Chapter 61.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 61.1

The ownerof the farmhouse is surnamed Jiang, so the farmhouse is called “Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai 1.” The official opening time is usually at 11 a.m., but there was a pair of reserved guests who arrived around 9 a.m. The ingredients at home were not yet processed, so Boss Jiang had to let the guests wander around nearby while waiting for his son to return with his teammates. When he saw his son coming back, he greeted them, “Is your video shoot done?”

Jiang Xiaoqi replied, “Yes, it’s done. I’ll come to help you in a bit.”

The family didn’t object to Jiang Xiaoqi playing games. In the early years, he won a lot of prize money from competitions, which helped support the family. The farmhouse wasn’t popular at first, but it gained fame after Jiang Xiaoqi used the money to renovate the place and advertised online, making “Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai” known.

Since Jiang Xiaoqi brought his teammates home to play games, his father, who was always easy-going, naturally supported him. Until recently, when Jiang Xiaoqi said he wanted to give up his professional career and help at home. This made his father feel heartbroken. He had heard that the hands of professional players were very valuable, so he couldn’t bear to let his son do the farming work. However, Jiang Xiaoqi was stubborn and insisted that he was getting older and not suitable for gaming. He said he would help at home after he arranged things for his teammates.

“Did someone come this early today?” Jiang Xiaoqi told his father about the encounter with the two strangers, as they were wandering around their vegetable garden.

“Reserved guests who came a bit early,” his father replied. “Have you sorted things out with your teammates? I heard little Wu called home yesterday…”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” Jiang Xiaoqi put on an apron, but then suddenly remembered something, “Oh no! I still need a few more hours of streaming this month.”

His father waved his hand, “Hurry up, if you don’t stream now, you won’t be able to do it in the evening when more guests come.”


The live streaming contract was signed by the former manager with the live streaming platform and it was set to expire at the end of the year. After Jiang Xiaoqi finishes his current live stream, his contract will end.

After the other teammates dispersed, Jiang Xiaoqi planned to take over the family business but also wanted to continue playing games. Being a streamer rather than a professional player was also an option for him. He estimated that after this contract ended, he would switch to the Lemon Platform, but he wasn’t sure if he could get a good signing contract.

“Good afternoon, everyone!” Jiang Xiaoqi greeted the viewers who entered his live stream one by one, and chatted with them before getting ready to play games.

The XXD team had moderate popularity but also had many devoted fans. The viewers of Jiang Xiaoqi’s live stream were aware that his contract would expire at the end of the year, and today’s stream was likely his last one. Fans knew about the upcoming disbandment of the XXD team, and some hoped they would stay, while others hoped they would continue in the esports circle.

“Well, I will still be streaming in the future, don’t worry,” Jiang Xiaoqi said, though he himself wasn’t sure if he could secure a favorable contract with a new platform.

During the stream, a fan suddenly sent several long exclamation marks, asking if this was at their “Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai farmhouse.

Jiang Xiaoqi’s fans knew about Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai Farmhouse so when this fan sent a screenshot of the park’s sign, Jiang quickly replied, “Yes! This is my family’s farmhouse. Are you coming to eat? Mention my name for an 20% discount.”

Fans A: !!!

Fans B: Xiaoqi, stop streaming! Fil Emperor Pei is eating at your place!

Fans C: Oh my God! Xiaoqi, Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai is going mainstream! Hurry, go to the entrance and check it out!

Jiang Xiaoqi was playing a game when he saw this message from a fan and immediately froze, “What does that mean? Film Emperor Pei? Pei Mingzhan??”

The fans, seeing his confusion, sent him a link to the livestream and said, “Yes! Film Emperor Pei is livestreaming at your place!”

Jiang Xiaoqi opened the link and immediately saw the passerby who looked like Pei Mingzhan  that he had encountered in his vegetable garden earlier.. He exclaimed in disbelief, not even considering the livestream, and said he was going out to take a look.

Fans: ??? Wait a minute!

Fans: Can’t you take the camera with you too?


Pei Mingzhan started the live stream, and as soon as the Weibo post was made, a group of Pei’s fans rushed into the live stream. When they saw Pei Mingzhan in the center of the screen wearing casual clothes and a hat, tears of excitement flooded the live chat.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Hello, can you see me and hear me?”

【Yes, it’s true!!!】

【Oh my, I managed to get in. If the stream starts later, I’ll be embarrassed waiting outside.】

【Old Pei, do you love live streaming now?】

【I love surprises!!】

Pei Mingzhan turned to Zhao Yao, who was standing nearby, and asked, “Is everything okay on your end?”

Zhao Yao had Pei Mingzhan’s live stream open on his phone and saw that the viewer count had reached a certain peak without any lag in the stream.He replied, “No problem, it’s running smoothly.”

Pei Mingzhan nodded and said, “Alright, let’s get to the point. Today, Mr. Zhao and I are at a farmhouse, so we’ll show you some local dishes from S City.” He slightly adjusted the camera, and Zhao Yao, who was looking at his phone, also entered the frame.

The fans in the live chat saw Zhao Yao standing next to Pei Mingzhan and their gaze towards the camera was as intense as ever. The two of them were dressed similarly, and there were no staff members around, indicating that they had avoided the public and came to the countryside to enjoy the local dishes.

