FLBOTCP Chapter 43

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 43

Pei Mingzhan briefly introduced the plan for the live streaming platform to Zhao Yao. They had been preparing for this project for some time, and recently his friend started seeking investments.
Pei Mingzhan briefly introduced the plan for the live streaming platform to Zhao Yao. Originally, the plan was for the Pei family to provide funding, but Pei Mingzhan didn’t want their own group to be involved. So now, the only investor is Zhao Yao.

The live streaming platform is a relatively new field, and they are just getting started with the preparations. They are bound to encounter several challenges. Pei Mingzhan said, “In simple terms, that’s how it is. There are risks involved, so you can take some more time to consider.”

Zhao Yao suddenly asked, “Wasn’t this originally a project between you and your friend? Why are you suddenly asking me?”

“I feel that you might be interested,” Pei Mingzhan smiled. “I don’t consider you an outsider, and besides, after Huihua has taken off, there will be a need for projects to connect with the industry. Live streaming is a new sector, and many companies are already considering this area. I think you might find it interesting.”

“You guessed it right,” Zhao Yao didn’t hide his interest. “This is a gold mine. At least for the next twenty years. The benefits it can bring are no less than your expectations, provided that your friend has enough strength to withstand the initial market competition.”

Seeing Zhao Yao’s interest, Pei Mingzhan straightforwardly said, “Let’s go somewhere else and talk. I happen to have the business plan with me. Want to take a look?”

Zhao Yao also suddenly became interested and said, “Sure, let’s go.”

When Yao Bai was walking with someone, he kept bumping into chairs and had an awkward walk. Just as they reached the intersection, they noticed that Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan changed direction again. While supporting Yao Bai, Brother Laosaid, “This young man can really walk. My old bones are starting to ache.”

“The young man can’t walk either…” Yao Bai said while walking and taking deep breaths. He felt his knees might have turned blue. “Are they heading towards the parking lot?”

The dolphin exhibit wasn’t far from the entrance, and there was a passage that led to the parking lot.

Brother Lao said, “That can’t be right. They just watched the dolphin show. Last time, Old Pei and Mr. Zhao stayed and played until it was dark.”

As they followed for a while, they realized that Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan were indeed heading towards the parking lot. This time, Brother Lao became uneasy and quickly entered the parking lot to catch up. “Could something major have happened that made them in such a hurry?”

Yao Bai started rolling up his pants to check his leg injury. “I don’t think so. Maybe they just didn’t find it enjoyable and decided to leave.”

“But it’s barely past noon,” Brother Lao said while driving to catch up. “I think the person who was talking to Mr. Zhao earlier might be up to something. Check online for any updates.”

They followed all the way to the outskirts of the residential area where Pei Mingzhan lived. Seeing this somewhat familiar place, Brother Lao became confused and turned to Yao Bai. “Does your brother usually come here?”

“What kind of residential area is this?” Yao Bai was visiting the vicinity of Pei Mingzhan’s residential area for the first time. “That can’t be… If my brother had been to this place, how could I not know?”

Brother Lao lit a cigarette, feeling complicated. “Old Pei knows how to have fun. Are they going straight to his house?”

So, it turns out this residential area is where Movie Emperor Pei lives?

Yao Bai asked, “So should we still follow them now?”

“Follow them all the way home…?” Brother Lao replied. “Are you still interested in watching that?”

“Interested in watching what?” Yao Bai felt that Brother Laohad been saying things he couldn’t understand today. “Since there’s nothing happening, I need to go back to the company. I have to keep an eye on things in the project team. It doesn’t seem like there are any other issues today…”

As he was halfway through his sentence, he suddenly saw a new trending topic pop up on Weibo.

The phone in the car suddenly rang.

Brother Lao muttered, “At this time, who could it be?”

“La-Lao Ge…” Yao Bai stammered.

“Just a moment, let me take this call.” Brother Lao answered the phone and listened for a while. His expression immediately changed. “What’s happening with the hot search?”

#Zhao Yao – Oceanarium#

Mr. Zhao is trending again!

Lately, there have been many speculations on Weibo. Ever since Mr. Zhao gained some popularity, Chinese netizens have been eager to know about his daily life. However, this CEO isn’t even diligent enough to show up for work regularly. Despite paparazzi waiting outside Huihua Company for a long time, they haven’t been able to capture any pictures of him going to work. And they dare not follow him elsewhere. This has made the private life of an ordinary president even more mysterious than that of entertainment industry stars.

