FLBOTCP Chapter 102 (Main Story End)

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 102



【Well, well, I was still waiting for the ceremony to end, and the media to unleash its power when Pei Mingzhan 【strong】 made his move.】

【Fvck! I thought Teacher Xu was joking! Turns out Pei Mingzhan said it directly!】

【Sure enough, is the reason this man withdrew from the circle because of a romantic relationship?】

【I’m laughing so hard, Did you see Director Cheng? He almost fell.】

After a brief moment of silence, the guests below started whispering to each other. Some even applauded directly. The media quickly turned their cameras towards Pei Mingzhan on the stage, who, acting as if nothing happened, didn’t continue speaking after that sentence. Pei Mingzhan, who had previously revealed his love life at the Golden Rose Awards, spoke about his relationship as openly as if chatting about having an extra bowl of rice today – leaving no hint of any underlying marketing strategy.

What mattered most was that the simpler Pei Mingzhan’s words, the more the audience felt there were many touching details to be uncovered.

The spotlight focused on Pei Mingzhan, and as the man stood on the stage, he garnered the attention of thousands. But his gaze remained fixed on a corner of the vast audience seating.

When Yao Bai returned after making a phone call, he missed the shocking news that had just rocked numerous media outlets on the stage. The team informed him about Pei Mingzhan’s revelation of his love life, leading to fans shipping him with Mr. Zhao and asked whether they should downplay the matter. Yao Bai instructed them to coordinate with Pei Mingzhan’s studio and then decided to consult his brother’s opinion. As he sat down, he overheard lively discussions behind him and asked with some surprise, “Strange, what award was just presented? Why is everyone so… excited?”

Turning his head towards Zhao Yao, Yao Bai was about to speak when he noticed Zhao Yao seriously looking at the stage with a faint blush on his cheek.

Yao Bai asked, “Brother, why is your ear so red? Is it too stuffy here? Should we step outside for some fresh air?”

“Really?” Zhao Yao came back to his senses. “You must be mistaken. It’s the issue with the overhead lighting.”

Yao Bai looked above his head in surprise, and noted that the overhead lights were yellow. Could they really cast a red light?

The host on stage didn’t let Pei Mingzhan’s casual revelation of his love life disrupt the flow. Instead, he smoothly continued with the opening words, announcing the end of the awards ceremony. Media personnel on the sidelines rushed around, eager to secure interviews with Pei Mingzhan. While the Golden Rose Awards had come to an end, online discussions continued. Pei Mingzhan’s lover trended on the hot search, obviously displaying the explosive nature of the revelation.

The main protagonist, Pei Mingzhan, declined all media interviews, opting to join Zhao Yao in the car, preparing to head home and rest with his boyfriend.

 “Why did you go public like this?” Zhao Yao’s ears weren’t as red in the car as they were before. He hadn’t noticed it at the venue, and it wasn’t until the cold wind hit his face that he realized the faint warmth on his cheeks. Honestly, this scene was completely unexpected for him. Their relationship had been too smooth, and he had assumed it would continue peacefully. “You kept urging me to attend the Golden Rose Awards these past few days. Is this the reason?”

“Yeah, I have such an amazing lover. I want the whole world to bless us,” Pei Mingzhan reached over and rubbed his ear. “Zhao Zong, are you feeling shy?”

Zhao Yao lowered his gaze slightly. “I’m just really happy.”

He felt a sense of being cherished by Pei Mingzhan, the person in front of him loving him without reservations.

Unconcerned about societal norms, unafraid of gossip, they remained open and unaffected.

The online world was buzzing, with practically every actor and actress who had collaborated with Pei Mingzhan being dragged into gossip.

For the Golden Rose Awards this time, aside from the several platforms live-streaming the event, numerous media outlets were competing to break the news and gain popularity. Ironically, the most significant popularity was stolen by a single live-streaming platform. When Jiang Xiaoqi returned home, he felt a bit bewildered. After checking online, he discovered that recorded interviews featuring him were circulating widely.

