FLBOTCP Chapter 59

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 59

Zhao Yao was taken aback, realizing that the person in the photo seemed to be named Peipei?

Uncle Wang saw him staying on this page and said, “I remember this child too. When you were young, you played with him a lot. His name was Peipei, I think?” He remembered more clearly because Peipei was a boy, but he was given a name that sounded more like a girl’s nickname.

“I remember him,” Zhao Yao said vaguely, trying to recall the boy who used to play with him a lot when they were young. The elders all called children by their nicknames, and he vaguely remembered that everyone around him would call this boy Peipei, and even other kids would address him as Peipei Ge.

But why did he feel a faint sense of familiarity when looking at this photo?

Suddenly, Uncle Wang mentioned, “By the way, Mr. Pei’s episode of the variety show aired today.”

Variety show? Zhao Yao then remembered it was “Youxian.” It was originally scheduled to air two weeks later, but due to platform adjustments, it was delayed by a week. “Really? Let’s watch it then.”


Today is the day Pei’s fans celebrate the Lunar New Year. After three months without any activities, Pei Mingzhan recorded an episode of a variety show. Although the process of filming this episode was a bit bumpy, it didn’t stop Pei’s fans from going online to show their support. Even Zhao Yao’s fans, who have been wandering around without a fixed location, were eagerly waiting in front of their computers for the show to air.

The content of “Youxian” lasted for two full hours. At the beginning, Pei Mingzhan’s fans were worried if his brother, Zhao Yao, would cause any funny incidents in the show. But by the next morning, Pei Mingzhan woke up earlier than the regular guest, Dai Ge, and they went to the morning market together to buy groceries.

【This feels so real! It reminds me of the morning market in my hometown.】

【Hahaha, Dai Ge thought he was the earliest riser, but Old Pei was already brushing his teeth.】

【What are they up to? Why are they heading to the soy milk stall?】

【Hahaha, they are having breakfast. Old Pei knows how to enjoy life.】

【Do they have enough money?! Pei Pei, don’t get too carried away.】

【Dai Ge looks completely confused, hhh.】

At this moment, Pei Mingzhan and his brother were walking towards the soy milk stall, and then a voice came from off-screen, and two lines of text appeared in post-production, “Mr. Pei encountered a kind-hearted person who treated him to a meal.” The fans, who were anxiously waiting for Zhao Yao’s appearance, became excited upon hearing this voice, and the camera shifted to the two of them having their meal at the soy milk stall.

【Damn it! Hahaha!】

【Kind-hearted citizen Xiao Zhao treats you to a meal.】

【I thought Zhao Yao would make an appearance, but I didn’t expect it to be in this way.】

【Zhao Yao seems so down-to-earth, having breakfast at a soy milk stall, awww!】

【He’s so cute! I can’t handle it. This man is adorably deadly.】

The post-production of “Youxian” was debated for a long time. They originally considered cutting out the breakfast scene, but then there would be fewer shots of them buying groceries, and it would lack some drama. For slow-paced variety shows like theirs, adding a bit of drama or unexpected surprises is the highlight of the program. So, in the end, the director bravely asked Zhao Yao for his opinion, but he didn’t have strong feelings about it and left the decision to the director.

After much consideration, the director decided to keep the soy milk stall scene but didn’t want to focus too much on Zhao Yao’s appearance.

The fans who were watching the show were already getting excited.

【Hahaha, Dai Ge’s expression, he looks so confused.】

【Unexpected, right? You thought you were having breakfast, but the investor is sitting across from you.】

【Hahahahahahah! I’m laughing so hard! The show’s crew knows how to have fun.】

【The program is getting interesting.】

Later they went to buy vegetables and the fans in the barrage were trying to spot Zhao Yao’s figure in the market as the camera panned across. The man in casual clothes was holding two bags of vegetables and was slightly frowning as he watched his companion picking fish at a fish stall.

【I wish I could go there and adjust the camera to focus on Zhao Yao.】

【See that? My husband is buying groceries.】

【The real domineering CEO experiencing life on vacation.】

The netizens in the barrage were laughing at how the show’s direction had turned out. Some of Pei Mingzhan’s fans were worried that he might not have been eating well these days, seeing that no one in the crew seemed capable of cooking. However, they were pleasantly surprised when they saw Pei Mingzhan stepping into the kitchen to cook. While many of his longtime fans knew that he could cook, Pei Mingzhan had never talked about it publicly, so fans were excited to see him in action.

