear recollection of the market issues corresponding to the technology. He believed he could provide some insights for Feng Mu’s development.

As the lawsuit between Feng Mu and the Lemon platform unfolded, Zhao Yao’s online interactions with several people gradually increased. During this, he also noticed that his boyfriend seemed to be a little jealous.

“Uncle Wang said you bought something again?” Pei Mingzhan came over after taking a shower and saw Zhao Yao sitting on the sofa playing with his phone. “He even mentioned having it directly delivered to the new house.”

Zhao Yao casually replied, “En, the house will be ready to move into next month.”

Pei Mingzhan glanced at his phone and asked, “Are you chatting with Feng Mu again?”

“Hm, last time there were some issues with the files I gave him, so I asked in the group if we could optimize the discussion,” Zhao Yao replied before realizing, “But enough about that. Today, I’m going to watch a movie with you.”

Pei Mingzhan nodded, “Work time and personal time should be kept separate.”

Hearing Pei Mingzhan’s words, Zhao Yao smiled, “I know. I’ll stop now.”

Just as he was about to exit WeChat, he received a message from Zhao Changshuo.

It had been a long time since Zhao Changshuo and he had been in contact. The last time Zhao Yao saw him was at his father’s funeral last month, an event that was kept low-key rather than publicly announced. There were still unresolved issues within the group, and Zhao Ruihong hurriedly returned for a brief visit and then left again. Ironically, with his father having so many children, it was amusing to see the situation unfold in such a manner.

Zhao Yao didn’t linger there for too long. He never liked such scenes, and they easily reminded him of his past life. It felt as if things were unfolding in a similar way to his previous life, with the only difference being that at a certain point, he did something opposite, leading the development onto a different path.

There wasn’t much difference otherwise. It’s just that this time, when he went, he didn’t encounter a rainy day.

“What’s wrong?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao shook his head, “Nothing, my elder brother asked me something.”

Whenever Zhao Changshuo reached out, it was always about something important. Zhao Yao checked the message, and it turned out to be related to the recent news on the internet. With the lawsuit between Feng Mu and the Lemon platform heating up, various rumors started circulating. Although the Lemon platform didn’t suffer any consequences, there were many online trolls spreading baseless information.

Some discussions revolved around Gu Sui, suggesting a close relationship with the streamers under him… Others spread rumors about him, with few topics available for clickbait, either talking about his relationship with Pei Mingzhan or fabricating stories about Zhao Group.

Zhao Changshuo came over because there were rumors circulating online about a strained relationship between the two. After the funeral, he had left directly. In the eyes of the public, Zhao Changshuo was handling everything related to the late chairman of Zhao, coupled with some biased news, easily leading to rumors of discord between him and the Zhao family.

With so much circulating on the internet, he saw no need to address each piece individually, so he didn’t instruct his team to handle the matter. But when he last checked, it was still just gossip, so how had it already reached Zhao Changshuo?

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Did you encounter any problems?”

“It’s just some online rumors,” Zhao Yao slightly furrowed his brow. “He came over to ask if there were any other circumstances. Recently, it seems I haven’t particularly paid attention to other matters. Who has the time to fabricate such rumors for no reason…”

“You did handle one matter, didn’t you?” Pei Mingzhan chuckled. “Regarding Feng Mu’s situation, Lemon platform, being a large platform, is quite concerned about the public impact generated by rumors. If you steer public opinion towards the idea that there are undisclosed transactions between Zhajiang Mian platform and Feng Mu, how do you think netizens will guess?”

“I did neglect that aspect. But spreading rumors about my relationship with the Zhao family, do they really think I invested in Zhajiang Mian relying on the Zhao family?” Zhao Yao found the situation somewhat illogical. The fact that it escalated to this point after just a momentary lapse on his part bothered him. “I’ll have the team handle it.”

In the livestreaming industry, business cooperations are highly valued. Besides expanding the platform’s content, partnerships with other companies are essential to attract more traffic and popularity. If news of discord between him and the Zhao family were to spread at this time, companies that were considering collaboration might indeed reconsider because of these rumors.

Just as he was about to send a message to Zhao Changshuo, he suddenly noticed another message from him.

Zhao Yao paused slightly, turning to Pei Mingzhan and asking, “Are there any other rumors lately?”

“I don’t think so,” Pei Mingzhan replied. “If there were anything else, we should have known by now.”

Zhao Yao looked at the WeChat interface. Why would Zhao Changshuo message him asking if he was looking for a girlfriend and suggesting bringing her home if it worked out?