Gu Sui wasn’t surprised when he heard that their platform’s host had scooped up a major news story. Collaborating with Pei Mingzhan was indeed effortless. Just as they were discussing the need for a boost in platform visibility, Pei Mingzhan effortlessly delivered a significant surge in attention. The timing for their host was quite fortunate, managing to interview the straightforward Teacher Xu.

Because of the sudden popularity of this live broadcast, it brought in a new wave of traffic for their platform. Gu Sui instructed the team to have the host return first and advised the technical department to assess the server capacity. Given Pei Mingzhan’s personality, there was likely more to be revealed.

Satisfied, Gu Sui hung up several incoming collaboration requests. These individuals had previously hesitated to make a decision, but after seeing the surge in popularity on the Zhajiang Mian platform, they immediately set aside their reservations and came forward to discuss collaboration. Despite having numerous conditions during negotiations, they now acted like bosom buddies at the sight of potential benefits. But Gu Sui wasn’t easily swayed by immediate gains. The pressing matter was how to leverage this popularity to elevate the Zhajiang Mian platform to new heights.


The online discussions continued—

【The media can’t do it! How did they not stop Pei Mingzhan?】

【? That’s it, that’s it. I stayed up until 2 a.m., and I still haven’t seen an interview.】

【I heard Pei Pei slipped away right after the ceremony ended. Not a single media outlet could catch him, and he even had bodyguards.】

【Pei Mingzhan has the audacity to go public but can’t finish what he started? I’ve taken off my pants just to see this???】

【I’m so frustrated! I just want to see if the two of them match!】

【Do you guys think there’s a chance for a certain little flower…?】

【What little flower? Don’t ship them like everyone else. I think there’s a higher chance of someone from outside the industry.】

【Some of us can’t stay up any longer. If there’s an interview, please @ me, sisters.】

Inside Pei Mingzhan’s studio, they worked overnight to address inquiries from major media outlets. Most of Brother Lao’s original PR plan was scrapped, and contingency plans were set in motion. When he called Pei Mingzhan to question him, the latter frankly said, “I promised not to cheat on you, but I never promised not to go public.”

Brother Lao was so angry that he almost wanted to pay Pei Mingzhan a visit in the middle of the night and show him what an angry fist felt like. In the end, he gritted his teeth and, following the newly adjusted plan, posted an announcement on Weibo.

@Pei Mingzhan Studio: The boss is indeed in a relationship, no secret marriage, and the partner is someone outside the industry. Please don’t speculate too much~

【Is that all? You tell us not to speculate, but you should have him come out and openly talk about his relationship.】

【Tell your boss, if he’s leaving the industry, he should announce his wife first.】

【Really? No secret marriage? Then how about having a widely known wedding when considering marriage?】

【Come on, sir. Fans waited all night for this?】


“Mom, what are you doing? Aren’t you resting at this hour?” Pei Mingyan saw his mother coming downstairs, holding a phone and asking the housekeeper for instructions.

The housekeeper explained, “Yes, you just need to click here to make the purchase.”

“Lao Da is here! I’m figuring out how to buy hot searches on Weibo. I think these girls are right.” Since watching the live stream online and witnessing her son publicly announce his relationship, Mother Pei had been too excited to sleep, constantly browsing discussions among fans and netizens.

“He should have talked about his relationship earlier,” Pei Mingyan thought that, given Pei Mingzhan’s personality, he would openly declare his relationship with Zhao Yao at the Golden Rose Awards. But it turned out that he only started and didn’t finish the topic. “Tidy up and get some rest early.”

“You don’t understand,” Mother Pei looked at him disapprovingly. “How can a couple be so hasty in going public? Peipei has been asking me about designs these days. He recently hired a designer for watch and jewelry designs. Isn’t it Xiao Yao’s birthday soon? He said he wants to prepare something special.”

Pei Mingyan became slightly wary. “What does he want to prepare?”

