Chapter 62.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 62.1

Pei Mingzhan made sure he heard Zhao Yao’s words clearly and he asked in surprise, “Zhao Yao, are you serious?”

“Yes,” Zhao Yao rarely explained these matters, “Being in a romantic relationship is part of my life plan, and I’ve thought about it carefully during this time. I believe you are a suitable partner for me.”

“Being in a relationship is not a trivial matter, Zhao Yao. You need to be think about it clearly,” Pei Mingzhan paused slightly, “If we start a romantic relationship, our connection won’t be as simple as friends anymore…”

“I understand the difference between being normal friends and being partners. I’ve thoroughly considered it before proposing that we date,” Zhao Yao frowned slightly, “Or, do you mean to reject me?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” Pei Mingzhan’s gaze turned serious, “Zhao Yao, have you noticed something?”

“What?” Zhao Yao asked.

Pei Mingzhan looked at Zhao Yao seriously, realizing the seriousness in his eyes couldn’t be faked, “If what you mean is that you’re asking to date me in order to explore further intimate actions, then what we would be doing isn’t really being in a relationship.”

Without much thought, Zhao Yao quickly dismissed, “Pei Mingzhan, I want you to ask me a serious question. I understand the difference between normal friendship and a romantic relationship.”

After saying this and seeing Pei Mingzhan’s lack of response, Zhao Yao added, “I’m making this request because I believe you’re the most suitable romantic partner among everyone around me.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Mingzhan smiled, “Are you saying you have feelings for me, Zhao Yao?”

Zhao Yao furrowed his brows slightly and thought for a while, “I think there should be.”

The autumn wind was strong in the park, and there were more children running around by the lake.

Pei Mingzhan tilted his hat to the side and, while still holding Zhao Yao’s hand, guided it up along his arm.

Zhao Yao thought Pei Mingzhan was testing his feelings, so he went along with his movements.

And Pei Mingzhan’s hand eventually reached Zhao Yao’s shoulder, and his fingers gently moved to hook around his neck and pull him forward—

The scent of mint came over suddenly, and the knuckles holding his  neck were very strong. When Zhao Yao touched Pei Mingzhan’s slightly warm lips, the breath belonging to another man enveloped him. At that moment, Zhao Yao only felt his lips seemed to be wrapped in warmth, and he could no longer think about other things.

“Dage, what are you doing?”

The child’s Sheng interrupted the atmosphere. Pei Mingzhan calmly let go of Zhao Yao’s hand, adjusted his hat slightly, and turned his head to look at a young boy flying a kite outside the pavilion. He said simply, “Teaching your Gege a lesson. Kids shouldn’t watch this.”

In Pei Mingzhan’s studio, Brother Lao was busy dealing with matters related to the livestream. Only someone like Pei Mingzhan could turn a simple outing to a rural area into a live broadcast event. If it weren’t for knowing that the Zhajiang Noodle platform was their own, Brother Lao would almost think that Pei Mingzhan’s intention was to use the guise of a live broadcast in the wilderness to pursue a romantic relationship.

“Lao Ge, the online comments seem quite normal,” Le Le was focused on the comments and found Brother Lao’s reaction a bit exaggerated. The fans were suggesting that Pei Ge and Mr. Zhao should do more mukbang broadcasts. Le Le didn’t understand why they would end up in such a strange place.

Brother Lao glanced at Le Le, feeling that both the fans and the rest of the studio were blinded by Pei Mingzhan. “I’ll call Old Pei. This matter needs to be discussed thoroughly. The livestream this time was in the countryside, so there weren’t as many fans. But if he comes to the city center square for a livestream next time, I might have to call the police to take him away.”

Pei Mingzhan was the only one shamelessly promoting personal goods like this on the entire internet. It really makes him mad.

Le Le said, “Didn’t Pei Ge say not to disturb him with unimportant matters over the phone?”

Brother Lao responded, “Isn’t this important?? The hot search is still up, you know?”

He took out his phone, dialed a contact he knew in the industry to inquire about Pei Mingzhan’s advertising fee, and handed the phone to Pei Mingzhan.

