FLBOTCP Chapter 36 Part 2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 36 Part 2

The additional audition was scheduled two days later, and Zhao Yao temporarily discussed the performance clip with Pei Mingzhan. He didn’t question the meaning of the director, but the questions of the audition were all based on the lottery to unsure fairness. However, cheating by hiding the questions from Director Tang was also possible.

At the time, there were so many staff members that if Lu Zishi had bribed any one of them for the topic, it would go unnoticed.

After returning home, Zhao Yao found Lu Zishi’s audition video, and it turned out that he only acted in a historical show two years ago, with average acting skills. He showed the video to Pei Mingzhan, and the latter’s evaluation was similar to Director Tang’s 1, saying that the two performed similarly.

Pei Mingzhan also said, “If Lu Zishi had known the topic beforehand, he could have performed well too. He could have studied the character and delivered the lines easily. And Zhang Qi’s acting skills are indeed not as good as before. If he had poor performance under pressure, that would be one thing, but if his acting skills have deteriorated, I would not recommend him.”

Pei Mingzhan then looked through the script overnight and recommended a scene for the audition. They decided to use this scene to try out.

On the day of the audition, Tang Dao was already there when Zhao Yao arrived. This was his first meeting with Tang Dao, and the director was just as Chen Xi described him – always wearing a sour face.

“Tang Dao, can I talk to you for a moment?” Zhao Yao nodded to Tang Dao and asked Yao Bai to watch the people.

Director Tang was a little impatient with Zhao Yao’s interference in the casting process. Although Zhao Yao was the biggest investor, the fact that the audition topic was rejected made him feel untrusted.

After they got to the small room, Zhao Yao took out his tablet and compared Lu Zishi and Zhang Qi’s performances from previous videos, and told Director Tang about his discussion with Pei Mingzhan.

“I know rejecting the original audition script may have hurt your feelings, but I believe we share the same thoughts. If someone cheats their way into the production, it will cause more trouble in the future, and it will be related to the reputation of the lead actors in ‘Li Meng.’ As an investor, I won’t miss any opportunity to make money, but I hate opportunistic people.”

“If he can perform as well as he did in the previous videos, then he is indeed more suitable than Zhang Qi as the lead actor. This is a fair opportunity, and it’s also convenient for the ‘Li Meng’ team to make the best plan. I won’t interfere with your decision,” Zhao Yao said simply.

Director Tang finished watching the videos and fell silent. “Chen Xi told me there were hidden facts in this matter. I guess it’s about you. If that’s the case, it’s best for you to decide the audition scene. If the audition topic is with me, the production team will eventually know, and if Lu Zishi had indeed bribed the staff, this scene would not be enough to keep him in the project.”

“But actually, even if he knows the topic in advance, it will be difficult for him to prepare in just two days,” Zhao Yao said. “So this is a fair opportunity, and it’s also convenient for the ‘Li Meng’ team to make the best plan. I won’t interfere with your decision.”

As Tang Dao left the small room, he saw the assistant director standing at the door. “Why did the investor come and add a last-minute scene? Do they not respect us? And now they’re interfering with the lead actor’s affairs. How are we supposed to continue shooting?” the assistant director asked.

Director Tang glanced at the assistant director and said, “It’s just adding a scene. Besides, we were already hesitating between the two actors. Giving one more chance for an audition won’t cause a big issue.”

The assistant director just saw Director Tang storming in, but why did he come out with a different attitude?

When Zhao Yao arrived at the audition room, he saw Zhang Qi. As soon as he saw him, Zhang Qi walked up to him.

Zhang Qi looked a bit awkward, but his back was still straight as ever. It seemed like the years of suppression from the investors couldn’t break his determined body. Compared to the two actors, Zhao Yao preferred Zhang Qi. The lead character in “Li Meng” had gone through many hardships in his youth, experiencing family tragedies, wandering abroad, and finally returning to his hometown. Without experiencing the test of time, it would be difficult to truly portray that kind of authenticity.

And Zhang Qi had that kind of temperament. But Zhao Yao was not a director, he was an investor. In a fair competition, he would choose the actor who could bring him more profits, and in this aspect, Zhang Qi was not as good as Lu Zishi. If he were to choose Zhang Qi, then Zhang Qi would have to demonstrate something worth investing in.

“Thank you, President Zhao,” Zhang Qi bowed.

Zhao Yao helped him up and said, “You don’t need to thank me. If you really want to thank me, I hope you can show me your skills.”

Zhang Qi only found out that Zhao Yao was the person he met in the hospital after signing with Huihua. At that time, he only recognized Pei Mingzhan but did not expect that his opportunity was also starting from that moment.