On one hand, it’s because people are somewhat wary of Mr. Zhao’s influence and are afraid to track and report on him. On the other hand, there simply isn’t much to report. The less information available, the more rumors spring up. Malicious rumors about Mr. Zhao’s private life on Weibo have been promptly suppressed by Huihua’s PR team. The most persistent one is a netizen claiming to have encountered Mr. Zhao. It started with someone saying they bumped into him at an amusement park, then others claimed to have seen him at a bookstore, library, hotel…

【If any blogger’s claims turn out to be true, I won’t have to keep praising cultural tourism with outdated pictures.】

【It’s been ages since I changed my phone’s screensaver. Give me a picture of Mr. Zhao to save me from boredom.】

【I’ve even started digging through the promotional photos of Zhao Group’s subsidiaries… I’ve read all the press releases on major platforms. How can Mr. Zhao be so low-key!】

【 Enough with the talk. I’m actually stalking Ji Heyu’s Weibo, hoping to find a picture of him with Mr. Zhao.】

In short, there have been various absurd encounters, but none have provided a clear face shot. However, today, a netizen finally posted a photo with a clear view of Mr. Zhao’s face. It was taken during a dolphin show at one of the branch venues of the S City Oceanarium. Mr. Zhao, standing in the front row watching the performance, had his shoulder touched by a friend. His hat seemed slightly askew, and when the light hit, it captured half of his face.

This time, the angle of the photo is particularly clear because the lighting inside the venue was still bright, and the netizen was sitting very close. The face in the photo matches the widely circulated images of Mr. Zhao. The long-suffering fans of Mr. Zhao seemed to have finally found their backbone and flocked to the scene, directly pushing Mr. Zhao to the top of the trending topics.

【Oh my god, it’s a real picture!!!!】


【Finally, a blogger said something true! Mr. Zhao, AHHHH!】

【Who is that friend with him? I’m in tears! I’m climbing the wall from the Pei-Zhao ship.】

【Handsome and Wealthy CEO Yan x Non-Entertainment Friend Little Wolf Dog, Movie Emperor Pei suddenly loses appeal.】

【Adjusting the hat?? If my eyes are not deceiving me, their hats seem to be the couple ones I saw a while ago…】

【I remember a post a couple of weeks ago about an encounter at an amusement park. I’m now wondering if it was Mr. Zhao and this handsome guy???】

Meanwhile, “Sheng” has reached the second half, and the internal-group elimination round has begun.

Due to the program’s reform this year, the elimination format within the group has become quite exciting. Even before the pre-broadcast, several behind-the-scenes interviews with the contestants were released, creating a lot of buzz. The contestants of “Sheng” who have advanced to the next round are both visually appealing and talented. They have dominated the trending topics for a long time. The interviews with the contestants were just released on the video platform, and soon netizens captured clips and shared them on Weibo.

Ji Heyu is currently one of the popular contestants in “Sheng.” He was heavily criticized by the entire internet some time ago, but has now become a favorite. The unfounded rumors about him and Zhao Yao were later clarified, and netizens know that Mr. Zhao has shown favor towards this likable young man.

During the interview with this straightforward and shy child, the host asked simple and interesting questions, until the final question. “As a side note, it seems that Xiao 1 Ji’s birthday is coming up. What is your birthday wish this year?”

Ji Heyu was momentarily stunned, then thought for a moment and said, “I hope to earn more money.”

The host didn’t expect such a direct answer from Ji Heyu and commented, “Xiao Ji’s thoughts are quite down-to-earth. Why do you have this wish?”

“To be honest, I’m just an average person with average talent, and I have encountered many problems living in S City. I spent a lot of money on medical treatment when I was sick, and there was even a time when I could only afford plain congee and vegetables. Later, a kind-hearted aunt found me a job, and it was during that time that I coincidentally met Mr. Zhao on a business trip. It’s really strange, I don’t know why Mr. Zhao took an interest in me. It was also that aunt who strongly recommended me to go for an interview at Huihua, and that’s how I got the contract. I don’t have any special abilities, I just hope to help the boss earn more money.” Ji Heyu simply said.

【Hahaha, this is some real-life stuff, making big money!】

【Don’t even say it, isn’t everyone’s dream to get rich? My dream every year is to strike it rich.】

【I’ve never seen a celebrity saying they hope to help their boss make more money… What a silly and sweet little angel.】

【Ji Heyu: My boss deserves it!】

Just as Zhao’s fans finished enjoying the comments from netizens, they suddenly saw the rising trends. Then they clicked on it.

【Hahaha, this is so hilarious. Why is Ji Heyu so funny?】

【What’s funny about it? Our Zhao deserves it!】

【Give me a chance too, I also want to make money for Zhao! Sobbing.】

【+1, @Huihua, when are you hiring? I have my resume ready.】

@Huihua: [Lights cigarette] We have always been hiring… //@Dreamingofhim: +1, @Huihua, when are you hiring…

Brother Lao rushed to the studio, accompanied by Yao Bai, and they both ran into the meeting room.

