FLBOTCP Chapter 36 Part 1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 36 Part 1

“Are you sure?”

In the dark environment, Pei Mingzhan’s voice was extremely low. He was very close to Zhao Wang, and his voice was low and hoarse.

Seeing that he wasn’t taking action, Zhao Yao directly grabbed his waist and narrowed the distance, then commanded dangerously, “Hold on.”

Pei Mingzhan immediately tensed his body and silently held his hands where Zhao Yao couldn’t see, to prevent himself from losing control.

The tourists scared away by the NPC, ran past the curtain, followed by several NPCs in strange costumes. The screaming continued, and the two people in the small space seemed to have pressed the pause button. Zhao Yao could smell a faint mint scent on Pei Mingzhan’s body, and warmth from their physical contact, giving a refreshing and warm feeling.

They didn’t know how long they stood there until the curtain was pulled open by someone trying to hide inside. However, the NPC crashed into them as they tried to squeeze in, resulting in the two of them being pushed together tightly.

“Why can’t I get in?”

The NPC glanced back dumbfounded and then burst out into a scream, “Ah——! Ghost!”

Pei Mingzhan, “…”

Zhao Yao, “…”

Before the two could explain, the real NPC crawled away in panic.

Pei Mingzhan took a deep breath and retreated two steps, pulling Zhao Yao out of the small space.

The feeling that Zhao Yao deliberately created was completely ruined by the scream of the NPC. He frowned and looked at the direction in which the NPC was escaping. He said unhappily, “It’s quite disappointing.”

Pei Mingzhan couldn’t help but laugh, “You took up their spot, yet you blame them for ruining the atmosphere?”

The two didn’t stay there for too long and left the haunted house along the same path they came from. When leaving the haunted house, two staff members stood at the entrance door and looked at them sadly, “Brothers, isn’t it appropriate to rob us of our jobs?”

It turned out that the frightened NPC turned around and had gone to check the surveillance footage, only to see that Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan had been hiding inside earlier. When he went in, he bumped directly into the two of them. 

“I’m sorry.” Pei Mingzhan still had his hat and mask on, and his disguised voice made the workers unable to recognize him.

After the two left, the staff member wondered, “The place is so small, how did two people squeeze in?”

The staff next to him said: “It’s poisonous. Two big men crowding in the cabinet is comparable to the dog couple having sex in the haunted house last time.” 


The audition for “Li Meng” started on time. There were many people auditioning for the leading role, including actors from other companies in the industry besides those from Huihua’s agency 1. After Zhang Qi arrived, his agent Xiao Liu gave him some instructions and asked if his previous assistant was still with him.

Zhang Qi replied that he didn’t have an assistant anymore. Xiao Liu then said he would hire an assistant for him when he got back.

Zhang Qi felt it wasn’t necessary. He had been living without an assistant for years and had gotten used to it. A few years ago, he still had that kind of arrogance. He thought as long as he relied on his ability, he could still mix in the entertainment circle even if he offended the management. However, this arrogance soon wore off, after the company hid him. Zhang Qi didn’t film anything and couldn’t take on private projects either. The directors he had previously worked with wanted to invite him to join their productions, but their offers were quickly intercepted by unknown factors.

Only then did he understand. It turned out that the investor he offended had already spread the word in the industry.

Anyone who helped him was, in fact, opposing that investor. He didn’t dare to accept the good intentions of his friends, afraid that his problems would implicate them.

Until one day, he met Mr. Chen, the CEO of Huihua Agency in the hospital, who brought him new hope. He initially rejected Chen Xi’s offer because he knew that Huihua Agency had just suffered a crisis of high-level misfortune a while ago. The current Huihua is still incomparable with the big companies in the industry, and the employers he offended are from the big companies in the industry. 

But Chen Xi offered him excellent conditions, including solving the problem of liquidated damages when breaching the contract, and also promising him resources that after he joined Huihua. After years of suppression, Zhang Qi no longer dared to expect such things, and with his situation, there was no need for Chen Xi to make a big deal for him.

These conditions really moved him.