“Mr. Pei, your assistant is here,” Uncle Wang came to inform, and it dawned on Pei Mingzhan that his manager had mentioned sending over clothes tonight. The Golden Rose Awards were the day after tomorrow. Typically, his outfits for various events were decided by the studio. He said, “I’ll go meet with Lele. When I come back, we can continue watching the movie.”

Zhao Yao nodded, still focused on the chat interface. After some contemplation, he decided to send a message to Zhao Changshuo.

【No girlfriend, but I do have a boyfriend. I’ll tell you more later.】

On the other side, the secretary and the boss had just reached the parking lot after getting off the elevator. As the secretary was about to mention that the driver had arrived, they noticed their boss’s furrowed brow. Zhao Changshuo rarely got angry. Even in debates and discussions, he maintained a gentlemanly demeanor. Even when there were issues with projects within the group, he never displayed such an expression. This immediately made the secretary more cautious, preparing for overtime work today.

 Secretary: “Boss, is there any urgent issue that needs immediate attention?”

Zhao Changshuo looked at his phone, lost in thought. After a long silence, he asked, “What does it mean to say ‘no girlfriend, but I do have a boyfriend’?”

The secretary was taken aback, “Huh?”

Zhao Changshuo rubbed his temples slightly confused and thought for a moment, “Is this some recent internet slang? Or is it a form of refusal?”

The secretary observed the boss still using 2G internet, struggled a bit to explain, “It’s probably the literal meaning, suggesting that there is a boyfriend now.”

Zhao Changshuo: …?


When Zhao Ruihong received a call from Zhao Changshuo, she found it a bit strange. At this hour, it was late at night in China, and given Zhao Changshuo’s character, he wouldn’t call someone this late unless it was something important.

She dismissed her secretary and then asked, “Calling me at this hour? You must be really free.”

On the other end of the call, Zhao Changshuo remained silent for a moment before bringing up the matter. Hearing this, Zhao Ruihong furrowed her brow slightly, “A boyfriend? Did Lao Si 1  also come out of the closet?”

Zhao Changshuo paused at the words, “Not Lao Si.”

Then, he caught on to a crucial point, asking, “You said ‘also’? What do you mean?”

“Not Lao Si…” Zhao Ruihong immediately understood who he was referring to. “You mean Zhao Yao, right? Isn’t his coming out a well-established fact? Don’t you know?”

“How do you know?” Zhao Changshuo belatedly realized the issue at hand. Why did Zhao Ruihong, who was far away abroad, know about Zhao Yao having a boyfriend, while he, browsing the internet, couldn’t find any credible rumors about Zhao Yao’s boyfriend? He had his secretary look into the situation, and most of the internal rumors at Huihua suggested Zhao Yao had a girlfriend. So, where did this boyfriend come from?

“He didn’t tell you the details?” Zhao Ruihong suddenly realized that Zhao Changshuo likely got the information somewhere. “You are really behind the times. Why don’t you check online?”

Zhao Changshuo replied, “There are no photos of his boyfriend online.”

Zhao Ruihong said, “…”

She added, “How do you know there aren’t any?”

Zhao Changshuo paused for a moment and then checked on his computer. The only photos that popped up were of Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan. “There’s only news about the second son of Pei… Isn’t this just gossip circulating in the entertainment industry?”


The buzz around the Golden Rose Awards continued. The news of “Mi Ying” being nominated made many drama enthusiasts happy for quite some time. The Golden Rose Awards was a prestigious television award, and it typically featured highly recognized works. For a small-budget production with a new cast like “Mi Ying” to be nominated was already an achievement, especially considering it received multiple nominations.

【I thought Peipei could be nominated for the Golden Rose…】

【I heard it wasn’t submitted for consideration. It was just a cameo. What were you all thinking?】

【So, will Peipei go there then?】

【Hahaha, I heard it Old Pei was specially invited to be the host.】

【Rare opportunity. I thought I wouldn’t get to see him this time, but seeing him as the host is not bad.】

【Am I the only one curious about why he’s hosting?】

Ever since Pei Mingzhan inquired about the Golden Rose Awards, Brother Lao had been on edge. He was worried that Pei Mingzhan might stir up trouble at the Golden Rose Awards, and the consequences would be too big. If something did happen at the Golden Rose Awards, it would be challenging to contain the aftermath. So he could only try to advise and persuade Pei Mingzhan multiple times, but couldn’t get a definite answer. In the end, he couldn’t understand Pei Mingzhan’s attitude.

“Lao Ge, Mr. Gu said he wants to borrow a few people,” Lele suddenly called out. “He mentioned that there are other rumors circulating online.”