During the show, Pei Mingzhan realized that he needed some sauce for the dishes he was preparing and went to borrow it from the neighboring guesthouse. The viewers initially thought it was a scripted scenario, but when they saw him immediately go into the kitchen upon arriving, they were taken aback.

In the kitchen, a middle-aged man was cooking, and the table beside him was filled with beautifully plated dishes.

【What? This presentation?】

【Isn’t this rustic countryside cuisine? How does it look like a Michelin-star restaurant?】

【He’s hiding his talents! Is he a hidden chef in plain sight?】

Some sharp-eyed viewers recognized the man in the kitchen:

【Wait?? isn’t he the one who had breakfast with Zhao Yao in the morning?】

【Right, it’s him!】

【Wait, so Zhao Yao brought a chef along for his vacation in the countryside?】


【Hold on, is the focus on the chef? Why would Pei Mingzhan suddenly jump to this place? How did he know that they had the sauce he wanted?】

【Do we even need to guess? Because Zhao Yao is staying here!】


When Chen Xi received the report, he was surprised. The data for the latest episode of “Youxian” had skyrocketed, surpassing several other popular variety shows in the same time slot, and even made it to the homepage of the partnering platform. Some people online had previously threatened to boycott the show due to a private scandal, and Chen Xi thought it wouldn’t make much difference this time. However, to his surprise, the incident was a blessing in disguise. It actually brought more attention to “Youxian” and boosted its popularity.

During a recent meeting, some higher-ups had doubts about continuing to invest in “Youxian.”

Chen Xi had come up with a plan and wanted to ask Zhao Yao for support.But when the data for this episode came out, many of the higher-ups who had objected earlier called and changed their minds. 

“Zhao Yao is truly our Huihua’s lucky charm…” Chen Xi sighed softly. Who could have imagined that Movie Emperor Pei would come to do free advertising because of Zhao Yao’s relationship? And who could have imagined that with less than five minutes of screen time in the variety show, Zhao Yao could stir up such a buzz around “Youxian.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh, realizing that Zhao Yao had become a good luck charm for their company. Who would have thought that Pei, the movie star, would give free advertisement for the show because of Zhao Yao’s involvement? And who could have predicted that Zhao Yao’s mere five minutes of appearance in the show would create such a buzz?

If he didn’t know Zhao Yao’s personality, Chen Xi would have thought that Zhao Yao went to the countryside for a project just to get publicity for “Youxian” on the variety show.

And the official blog constantly received demands for updates and Zhao Yao’s photos.

Chen Xi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh after receiving such a report. How could there be so much material to show fans when Zhao Yao only comes to the company a few times a month? He rarely even gets to see Zhao Yao in person! 

The secretary said, “We have to thank Movie Emperor Pei and Zhao Yao for this success. We did a statistical analysis based on the feedback online, including data on each guest.”

When Chen Xi looked at the data table, he was surprised to see Dai Xuan’s statistics. “Dai Xuan is actually quite good. It’s a pity that his previous company held him back, or else with his talent, he wouldn’t have to rely solely on variety shows.” Chen Xi had a good impression of Dai Xuan. He debuted early and, after gaining fame, started to support junior artists in the same company. He was a patient and responsible person.

Moreover, during the recent sasaeng fan scandal, the program didn’t involve him, but he still came forward and publicly apologized. Chen Xi heard that his previous company didn’t allow him to apologize, so he terminated his contract with them and took responsibility on his own.

Chen Xi said, “He’s a pretty good guy. He had a good development early on, but it’s a pity.”

Then he suddenly asked, “By the way, did he negotiate contracts with other companies?”

The secretary thought for a moment and replied, “No, as far as I know, Mr. Dai Xuan has three variety shows scheduled for this period. One of them is our show ‘Youxian,’ and the other two are the regular variety shows he has been part of for the past two years.”

“Did his previous company help him secure those opportunities?” Chen Xi asked.

The secretary shook her head and said, “No, they didn’t.”