Mother Pei replied, “What does it matter to you what the young couple is preparing? I asked you if the things I told you to prepare are ready. You better send them over in advance for Xiao Yao’s birthday.” She had heard that Zhao Yao’s birthday was approaching. They originally asked the young couple to come back to H City and celebrate. However, that rascal Pei Mingzhan insisted on having a private celebration, so she had to prepare the gifts in advance.

Pei Mingyan replied, “Okay, I know. I’ve got everything ready for you.”

With that assurance, Mother Pei resumed scrolling through her phone in satisfaction.

As for the topic of Pei Mingzhan’s relationship, online discussions never stopped. It was not as grand as the Pei fans’ side, but on Zhao fans’ side, they began sharing images of Zhao Yao from the Golden Rose Awards. It had to be said that Zhao Yao looked exceptionally handsome in the suit he wore today. Many Zhao fans even compared these recent photos with his past pictures, realizing that Zhao Yao seemed to be getting more and more handsome.

【Zhao Zong’s career map adds another block. Today, “Mi Ying” is a huge success!】

【Absolutely, winning so many awards at once. Hua Hua’s official account is celebrating like it’s the New Year.】

【Hahaha, if it weren’t for Peipei’s explosive news about dating today, we could have trended Zhao Yao once again. Let’s save it for tomorrow.】

【Sisters, look at this picture. It’s so beautiful. Is he a bit plumper recently?】

【Plump? Can you call a handsome guy like him plump? His features are even more attractive than before, and this time, many sisters managed to capture his smile.】

Zhao fans couldn’t help but express their feelings. The previous Zhao Yao was handsome, but there was a sense of distant aloofness, giving off a vibe of sharp edges and appearing quite unapproachable. He also used to be quite thin, and now he’s gained a bit of weight, returning to a healthy standard. This not only accentuates the advantages of his facial features but also radiates an overflowing charm.

Especially when he smiles, there’s a feeling of being struck directly in the heart. It was so handsome.

Apart from following Zhao Yao’s career, Zhao fans also enjoy gossip about him. Coincidentally, Zhao Yao’s good friend is currently trending, sparking discussions among CP fans.

【I think some sisters are spot on, hahaha, Pei Zhao is real.】

【You’re saying Pei Mingzhan is in a relationship, but when does he have time to go out with Zhao Yao every day? Doesn’t he have time to spend with his girlfriend?】

【Hahaha, if the girlfriend is Zhao Yao, doesn’t that explain it all?】

【Honestly, I think the two of them are a perfect match. When the kite picture came out first, I thought it looked like a honeymoon photo.】

【Shopping is a date, eating together is normal, trending every day.. If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.】

The next day, when Zhao Yao woke up, he felt sore all over and Pei Mingzhan naturally chose to take the day off to accompany him in bed. During this time, Zhao Yao received several phone calls. Pei Mingzhan attempted to help a few times but was repeatedly stopped by Zhao Yao. After finishing the calls, Zhao Yao started playing with his phone.

“Who’s calling you?” Pei Mingzhan initially thought it might be Gu Sui, that guy breaking the agreement and causing trouble again, but after listening for a while, he realized it wasn’t.

“It’s my aunt. She saw the news about the Golden Rose Awards yesterday and called to ask about it.” Zhao Yao was a bit surprised to receive a call from his aunt. He didn’t expect her to be interested in this news and asked about how he was getting along with Pei Mingzhan. And asked whether Pei Mingzhan bullied him.

On the other end of the call, there were also voices of his uncle and younger cousin, seemingly discussing various matters. However, control over the conversation still rested with his aunt. Finally, she asked whether he wanted to come back to H City for his birthday.

It was this question that made Zhao Yao remember his birthday. He hadn’t celebrated his birthday properly for several years, and he hadn’t held any expectations for it. In the end, he thanked his aunt for her kind offer but declined, stating that he wouldn’t be going back for now.

