FLBOTCP Chapter 101

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 101

marks. Some fans who had previously left the live broadcast even rushed back, causing the live broadcast room’s popularity to skyrocket.


【What’s the anchor doing! Keep asking!!!】

【Fvck, fvck, fvck, fvck I…I’m shocked.】

【A thermos prepared by a lover?! Pei Mingzhan is in a relationship!?!】

【Why does this tone make me feel like it’s a wedding???】

【I must be crazy, and the anchor seems crazy too.】

“Mr. Xu, get ready,” the staff called out.

Mr. Xu adjusted his formal attire and said, “Let’s end the interview here.”

Jiang Xiaoqi responded in a daze, and his accompanying staff hurriedly went out to call Gu Sui. The rest area remained quiet, others were busy with their work. The teachers preparing for the hosting duties had already left. Everything was calm, as if what had just been said was a very ordinary matter.

The discussion in the live broadcast room continued, and after the staff finished the call, they instructed Jiang Xiaoqi to end the livestream.

Online, discussions about the Golden Rose Awards were ongoing. Intertwined with these discussions was a trending hashtag, #PeiMingzhan’sLovedOne#, rapidly rising in the hot searchy. The trending symbol also changed to boiling, and with each refresh, the discussions grew. Media outlets, after receiving this news, reacted quickly. Pei Mingzhan’s studio took relatively swift action, informing Brother Lao about the situation almost immediately.

At the same time, the award ceremony for the Golden Rose Awards began.

Numerous film and television works flashed across the big screen, and the host’s voice echoed throughout the entire venue.

Brother Lao only answered the phone when he reached the rest corridor. After listening to the studio’s report on the online situation, he had no energy left to educate Pei Mingzhan. He had been cautious since Pei Mingzhan asked about the Golden Rose Awards. Knowing Pei Mingzhan’s temperament, he didn’t think he would take the initiative to participate in such an event. When the invitation was delivered to the studio, he intended to help Pei Mingzhan decline it.

“Have others handle the public relations according to the original plan. It’s not a big deal. It’s normal for someone his age to be in a relationship.”

Brother Lao fell silent for a moment, calmly addressing the situation, “Let others prepare. We can’t suppress it any longer.”

Brother Lao had previously talked to Pei Mingzhan and had deep discussions about Pei Mingzhan’s relationship with Zhao Yao. He wasn’t exaggerating. It’s just that both Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao were still young. Going public this early would bring significant public pressure.

Although same-sex marriage had recently become legal, public acceptance in society was not high. Previously, some high-profile actors who openly came out later found their career paths narrowing because of concerns about audience impact from financial backers.

Pei Mingzhan was only semi-retired, with two unreleased projects and even a guest appearance in a TV series set for today’s awards. If he were to come out prematurely, it wouldn’t just affect him. It could also impact the release of future works.

Besides, both of them had their own careers. While Zhao Yao was relatively established, Pei Mingzhan’s career had just taken off. Public opinion could be formidable, especially with numerous online rumors. Given Pei Mingzhan’s current level of fame, even a minor incident could potentially escalate. Considering the nature of online gossip, and Pei Mingzhan’s visibility, any small matter might have far-reaching consequences. 

Originally, Brother Lao had intended to take things slow, allowing Pei Mingzhan’s popularity to subside. As the two had been together for quite some time, and their careers were gaining solid ground, he thought it wise to announce their relationship to the public when the time was right, slowing the backlash.

“Show it off to your heart’s content!” Brother Lao punched the corridor wall, drawing the attention of nearby staff.

Lele cautiously asked, “Lao Ge, are you okay?”

Brother Lao sighed, “It’s nothing. I just thought it might be challenging to arrange good projects for him in the future. It will be difficult to get quality scripts.”

“Still worrying about work…” Lele naively remarked, “Last time when I was delivering files to Pei Ge, I happened to overhear him asking Zhao Zong. Zhao Zong said he would invest money for Pei Ge to make movies in the future.”

