Chapter 61.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 61.2

“Hmm?” Pei Mingzhan walked to the entrance of the farmhouse and heard Zhao Yao’s explanation. “So, this farmhouse was opened by the person we met earlier?”

Zhao Yao nodded 1, and his peripheral vision caught Pei Mingzhan’s hand in his pocket.

Pei Mingzhan noticed Zhao Yao’s gaze, and when he looked back, he found that Zhao Yao was looking elsewhere awkwardly.

They quickly entered the farmhouse, and Pei Mingzhan started introducing the dishes to his fans as if they were an eating broadcast. The owner of the farmhouse wasn’t aware of the situation, and it was only after chatting with Zhao Yao that he realized Pei Mingzhan decided to do a live stream on a whim. Jiang Xiaoqi didn’t recognize Zhao Yao. If it wasn’t for the people in the live chat, he would have been oblivious to Zhao Yao’s identity. 

The owner of the farmhouse arranged for a more private dining area for them. Originally, the two promised Gu Sui to live stream for half an hour, but they ended up eating for nearly an hour before it was time to end the broadcast. Pei Mingzhan asked Zhao Yao if he had anything to say before they went offline.

After finishing his hot soup, Zhao Yao paused for a moment and then continued to advertise for the platform, “Remember to download the Zhajiang Mian app.”

The live stream was then ended.

Jiang Xiaoqi froze when he heard the mention of the Zhajiang Mian app. He noticed that they were using the same app that has been trending recently in the live streaming community. He had been considering leaving his current platform and trying his luck on the Zhajiang Mian platform. The platform he was on had been declining in terms of traffic, and it wasn’t easy to secure a good contract on a more established platform like Lemon.

“Mr. Zhao, Film Emperor Pei, is the Zhajiang Mian platform you mentioned the one that just launched a few days ago?” Jiang Xiaoqi curiously asked.

Zhao Yao had just noticed that this young man had been sticking around, “Yes, are you interested?”

Jiang Xiaoqi was indeed interested. He had been planning to join the Lemon platform, but with his current status, getting a good contract there was difficult. However, this new platform seemed to offer better opportunities. “Are you promoting the platform?”

“This is a misunderstanding. If it was just an advertisement, we wouldn’t have convinced Mr. Zhao to participate.” Pei Mingzhan smiled and explained, “The Zhajiang Mian platform is a venture we started with some friends. You play games and stream regularly, right? Are you interested in trying the Zhajiang Mian platform?”

Jiang Xiaoqi was taken aback. Should he join the Zhajiang Mian platform?


Zhao Ruihong was preparing to go abroad. With most of her affairs settled in China and there’s no place where she’s needed to be busy. RH’s main affairs are primarily overseas, so she won’t stay here for long.

A few days ago, Zhao Ruihong had planned to meet with Zhao Yao. They had agreed to schedule it for today. However, Zhao Yao had to reschedule because he said he had a last-minute appointment.

Zhao Ruihong was still curious who Zhao Yao had an appointment with when she checked her Weibo and found out that he went to the farmhouse with Pei Mingzhan. 

That explained it.

“Boss, the plane tickets for next week are already booked,” her secretary informed her as they entered the room.

Zhao Ruihong left the live streaming platform, but her mind was still preoccupied with thoughts about the relationship between Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan. “Have all the contracts with Huihua been signed?”

“And about the Zhajiang Mian platform, it seems to be a new project Zhao Yao has invested in. It looks like he intends to develop in that direction.” 

“Yes,” the secretary confirmed.

In a couple of days, Zhao Ruihong would be going abroad to handle other business matters, and she wouldn’t be staying in China for too long. She simply said, “I remember there’s an RH press conference next week, right? If we haven’t finalized the live streaming platform by then, let’s go with the Zhajiang Mian platform.”

The Zhajiang Mian platform? The secretary was surprised to hear this unfamiliar name but nodded in acknowledgment, “Okay.”

At Huihua, Yao Bai heard about the Zhajiang Mian platform today before coming to the company. He knew that it was a new platform that his brother and Pei Mingzhan had invested in, but he didn’t hear that they would personally promote it.

Today was the weekend, and the company was on a rotational day off, except for some project teams who were still working overtime to meet deadlines.

In the office, Chen Xi, who was also working on the weekend, coincidentally ran into Yao Bai while having tea. They started chatting, and the topic shifted to live streaming platforms.

“Mr. Chen, have you heard about the Zhajiang Mian platform?” Yao Bai asked.

The entertainment industry wasn’t large, and while the live streaming industry was a bit distant from Chen Xi’s field, he had heard about it a few times. He responded, “Yes, I’ve heard of it. What’s the matter?”

Yao Bai explained, “My brother is investing in a live streaming platform, and the Zhajiang Mian platform is the one he’s invested in.”

It finally clicked for Chen Xi. Zhao Yao rarely mentioned the platform to him, and he only came to know about it when he was helping Yao Bai recruit people for their team. He knew that Zhao Yao was preparing for a live streaming platform, but he wasn’t aware that it was the Zhajiang Mian platform.

He slapped his thigh in regret and annoyance. “It’s already launched, and Mr. Zhao didn’t even tell me?”

