FLBOTCP Chapter 60.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 60.1

The Zhajiang Mian platform is now online. At this moment, there happened to be a live interview on a domestic webcast program. The media responsible for the interview is a well-known 2D-related media on Weibo. The subject of the new interview is a famous voice actor in the industry. Just as the fans on CVA’s 1 Weibo saw that it was the scheduled time, VA suddenly posted a link to a new live broadcast.

【Hey, wait, why isn’t it the previous live stream?】

Fans knew that Weibo live streams usually default to a certain platform, or they would choose one of the top two domestic platforms. Seeing this ordinary new platform, they found it quite troublesome. Initially, the fans planned to exit and look for links on other platforms, but when they saw the layout of the live room, they suddenly felt that the interface design in guest login mode was quite simple and neat.

【This new platform doesn’t have all those fancy things.】

【The color scheme looks comfortable too. I was thinking of quitting and changing to the Lemon platform, but this looks okay.】

【Guest login mode is fine, is this a new platform?】

Soon, the interview began, and the fans were itching to see the VA’s answers. When the host said they would pick lucky viewers, the dedicated fans who had chosen guest login mode started registering. They then discovered that the live broadcast interface after registration was also simple and elegant, without unnecessary advertisements or distracting features like tipping and comments, making it clear and straightforward.

The most crucial part was that the video quality and smoothness were top-notch.

After watching the live broadcast, when they were about to exit the live room, the host announced that the platform would give fans some rewards. After the live stream, the platform would randomly send out ten gifts to netizens, including the VA’s signature and limited edition dolls.

Fans: !!!

Those fans who hadn’t registered yet hurriedly registered during this time to participate in the giveaway, while other disinterested fans chose to leave the platform.

When they logout, the webpage finally popped up with a download link for the client, with numerous small reminders of the benefits.

Netizens: Huh? There are more benefits??

Those users who were interested in the platform and often watched live broadcasts clicked to download and check it out.

The launch of the Zhajiang Mian platform wasn’t heavily advertised, but through this collaborative live broadcast with other circles, it inadvertently expanded its user base. Many other established platforms were also paying attention to the Zhajiang Mian platform, including the old, prominent Pencil platform. As the live streaming industry showed signs of being dominated by the Lemon platform, and with fewer opportunities to share traffic and make profits, the pressure from newly established platforms began to take shape.

The owner of the Pencil platform, Boss Wang, saw that the Zhajiang Mian platform had decent traffic on its first day and decided to use their old tactics to suppress the new platform. He didn’t want it to grow and potentially affect the Pencil platform’s traffic. After making calls to other owners, he instructed the platform management, “Come up with some new activities for the platform in the next few days.”

Internal activities and competitions within the platform could boost the enthusiasm of the streamers, while external events could attract a large number of users to watch the live broadcasts.

For the development of the Zhajiang Mian platform, this stage was crucial, and he didn’t believe the platform could survive under such encirclement and suppression.

At the same time, in different circles, there were collaborations with Zhajiang Mian platform for new live broadcasts. Gu Sui stood in the newly moved-in office of the studio, looking at the data screen being operated by the technical staff. He said to the others, “This is the first wave of traffic. Whether we can retain these users depends on whether the content we release next meets their expectations.”

The supervisor asked, “Gu Sui, you previously asked us to pay attention to other platforms. Just now, we received some internal news that several platforms, led by the Pencil platform, are planning activities and are estimated to launch in the day after tomorrow… What do you think about this?”

Gu Sui was well aware of the situation where established platforms suppress new ones and had already prepared for it. He replied, “Let’s organize our platform’s content and promotional activities in advance. It might not be a good thing for us to compete for traffic with the Pencil platform during their event.”


Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan met at a rural farmhouse in the outskirts of S city.

After some intentional and unintentional inquiries with Uncle Wang during this period, Pei Mingzhan learned that since returning from H city, Zhao Yao has developed a significant interest in farmhouse cuisine. That’s why he chose this place to meet.

Pei Mingzhan deliberately consulted a professional doctor about Zhao Yao’s medication, after parting ways with Zhao Yao in H City. After asking a few questions, the doctor informed him that the medication was typically prescribed in the later stages of insomnia treatment, and generally, ordinary insomnia patients wouldn’t be given such potent medication.

The doctor said, “If your friend is experiencing the condition you described, it’s unlikely that they would be given such strong medication. Our profession follows clear guidelines, and I believe that the doctor who prescribed it must have deemed your friend’s condition to be more severe than it appears on the surface.”

This made Pei Mingzhan quite anxious.

In his memory, Zhao Yao did indeed have insomnia issues, and it was a bit severe when he was hospitalized initially.But his condition had improved during this period, and he had been able to sleep well on consecutive nights. So why did the doctor say this?

They arrived a little early at the rural farmhouse, and the hosts suggested they take a walk in the nearby countryside.

The path beneath the farmhouse was narrow. It is only enough for one person to walk at a time, so they had to walk single file. When they reached a small stream, the path under their feet became muddy. Zhao Yao was about to slow down, but Pei Mingzhan, who was in front of him, held his hand and said, “Let me help you. The stone path here is a bit slippery.”

Zhao Yao looked at Pei Mingzhan’s hand with complex emotions, then accepted the help and walked across.

After crossing the stream, the path widened.But Pei Mingzhan still didn’t let go and continued to hold Zhao Yao’s hand as they walked forward.