Zhang Qi’s eyes were slightly red. “Thank you so much.”

Zhao Yao paused and said, “How is your daughter doing?”

“She’s much better. I hired a caregiver to take care of her.” Zhang Qi said seriously, “President Zhao, please rest assured, I will not let you down.”

Zhao Yao nodded slightly. “Keep up the good work.”

After Zhang Qi left, Yao Bai walked over and said, “Brother, Director Tang said the audition is about to begin and asked if you want to go in and watch.”

“I won’t watch.” Zhao Yao suddenly changed his mind. “Director Tang is a decisive person. I shouldn’t interfere with this matter, and I am biased towards Zhang Qi. I can’t be a qualified judge.”

“What?” Yao Bai asked in surprise. “You’re also biased?”

Zhao Yao was startled. “I wouldn’t say it’s biased. It’s just that favoritism can affect rational judgment. In fact, everyone in Huihua’s ‘Li Meng’ project team understands that choosing Zhang Qi is a gamble, while choosing Lu Zishi can at least ensure a certain advantage in audience appeal. Conservative businessmen will seek stability, and aggressive ones will take risks. It’s just a matter of preference.”

“The actor’s performance determines the choice, and at the same level, Lu Zishi has the advantage. Unless Zhang Qi can show his acting skills to make everyone willing to take a risk on him.” Zhao Yao said lightly, “I’m still an outsider in terms of acting, so I can’t make an accurate judgment. Let’s leave it to Director Tang, he is an excellent director.”


Zhao Yao, the head of Huihua Culture, has recently seen a surge in online search volume. Originally, he gained many fans due to his participation in cultural and tourism programs, and even more for his performance on the TV drama “Mi Ying.” As a result, his superfan page has attracted many new fans who post about his achievements and even some bloggers who provide newcomers with background information.

This wave of new fans came about due to the previous feud between fans of Ji Heyu and those who disliked him. During this time, many photos were posted by bots and marketing accounts, some of which contained logos from cultural and tourism programs, and sharp-eyed fans recognized them and traced them back to Zhao’s involvement in these programs.

Most of these new fans are fans of “Sheng” contestants, and they were surprised to see Zhao Yao because he was not a contestant in the show. When asked about this, one fan explained that Zhao Yao was one of the investors in the show, which surprised many of his fans.

“Well, you won’t see him in the main show, but if you go to the end of the show, you’ll see that Huihua Culture’s CEO is one of the investors,” said one of the fans.

“Oh my god, I didn’t realize that Mr. Zhao also invested in ‘Sheng,'” exclaimed another fan.

“He’s such a handsome boss, does he have Weibo?” asked another.

“You’re so naive, forget about Weibo, just go to Huihua Culture’s headquarters and you might bump into him,” said yet another.

“Stop dreaming, my sister works at Huihua and she doesn’t even get to see Mr. Zhao once a month,” said another.

“So you see, our little Zhao is a celestial being who doesn’t mingle with mortals. If you want to find him, you’ll have to rely on marketing accounts to post his photos,” concluded another fan.Not me being confused if I should use【】or just let them use “” LOL

Most of Zhao Yao’s fans are low-key fans, but there are also some who are fans of his business career. Some employees of Zhao’s former company had already explained that he was no longer working there, and his business fans quickly picked up on the importance of Huihua Culture.

This is because when they need to contact Zhao, they go to Huihua Culture’s official account, not Zhao’s former company’s official account. This means that in Zhao’s current business empire, Huihua Culture is his favorite child.

Fans used to support their favorite celebrities by buying the products they endorsed, but under Huihua’s management, there are no products to support. Does that mean we should support the celebrities under Huihua instead?

【You guys are silly. Huihua has produced many TV dramas and web series. If you like them, become a member and contribute to their views. It’s that simple.】

【Is it really that easy to support? Just by becoming a member?】

【I have a thick wallet with nowhere to spend it.】

【There was a list of Huihua productions compiled by a sister a while ago. They’re good for catching up on old dramas. Huihua used to produce a lot of quality work, but I don’t know why they’ve declined in recent years.】

【Oh, and you can also support Little Ji’s variety show next door. He’s doing well on the show, and President Zhao has a good eye.】

【You mean “Sheng”?! I became a fan of Little Ji because of that show. Chairman Zhao is amazing.】

At this moment, a fan quietly posted a photo on the forum.

【There was something I wasn’t sure about before, but I think I saw Chairman Zhao at the amusement park in S City!!! [Photo]】

Author’s note:
Staff: We’ve seen couples hiding in corners to kiss, but we’ve never seen anything like this.
Chairman Zhao, feeling unsatisfied: Oh.

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  1. Tang Dao = Director Tang[]


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