【What the heck??? Are you traveling together with Mr. Zhao?】

【You two are wearing the same clothes? Did you buy them from the same store?】

【Brotherly outfits, do you get it? Is today another recording for a variety show?】

【OMG, I actually saw Mr. Zhao in Pei Mingzhan’s live stream!!!】

【Squatting to Pei Mingzhan’s Weibo is the right choice, I’ve figured it out – wherever Pei Mingzhan is, Zhao Yao will be there too.】

【Why isn’t Mr. Zhao speaking?】

【Mr. Zhao looks like he’s reluctantly doing business hhhhh】

After a while, Zhao Yao realized and asked Pei Mingzhan, “Should I say hello too?”

Pei Mingzhan nodded, and Zhao Yao briefly introduced himself.

The hashtag #PeiMingzhanLive started trending immediately.

【FCK, can I still get in now?】

【Boss Zhao is here too!!!】

【I’m tired, I’m outside now, and I don’t think I can get in anymore, wuwuwu.】

【Mr. Zhao???】

Pei Mingzhan’s live stream spread quickly, and many fans rushed to see what was happening. The wandering fans of Zhao Yao immediately headed to the first battlefield. Initially, the fans thought they couldn’t get into the live stream due to its high viewership, but they were surprised that clicking the link was smooth, and the screen didn’t freeze.

They saw Pei Mingzhan holding the camera with only Zhao Yao beside him, clearly indicating that the two were on an outing together.

“Yeah, it’s just the two of us. Mr. Zhao wanted to try some local dishes, so we arranged to come here and eat,” Pei Mingzhan said while looking at the barrage of comments, “Where are we eating? It’s quite far, so I’m not afraid to tell you.”

He turned the camera towards the distant sign, capturing it on film. “Xiao Jiang Nongjiacai.”

Fans from S City expressed their excitement to have a chance encounter, while fans from other places felt envious and jealous. This included Zhao Yao’s fans, who had been reminiscing about the scenes from “Youxian,” but now, not long after that, they were getting to see fresh footage of Zhao Yao again!

【I’m crying, I want to see Mr. Zhao.】

【Pei, move to the side a bit, I want to see Mr. Zhao.】

Zhao Yao walked ahead of Pei Mingzhan, and the road below was not easy to walk. After he stood firmly, he reminded Pei Mingzhan, who was still at a higher spot, “Be careful when coming down, the road is slippery here.”

“Do you want to see Mr. Zhao? Let me adjust the camera.” Pei Mingzhan came down and aimed the phone camera at Zhao Yao across from him. “It’s about time. We are planning to go and have our meal now. Yeah, you could say it’s a mukbang.”

As Pei Mingzhan was about to descend, Zhao Yao suddenly reached out his hand towards him.

Zhao Yao said, “Give me your hand.”

Without hesitation, Pei Mingzhan grabbed his hand, and he felt the other person exert some force, pulling him steadily onto the flat ground on the other side of the small stream. The live stream’s camera was a rear camera, so fans saw Zhao Yao extending his hand, and Pei Mingzhan grabbed it and was pulled over.

Fans: ?

【Do they need to hold hands for this?】

【Seriously, in our countryside, I could jump over this kind of small path with one foot.】

【This hand-holding, are you shooting a cheesy video??】

【I never expected this from you, Pei Mingzhan.】

【Damn, this rustic gesture is actually making my heart flutter.】

【Brotherly love, it’s just brotherly love, don’t misunderstand, everyone!】

“The path here is slippery, so he just helped me out a bit,” Pei Mingzhan explained briefly. “We can consider this as part of the broadcast. Have you all logged into the live streaming platform? Do you find this platform convenient to use?”

【Platform? Zhajiang Mian?】

【So, it’s still an advertisement? We get it, we get it, let’s download it right away.】

【This platform has been trending recently! My favorite voice actor is also live streaming on this platform.】

【Not to mention anything else, but this is the first time I’ve seen a live stream with such high viewership and no lag!】

【Yes, exactly! I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in!】

The barrage of comments from fans looked confusedn, but Zhao Yao suddenly burst into laughter, revealing their intention to Pei Mingzhan and explaining to the fans. Zhao Yao walked a little faster and soon arrived at the entrance of the farmhouse. He saw the young man who had been shooting the video in the field earlier, nodded slightly at him, and then looked back at Pei Mingzhan, who was still walking.

From his perspective, for some reason, the more he looked at Pei Mingzhan, the more pleasing he became.

Jiang Xiaoqi couldn’t believe that this was really Pei Mingzhan himself. Early in the morning, he even asked Pei Mingzhan to help with the camera and said he was S City’s Pei Mingzhan… Isn’t this the real Pei Mingzhan!

“Is Fil Emperor Pei really live streaming?” he cautiously approached Zhao Yao and asked.

Zhao Yao raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You recognized him?”

Jiang Xiaoqi touched his head, “Don’t mess with me. It says ‘My Farmhouse’ on the live stream. How can I not recognize it?”

Zhao Yao was taken aback, “Aren’t you a gamer?”

Jiang Xiaoqi felt embarrassed, “Part-time running the farmhouse.”

Without saying much, Jiang Xiaoqi hurried inside to inform his father and get everything ready. Having the Film Emperor dine at their restaurant and even do a live stream, this kind of free promotion was not something they could miss!

【Wait a minute, this farmhouse looks familiar…】

【I remember now, wasn’t there a Weibo post about an esports player leaving the industry and returning home to run a farmhouse? It seems to be this farmhouse.】

【So, our Film Emperor Pei has fallen to doing advertisements for farmhouses?】

【Hahaha! Pei Gege just got two advertisements!】

【Hahaha! The former Film Emperor is now doing advertisements for a farmhouse.】

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  1. 農家菜: Farm Food/Farm Cuisine[]

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