“I’m not working today. What do you want to eat?” Pei Mingzhan hugged Zhao Yao and noticed him leisurely scrolling through his phone and replying to messages one by one.

Zhao Yao had this habit. Every morning, he systematically replied to WeChat messages. He casually deleted unimportant ones but earnestly addressed work-related questions. Pei Mingzhan noticed that he lingered for quite a while on one message before finally paying attention.

“What’s the matter?” 

Zhao Yao looked at the message from Zhao Changshuo, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “My older brother is asking when we’re getting married.”

Older brother? Zhao Changshuo?

Pei Mingzhan asked in confusion, “But doesn’t he still not know about us?”

“Maybe he saw it online. He just messaged me, asking when I’ll bring you home to meet the family and asked about the wedding arrangements, wondering if we need the team’s assistance.” Zhao Yao looked a bit puzzled at this point because Pei Mingzhan only publicly mentioned being in a relationship. How did Zhao Changshuo get the idea that they were getting married?

“What did you reply to him?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao paused for a moment before typing, “I told him we’ll visit when we have time.”

“And my second sister.” Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment. “She messaged me last night, asking me to pass on a message to you.”

He switched to the chat with Zhao Ruihong. Besides the usual greetings, at the very bottom was a clear message from Zhao Ruihong for Pei Mingzhan.

A very simple 【Thumbs up】.

The meaning was very clear, probably a like.

After spending some more time in bed, Pei Mingzhan spoke, “It’s getting late, and you haven’t had breakfast yet. Uncle Wang should have it ready.”


On the other side, Lemon Platform was initially happy to see the online discussions, as it presented an opportunity for them to gain some benefits in the trending wave. However, when they realized the first platform to break the news was the Zhajiang Mian Platform’s anchor, a surge of frustration welled up inside.

In these past few days, the higher-ups have come to question his work multiple times, asking why he let Feng Mu go.

Naturally, he had other reasons to handle these inquiries and quickly managed to deflect the questioning. However, not long after, issues began arising in the technical department. At first, several engineers who were close to Feng Mu resigned, and later, internal projects in the technical department encountered problems with no one available to fix them. When dealing with the outsourced team, frequent complications emerged.

This led to Lemon Platform facing numerous webpage crashes recently, with many users starting to complain about the platform. On his end, he was already overwhelmed, and then he came across the news from Zhajiang Mian Platform.

Let them be proud. When they secure Feng Mu’s patent, there will be another move waiting to deal with them.

A knock on the door echoed from outside.

The higher-ups calmed their tone and called out, “Come in.”

The person entering was in charge of the Feng Mu incident. As soon as he entered, with an anxious expression, he said, “Not good, supervisor. Suddenly, there are other messages circulating online, and the evidence we had against Feng Mu is no longer valid.”

“Why?” The higher-ups paused. “Didn’t you assure me that everything was foolproof?”

“If we go by the original evidence, it was foolproof. But Feng Mu presented more recent evidence. The news we circulated online was refuted by an authoritative blogger, who happened to be Feng Mu’s college classmate. The classmate provided evidence showing that Feng Mu researched this technology during university, even considering it for his graduation project. Electronic files of the initial version of the project still exist with his advisor. In addition, Feng Mu’s graduate advisor has come forward to vouch for him…”

The person in charge explained anxiously, “Most of our evidence points to Feng Mu starting the development of this technology in collaboration with an assistant after joining Lemon Platform. The crucial point is, I heard that the legal team hired by Zhajiang Mian Platform for Feng Mu is highly authoritative in this field. If their documentation is detailed enough, we’re in trouble.”

The expression on the higher-up’s face instantly turned grim. “What do you mean?”

“There may be no way out,” the person in charge said with difficulty. “Should we prepare an exit strategy?”

This is bad, really bad.

