FLBOTCP Chapter 52

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 52

Honey Cheese is a well-known anchor on a popular live streaming platform in China. Although not a top-tier anchor, he has a considerable number of fans. Today, during his live stream, he noticed that many of his viewers were discussing matters related to another platform. After ending the stream, he approached his loyal fans and learned that they were discussing the affairs of that platform.

In recent years, the live streaming industry has experienced rapid growth. Many companies have launched live streaming websites to attract video traffic. The emergence of numerous anchors and diverse live streaming formats has driven the development of the industry. Seeing the profitability of this industry, other domestic companies followed suit in establishing live streaming platforms. However, most of these platforms failed to attract traffic in the early stages and eventually withdrew from the competition.

The major platforms managed to attract a large number of anchors, solidifying their dominant position in the domestic market. Over the years, Honey Cheese has witnessed many companies claiming to recruit anchors, offering platform prioritization and other benefits to entice well-known anchors to join. However, most of these platforms were eventually eliminated due to operational and market competition. But the fans were not aware of this situation. Some platforms presented attractive conditions and excellent benefits, making fans believe that their treasured anchors could become more popular after joining these platforms, and they enthusiastically recommended them.

Fans said, “They are talking about this platform. Although it hasn’t launched yet, we’ve heard that they have been preparing for years and have been conducting tests for some time. It’s going to be launched soon. Many new anchors are eager to try it out. Even if it doesn’t work out in the later stages, they can still gain fame if they are recommended in the early stages. It would also be easier for them to switch platforms later.”

Having seen numerous platforms throughout the years, Honey Cheese can easily distinguish which ones have put in genuine effort and which ones are deceptive.

He casually clicked on the post sent by a fan and found that it was a hot discussion about this platform in the Chinese live streaming community.

The platform is called “Zhajiang Mian 1 Platform,” founded by a relatively well-known studio in China. Judging from its registered capital and early preparations, it is indeed a company with considerable resources, surpassing the majority of online platforms in China. For a new platform to have such resources, it genuinely appears to be a platform that is serious about its business.

【But why go to a new platform? No matter how well they package themselves in the early stages, if they lose in the competition for traffic later on, won’t they end up being merged by someone?】

【But this platform has such high discussion even before it starts operating. It’s not simple.】

【Don’t be fooled by the current good packaging. Who knows if they will delay payments or something like that once they lure you in? Although big platforms have intense competition, at least they have a good reputation and provide security.】

【Remember Lemon Platform? It was also a small platform that rose to prominence. Could you have imagined two years ago that Lemon Platform would become the number one live streaming platform in China?】

【That’s hard to say. There have been cases where new platforms surpassed old ones. Who knows if Zhajiang Mian has the ability to do that.】

【At least from what I see now, no platform has generated this level of discussion before the promotional period.】

Honey Cheese suddenly became interested in this platform. His recent development on the Lemon Platform hasn’t been going well because the content he broadcasts is not in line with the platform’s mainstream. The likelihood of gaining popularity through recommendations is low. He had also considered switching to popular game streaming, but due to his poor gaming skills, he decided against it. His contract with the Lemon Platform is also ending soon. If this new platform truly offers favorable conditions as presented, he might consider trying it out. However, the prerequisite is that this new platform can establish itself firmly in the early stages of competition.

He quickly called his friend in the industry who had some connections to inquire about the situation, saying, “Old Man, it’s me. Have you been paying attention to the recent Zhajiang Mian platform?”


On the small village road at night, a cool breeze rustled through the leaves overhead. Each household was bustling with activity, creating a lively yet tranquil atmosphere that felt disconnected from the outside world.

Zhao Yao put on a jacket and walked out with Pei Mingzhan. As they walked, Pei Mingzhan talked about the matters of the live streaming platform. “A few days ago, Gu Sui sent over the follow-up contract. It should be launching in about a month, right?”

“Almost,” replied Pei Mingzhan. “He has already recruited several streamers and made preparations for the initial promotion.”

Zhao Yao wasn’t worried. “Then we can leave it to him.”

He had observed the current situation of live streaming platforms in China. They were still in the early stages of development and hadn’t reached the level of diversification seen in the industry a few years later. Gu Sui’s plan aimed for steady progress, and in such a competitive environment, as long as they remained stable, there shouldn’t be major issues.