“Zhajiang Mian platform went live last week, and the initial traffic results were quite good. Gu Sui called earlier to share the good news,” Pei Mingzhan continued, “Now, it all depends on how they handle the platform’s content.”

“If they want it simple, they can just poach a couple of popular anchors, but I think Gu Sui’s plan is not that simple,” Zhao Yao said, speaking slowly and accidentally tripping over a protruding stone. He would have stumbled if Pei Mingzhan wasn’t holding him. “He’s in charge of the operation.”

Pei Mingzhan noticed Zhao Yao seemed a bit distracted and asked, “What’s on your mind?”

In recent days, Zhao Yao had read several forum posts and found that their situation with Pei Mingzhan didn’t quite match what was discussed there. He initially thought it might be because of their closer relationship, and they were genuinely discussing relationship details. So, he sought advice from internet users about their situation, but the user with the handle ‘Even If Bald, I Have a Doting Wife’ firmly rejected him, even suggesting he is showing off and they should get officially together.

‘Even If Bald, I Have a Doting Wife’ said, “Brother, you’re flaunting your affection under the guise of seeking advice. You’re not the first one to do this in recent years. Don’t try to explain, I suggest you make it official.”

He didn’t realize it, but was he and Pei Mingzhan really flaunting their affection?

The user continued, “What do you say? Don’t try to tell me about practical experiences. Do normal friends watch movies and hold hands in amusement parks? What’s next, kissing and hitting the bases?”

With this comment, Zhao Yao couldn’t focus on other aspects. He couldn’t help but compare the user’s advice and requirements with his relationship with Pei Mingzhan, and the more he compared, the more fitting and appropriate it seemed.

Everything that he considered unnecessary or awkward to do suddenly became natural with Pei Mingzhan. He never thought about it this way before, maybe because they were too close, and Pei Mingzhan’s attitude was very open. But once he considered it in the context of Pei Mingzhan, Zhao Yao belatedly realized that Pei Mingzhan was a suitable romantic partner.

Did he have feelings for Pei Mingzhan?

Zhao Yao felt a bit puzzled by this question.

“Do you have any plans for the future?” Zhao Yao suddenly asked.

Pei Mingzhan wasn’t expecting such a swift change in topic. “What do you mean plans?”

“Besides your work at the company and your acting career, do you have any personal plans?” Zhao Yao asked somewhat awkwardly. “I mean, plans beyond your career.”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead,” Pei Mingzhan replied, realizing that most of his long-term plans were career-related.

Zhao Yao slightly furrowed his brow, “Oh.”

He thought to himself, if there are no other plans, would Pei Mingzhan have any thoughts of being in a romantic relationship?

Zhao Yao was about to ask a few more questions when their conversation was interrupted by voices from a distance.

In the distance, a group of boys was playing together, with cameras pointed at them. Pei Mingzhan noticed a flag nearby with a familiar logo.

“It doesn’t seem like an outdoor shooting for a show,” Zhao Yao thought it might be a filming location for some program, but looking at the simple camera setup and the average appearance of the boys, they seemed like ordinary people.

Pei Mingzhan guessed, “Maybe they are here for team-building.”

“Team-building?” Zhao Yao was familiar with the term, but looking at the group of boys, only one looked older, while the rest seemed to be in their teens. It looked more like an outing organized by college students, “Probably a university club, right?”

“Hey, you two over there, can you help us out?” One of the boys suddenly looked their way and called out loudly, “We’re short on people, can you help us for a moment?”

One of the boys climbed up the small slope towards them. Since both Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao were wearing hats and masks, he couldn’t recognize them at first. He apologized with a smile, “Sorry to bother you. We are the XXD team, and we’re here to film a video. We want to get everyone in the frame, but the tripod’s range is limited. Can you spare a few minutes to help us?”

Zhao Yao didn’t mind, and after exchanging glances with Pei Mingzhan, Pei Mingzhan took the initiative to agree to help.

The boy who asked for help was about the same height as Pei Mingzhan. When he saw Pei Mingzhan agree, he happily said, “Thank you, brother. You’re really kind and handsome! You even look like Pei Mingzhan from S City!”

Zhao Yao couldn’t help but smile and slightly tilted his head. How could this person not realize that the person standing next to him was the real Pei Mingzhan?

Pei Mingzhan also replied, “Really?”

The boy continued to praise him and, seeing that they didn’t know about their team, he briefly introduced their situation. 

It turned out they were a small team under one of the most popular esports game leagues, but they consistently ranked at the bottom and were struggling to stay afloat. Moreover, the esports industry was becoming more competitive, and many teams were recruiting new talents from youth training programs. Teams like theirs, neither highly successful nor completely unsuccessful, were facing the risk of disbandment, especially after their sponsor pulled out.

This time, they came to shoot a video as a memento before disbanding.

“Don’t mention these sad things. Can you handle this?” The boy was a bit worried as he watched Pei Mingzhan fiddle with the camera. After all, they had rented it at a high price, and he hoped nothing would go wrong. “Just turn the camera around and film us. Thank you, brother.”

“It’s okay. You guys can go ahead,” Pei Mingzhan adjusted the camera and fine-tuned the settings.

Zhao Yao stood nearby, watching Pei Mingzhan skillfully handle the camera, and unexpectedly commented, “You know a lot of things.”

“It’s not that much,” Pei Mingzhan said, not looking away from the camera, but then asked, “What were you about to say earlier?”

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment and said, “Nothing.”

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