FLBOTCP Chapter 49

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 49

Zhao Yao walked around the company and then went back home without doing anything except taking a copy of the project materials for “Youxian.” However, the outside world sees it differently. Since Zhao Yao’s remarkable performance at the RH party yesterday, major companies have started paying attention to Huihua’s situation. People who previously didn’t pay much attention to Zhao Yao have now taken notice of this influential figure. Meanwhile, those who were already interested in him have started paying even more attention to Huihua’s movements.

Given this particular situation, when Zhao Yao, who rarely goes to the company, actually went there, it undoubtedly meant that he made a significant decision.

Some companies sent people to inquire about Huihua’s situation, while others directly inquired about Yao Bai’s phone number, planning to invite Zhao Yao for a meal.

The former encountered resistance from Chen Xi’s smooth-talking, while the latter was politely declined by Zhao Yao’s assistant. Such circumstances fueled further discussions among others, increasing their interest in Zhao Yao. Speculations arose frequently, and some even wondered if Huihua was an early preparation by the Zhao Group to enter the entertainment industry.

After returning home, Zhao Yao told Uncle Wang that he would go to the countryside for a few days.

Uncle Wang was a bit surprised and asked, “Young Master, aren’t you busy with work during this period?”

Although the young master of the house wasn’t particularly busy with work, he had been diligent in reading documents recently.

Zhao Yao originally didn’t have much to do. Recently, he was mainly busy with cooperation matters for the live streaming platform. However, the important parts had to be temporarily put on hold until Gu Sui finished his business trip. Only then they could discuss it. There was still no news from Pei Mingzhan’s side, and he had already completed the proposals he could work on. So, he did have some free time, which is why he impulsively decided to accompany Uncle Wang for a walk in the countryside.

He grabbed a reference book and sat on the sofa to read. Suddenly, he couldn’t remember if the variety show he was following had released a new episode. “Did it update today?” he asked.

Uncle Wang responded, “Yes, today they updated ‘Love Cohabitation’ and ‘Dream Lover.'”

Zhao Yao watched quite a few TV dramas and variety shows, accumulating around a dozen of them. Uncle Wang made a note of all these shows and took responsibility for reminding him to catch up on the latest episodes every day.

Suddenly, Zhao Yao realized and put down the book, getting ready to start watching the show. His sleep quality had gradually improved during this period, and he had even reduced the number of visits to the psychologist. He increasingly felt that the time spent with Pei Mingzhan was not in vain. Some things needed to be experienced in person.

At this thought, he suddenly paused. Perhaps he should seriously consider being in a romantic relationship.

The TV screen had switched to the interface of the variety show. He skipped the opening advertisement, and the familiar host began their scripted introduction.

While watching the variety show, Zhao Yao pondered various matters. He used to consider many things, and he didn’t have much understanding of love itself. Moreover, he struggled with insomnia, so actively seeking a romantic relationship seemed absurd. That’s why he had ignored Yao Bai’s repeated suggestions. But now, after reading so many books and visiting various places, he started to feel a slight envy for the ambiguous trust and companionship found in mature relationships.

In the end, being in a romantic relationship might be quite nice…

However, when it comes to love, he couldn’t think of a suitable partner and couldn’t understand the feelings of love at first sight or being struck by a sudden affection mentioned in the books he read.

Should he consider going on blind dates?

Uncle Wang brought some fruit and handed it to him. The TV show was still playing, but he noticed Zhao Yao’s gaze lingering on the book and gently reminded him, “Young Master.”

Zhao Yao was brought back to reality by this reminder. He thought about the good relationship between Uncle Wang and Aunt Yao, so he asked, “Has Aunt Yao mentioned any matchmaking events in her neighborhood recently?”

Uncle Wang was a bit surprised by this question. “She hasn’t mentioned anything. Is Little Bai being pressured into going on a blind date again?”

“No, I was just curious,” Zhao Yao replied with some regret.

The variety show on TV had now reached the point where the male and female guests were going out together. Zhao Yao found it impressive that other people could easily find boyfriends or girlfriends. After watching for a while, he felt that the previously enjoyable variety show had lost some of its charm. He thought about the time when Yao Bai mentioned going to a variety show recording and observing the situation. He also thought about how Chen Xi had a keen eye for projects, so why didn’t he watch more of these romantic variety shows or dramas?

Clearly, these projects also had a market. Why wasn’t a single one being pursued under Huihua?