The higher-up searched online for discussions, and others were condemning Lemon Platform for its inaction in this matter. The public opinion had completely reversed. Some said that Lemon Platform had chilled the hearts of its longtime employees, while other tech industry leaders emerged to criticize the unfair treatment of Feng Mu. Even Zhajiang Mian Platform, taking advantage of the situation, brought the Feng Mu incident into the public eye amid the ongoing discussion.

Words like plagiarism, conspiracy, and usurpation confronted the higher-up. Before he could address the situation, the upper management of Lemon Platform called.

When Feng Mu received a call from his assistant again, he didn’t answer but instead blocked the number. Afterward, he signed the contract in front of him. Under public pressure, Lemon Platform removed several high-level positions, transferring the handling of the lawsuit to other teams. The marketing accounts that previously accused Feng Mu of stealing the assistant’s hard work also deleted their posts on Weibo.

Lemon Platform also made a deliberate phone call to apologize, expressing their willingness to privately settle with Feng Mu.

Feng Mu rejected this suggestion, leaving the remaining matters to Gu Sui to handle, and directly joined the technical department of the Zhajiang Mian Platform.

All truths will be disclosed through legal means, and he will defend his rights to the end.


In the following days, the heat around the relationship of Pei Mingzhan had not subsided. Fans searched for clues from various subtle signs, but Pei Mingzhan, known for maintaining a clean image, had no past scandals or gossip. Analyzing Pei Mingzhan’s lover from the gossip sources proved challenging, and some marketing accounts even started creating fictional stories about Pei Mingzhan’s romantic involvement with someone outside the entertainment circle.

The turning point occurred for Zhao fans who, despite aiming for the top trending spot but ending up in fourth place, found that the top three trends were all related to Pei Mingzhan’s lover. The fourth trend was about “Mi Ying” winning awards.

Later, Zhao fans gave up on trying to dominate the trends and returned to capturing screenshots of the awards ceremony’s livestream, particularly focusing on the moments of their idol. Unexpectedly, a newly joined Zhao fan discovered a detail during the awards ceremony that caused a stir.

The detail was captured when the camera panned across the panoramic view of the guest seats, coincidentally passing over the area where Zhao Yao was sitting. Because of the wide scene, it initially went unnoticed. In this less-than-5-second shot, the time focused near Zhao Yao’s seat was only 2 seconds. In those 2 seconds, the observant Zhao fan noticed that Zhao Yao didn’t drink the prepared bottled water but instead used a thermos.

【Zhao Zong always lives up to the title of a health-conscious boy, bringing his thermos even to such occasions hhhh】

【This is hilarious! Why is Zhao Zong so cute?】

【I just joined the fandom. Does Xiao Zhao often bring a thermos?】


【In several pictures previously shared by the Huixing official account, Zhao Zong also brought a thermos even to meetings.】

【There were discussions among Zhao fans about his healthy habits, starting from the time of the “Mi Ying” crew. Zhao Zong was quite health-conscious on set, and he even influenced the whole crew to finish work early.】

【Talking about thermos cups, I can’t help but think of Film Emperor Pei’s caring thermos. Hahaha!】

【Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed that our next-door Film Emperor Pei seems to have picked up some health-conscious habits under Zhao Zong’s influence.】

【Wasn’t Film Emperor Pei’s thermos cup a gift from his significant other? What does that have to do with a healthy lifestyle?】

The topic among Zhao fans swiftly shifted to thermos cups, with some fans directly sharing images from Huixing’s official account, showcasing Mr. Zhao with his thermos during meetings. Just as the banter continued, a fan brought up an overlooked question…

【Holy crap, did you guys notice that this thermos cup looks similar to the one Film Emperor Pei’s significant other has?!!】


【What, really?】

【Hold on, let me pull up the pictures.】

The live streaming quality of the Zhajiang Mian platform is evident to all. The platform has consistently focused on user experience and technological advancements. In the past, videos like backstage interviews were often blurry, but the Zhao fans who took new screenshots found that the video quality was truly beyond HD. On one hand, they marveled at it being an industry invested in by Mr. Zhao. The user experience was indeed different. On the other hand, as they watched segments of interviews, when it came to the part where the host interviewed Teacher Xu, Zhao fans finally saw the true appearance of Film Emperor Pei’s lovingly-prepared thermos cup.