Chen Xi thought about how Huihua currently had few artists like Dai Xuan, who were well-known variety show stars. However, there were many variety show projects in Huihua’s future plans, and they couldn’t keep giving opportunities to outsiders every time. They needed their own capable variety show star. “You can have the artist management department contact Dai Xuan and ask if he is willing to come to Huihua for development.”


While the popularity of “Youxian” continued to rise, Pei Mingzhan had just landed from a flight. Although it was a private trip, his itinerary was leaked, and he was surrounded by fans as soon as he got off the plane.

“Pei Pei, do you have any other plans for next year? When will you start filming?”

“Wuwuwuwu Pei Pei, please make more public appearances and participate in more variety shows.”

Pei Mingzhan signed a few autographs casually and then said, “Let’s see how it goes. If I have the time, I’ll take on more projects. Thanks for everyone’s support.”

Only his assistant, Lele, and two bodyguards were with him. Pei Mingzhan didn’t want to disrupt the airport order, so he quickly left through the VIP channel after signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

Back in the car, Lele explained the situation at the airport. Because of the recent hot searches and the broadcast of “Youxian,” Pei Mingzhan’s popularity surged again. Although the studio repeatedly emphasized that there was no need for fan meet-ups at the airport, some fans still ignored the advice and showed up.

“I see,” Pei Mingzhan nodded.

Lele handed him a tablet and said, “Your popularity has been quite high recently, and many fans are following the show. Even the fans who ship you with Zhao Zong have become active again.”

It was a miraculous situation. The program’s footage involving Zhao Zong was deliberately edited to be limited due to constraints on material availability. In the final cut of “Youxian,” there weren’t many scenes featuring Zhao Yao. But those few moments had greatly excited the fans.

These fans could be divided into several groups: Pei’s fans, Zhao’s fans, and the Pei Zhao CP fans. They not only enjoyed the show and looked for sweet moments but also scrutinized every detail in the footage. For example, they believed that when Pei Minzhan went to the neighboring vendor to get the sauce, it was intentional. They speculated about the dishes Pei prepared that didn’t appear on the table and even identified a gray-clothed figure in the distant background as Mr. Zhao…

Lele found it a bit far-fetched, but when he showed these comments to Brother Lao, the latter stared at them for half an hour, then sighed and said he couldn’t control it anymore.

To make it even more amusing, Brother Lao claimed that all these comments were part of Pei’s script, and he had deceived everyone.

Lele thought to himself that Pei Mingzhan indeed had great acting skills, but it wasn’t like he was acting on variety shows as well. Wasn’t he just being his usual self?

Pei Mingzhan noticed the fans’ comments and chuckled, “They’re quite interesting.”

“By the way, brother, did Lao Ge ask if you have any other arrangements during this period?” Lele knew that Pei Mingzhan was busy with the company’s matters, but as an actor, he might encounter fans on the streets, so they had to be a bit cautious about his private schedule to avoid being surrounded by fans.

“Not these few days…” Pei Mingzhan paused midway, then continued, “But next week, I have an appointment with Zhao Yao.”

Lele took out his phone and jotted down the schedule, “Got it.”

After finishing the work for “Li Meng,” Yao Bai finally had some free time  again. He started coming every day to chat with Zhao Yao. But for the past few days, whenever he visited, he would find Zhao Yao exercising in the small gym he set up at home, even reducing the time he spent on watching TV dramas.

Meanwhile, Uncle Wang was editing the online television drama playlist, moving the shows Zhao Yao had watched to a separate collection and adding some new genres.

Yao Bai sat on the sofa and asked, “Uncle Wang, you’re quite trendy. Isn’t this new drama ‘Yang Mumu’ just released?”

Uncle Wang happily replied, “I happened to meet Miss Yang last time I went to H City, so I asked the staff about it.”

The room looked much neater now. The reference books that Zhao Yao had casually flipped through before were now organized on the table, appearing as if they hadn’t been touched for a while. Yao Bai was puzzled and asked, “Has my brother stopped reading lately?”

“Young Master hasn’t been reading much lately. He said he doesn’t need all that theoretical knowledge right now,” Uncle Wang said.

Yao Bai was puzzled. Did his brother not need theoretical knowledge because he was advancing to practical applications?!

He noticed a half-opened photo album on the other side of the sofa and glanced curiously.