As Zhao Yao watched the TV show and pondered, his thoughts wandered to how romantic scenes were filmed on set. It was simple when real couples performed certain intimate actions, but how did male and female actors overcome emotional boundaries and interact intimately with someone they weren’t in a relationship with? What did it feel like to shoot such scenes on set?

The more he thought about it, the more he regretted it. He felt it was a pity that Chen Xi wasn’t planning any type of this projects. Otherwise, he could have gone to the filming locations and observed the actual production.

While he was lost in his thoughts, Pei Mingzhan called him.

It was still early, and Uncle Wang was cooking in the kitchen. Zhao Yao casually answered the phone and lowered the volume of the TV. “Hello?”

It seemed like Pei Mingzhan was outside, as there was a sound of wind and faint background noise on the other end of the line.

He asked, “Are you at home?”

“I am,” Zhao Yao replied. “What’s the matter?”

“I just got off work and passed by H Ji 1. I bought some dishes you like and will bring them to you on my way. ” Pei Mingzhan’s voice was a bit unclear, and there was a faint sound of excitement in the background.

Zhao Yao was surprised. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

“It’s fine. Today, Gu Sui’s studio sent some documents over, so I thought I’d drop by and discuss it with you.” Pei Mingzhan didn’t say much before ending the call.

Zhao Yao then called for Uncle Wang. “Prepare some more tableware for tonight. Pei Mingzhan might be coming over.”

After saying that, he thought of the lively noise he heard earlier and smiled. “Prepare an extra seat too. There might be more people coming.”

Uncle Wang had doubts in his heart but still went to make the preparations.

On the other side, Pei Mingzhan stood outside H Ji, signing autographs for two passing female students. He was dressed in a well-fitted shirt and trousers, with a casual jacket in his hand. After signing, he handed the jacket to the fans. “Your eyes are sharp. You noticed me even when I changed my jacket and wore a hat.”

“Pei Ge, it’s strange to see a handsome guy wearing a black shirt, trousers, and a hat on the street. Your jacket doesn’t match your trousers at all. Your rate of turning heads is one hundred percent, okay?” The fan happily received the autograph. “We won’t make a fuss, but remember to change your clothes next time you go out.”

The jacket belonged to Lao Ge, and the hat was in his car. He was wearing formal attire for work, and he had to randomly mix and match when he quickly came to buy something.

Manager Brother Lao 2 came out of H Ji with the packed items and saw Pei Mingzhan standing with the fans. He couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Pei Mingzhan had changed his route just to buy from H Ji and didn’t care about the obstacles, personally getting out of the car. Wearing formal attire and a hat, it was obviously mismatched… When Brother Lao saw the logo on the hat, he felt even more frustrated. Wearing the hat that Mr. Zhao gave him when going out, Brother Lao really had to admire him!

Pei Mingzhan didn’t even consider how impressive his fan base was. Fortunately, he hadn’t entered the house yet, and the fan who recognized him was understanding, so not many people noticed.

When they got in the car, Brother Lao handed the H Ji items to Pei Mingzhan. “Do you even remember that you’re a public figure?”

“Aren’t I retiring from the industry?” Pei Mingzhan glanced at the lunchboxes in the bag, confirming that he had bought all the dishes he wanted. “Just drop me off directly later, and you can go back.”

Brother Lao looked at him with a face full of grievances. The hand gripping the steering wheel had a hint of force. “Comrade Lao Pei, you’re such a jerk who forgets his friends for the sake of a pretty face.”

Pei Mingzhan didn’t respond and accepted it willingly.

When they arrived at the residential community, Pei Mingzhan initially intended to go up by himself. However, he had bought quite a lot of groceries, and he couldn’t carry them while holding the documents. He had no choice but to trouble someone to help carry some things. The more Brother Lao thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. What did he do wrong to end up being a driver and errand boy? He walked and complained, “If I had known, I would have bought some food too. It’s already late to go back and order takeout…”

Pei Mingzhan rang the doorbell, and Uncle Wang quickly came to greet them.

Seeing Pei Mingzhan accompanied by his manager, Uncle Wang understood why Young Master had asked him to prepare extra tableware in advance.

Zhao Yao walked over and saw Pei Mingzhan and his manager each carrying a bag, while Pei Mingzhan held a briefcase in his other hand. He made way and said, “Come on in. Uncle Wang has already prepared dinner.”

Thinking about ordering takeout and going back, Brother Lao quickly said, “No, I’m just here to drop him off.”