【Is this for real?】

【Oh my god, is this for real?】

【Brotherly thermos cup???】

【Is this not the buy-one-get-one-free style from a certain online store? Also, why does it feel a bit strange that Zhao Zong is giving Pei Pei a thermos cup?】

【When fans were investigating the same style before, they checked the price of Xiao Zhao’s thermos cup, and it’s super expensive. It’s hard to find the same style on the market.】

【The logo on this thermos cup looks the same, am I not mistaken?】

【You read that right… I even went to the official website to check the 3D model of the thermos cup and made a comparison 【image】 Take a look…】

When the thermos cup appeared in the frame, it was held by Teacher Xu and handed to Pei Mingzhan’s assistant, Lele. When the fans captured this image, they could just see a small part of the logo. This logo was exactly the same as the brand of the thermos cup Zhao had during a certain meeting—identical even. Fans overlaid the 3D image from another angle, and the thermos cup appearing in the live broadcast room was the exact same style as the thermos cup Mr. Zhao commonly used, without a difference!

The thermos cup that Mr. Zhao has used in all formal occasions is this style. Considering the widely acknowledged good brotherhood between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao, seeing both of them holding the same thermos cup adds a unique touch…  Especially considering that one of them recently announced his romantic relationship at the Golden Rose Awards, even disclosing that his lover gave him a heartwarming thermos cup!

As fans unearthed this information, sharp marketing accounts quickly noticed it and brought it to the trending topics.

【Oh my gosh!!!】

【OMG, is this for real?】

【Maybe it’s just a coincidence, like Zhao Zong recommending it to Film Emperor Pei, and then Film Pei also buying the same style of thermos cup…】

【Is your sweetheart thermos cup the same style???】

【Can there be so many coincidences???】

【Honestly, I haven’t seen any rumors about Old Pei with others, but the number of times he and Zhao Zong have trended recently is rapidly increasing.】

【Oh my god, there was a CP fan who said that Old Pei only became high-profile and frequently trended during Mi Ying period.】

【Damn, I thought he was semi-retired and didn’t care about these details, and the studio responded quite quickly, I didn’t even notice.】

【Holy shit, shit, shit Is this really happening?】

【This CP fan is back in action, I thought Pei Zhao was BE! ! ! 】

Netizens discovered the key point belatedly, and turned their attention to the relationship between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao, and then they suddenly discovered——

For example, sweet behind-the-scenes moments of mutual feeding during the filming of “Mi Ying”.

For example, being exposed by their manager while visiting the aquarium together.

For example, traveling around during the New Year period.

For example, the two big men flying kites in the field…

These incidents originally appear as outings between good friends, but once interpreted in the context of a romantic relationship, these scenes suddenly become ambiguous. What seems like friends traveling together transforms into a date, and the so-called brotherly love ultimately reveals itself as true love. It seamlessly aligns with other clues, without any logical loopholes—a perfect narrative.

The revelation that Pei Mingzhan finally has a fragrant girlfriend leaves Pei fans dumbfounded. The Zhao fans who uncovered the details of the thermos were equally shocked. Even the marketing accounts dedicated to crafting stories were left shocked.

A few days after Pei Mingzhan publicly announced his relationship, the online world was once again embroiled in heated debates. Despite the ongoing speculation from fans, Pei Mingzhan’s studio chose to remain silent, letting fans guess and interpret. The studio and the official account of Huihua remained completely silent. Some media outlets even attempted to interview Pei Mingzhan’s close friends within the industry, and while they all confirmed Pei Mingzhan’s relationship, none had any idea who his significant other was.