“I know you are hesitant, but I actually don’t agree with signing you to our side at Huihua. But this time, Mr. Zhao 2 strongly recommended me and wanted me to sign you.” Chen Xi knows that Zhang Qi is also smart and understood the worries in Zhang Qi’s heart in the current situation. So, he explained the matter clearly, “Signing you is a loss-making business for us Huihua, but I have seen your works before these past few days, and I think you are worth the risk.” 

It was Zhao Yao’s suggestion to read the works. Initially, the person who came to talk to Zhang Qi was only the manager of Huihua Agency but Zhang Qi quickly rejected the manager. Chen Xi originally wanted to let it go and told Zhao Yao that Zhang Qi didn’t want to be part of Huihua. In the end, Zhao Yao asked him to take the time to look at Zhang Qi’s previous works before drawing conclusions. 

After seeing his works, Chen Xi decided to come to invite Zhang Qi in person.

Zhang Qi hesitated, “I offended someone. If Huihua signs me, then it means the company will be against them.”

Chen Xi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, “If you are worried about this issue, it is a trivial matter. At least for now, our Huihua has offended many people, not less than you. So adding one more won’t make a difference.”

“And, our President Zhao also said that when you come to Huihua, you don’t have to be afraid of anything because if you are afraid, you will not be able to achieve great things. “Chen Xi smiled and said, “I’m just an errand-runner. The person who proposed to sign you is Mr. Zhao. You should thank him for this matter.”

Recently, he was running around for his daughter’s medical expenses some time ago. Huihua’s action this time helped him solve a great dilemma. It’s just that he has been in Huihua for a while, and he thought he would meet Mr. Zhao to say thank you in person, but he didn’t expect to go to the company several times without meeting Mr. Zhao. 

After making some inquiries, he discovered that Zhao Yao is always a hands-off shopkeeper. Unless the company’s sky collapses, he won’t show up.

He also had the WeChat 3 of the assistant that Chen Xi asked for from Zhao, but he hadn’t added it yet. He felt that if he really wanted to apologize to CEO Zhao, he couldn’t let CEO Zhao down.

The director of “Li Meng” is surnamed Tang, and he is a college classmate of the Chen family. Director Tang has been in the industry for many years and has been filming low-budget web dramas, but he has received high praise. Before the IP of “Li Meng” became popular, he suggested to Chen Xi to buy this IP. Sure enough, by the time the original “Li Meng” became popular, Huihua had already won the copyright in advance. 

“A lot of people came to interview this time. The role of the male lead runs through the entire drama and many traffic 4 wants this opportunity to transform themselves.” The assistant director flipped through the audition list.

Director Tang has a naturally grumpy face, and when he doesn’t speak, he always gives people a sense of being ready to explode at any moment. He said, “I don’t know what the company was thinking when they sent someone to us to try out this historical drama for a transition. Aren’t they afraid that if the transition doesn’t work out, they’ll just cut off our acting career?”

The assistant director smiled and said, “This is the trend these days. They think our drama is a historical puppet show In their eyes, they think it is enough to put on a face, and the audience will buy it, especially the male protagonist with facial paralysis.”

“Don’t try to play any tricks on my set. This time, Huihua fully invested and even wants to give me money. Do they even know who the investors are?” Tang director had a sour expression on his face. “Who’s the next one for the audition?”

The assistant director looked at the list, and exclaimed, “It’s Zhang Qi from Huihua.”


In the end, the two of them did not get on the carousel because the girl in front of Zhao Yao kept staring at him and Pei Mingzhan. Pei Mingzhan was in full disguise, with his hat and mask intact. But Zhao Yao wasn’t. He was only wearing the hat that Pei Mingzhan had brought.

After staring at him for a long time, the girl finally asked Zhao Yao if she had seen him before.

Pei Mingzhan was the first to react. He pulled down his hat and said in a disguised voice, “No, you must be mistaken.”

The girl nodded, but still seemed unconvinced and occasionally turned her head to check.

Zhao Yao realized that the situation was not right, so he had to take the initiative to lead Pei Mingzhan away to prevent him from being recognized and causing a small commotion. He took the initiative to take Pei Mingzhan’s hand and leave. 