Uncle Wang warmly said, “Young Master asked me to prepare additional dishes for two more people. Since you’re here, let’s eat together before you leave.”

Brother Lao was surprised. “In that case, I will bother you today 3.”

As they entered the house, they saw the understated luxury décor of Zhao Yao’s home, occasionally mixed with down-to-earth items. The entrance led to a slightly formal living room, but the sound was coming from behind. There was a private room behind the screen decorations, and a television hanging on the wall was playing a popular dating reality show. The coffee table in front of the sofa was adorned with fruits and snacks, and there were books and blankets on the sofa. It was a very homely living room.

Brother Lao was a bit surprised by the scene. He had thought that Zhao Yao’s home would be as luxurious as the mansions he had seen before, but he didn’t expect to see such a cozy living room. As he took a few glances, Brother Lao became increasingly astonished. He thought Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan going to an amusement park together was already mind-boggling, but seeing all these reference books lying around and the TV playing a fascinating dating show…

Brother Lao thought to himself that Zhao Yao was even more down-to-earth than he had imagined.

Uncle Wang took the small dishes brought by Pei Mingzhan to the kitchen, and Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan sat at the dining table, already discussing the documents sent by Gu Sui’s studio. Zhao Yao had mentioned these documents to Pei Mingzhan a while ago, but due to the need for time to organize, it got delayed for a few days. The studio had just finished organizing them and sent them over when Pei Mingzhan came.

Pei Mingzhan said, “Most of the information you wanted is here. Gu Sui will be back in a couple of days, and we can go to his studio to sign the contract then.”

Zhao Yao flipped through the documents and found that everything he had mentioned earlier had been covered. He nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s good. Let’s go take a look in a couple of days.”

During the meal, Brother Lao seemed visibly uneasy. Although Uncle Wang was also at the table, the two people sitting opposite each other were focused on their work discussions while eating, completely disregarding the formal dining etiquette of a wealthy family. Brother Lao felt like a huge light bulb, brightly shining while being completely ignored.

Uncle Wang enjoyed a lively atmosphere at home, and Pei Mingzhan’s manager had visited a few times before to deliver documents. Uncle Wang saw him as a diligent and enthusiastic young man, so he said, “Why don’t you have some more? This tofu soup is delicious.” He used an empty bowl to serve Brother Lao another bowl of soup.

Brother Lao couldn’t resist Uncle Wang’s warmth. The food was indeed delicious, but as he ate, he couldn’t help but notice the situation opposite him.

These two people seemed to be not yet officially together, but they were showing more affection than couples in the entertainment industry.

After finishing the meal, Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao went to the study, while Brother Lao stayed with Uncle Wang in the living room.

His phone rang, and it turned out to be a call from the studio. Brother Lao informed Uncle Wang before answering the call. “Hello, what’s the matter?”

The person on the other end of the line was the one who replaced Brother Lao today to negotiate the contract with Huihua. Initially, Brother Lao had planned to handle it himself, but Pei Mingzhan had a last-minute request for him to retrieve some documents, so he had to send another manager to negotiate with the project team. The person on the phone said, “Brother Lao, the project team has agreed to our conditions. In a couple of days, they will bring the revised contract. Take a look at the details, and if everything is fine, we can proceed with signing it.”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Brother Lao said. “I’ll treat you to a meal another time.”

“It’s nothing,” the person on the phone replied. “It’s just that Chen Xi wanted to schedule a meeting with you. He said there’s something he needs to discuss in advance.”

Brother Lao was a bit surprised by Chen Xi wanting to meet with him, but he still responded, “Alright, I’ll call Chen Xi’s secretary later to arrange a meeting.”

After hanging up the phone, Pei Mingzhan finished his discussion with Zhao Yao, and the two of them left without lingering.

On the way back, Brother Lao spoke up, “I didn’t expect Zhao Yao to have such diverse interests. I just saw a lot of your DVDs in the storage cabinet in his living room.” Although most of them were titles like ‘My Extraordinary Lover’ and ‘A Few Love Stories’… those kinds of seemingly unserious drama names. He thought that might be Uncle Wang’s preference at Zhao Yao’s home.

Pei Mingzhan was a bit surprised to hear that. “My DVDs?”

With the rapid development of the film industry, most people watch movies and dramas directly online or through streaming services. DVDs and such are outdated and require specific equipment. Buying DVDs mostly implies collecting them. Did Zhao Yao collect Pei Mingzhan’s dramas?