Brother Lao: “…”

It seemed that Mr. Zhao and Pei Mingzhan were quite capable of pulling off such a thing.

In the venue, the announcement of the winners for various awards continued. Zhao Yao sat in the audience, watching as Pei Mingzhan on stage interacted naturally with other celebrity guests. It seemed like a slightly different Pei Mingzhan from the one he usually knew.

“Brother, I need to take a call,” Yao Bai suddenly received a call from their team.

Once Yao Bai left, Zhao Yao noticed that the atmosphere behind seemed a bit noisy. Even in the nearby aisles, other media personnel were moving around, as if something might have happened.

The awards were announced one by one, and soon it was time for the awards related to “Mi Ying.” First was the Best Newcomer Award, which, unsurprisingly, went to the male lead of “Mi Ying.” Additionally, the show won the Best Web Series of the Year Award. When Director Cheng saw them receiving the Best Web Series of the Year Award, he stood up excitedly. Given the limited number of awards for web series, and the authoritative status of the Golden Rose Awards in this field, winning this award was a significant recognition for the work.

At first, when Zhao Yao invested in this series, he just wanted to provide an opportunity for Ji Heyu. Little did he expect that the series would bring him so many benefits. Rumor had it that Director Cheng and Huihua were already discussing preparations for the second season, intending to present the complete world of “Mi Ying” to the audience. They were currently inquiring about the schedules of the actors.

After the announcement of the awards, the next segment was the award presentation. Pei Mingzhan was paired with a veteran artist. Zhao Yao noticed during the intermission that Lele seemed to have approached Pei Mingzhan several times, suggesting that something else might be going on.

At this point, Zhao Yao furrowed his brows slightly, thinking that it probably wasn’t anything significant.

On the live stream, viewers watching the Golden Rose Awards suddenly noticed an increase in the barrage on the screen. Not only that, but many viewers were crazily leaving comments, especially when the camera cut to the award presentation, causing a surge in comments.

【Why is it suddenly lagging?】

【Huh? Is there something I don’t know about? What does ‘loved one’ mean?】

【Are you still watching the awards? Weibo has exploded! Pei Mingzhan is in a relationship!】

Some slow netizens hurriedly returned to check the situation, only to find out that they couldn’t access Weibo. Pei Mingzhan, the youngest domestic film emperor, had won numerous awards, and his studio had recently announced his semi-retirement plans. Many of this generation grew up watching Pei Mingzhan’s films and TV shows. Whose list of idols doesn’t include Pei Mingzhan?

He was also young, exceptionally handsome, and possessed a charismatic personality and had attracted a large fan base. In his earlier years, he had quite a few fangirls, but as he tried more diverse roles, playing both unattractive characters and controversial roles, his fan base expanded across a wide age range. During leisure moments, fans were curious about why such a talented actor as Pei Mingzhan remained single and hadn’t even been involved in any dating rumors.

As discussions intensified, fans began urging Pei Mingzhan to find a girlfriend. But maybe because of being very private, they gradually adopted a more laid-back attitude towards their idol’s personal life—

Until just now.

【Damn, shocked! Is this the truth behind his semi-retirement???】

【I finally remembered my Weibo password. Heard Pei Mingzhan is in a relationship? Is it real or fake?】

【I haven’t been on Weibo for centuries. Can someone kindly share pictures of his loved one with me?】

【The other day, I said Pei Mingzhan might not have a girlfriend before turning thirty, and today I’m told he already has a lover!?】

【Pei Mingzhan just won the Best Actor at the Golden Rose Awards today. Don’t let the media off. I want to know if he’s secretly married!】

【Peipei has grown up. Can we see a glimpse of his lover? (I promise not to tell)】

【Darn it, I brought the Civil Affairs Bureau here. Tell me, is he secretly married?】

【Haha, you Pei fans are so funny. I thought coming in here would be like watching a building collapse, but everyone’s talking about the Civil Affairs Bureau.】

【Hahaha, collapse what building? I’m just happy that my son is in love.】

【True, some fans might have their buildings collapsing because of a girlfriend, but after being a fan of Peipei for a few years, I’m just hoping he brings some other excitement into my life.】

【Is a building collapse the main point here? I want to know what kind of girlfriend is preparing a loving thermos for Old Pei.】

Pei fans were overjoyed, spreading the news everywhere. Many old fans who hadn’t been actively following the star scene joined in on Weibo to enjoy the spectacle. Some bloggers even managed to write detailed posts about Pei Mingzhan’s mindset within just half an hour, trying to find the truth about his relationship from all his public appearances since he announced his semi-retirement.