“Why didn’t you inform me in advance about your visit here?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao paused for a moment upon hearing the question. “Originally, I planned to bring Wang Shu here for a change of scenery and also to assess the situation of this project. Chen Xi wasn’t very optimistic about it, but I believe this project has some potential.”

After speaking, he added, “Chen Xi didn’t tell me in advance that you were coming for this variety show. If I had known, we wouldn’t have to worry about the promotion.”

The two of them walked along the road, reaching a rural area where the unique scent of the countryside filled the air.

“My manager told me I could come here for a vacation. Since it’s Huihua’s project, I thought there wouldn’t be much trouble and decided to come and take a look,” Pei Mingzhan chuckled. “Originally, it was just a two or three-day thing. I also planned to make a trip back to H City, so I came here.”

Zhao Yao thought to himself that he should ask Chen Xi about how much compensation Pei Mingzhan received after they returned. It wouldn’t be right to let someone do charity work and advertise. As he walked, he accidentally tripped on a downhill slope, but Pei Mingzhan quickly reached out to support him.

“Are you okay?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao pulled back his foot, bumping his toes. “I’m fine.”

“It’s quite difficult for variety shows like ‘Youxian’ to generate short-term profits. Mr. Chen is a bit anxious,” Pei Mingzhan said as he noticed a large rock ahead and led Zhao Yao to sit there. “But his considerations are not wrong. The initial investment in this type of variety show doesn’t necessarily align with the returns. It requires accumulating audience reputation.”

“Aren’t you supposed to record behind-the-scenes footage tonight?” Zhao Yao asked. “The director mentioned it earlier, right?”

“The guests have just arrived, and we had a few beers. We won’t be recording tonight,” Pei Mingzhan looked at the dark fields ahead, with faint lights indicating where the villagers were keeping watch. He said, “Do you know what it means when two people come out late at night?”

Zhao Yao found the question inexplicable. “Isn’t it just taking a walk?”

It was Pei Mingzhan who brought it up.

“Is that so 2?” Pei Mingzhan smiled.

Zhao Yao slightly turned his head to look at the young man beside him. He was dressed in casual attire, the same clothes he wore when they met at the village entrance, and there was a faint smell of alcohol on him. It seemed like an ordinary thing, but for some reason, from this angle, Zhao Yao increasingly noticed that Pei Mingzhan’s facial features were particularly outstanding. Even just a side profile had an undeniable beauty.

This reminded him of a certain scene in the movie “Jianghu,” with a young man sitting at the edge of a cliff, clad in white robes and a gourd of wine by his side.

It was a simple scene, yet it exuded an irresistible sense of freedom and unrestraint.

Zhao Yao, thinking about this, suddenly asked, “When actors perform, how do they handle the character’s personality? Does it have anything to do with the actor themselves?”

Pei Mingzhan was taken aback. “Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

“It varies depending on different actors’ acting styles, but mature actors no longer rigidly adhere to the requirements of the script. Instead, they consider how to bring the characters to life,” Pei Mingzhan said. “If you have time, you can visit the set and see for yourself. New actors have a slightly different acting style compared to seasoned actors. When an actor has performed a lot, they can give the character a different feeling. For example, two actors playing the same role, one might make you feel like they’re acting, but another might make you feel like they truly embody the character.”

“You’re a talented actor,” Zhao Yao suddenly remarked. “I really liked the movie ‘Jianghu’.”

Pei Mingzhan didn’t expect him to mention “Jianghu.” “I thought you didn’t like it.”

Zhao Yao was momentarily speechless. “Is that so?”

Pei Mingzhan smiled. “Just kidding.”

The two of them sat on the large rock in the field. The cold wind blowing head-on made Zhao Yao feel a bit drowsy, especially since he had taken some medicine earlier. He pulled his coat tighter and slightly curled his legs. “You have a program recording tomorrow, right? Don’t stay out too late.”

Pei Mingzhan turned his head and noticed Zhao Yao’s tired expression. “Then let’s go back. There are many interesting things at the early morning market in the countryside. I remember going there with my elders before and buying a lot of stuff.”

Zhao Yao was a bit surprised. “You live in the countryside?”

The Pei family was not a small household, so it was quite unusual for Pei Mingzhan to visit the early morning market.