“Oh, is it about Feng Mu’s situation?” Brother Lao nodded. “Give him the people. Didn’t he say not to worry about it a while ago?”

“Someone online is stirring things up, saying that Zhajiang Mian platform’s technology has leaked from within the Lemon platform,” Lele explained.

Brother Lao replied, “People actually believe this nonsense? If he had such technology, why wouldn’t he have developed it earlier and taken the opportunity for Zhajiang Mian to shine?”

Lele added, “There are also people manipulating Zhao Zong’s narrative. I’ve noticed Zhao Zong’s team is trying to control public opinion online.”

When Brother Lao saw this situation, he could easily guess the underlying reasons. It likely stemmed from business competition. The lawsuit between Lemon platform and their technical director was still ongoing. Now, with Zhajiang Mian platform determined to recruit personnel, conflicts of interest were inevitable. In addition, Lemon platform was an industry leader, and Zhajiang Mian platform had already established stability. Any attempt to intervene could only affect the collaborative environment between the two platforms.

“Zhao Zong’s messages are helping to ease things. Otherwise, if your Pei Ge loses his temper, it’ll be even more exhausting for us,” Brother Lao saw through Pei Mingzhan. In matters related to Mr. Zhao, if he weren’t proactive, in the end, they would be the ones at a disadvantage.

Gu Sui started preparing for other matters  after receiving the manpower. A previously negotiated business collaboration was now facing hesitation because of the online public opinion.

When the manager in charge of contract negotiations returned and shared this information, Gu Sui felt that the timing wasn’t quite right. Despite Zhajiang Mian platform’s reputation spreading, in the competition within the same price range, compared to established platforms like Lemon, it still lacked the necessary influence. Business collaborations mainly focused on platform traffic, and from the beginning of this year until now, Zhajiang Mian had been steadily progressing, but it seemed the growth was still too slow.

“Contact and see if there are any other artists or events available for live streaming. Let’s generate some buzz and promote the events,” Gu Sui suggested. Afterward, he thought of something else, saying, “Isn’t Pei Mingzhan supposed to attend the Golden Rose Awards? Have the details for the backstage interview been finalized?”

The manager provided more details, and Gu Sui had to make the call himself. But when he tried, his number showed as blocked. So he had to borrow his secretary’s phone.

Recalling the incident when he urgently called Mr. Zhao in the middle of the night, he remembered the call didn’t go through, and later he found out he had been blocked. It was only the next day that Mr. Zhao removed him from the blacklist, saying it was an accidental press by Pei Mingzhan.

Accidentally pressed is definitely nonsense. Pei Mingzhan is known for talking nonsense with his eyes wide open. Most likely, he got himself blocked by disturbing someone’s intimate moment with a late-night phone call. And this guy actually holds a grudge until now. If it weren’t for the incident, he wouldn’t even know his number is on Pei Mingzhan’s blacklist.

Gu Sui asked, “Lao Ge, my apologies. Do you have someone for the backstage interview at the Golden Rose tomorrow? I heard you’re hosting, and there should be quite a few media contacts reaching out to you, right?”

In his office, Pei Mingzhan’s desk had several sketches, and a few designers stood beside him recommending new jewelry designs. After hearing Gu Sui’s voice on the phone, he raised his hand to silence the others before asking, “Hmm, and then?”

“Well, we shouldn’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ fields. I’ll arrange a livestreamer to interview you. Think about it. If you agree, I’ll contact your studio directly,” Gu Sui shamelessly discussed business. The opportunity at the Golden Rose Awards was right in front of him. There were chances for interviews on the red carpet or backstage. Additionally, Pei Mingzhan hadn’t taken media interviews for a long time, making this an excellent opportunity.

After Gu Sui finished speaking, he noticed Pei Mingzhan on the other end of the phone remained silent. So, he added, “I’ve arranged someone to follow up on Feng Mu’s matter. He’s been discussing technical issues with Xugong lately, and I promise not to disturb you and Zhao Zong during the evening. How about that? I also heard Zhao Zong’s birthday is approaching…”

“I didn’t say I disagree,” Pei Mingzhan nodded slightly. The secretary asked the other designers to leave, and he continued, “It’s just that there are some conditions I want to discuss with you in advance.”


In the blink of an eye, the day of the Golden Rose Awards arrived. The red carpet was laid out, and various celebrities arrived one after another.

Zhao Yao also received an invitation from the organizers. But on the day of the event, he and Pei Mingzhan departed separately. When he arrived at the venue, Pei Mingzhan was already backstage preparing.