【In fact, there were signs a long time ago, like Old Pei suddenly starting to wear trendy clothes. Remember, he used to only wear shirts and black pants.】

【He also often goes out with Zhao Zong to check various scenic spots. At that time, my focus was all on Zhao Zong. I never thought they might be going on a double couple trip.】

【Wait, what double couple trip? Zhao Zong also has a girlfriend?】

【Why do I feel more and more confused?】

【Did anyone else feel that Peipei’s loved one is actually Zhao Zong…?】

【DAMN, now that you mention it, I suddenly feel like everything makes sense.】

【And not saying girlfriend or wife, but using the term ‘lover’…】

【Is my ship becoming a reality????】

The online discussion even reached the organizers of the Golden Rose Awards. At first, there were relatively few fans paying attention to such awards, usually just checking the excitement after the live broadcast. But this time, because of Pei Mingzhan, the viewership of the hosting platform skyrocketed. Even in the barrage, many audience members started asking if the news was true.

At this moment, it happened to be the announcement for the Best Web Series of the Year. Director Cheng stood on the podium, delivering his acceptance speech, expressing the hardships of the creative process for the series and thanking the staff.

The other teacher who co-hosted with Pei Mingzhan saw the opportunity and added a few words to enhance interaction. As Director Cheng approached, he asked, “We know that the character of Feng Siyue in the series is deeply loved by the audience. How did you two decide to cooperate?”

Director Cheng replied, “I also want to express special thanks to Mingzhan. When I first gave him the script, he was at a crucial stage in his career. Despite being busy every day, he took the time to come and shoot, even staying on set for several extra days to perfect the scenes.”

Pei Mingzhan chuckled, “Director Cheng is too kind.”

Director Cheng added, “He was actually planning to semi-retire at that time. I asked with a hopeful attitude, and without saying a word, he came to help. The character Feng Siyue is challenging to portray, but Mingzhan brought the character to life. I even said it was a pity for such an outstanding actor like him to semi-retire, especially at such a young age. He should have filmed more movies.”

The Best Web Series of the Year was the final award. After Director Cheng gave his speech, he led the team off the stage.

The hosts were preparing for the final wrap-up, and the other teacher took this opportunity to begin ending the ceremony. “Director Cheng and Teacher Pei have indeed brought us many outstanding works. We look forward to more excellent collaborations in the future. On behalf of the audience, I’d like to ask an off-topic question. Many viewers express regret about Teacher Pei reducing the output of his works. Do you have any other plans for the rest of the year, Teacher Pei?”

“If the suitable opportunity arises, I may consider taking it, but my primary focus will remain on personal life,” Pei Mingzhan said casually. “I have a lover to care for, and I hope to have more time to accompany them.”


Surprised gasps echoed among the audience below. Director Cheng, who was about to step down from the stage, had a momentary slip, almost losing his grip on the trophy.

In the backstage corridor, Brother Lao clenched his fist, and Lele beside him urged him not to act impulsively.

Zhao Yao was originally feeling a bit drowsy, snapped back to attention when Pei Mingzhan mentioned his lover. The spotlight shined on Pei Mingzhan in his elegant black suit, revealing the man’s graceful posture as he revealed this surprising fact in front of everyone.

The author has something to say: 

Brother Lao: What’s going on?

Lele: Brother, don’t act impulsively, don’t act impulsively!!!

Relying on others to speak out is not authentic enough. We, Peipei, need to make it public ourselves.

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