The two of them got off the rock and started walking back along the same road they came from.

“My elder relatives live in the countryside, but it can’t really be considered countryside. It’s more like the outskirts, with a small village nearby,” Pei Mingzhan said nostalgically. “When I have time off, I usually stay there. I used to play in the fields when I was a child.”

Hearing him talk about his childhood, Zhao Yao felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity. “Where in H City is that?”

“It’s far from here, on the other side of the city,” Pei Mingzhan replied. “You might have been there, who knows?”

Zhao Yao looked weary. “Is that so?”

The two of them quickly walked back to the village. There were no children playing on the rural road anymore, and the sounds of televisions from other households gradually diminished. Pei Mingzhan took the initiative to reach out and hold Zhao Yao’s icy fingertips. He paused and asked, “Are you cold?”

“I’m fine,” Zhao Yao was caught off guard by Pei Mingzhan’s hand, but he didn’t immediately pull away. Instead, he looked at him with confusion.

Pei Mingzhan’s warm palm enveloped Zhao Yao’s hand. “You asked me earlier about how to date, right?”

“Hmm?” Zhao Yao was puzzled. “What does that have to do with holding hands?”

Pei Mingzhan said, “A date is not just about going to the movies or amusement parks, and it’s not just about trying out different activities.”

Zhao Yao glanced at their joined hands and suddenly realized, “Holding hands?”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and didn’t say anything.

Zhao Yao quickly found a topic. “I’ve seen internet users mention the steps of a date before, but I thought the atmosphere and ambiance of the setting might be more important, so I didn’t think about this question.”

Pei Mingzhan asked again, “How does it feel to hold hands?”

Zhao Yao thought for a moment but couldn’t find a precise adjective. He could only say, “It feels quite warm.”

The guesthouse wasn’t far away, and the two of them quickly arrived at their destination.

Uncle Wang had prepared some late-night snacks and asked Pei Mingzhan to bring some back. When Pei Mingzhan saw that Zhao Yao couldn’t wait to enter the house, he reminded Uncle Wang, “We were exposed to the wind just now. Is there hot water in the house?”

Uncle Wang nodded, “Yes, there is hot water.”

“Zhao Yao,” Pei Mingzhan suddenly spoke up.

Zhao Yao walked over in his slippers and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Pei Mingzhan saw that he had changed his jacket and spoke gently, “I’m going back first.”

Zhao Yao agreed and felt like something was missing. So he said, “Get some rest early when you go back.”

“Sure,” Pei Mingzhan readily agreed.


Carrying the food prepared by Uncle Wang, Pei Mingzhan returned to the guesthouse where the production team was staying. Lele noticed and walked over to ask, “Brother, where did you go just now?”

“Just went out for a walk,” Pei Mingzhan replied.

Lele said, “That’s fine. Brother Lao called and asked me to inquire about your whereabouts. He also told me to remind you to post on Weibo when you have time. He sent a few photos for you to choose from to promote yourself.”

Pei Mingzhan glanced at the photos and noticed that they were all professionally edited images previously prepared by Brother Lao, convenient for him to select and use for promotional purposes.

Lele understood Brother Lao’s intentions. Even though Pei Mingzhan had plans to semi-retire during this period, Brother Lao still worked hard to benefit his fans. Fans who frequently surfed the internet knew that Pei Mingzhan was already in a semi-retired state. His last Weibo post was a photo taken at the apartment a while ago, which meant it had been a long time since he last updated.

In the past, Pei Mingzhan didn’t update Weibo frequently, but at least there were some commercial collaboration posts. They could be considered as promotional activities. However, now his focus was mainly on the development of his company, with minimal commercial collaborations. Fans, deprived of content, had resorted to digging through the Weibo accounts of his manager and assistant.

“So, I should post photos for promotion?” Pei Mingzhan replied simply. “Got it. I’ll do it later. You should get some rest.”

Lele nodded. “Okay, Pei Ge, try not to eat too much.”

Pei Mingzhan responded, “Understood.”

Lele watched as Pei Mingzhan entered his room to rest and just turned the corner when he encountered another celebrity’s assistant. The program had not officially started filming yet, and other familiar celebrities were gathered in the living room playing cards and chatting. The assistant approached and asked, “Did Pei Ge go to rest? Dai Ge sent me to ask if he wants to join everyone in the living room to have some fun.”