And not long after the two left, the girl took a photo and took a picture of the back of the two and then said to her companion, “Don’t you think that guy earlier looks like Comrade Xiao Zhao?”

“Xiao Zhao?” The companion looked at the photos she had taken, “No way.”

The girl hesitated a bit. “I wasn’t sure earlier, but I think the man he was with looked like Pei Mingzhan…”

The sky was also getting dark. The two played a lot of rides during the day, but they chose to exclude the ones that were too exciting. Soon, Zhao Yao’s driver came to him up at the entrance of the amusement park. He asked Pei Mingzhan if he needed a ride but Pei Mingzhan said that his assistant had already arrived and he had to go to the company temporarily.

The two had to separate.

On the way back, Zhao Yao received an audition brief for “Li Meng” from Chen Xi, which meant to let Zhao Yao see the audition of the protagonist. Chen Xi knew that Zhao Yao was very interested about the project “Li Meng.” So, when the director was hesitant to choose a candidate, he also sent a copy of today’s audition video to Zhao Yao. 

Chen Xi, “That’s how it is. The director saw two people, and one is Zhang Qi, who you recommended. The other is a little fresh meat 5, with good looks and acting skills. Both of them performed equally well in the audition.”

Zhao Yao, “What did the director think?”

Chen Xi, “The director wanted to choose the little fresh meat. He said that with the same acting skills, it is better to select someone with traffic than select the unknown Zhang Qi.”

Zhao Yao thought so too. Because under the same circumstances, at least choosing traffic can help maintain the topic of the drama. If this fresh meat’s acting skills were online, then choosing him would indeed be the best choice.

He casually clicked on the two audition videos sent by Chen Xi. The first one he watched was Little Fresh Meat’s video. After watching it for a while, he frowned slightly. Then he watched Zhang Qi’s video, which finally gave him a clue.

The performances of the two are different, but both were challenging.

It’s just that compared with Zhang Qi’s impromptu performance, Lu Zishi’s 6 performance clips seemed simple. 

Zhao Yao called Chen Xi directly, “Is this actor called Lu Zishi?”

Chen Xi didn’t expect to receive a call from Mr. Zhao and heard the question as soon as he was connected. He said, “It’s Lu Zishi. How did you know?”

How could Zhao Yao not know about Lu Zishi? When he studied the IP of “Li Meng” in his previous life, Lu Zishi’s name appeared in his field of vision many times. Because the protagonist of “Li Meng” in his previous life is Lu Zishi, he was also the male protagonist who was criticized by the audience for his poor acting skills. 

However, Lu Zishi’s performance in the video was not like that. He seemed to be adept at acting and his composed demeanor perfectly matched the character’s image. This was completely different from the acting clip that Zhao Yao had watched in his past life.

“Why didn’t you choose the same segment to perform?” Zhao Yao asked again because the audition clips sent by Chen Xi were actually two different scenes. 

Chen Xi, “Lu Zishi left after the performance, and there was no chance for the two of them to try again on the same scene.”

“Notify the director for an additional audition.” Zhao Yao’s face darkened, “The director will not be the one choosing the performance clips. I will choose.” 

Chen Xi was taken aback, “Mr. Zhao, do you mean someone revealed the part they need to act before the audition?”

“I’m not sure, that’s why we need to add another audition.” Zhao Yao thought about something in his heart, “Safety is the priority. If he can really beat Zhang Qi in the additional audition, then we’ll choose him.”

But if he really cheated to win the opportunity, then he doesn’t have to stay on the set. 


The additional audition was scheduled two days later, and Zhao Yao temporarily discussed the performance clip with Pei Mingzhan. He didn’t question the meaning of the director, but the questions of the audition were all based on the lottery to unsure fairness. However, cheating by hiding the questions from Director Tang was also possible.

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  1. Agency and Culture are used interchangeably[]
  2. Mr. Zhao, President Zhao and CEO Zhao are used interchangeably[]
  3. VX in raws[]
  4. influential celebrities[]
  5. 小鲜肉 xiǎoxiānròu = slang word for handsome young men. It is most commonly used to refer to male celebrities, particularly rising stars.[]
  6. Little fresh meat’s name[]

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