“Yeah,” Brother Lao glanced at Pei Mingzhan. “The variety show matters are settled. Huihua agreed to the conditions proposed by Xiao Wang during the contract negotiation. All that’s left is for us to sign the contract in a couple of days. By the way, the filming location for ‘Youxian’ is still in H City. Should we consider going back home for a visit?”

“How coincidental?” Pei Mingzhan was surprised. “Then let’s go back home for a visit. I haven’t been there much this year.”

Brother Lao noticed the location details when reviewing the contract. Although it was in the countryside near H City, it was still quite far from Pei Mingzhan’s home. However, H City was Pei Mingzhan’s hometown after all, so he should go back and visit when he had the chance. “I’ve watched this program. It’s about experiencing life, and none of the regular guests seem to be able to cook properly. So, you might have to fend for yourself. But the program has a flexible schedule and no specific requirements for the guests. They won’t provide anything, and you’ll have to do everything yourself, including buying groceries and cooking.”

Indeed, the show didn’t have those quirky games, but it also didn’t provide anything. It was a laid-back experience, like living in the countryside.

Compared to those highly popular variety shows, it lacked entertainment value, which might explain why the show had a good foundation but lacked the desired effects.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t have any particular demands regarding the flexible schedule. It meant that he would have time to do his own things. “Let’s postpone the contract signing with Huihua for two days. The day after tomorrow, I’ll take Zhao Yao to visit Gu Sui.”

“Sure, no problem,” Brother Lao agreed.


After two days, Zhao Yao was ready to leave. Gu Sui’s studio was quite far away, despite both being located in the same city. It would take half a day to travel back and forth, including driving on the highway and crossing different districts. Zhao Yao anticipated that the discussions and cooperation might take some time, so he instructed Uncle Wang to prepare his clothes in advance. If he couldn’t return in time, he would book a hotel.

Pei Mingzhan came to pick him up and was surprised to see Zhao Yao’s suitcase. “I was just about to remind you to bring a few extra clothes. Gu Sui can go on and on without stopping, so it’s likely to take a long time,” he said calmly, placing Zhao Yao’s suitcase in the car, alongside another suitcase.

“I thought about it when you mentioned the time. Driving at night is inconvenient, so staying in a hotel works out perfectly,” Zhao Yao said as he got into the car, placing the coat and hat that Uncle Wang handed him on the backseat. “I don’t know if we’ll encounter your fans, but I’ve prepared some items just in case.”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and replied, “Gu Sui’s studio is in the suburbs, so the probability of encountering fans is low.”

As for the employees in Gu Sui’s studio, they had already met several times. They were aware of his collaboration with Gu Sui, so there was no need to discuss it outside.

Zhao Yao had been to Gu Sui’s studio a few times before, but he never stayed for long. This time, as he was going to meet Gu Sui, he wanted to get a sense of Gu Sui’s character in advance.

He had asked EV to look into Gu Sui’s background recently and found that Gu Sui had been dedicated to the company for a long time, even before he became busy with other projects. His personal qualities were consistent with what Zhao Yao had heard in his previous life, making him a young man with good character.

Upon arriving at their destination, just as Pei Mingzhan parked the car, a young man walked out of the office building where the studio was located.

The young man wore a slightly wrinkled suit without a tie, giving off a casual and somewhat weary appearance. However, when his eyes swept over, Zhao Yao noticed that the young man’s eyes were particularly sharp and energetic.

“Ah, you’re here!” The young man hurriedly walked over, and then his gaze fell on Zhao Yao. He eagerly extended both hands and tightly shook Zhao Yao’s hand. “Mr. Zhao, it’s an honor to meet you. I’m Gu Sui.”

Zhao Yao, seeing the enthusiastic young man in front of him, replied simply, “Hello, Gu Sui.”

Pei Mingzhan stared at Gu Sui’s restless hands and said anxiously, “Ease up on the formality, don’t startle him.”

Gu Sui smiled and said, “Come on, let’s go upstairs and talk.”

Gu Sui had rushed to the studio immediately after getting off the plane, and the meeting with Zhao Yao had been arranged in advance. During this period, due to the imminent launch of the live streaming platform, he had been traveling to various places to coordinate the situation and consider the company’s future development. Gu Sui’s studio was currently a small rented office in S City, but it couldn’t remain there after the launch. Technical testing and other issues needed to be considered.

The meeting room had a simple layout.