Their daily routines were basically reversed, and even though they had to wake up early for tomorrow’s recording, the spirits of the artists were still high.

Pei Mingzhan’s recent schedule had become relatively stable, and Lele knew that his brother wasn’t interested in these social activities. He had attended previous gatherings out of respect for Mr. Zhao’s  face, but unexpectedly, Mr. Zhao himself hadn’t shown up, only the director and the other guests. Lele replied, “No, Pei Ge has been sleeping early recently. Just let Dai Ge know.”

The assistant glanced at Pei Mingzhan’s door with little interest and said, “Oh, by the way, where did Pei Ge go just now? He was out for a long time.”

Lele cautiously glanced at the assistant and then said, “I’m not sure about that.”

Realizing that he wouldn’t get any information here, the assistant changed the subject to the program and asked, “Did you know that the main investor of the show, Huihua, sent someone over? I heard it’s that Zhao Zong. It’s quite unusual. Do you know why they came here?”

“We’re just here to record the program. You should ask the director’s team about these matters,” Lele responded cautiously. “You should go back now. We’re resting here.”

The assistant nodded and reluctantly left.

Having been temporarily interrupted, Lele walked to Pei Mingzhan’s door and knocked. After hearing Pei Mingzhan’s reply, he reminded him, “Ge, remember to check the doors and windows at night. If there’s any issue, give me a call.”

Once he heard Pei Mingzhan’s response, he left with reassurance.

It wasn’t until after Pei Mingzhan finished showering that he remembered about posting on Weibo. He logged out of his alternate account and logged into his main account. It took a while for the page to load before he clicked on the “compose” button. He didn’t use any of the edited photos that Lele had sent. Instead, he scrolled through and selected a picture he had taken during his walk earlier, made a simple edit, and posted it.

@PeiMingzhan: [Moon] Seductive moonlight.

[Image attached]

While Brother Lao wasn’t present at the variety show recording, he always kept an eye on Pei Mingzhan’s Weibo. Upon seeing that he had just posted, Brother Lao carefully examined the photo. It depicted a scene in the field with a few lights shining, a bright crescent moon above, and distant streetlights illuminating the area.

 Although it wasn’t the meticulously prepared photo, this picture had a more down-to-earth feel, which was also good. However, the caption seemed to become stranger the more he read it.

Brother Lao scrolled through the comments from fans below. The news about Pei Mingzhan’s participation in the variety show hadn’t been released yet, so this Weibo post could serve as a teaser and provide a small treat for the fans.

Brother Lao couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the thought that Pei Mingzhan would go to the fields to blow off steam so late at night. After all, he was just a happy old dog who would happily run off to the fields. 

【Wuwuwu, Peipei, did you go to the countryside?】

【The scenery is so beautiful. Do you have a new project?】

【Huh… moonlight is captivating, my mind is wandering hhh 3

【Hahaha, I feel the same. This seems like a very down-to-earth photo. Did Peipei go out with someone?】

【I heard that Pei signed up for a variety show before. This Weibo post… Ahhh, I have some new content to indulge in!】

Fans had various speculations, but after Pei Mingzhan posted the photo, he didn’t respond and instead started looking through some documents. The variety show’s accommodation was a bit far from the one where Zhao Yao stayed, but the village houses were not tall. From this side’s window, he could see Zhao Yao’s residence.

Pei Mingzhan smiled at his palm and realized that it wasn’t an easy task to make that person understand what love was.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yao drank a glass of warm water, and his phone screen was filled with content about holding hands.

With thoughts during the day and dreams at night, Zhao Yao had had many dreams before, especially when he was overthinking things. He had also gone through his teenage years and naturally knew the significance of such dreams. He wasn’t quite sure about his own sexual orientation before, but he was certain that he felt something for Pei Mingzhan’s body.

He couldn’t determine whether this feeling had a specific cause or if it was simply the atmosphere of that night in the hotel that easily led to imaginative thoughts. Zhao Yao had been contemplating for a few days but couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation. He had read many books during this period, but none of them explained this phenomenon. If he were to say that he had some feelings for Pei Mingzhan, it didn’t resemble the romantic love described in books.

For example, the thumping heartbeat he hadn’t experienced.