The person accompanying Zhao Yao today was Yao Bai. Although it was his first time attending such a grand event, he had long ago arranged everything else. Faced with media eager to interview his brother, Yao Bai skillfully blocked them one after another, showing a smoother approach than before. Guided by the head of the organizers, Zhao Yao quickly took his seat and noticed the Zhajiang Mian logo in the corner.

The Golden Rose Awards were live streaming across various online platforms, primarily organized by several domestic video platforms in collaboration. Other media outlets, including several well-known live streaming platforms, were also present. Zhao Yao glanced around, spotting the logos of various media outlets.

He hadn’t heard from Gu Sui before that Zhajiang Mian was also within the collaborative media range of the Golden Rose Awards. Seeing it now, he was a bit surprised, but then he thought that their platform’s presence wasn’t higher than other platforms yet. He wondered if he should remind Gu Sui to speed up the progress.

In contrast to Zhajiang Mian, Huihua, as a renowned entertainment company, was also among the invited. Compared to Zhajiang Mian’s somewhat smaller presence, Huihua had a more dominant position. Chen Xi was seated next to Zhao Yao, and after settling in, they discussed various project progress matters. Shortly after, he said, “Mr. Pei is hosting this time. He should be backstage preparing now.”

Zhao Yao nodded. Before departing, Pei Mingzhan had mentioned wanting to come with him in the same car, but Brother Lao intercepted it, saying that he needed to arrive early at the venue for preparations.

 He asked, “Did you give him the thermos?”

“Brother, rest assured,” Yao Bai replied. “I handed it to his manager.”

He thought it was unique enough for his brother to bring a thermos to the Golden Rose Awards, and now he even prepared one for Pei Mingzhan. As the host, Brother Pei needed to speak for a long time. So the night before leaving the house, his brother had instructed Uncle Wang to prepare extra throat-soothing water, fearing that Film Emperor Pei’s throat might get dry.


Platforms for the live broadcast were currently covering the red carpet event, with celebrities stepping onto the carpet one after another, appearing in the lenses of various media. When Pei Mingzhan made his entrance, the fans who had been eagerly waiting in front of their computers had long started screaming. The atmosphere at the scene also reached a high point.

【Old Pei looks really handsome today.】

【Getting used to fan-taken photos, but really, I’m a bit nostalgic seeing Old Pei in a suit!】

【It’s amazing! This man is almost semi-retired, but the more I look, the more handsome he becomes. Sob sob sob.】

【Haha, so happy! Tonight, he’s hosting, which means I get to watch the whole show. Haha!】

【Every time I see him at an awards ceremony, I think of when he achieved the Grand Slam. This man is indifferent to awards now.】

【So, this year he’s guest-hosting? I heard he started a company and is quite busy.】

Pei Mingzhan didn’t linger on the red carpet for too long. After signing autographs and taking photos, he left directly. Fans had to patiently watch the remaining live coverage of the red carpet until it ends. Only then would they enter the award ceremony. The host was probably heading backstage to prepare. Fans started searching for various pieces of information about the Golden Rose Awards online. They came across many media outlets reporting on the event, sharing numerous celebrity red carpet photos. Among these Weibo posts, a few backstage interview videos suddenly appeared.

The platform hosting the live broadcast of the Golden Rose Awards conducts interviews with some celebrities before the official start to add excitement. But fans discovered another live interview link, featuring an anchor from Zhajiang Mian Platform.

This was the first time Jiang Xiaoqi took on such a significant task of conducting interviews. Just yesterday at this time, he was still deep in slumber, rudely awakened by a platform call informing him of today’s assigned task. He was to accompany platform staff to the backstage of the Golden Rose Awards for interviews.

Last year, Jiang Xiaoqi was a retired esports player planning to return home and open a farmhouse. Later, he unexpectedly received a recommendation to join the newly emerging Zhajiang Mian Platform. His popularity soared, quickly becoming one of the platform’s popular anchors. But he never expected to be given the opportunity for this interview. When the platform’s management entrusted him with this responsibility, Jiang Xiaoqi was still puzzled about why he was chosen.

Later, the platform informed him that his live broadcast had the highest viewership that week. Moreover, since this was an impromptu assignment, they decided to send a professional staff member to accompany him.

After arriving at the venue, he was still somewhat confused. But he quickly entered the interview room under the guidance of the staff. As soon as he walked in, he saw several hosts for the Golden Rose Awards backstage. The hosts were still doing their makeup, and after seeing a camera entering, they remained calm. Jiang Xiaoqi interacted with the audience in the live broadcast room, simultaneously explaining the impromptu interview task.