“Are these my brother’s childhood photos?” Yao Bai asked.

Uncle Wang replied, “Yes.”

“Was my brother so cute when he was a child?” Yao Bai looked at the little boy in the photos, and suddenly noticed another boy with a buzz cut in the upper left corner…

Why did that boy look a bit like Pei Mingzhan??

Yao Bai quickly shook off the wandering thoughts. He realized he had read too many bamboo horse 1 romance novels, and now he was seeing similarities with Pei Mingzhan in every kid he saw.

At that moment, Zhao Yao came downstairs after taking a shower and saw Yao Bai in the room. He asked, “Why are you here at this time?”

Yao Bai quickly handed the materials he brought to Zhao Yao and said, “We talked about forming a team before, right? Brother, this is the final list that has been confirmed. If you have time, you can interview them.”

Zhao Yao quickly scanned the list. He had to admit that Yao Bai and Chen Xi did a good job. At least half of the people on the list were from the candidates Yao Bai had previously provided. They were people Zhao Yao was familiar with from his past life. He had thought that only a quarter of them would be able to come due to the limited time in this life, but Yao Bai’s talent for recruitment is not bad.

Upon hearing Zhao Yao’s praise, Yao Bai said, “Well, Chen Xi helped me a lot.”

“If you get praised, just take it. No need to downplay yourself. Chen Xi is shrewder than you,” Zhao Yao flipped through the team roster. When he saw a certain name, his gaze suddenly sharpened. He pointed at the person’s ID photo and asked, “Where did this person come from?”

“You mean Huang Wenjun?” Yao Bai asked. Zhao Yao provided a list with many high-level executives from big companies. Since their small team couldn’t attract these high-ranking individuals with high salaries, he asked others to leverage their connections and sought the help of a skilled headhunter to search for talents. “The headhunter introduced him, and his resume is outstanding with a clean background.”

Zhao Yao smiled faintly, “Is that so?”

Yao Bai was a bit confused, and he felt nervous instantly, “What’s wrong with this person? Brother, it seems like you’re not satisfied.”

Huang Wenjun was Zhao Yao’s first secretary after Yao Bai went abroad in his previous life, and also the informant Zhao Zhikai carefully planted by his side. Zhao Yao believed he had a keen eye for selecting assistants and secretaries, but Huang Wenjun had caused him a lot of trouble in his past life. Huang Wenjun had secretly done many things that almost led to Zhao Yao’s downfall during his rivalry with Zhao Zhikai.

Originally, Zhao Yao thought that Zhao Zhikai had become quiet after their confrontation in the study room, as if Zhao Zikai lost interest in scheming against him. But often, such situations were the most suspicious. Zhao Yao knew that Zhao Zhikai might appear easy-going and simple, but his seemingly sincere demeanor was just a disguise to conceal his ambition.

During this period, Zhao Changshuo made some big moves, while Zhao Zhikai faced repeated setbacks. Zhao Zhikai knew the situation inside the group the best, and he would definitely suspect everyone close to Zhao Changshuo, including those who befriended him. From this perspective, Zhao Zhikai couldn’t help but suspect him as well.

Zhao Yao had been cautious about Zhao Zhikai’s actions, thinking that the recent troubles were orchestrated by him. But now, he realized that Zhao Zhikai wouldn’t do something so obvious. The real hidden threat was Huang Wenjun.

“For the people on the previous list, you and Chen Xi can conduct the interviews. But for those who were found later, put them through a few more rounds of interviews,” Zhao Yao calmly instructed, “Also, pay attention to the relationships these people have with others, whether it’s within Huihua or elsewhere. If someone has complex connections or has been in close contact with others, we don’t need to consider them.”

“Got it,” Yao Bai continued, “Then, Brother, will you come for an interview?”

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment before replying, “The interviews will take place in a few weeks. I have something to do next week.”

After Yao Bai left, Uncle Wang asked, “Young Master, do you have an appointment with Mr. Pei next week?”

Zhao Yao nodded faintly, “Yes.”

Recently, on the recommendation of internet users, he had joined a forum that discussed the progression from dating to marriage. This forum had different sections for various stages of relationships, and Zhao Yao was currently focused on the dating section. He had read several books on analyzing love psychology, both serious and lighthearted ones, but each had its own perspective.