Gu Sui handed the compiled materials directly to Zhao Yao. “When Lao Pei told me that someone wanted to join the investment, I found it strange at first. Originally, he wanted to handle everything himself, so I knew you must have some special ability for him to be interested.”

He rolled up his sleeves and continued flipping through the files and materials, marking the important points and placing them by Zhao Yao’s side. “Later, he sent me the proposal you wrote. It was amazing. It was the first time I saw someone whose ideas were so close to mine. I had a hint of those points before, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. It was only when I saw the proposal that I realized it had to be done this way. Fortunately, you mentioned it in advance.”

Zhao Yao replied, “You’re too kind. I learned about these concepts from publications by other people.”

Entertainment wasn’t his familiar field. At most, he knew a little more about the future than the other two present. Some of the concepts in Gu Sui’s proposal were actually ideas proposed by Gu Sui in the future. After all, when it came to live streaming, Gu Sui had a broader vision and better strategies than him.

“No need to be modest. I have many more things to discuss with you later,” Gu Sui said. He felt that Zhao Yao was being humble. If he could find these things in publications, he wouldn’t have to spend so much time on research and technology. Moreover, some things were still theoretical, and Zhao Yao’s proposal provided detailed arguments. It was difficult to achieve this level without logical thinking based on theory. This young man in front of him appeared several years younger than him, but his abilities and vision were extraordinary.

Pei Mingzhan helped tidy up the materials for Zhao Yao. He had already seen some of the materials, but there were new ones as well. “I’ll fold the parts you haven’t seen yet for you.”

“Thank you,” Zhao Yao whispered.

Seeing the situation between the two individuals, Gu Sui’s gaze lingered on Pei Mingzhan for a moment before instructing the assistant to fetch the contract.

Zhao Yao quickly reviewed the materials with the assistance of Pei Mingzhan, and within an hour, they had gone through the new materials. It was evident from the abundance of prepared documents by Gu Sui that he genuinely wanted to collaborate. After discussing the issues regarding future development, Zhao Yao confirmed everything and proceeded to sign the contract.

“I’ll have my assistant handle the financial matters. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me directly,” Zhao Yao said after signing the contract, extending his hand formally to Gu Sui. “Happy cooperation.”

Gu Sui nodded and smiled, “Happy cooperation.”

After signing the contract, Gu Sui brought over some confidential documents, and the discussion about the platform continued. They became engrossed and lost track of time. The people in Gu Sui’s studio knew that the person who had come today was an investor, but it was the first time they had seen an investor so deeply involved in discussions with Gu Sui. They were even so engrossed that they forgot about the time, which could be considered impolite to their guest. However, the people inside the meeting room seemed oblivious to this fact.

The meeting room had glass windows, and employees passing by could see the three individuals engrossed in their discussion.

One observant person remarked, “Hey, isn’t that Mr. Zhao?”

“Mr. Zhao? It really looks like him.”

“I was surprised when I found out that Gu Sui’s friend was Pei Mingzhan, the famous actor. I never expected him to have such a good relationship with Mr. Zhao as well.”

“Maybe Pei Mingzhan played matchmaker. I heard from a friend of Huihua’s that Mr. Zhao loves investing in projects, and his investment decisions are always accurate.”

“Is that true?”

The employees didn’t linger outside the meeting room, but they could see Mr. Zhao holding a pen and writing and drawing on the whiteboard, while Mr. Gu, on the other hand, seemed relaxed and didn’t take up much space. He stood beside Mr. Zhao, discussing something.

Pei Mingzhan observed the interaction between the two and the serious expression on Zhao Yao’s face as he engaged in the discussion. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but find Zhao Yao incredibly adorable.

Using the term “adorable” to describe an adult man may seem out of place, but in Pei Mingzhan’s eyes, whether it was Zhao Yao in casual attire at home or Zhao Yao in a serious and focused state while wearing a suit, the only words that could describe him were “adorable.”

Time flew by, and before they knew it, some employees had finished work and were leaving the office. An assistant approached the three individuals in the meeting room to remind them.

“Wow, it’s already dark outside,” Gu Sui realized and suggested, “Why don’t you two stay at my place tonight? It’s small, but we can manage.”

Pei Mingzhan gathered the documents and replied, “No, thanks. We’ll stay at a hotel.”

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  1. H记: H-studio[]
  2. Note that Brother Lao is both his agent and manager[]
  3. It can also mean, “I’ll be in your care as a guest today”[]

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