The buzz continued for a week. Until Huihua and Zhajiang Mian platform, posted birthday wishes online. Even the drama productions funded by Zhao Yao, along with the cast and crew, began sharing birthday blessings. It was only then that netizens realized it was Zhao Yao’s birthday. Ji Heyu, who was abroad, logged in to send his wishes, and Zhang Qi, a seasoned actor nominated for the Best Actor award, also reposted birthday wishes on Weibo. Zhao fans used the limited visual and textual resources to create a birthday video for Zhao Yao, while business-oriented fans edited wishes for Mr. Zhao’s  future endeavors.

A small account was mentioned and @ multiple times, but Zhao Yao remained isolated from the online festivities.

When Zhao Yao opened his eyes, daylight had already flooded the room. The sunlight penetrated through the thick curtains, creating a slender beam of light.

He was slightly dazed as he reached out to touch the person beside him, only to encounter the cold touch of the blanket.

Where was Pei Mingzhan?

He had said last night that he wouldn’t go to work today, so why was he nowhere to be found now?

Zhao Yao reluctantly got out of bed and started getting ready. When he opened the door, everything was eerily quiet. Normally, at this hour, Uncle Wang would have been up and about, but today was too quiet, as if the once lively home was now deserted, leaving only him.

Stepping out of the bedroom into the hallway, he was greeted by the soft glow of sunlight streaming in from the windows in the distance, casting a warm glow.

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment, inevitably quickening his pace as he descended the stairs to look for someone. Usually, at this time, Uncle Wang would be in the living room watching TV, but the television in the living room wasn’t on.

The house was unusually clean, as if there had never been anyone else in it.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks, standing in the living room silently for a while, gazing around with a somewhat bewildered expression.

“Awake?” a gentle male voice came from behind him.

 Zhao Yao suddenly came to his senses, turning around to see Pei Mingzhan standing behind him, wearing an apron. He pursed his lips slightly before asking, “Why are you up so early?”

“Well, I had to get up early,” Pei Mingzhan said, leading him inside. “How else would I prepare longevity noodles for the birthday person, en?”

Entering the dining room, Zhao Yao saw a bowl of delicious-looking longevity noodles on the table, with steam rising from it.

It dawned on him that today was his birthday.

“Uncle Wang got up early to clean the house. He just went out to buy the ingredients we’ll use for the evening. Yao Bai and the others will come over in the evening to celebrate your birthday. This morning, we’ll go watch a movie first, have lunch at the restaurant you mentioned the day before yesterday, and in the afternoon, let’s take a stroll in the aquarium. We didn’t get to see it all last time,” Pei Mingzhan said, guiding him to sit at the table. “What are you staring at?”

Looking at the longevity noodles, Zhao Yao said, “You got up early to prepare all this…”

“Of course, birthday boy. I promised to celebrate your birthday,” Pei Mingzhan said, taking his hand and then taking out a gift box from the nearby cabinet. “Birthdays also require birthday gifts.”

Inside the box was an exquisite wristwatch with a sleek watch face exuding a subtle sense of luxury, a meticulously chosen gift.

Pei Mingzhan pulled his hand and helped him put it on. “Happy birthday, Xiao Yao.”

Zhao Yao felt Pei Mingzhan’s hand was surprisingly warm. The emptiness he felt just a moment ago was now filled with the gentleness of the man before him. He paused slightly and said, “Thank you, I really like it.”

“Then do I get a reward?” Pei Mingzhan asked with a smile.

Zhao Yao nodded, saying, “Lean down a bit.”

Pei Mingzhan approached him.

Zhao Yao gently reached up, hooking his fingers around Pei Mingzhan’s neck, and then tilted his head to kiss his cool lips.

On Mr. Zhao’s birthday, Pei Mingzhan, this man, finally stealthily logged in and posted a formal coming-out post on Weibo.

@Pei Mingzhan: From now on, I’ll be there for every birthday 【photo】 【heart】

The photo showed Zhao Yao still in pajamas, with his hair disheveled and two quirky tufts sticking up. In front of him was a bowl of carefully prepared longevity noodles.

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