Or the occasional blushing, he didn’t feel that heat on his face.

#What does it feel like to hold hands for the first time?#

【What does it feel like? It’s the feeling of wanting to move on to the next step with him.】

【Really? In this day and age, there are still people asking about the feeling of holding hands. Is that pure innocence?】

【Let me tell you, as an experienced person, why bother with holding hands? Can’t you just go straight to kissing?】

【Are you in elementary school? Here’s some advice: focus on your studies first and leave dating to adults.】

【Feelings? Well, my heart was beating fast at that time, hhh, and my boyfriend’s palms were sweaty. I think he was nervous.】

【No feeling. It’s better to doi 4 for some feeling.】

Zhao Yao searched for keywords and found various answers, with some suggesting to skip the hand-holding stage and move on to the next step. It seemed that nowadays, young people didn’t value holding hands as much as they used to. The replies were mostly lighthearted and nonchalant, but some internet users did provide answers about the feeling of holding hands for the first time with a boyfriend. Most of those answers were quite different from what Zhao Yao had in mind.

He carefully recalled the feeling of holding hands on the way, but honestly, he couldn’t quite grasp it. He felt a bit cold at the time, and the only thing he could remember was that Pei Mingzhan’s hand was warm…

As for the other aspects, he forgot to pay close attention.

The Weibo late at night was bustling with activity, and the hashtag #PeiMingzhanSeductiveMoonlight# started trending. Persistent fans began to speculate based on a single photo, and with the ambiguous guidance from some marketing accounts, discussions among Pei’s fans quickly ignited.

【Could this be a scene from a new drama filmed in some countryside? I have a feeling it’s Brother’s new work.】

【I don’t think so. There haven’t been any major films this year. It’s more likely related to the variety show, as the marketing accounts suggested.】

【Don’t just focus on the photo. Look at the caption, “Seductive Moonlight.” It sounds so ambiguous…】

【Pei Pei has almost semi-retired… Maybe he really found a girlfriend.】

【In the countryside, beautiful moonlight, watching alone? There must be companions!】

【Internet users have really changed. Seductive moonlight, come on!】

【We’re all internet surfers. Don’t you understand what “seductive moonlight” means!!!】


The secretary glanced at the car’s rearview mirror and saw that their boss was browsing the internet, looking at colorful pages on his phone. They knew he must be scrolling through Weibo.

Recently, Zhao Changshuo had also developed a habit of going online, especially during his way back home after working overtime. He would always take the opportunity to browse the internet.

The Weibo’s trending topics at night were particularly dull, filled with the usual popular celebrity trends. However, Zhao Changshuo noticed a familiar phrase.

The news about Pei Mingzhan’s second son entering the entertainment industry was a big deal a few years ago. However, there was little response from the Pei family afterward. They took a hands-off approach and observed their own child’s journey in the entertainment industry. Others were also hesitant to offer guidance, and gradually, the matter faded from the public’s attention. Recently, Zhao Changshuo heard that there were significant internal changes happening within the Pei family, one of which was that the second son had started taking over a portion of the family business. It seemed like he was preparing to retire from the entertainment industry.

Curious, Zhao Changshuo clicked on the trending topic and saw the discussions surrounding “seductive moonlight.” He then asked his secretary, “What does ‘seductive moonlight’ mean?”

The secretary, who was constantly observing their boss’s actions, paused for a moment and uncertainty replied, “It probably means the moonlight is beautiful.”

Zhao Changshuo agreed with this answer and amid the noisy online arguments, liked Pei Mingzhan’s Weibo post.

The moon outside was exceptionally bright, truly worthy of being called seductive moonlight.

Author’s Note:

Peipei: Seductive moonlight.

Brother Lao: I have a bad feeling about this.

Eldest brother: The moon outside is indeed beautiful.

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  1. 炸酱面 Zjahiang Mian – Black Bean noodles[]
  2. 是吗: Shima – An expression used 4x in this chapter; has multiple meanings but like confirming something e.g., Really? Yeah?[]
  3. Chinese laughter; “In Chinese, laughter is written as 哈哈哈 and shares the same phonetic sounds as laughter in English. This is then abbreviated in Chinese into simply the first letter of each character, hence “hhhh”, which is much easier to type.”[]
  4. an internet slang expression indicating indifference or lack of interest[]

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