Yao Bai felt the same, “It just launched last week. My brother is quite laid-back and doesn’t like to interfere in these matters. I only found out about the launch recently too.”

He thought about the beautiful sisters in the company promoting live streaming. “My brother is really something. It’s just a platform launch and advertisement. Does he really need to personally go?”

Chen Xi was also puzzled. He quickly checked online to find out more about it. Wait a minute. Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan are doing a live stream together? Does his agent know about this?

“Mr. Zhao is too laid-back,” Chen Xi muttered as he browsed through the information. He discovered that the platform had enlisted quite a few people for advertisements. Suddenly, he realized a problem, “Wait a minute, why didn’t they consider our Huihua? After all, we are a part of the same family, and they should have thought about us, right?”

Yao Bai thought for a moment and said, “But my brother doesn’t handle these things personally. Maybe it was the platform’s decision since it just launched.”

“This won’t do.” Suddenly, Chen Xi felt a sense of urgency. He called his secretary over, “Let the operations department coordinate with the Zhajiang Mian platform. Recently, within our company…”

In the afternoon, an unexpected order came down within Huihua.

Many managers were puzzled when they received this message. While it made sense for artists to do live streams and boost their popularity by engaging with fans, why did the order specify a particular platform? It’s quite troublesome. Those who were unaware of the situation speculated that Huihua might be collaborating with the Zhajiang Mian platform for business cooperation. While others who know had already gathered information and understood that their president, Mr. Zhao, had just appeared on a live stream.

The current achievements of Huihua can’t be separated from the continuous support of Zhao Yao. Many executives and employees within the company are fans of Zhao Yao. When they heard about the news, they did not wait for others to tell them. They immediately shared it on their Moments in Weibo to show their support.

As the official account of Huihua, it recently took on an additional role as Zhao Yao’s official platform for sharing information. After this news spread internally, it promptly reposted Pei Mingzhan’s morning livestream from the official account, making it clear that this was an advertisement. Furthermore, various download links were thoughtfully provided.


【Why is my homepage filled with this platform?】

【Mr. Zhao mentioned in the livestream to remember to download the software!】

【Hahaha, I downloaded it too. How can I, as a fan of Mr. Zhao, lack even this business skill?】

【I’m curious about the platform that can make Mr. Zhao advertise!】

After ending the live stream, Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao had finished their meal and decided to move on to another location. Before leaving Pei Mingzhan gave Jiang Xiaoqi contact information of the business manager from the Zhajiang Mian platform. Dealing with external matters and recruiting influencers wasn’t their responsibility. It was best to leave the business dealings to the professionals.

It was still early after they finished the meal. Pei Mingzhan planned to take Zhao Yao to other places for a walk. In reality, this time he came out with the intention of figuring out the reason for Zhao Yao’s insomnia. The matter of the medication puzzled him.

While driving, Pei Mingzhan noticed that Zhao Yao wasn’t talking much. Eventually, they found a nearby small park to rest. In a secluded corner, he finally asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“A bit.” Zhao Yao half-closed his eyes and looked lacklusterly towards the distant lake. There were many families picnicking on the lawn beside the lake. He casually asked, “Why did you think of coming to a place like this?”

“Do you see that couple under the tree across the way? This place has a nice environment and it’s quiet,” Pei Mingzhan had already checked out various scenic spots in S City. He knew exactly which places were suitable for going out with Zhao Yao. “Couples’ go out not only to go to lively places. Sometimes, they also go to a quiet atmosphere…”

“Have you acted in those situations too?” Zhao Yao suddenly asked.

Pei Mingzhan answered truthfully, “No, I looked them up.”

“I see,” Zhao Yao snapped back to reality a bit, “I’ve been browsing the internet these days and I realized that what you can teach me is quite limited.”

Pei Mingzhan was surprised, “Why do you say that?”

Zhao Yao thought for a moment and then said, “In the end, being in a relationship is something that progresses in stages. From initial meetings to going on dates, it’s a gradual and sequential process. This allows the relationship between two people to transition from being mere attractions to each other, to gradually warming up and becoming intimate to each other. I didn’t understand this before, but later I realized that this limitation is actually stuck at this stage.”

Pei Mingzhan was a bit surprised when he heard Zhao Yao speak about this so seriously. “I haven’t taught you everything yet. Besides dating, we’ve only held hands.”

Zhao Yao looked at Pei Mingzhan’s hand and then reached out to hold it, asking, “So, what do you plan to teach me next?”

Pei Mingzhan hesitated, thought for a moment, and said, “That’s something that requires a process.”

“I looked it up. Holding hands is something that can be achieved at the ordinary attraction stage. It helps determine if there are feelings of admiration. The crucial part is the next step, which is kissing, and that’s something you can’t teach me through words.” Zhao Yao looked at Pei Mingzhan and said, “It’s a bit sudden, but can I apply to be in a relationship with you?”

Pei Mingzhan was taken aback.

“Or, can we try to officially date each other?” Zhao Yao said, feeling that his words were a bit too straightforward. He added, “Of course, you have the right to refuse.”

Author’s note: 

Old Pei: ?

Zhao Yao: Only when you are in love can you have a boo.


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