Yao Bai had originally planned to return to his own company to focus on project matters, but unexpectedly, he had to help deal with this issue and control the trending topics.

“Fortunately, no one has recognized Lao Pei,” Brother Lao looked at the online situation. “Keep an eye on it. As soon as there’s any sign, suppress it immediately. Just say that person is Zhao’s friend from outside the circle, and they went to play together.”

After giving instructions, he looked at Yao Bai again. “Your reaction from Huihua is good. You knew to shift the attention by using Ji Heyu’s situation. Not many people are paying attention to this side now.”

Yao Bai looked at Ji Heyu’s recent trending topic and thought that Brother Lao might have misunderstood.

As soon as Zhao’s trending topic emerged, Huihua’s management team wasn’t constantly monitoring the boss. This trending topic about Ji Heyu might have been an accidental occurrence…

“Lao Ge.” Lele suddenly walked over with a complex expression. “Take a look at this, maybe?”

Brother Lao took the phone abruptly. “What is it…?”

“! ! ! !”

On the other side, RH’s headquarters in the country was holding an impromptu meeting. The speaker on the stage was discussing the plans for the next quarter, and everyone in the meeting room was attentively listening.

At this moment, the Demon Lord sitting in the chief position suddenly burst into short laughter, causing everyone to turn their heads and take a closer look.

The speaker on the stage became even more nervous. It was the first time the Demon Lord had come to the headquarters after returning to the country, and it was for the planning of the next quarter and the upcoming industry party in S City next month. He was already speaking cautiously about the plans, and when he heard the Demon Lord’s laughter, he thought he had done a poor job.

The entire meeting room suddenly fell silent. Zhao Ruihong, who was enjoying the gossip, raised her eyes with a smile. “Please continue.”

The speaker trembled and asked, “Boss, is there a problem with the plan?”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Zhao Ruihong said casually. “I’m just enjoying the gossip here, you don’t have to mind me. “You can continue.”

Online, Ji Heyu’s trending topic was still rising, and the trending topic of the oceanarium was not far behind.

At this time, nearing the end of the workday and during the peak time for slacking off, a group of university students who had just left the oceanarium saw the trending topic online and decided to share the photos they had taken when they encountered Zhao Ruihong in the afternoon.

@Today I had a bowl of rice: Hahaha, let me share some good news with everyone. That person is indeed Mr. Zhao. After leaving the oceanarium in the afternoon, I was too nervous to approach him, but my boyfriend went up and said hello. We even had a short chat with Mr. Zhao! He’s really easy to talk to, and my boyfriend is quite talkative. It seemed like he was waiting for a friend and sat there quietly listening to my boyfriend ramble on. I won’t go into the details of our conversation because it’s a bit embarrassing. Here’s a picture I took of his back view. [Photo]

【Oh my god, I can’t believe I missed the chance to take a photo with him.】

【I only wish I were in S City.】

【Indeed, no matter how popular Actor Pei might be, he can’t compare to this kind of friendship with someone outside the industry.】

【You know what, with his natural and youthful look, I can totally imagine him as the CEO in a relationship with a cute puppy.】

【Handsome guys have handsome friends. I’m envious.】

【It’s a lifelong regret that I couldn’t see his face in the photo!】

【Wait, am I seeing things? In the bottom right corner of the photo, don’t Pei’s fans find that figure familiar…】

The picture shows two people wearing the same hat walking on a path, but there are two closer figures in the bottom right corner, one wearing a plaid shirt and black pants, which looks particularly familiar.

【I was just about to say, doesn’t this look a bit like Lao Ge???】

【As a Pei fan for five years, I guarantee that if this person is not Lao Ge, I’ll eat sh*t. Lao Ge has worn this shirt many times at events. I can recognize him even if he turns into ashes!】

【Familiar plaid shirt. If it’s genuine, this shirt seems to have been discontinued three years ago.】

【[Picture] x10, take a look. Fans compiled Lao Ge’s outfit from 10 events, and he wore this shirt for three years. When a fan asked him last time, he said he had four sets of them at home, rotating them.】

【I can’t find a second person in the entire entertainment industry who wears this plaid shirt. It’s simply the essence of Lao Ge!】

【Oceanarium, Zhao Zong, mysterious friend, plaid shirt… My goodness!】

【Isn’t that Pei Mingzhan!!!】

In the meeting room, Brother Lao almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and his vision went black for a moment, almost unable to stand.

Yao Bai quickly supported him, and Brother Lao was clutching his chest, his phone falling to the ground with a clatter.

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  1. Xiao = Little; usually used to people younger in CN[]


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