The unique aspect of this forum is that it categorizes various opinions together, which aligns with Zhao Yao’s preferences. He knows that solving romantic relationships isn’t just about theories. How to develop a stable romantic relationship leading to marriage is Zhao Yao’s goal, especially at this stage. One important aspect is selecting a romantic partner.

The detailed strategies include various personality analyses and considerations during the adjustment period, such as the compatibility of interests and hobbies. This is a key point, as the chosen romantic partner must match Zhao Yao’s expectations. Below the steps, there are comments from other netizens:

【The original poster’s idea is to have everyone use their idol as a template and then rate them according to certain criteria. A match of around 50%-60% with the template is considered the most suitable partner.】

【These are all nonsense. Where in real life do you find such standardized criteria for finding a partner? Do we get them as rewards for recharging?】

【The original poster’s approach is too theoretical. Let me tell you, this theory of having an ideal type is simply unrealistic.】

【Why make it so complicated? I’ve known my wife for less than two years. She liked me from the start because we got along well. All these rules and requirements don’t matter. The most important thing in marriage is compatibility, being comfortable together.】

Zhao Yao touched the tablet, having just read about the step of creating an ideal type. Coincidentally, he came across these comments from other users.

This made him serious, as he also shares the same view that being comfortable together is the most important aspect. After all, being comfortable indicates compatibility, and only with the right person can one open up and build a trusting relationship. But what is the definition of “comfortable”?

Equal financial views? Similar interests and hobbies? Or perhaps shared life goals?

Inside the forum, there is a private messaging function that allows users to communicate and learn from each other easily.

Zhao Yao happened to see a user with the ID “Even if Bald, I Have a Doting Wife” 2 online, so he sent them a private message with the intention of exchanging ideas.

【Hello, is there a specific definition for “comfortable companionship”?  Or what kind of interaction can be considered as comfortable?】

After organizing the TV drama schedule, Uncle Wang went to the kitchen to work on other things. When he brought the hot milk over, he noticed that his young master had a very serious expression as he stared at the tablet. This immediately made Uncle Wang think of Huihua. During this period, he rarely saw his young master with such an expression, although he used to see it often when Zhao Yao worked late into the night. This expression meant that his young master must have encountered a difficult problem.

After placing the milk on the table, Uncle Wang walked over quietly and turned down the volume of the TV drama that was playing.

“Even if Bald, I Have a Doting Wife” replied to Zhao Yao’s message quickly.


【Come on, bro. Why do we need a specific definition or atmosphere for this? Everyone has different requirements, so the definition of “comfortable” will naturally vary.】

Zhao Yao didn’t expect such a prompt response and politely inquire. 【Can you tell me about your idea of getting along then?】

【Ah, there are so many ways.】

【Have you been in a relationship before?】

【No need to guess. Just by your question, I can tell you are single.】

【Are you a mm 3 or a gg 4?】

【Oh, never mind. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you have been in a relationship or not.】

The other person typed very quickly, which momentarily caught Zhao Yao off guard. He hadn’t even sent his inquiry when several messages popped up from the other side.

【It’s not easy to find an experienced person like me on this forum. Today, I’ll give you some guidance because we share a connection. You should experience being in a relationship first before asking about these ways of companionship.】

【The trigger for falling in love is a feeling of heart-fluttering, but this feeling can be quite mysterious. Simply put, heart-fluttering is liking someone, but if you feel this way every day, it means you can’t do without him/her.】

【Let me give you a simple example. For instance, when you first meet, you feel a strong eye connection with him/her…】

“Uncle Wang, bring me the notebook that’s on the desk in the study,” Zhao Yao suddenly said.

Uncle Wang hurriedly walked upstairs to the study to get the item and handed it to Zhao Yao. He observed his young master writing something with a serious expression, pausing at times to contemplate. Zhao Yao continued writing until a strange notification sound came from the tablet placed on the table, drawing his attention away.

After a long pause, Zhao Yao finally asked, “Uncle Wang, what do you think about Pei Mingzhan?”

“Mr. Pei is a smart man,” Uncle Wang replied without hesitation.

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  1. childhood friends[]
  2. 再禿也有老婆疼[]
  3. meimei: younger sister, girl[]
  4. gege: older brother, guy[]

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