【Wow, the anchor is amazing!】

【Wait a minute? Does this anchor have backstage access? People from my end on the CatBear platform can only conduct interviews outside, and he’s already inside the backstage?!】

【… Everyone, calm down. The anchor is just someone who runs a rural homestay.】

【Damn, I remember this anchor. Back then, he went to the countryside with Peipei and Mr. Zhao for an outdoor live broadcast!】

Many fans rushed in to check the situation. They saw the anchor being guided by the staff to the sofa on the other side, where Pei Mingzhan and Pei Mingzhan’s manager, Brother Lao, were sitting.

Brother Lao hadn’t noticed the camera coming over. He continued instructing Pei Mingzhan, “You know, please, I beg you not to create any major news during the upcoming event, okay?”

“The truth will come out sooner or later. don’t worry too much. I promise not to come out on top, okay?” Pei Mingzhan casually nodded and then sent a message on WeChat to someone on the other side, “Yeah, I’m backstage now. Are you bored there? How about asking…”

“Pei Ge,” a staff member reminded.

Pei Mingzhan and Brother Lao then raised their heads and looked at the camera.

Brother Lao saw the logo of Zhajiang Mian platform and was a bit surprised, “Backstage interview?”

He stood up from the sofa to make it easier for the camera crew.

Jiang Xiaoqi nodded, “Hello, Pei Ge. I’m sorry to disturb you for a few minutes. Can we do an interview?”

“Sure,” Pei Mingzhan replied and sent a voice message, “I have an interview now. We’ll talk later.”

After closing his phone, he turned to the camera, “Alright, go ahead.”

Jiang Xiaoqi, seeing that he was ready, began asking questions based on the prepared ones, “Teacher Pei, do you have any other plans recently? I heard…”

【Huh??? What’s Pei Mingzhan doing? Other hosts are rehearsing their scripts, and he’s…】

【Who is he talking to on Wechat?】

【I don’t even care about his response. After all, this guy is about to retire.】

【Am I the only one interested in who he’s chatting with on WeChat? When the camera swept over there just now, he was chatting on WeChat the whole time.】

【And he even had to send a message explaining the reason. What’s he up to? It’s like he’s afraid his wife is checking in.】

【I’m laughing so hard! Speaking of wives checking in, Pei Mingzhan has been single for so long that if he finds a wife, I’ll live stream myself eating my keyboard.】

After interviewing Pei Mingzhan, Jiang Xiaoqi had to continue interviewing other hosts as Pei Mingzhan left because of the organizer’s instructions. Following the staff from the Zhajiang Mian platform, he was about to interview another seasoned actor who had been in the industry for many years, a respected teacher who the organizers had put in a lot of effort to invite.

Teacher Xu looked natural when facing the camera. He easily answered Jiang Xiaoqi’s questions.

While the interview hadn’t been going on for long, Pei Mingzhan’s assistant, Lele, walked in, looking around as if searching for something.

After searching for a while, Lele came over to the makeup table to search, and when Teacher Xu heard the question, he said, “Oh, are you looking for Xiao Pei’s water bottle? He left it here.”

Lele hurried over after hearing that, coincidentally entering the frame. He sighed in relief after seeing the thermos cup on the dressing table. “Thank you, Teacher Xu. Pei Ge asked me to get it. The opening is about to start.”

Teacher Xu handed the thermos cup to Lele. “Hey, make sure to take care of it. Pei Ge told me this thing is important.”

Lele smiled and said, “Thank you, Teacher Xu. I’ll head out now.”

Jiang Xiaoqi waited until Lele left before expressing his amazement, “I didn’t expect Teacher Pei to bring his own thermos cup.”

The thermos cup was also exquisitely crafted, looking particularly valuable.

Teacher Xu chuckled, “It’s filled with various medicinal herbs, specifically for soothing the throat.”

Jiang Xiaoqi was surprised, “I didn’t expect Teacher Pei to start taking care of his health at such a young age, even carrying a thermos cup with him.”

“Well, of course,” Teacher Xu kindly smiled, “If it’s a thermos cup personally prepared by a loved one, how can you not carry it around? His family would get upset otherwise.”

When Xiao Pei’s assistant brought the thermos cup earlier, she even asked about throat care, emphasizing the importance of such matters in their line of work. Unexpectedly, Xiao Pei mentioned that it was prepared by his lover, showing that he might not be very knowledgeable about these things.

Jiang Xiaoqi: …

Wait, does Fil Meperor Pei have a spouse?

Fans watching the interview on camera: …?

The author has something to say:
Peipei: “I promised you not to come out.”
(Tells Teacher Xu, this is the throat-soothing tea my lover prepared for me.)
Brother Lao: “I don’t believe your nonsense! The entire dressing room knows you have a lover!!”

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