Suburban park.

In the distance, other children were calling out to someone, and the young boy nodded before running off with his kite.

Pei Mingzhan snapped back to reality and noticed Zhao Yao looking at him. He hesitated slightly and said, “It’s alright, the kid didn’t recognize me.”

This small park was mostly visited by families with children to play, and young couples typically avoided these areas and goes to other places.

Zhao Yao licked his lips slightly, “How about we try again?”

“Just now, a kid came over,” Pei Mingzhan responded. Just then, his phone rang. He glanced at it and then hung up the call, looking at Zhao Yao, “How about we give it another shot?”

Zhao Yao nodded and leaned in a bit.

On the other side, the phone continued to ring for quite a while, but Brother Lao didn’t hear the sound of the call being answered.

Brother Lao was getting impatient, “What’s wrong with him? Does he even take me seriously, his manager?”


Soon, netizens noticed that many artists had started live streaming, especially the artists from Huihua Entertainment, who were the most active among all. At first the netizens playfully joked that Huihua’s official account was giving a shout-out to their boss. However, when a large wave of artists began live streaming, netizens realized that the usage of the Zhajiang Mian platform had increased.

Curious netizens then began to investigate the background of the Zhajiang Mian platform. It was quite surprising that a new platform could attract so many artists to live stream, and even have Mr. Zhao and Film Emperor Pei live streaming together. They wondered, without significant backing or financial resources, how could anyone manage to get so many people to advertise?!

Originally netizens only uncovered that the owner of the Zhajiang Mian platform was named Gu Sui, and they were all curious about who this Gu Sui was.

【I think it’s amazing. It’s normal to use good products for marketing and advertising. This platform is really user-friendly.】

【User-friendly +1. Recently, I’ve been watching several live broadcasts on various platforms on Weibo, and they don’t lag at all when I go in.】

【I used to only watch recorded broadcasts, but now I can catch up!】

【This Gu Sui is really amazing. Their technical team must be exceptional!】

【I did a search and found that he seems to be a young person! Feels like a new husband!】

【I just went to an authoritative website to look it up. Can you guess what I discovered? [Image attached]】

【What the heck?!】


At this moment, an authoritative media outlet on Weibo posted an image of the shareholders of the Zhajiang Mian platform. It wasn’t difficult to find the major shareholders behind the platform, and there were only three people listed at the top. Apart from the known owner Gu Sui, there were also Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao.

Wait, there are several Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao on the internet??

Netizens belatedly realized that this was actually a live streaming platform co-founded by Film Emperor Pei and Mr. Zhao!?

【Wait, my husband and my boyfriend started a live streaming platform together?】

【So, is this the reason behind Pei Mingzhan’s retirement from the entertainment industry?】

【Does the Zhajiang Mian platform support Boss Pei and Boss Zhao livestreaming every day? I’m willing to pay!】

【No wonder these two suddenly started live streaming. Turns out they’re advertising for their own platform!】

【Hahaha, this is hilarious. Even Huihua’s official account and their artists are joining in, giving a collective shout-out to the bosses!】

【The artists from Pei Mingzhan’s studio are also doing it. This is just too funny. I finally understand!】

Business fans of Zhao Yao came on the scene after hearing the news. In addition to membership fees, they added watching live streams in their list of expenses. Upon learning that Mr. Zhao and Movie Emperor Pei were behind the live streaming platform, the business fans were undoubtedly the most happiest.

【I didn’t watch livestreams before, but now I’m willing to switch from variety shows to livestreams for Mr. Zhao.】

【Hahaha, leaving aside the rest, I downloaded it a few days ago. Their recommended content on the homepage is pretty good!】

【Exactly!! It’s not just a lineup of handsome guys, beautiful girls, and gaming streams. Their categorization is really thoughtful!】

【I even followed quite a few anchors…】

【I don’t know why, but as a fan of Mr. Zhao, I always feel like there’s nothing for me to worry about.】

【Thinking about it, even if live streams don’t directly affect rankings, they’re still a way to earn membership fees…】

【I hurriedly came with my wallet, but in the end, there’s nowhere to spend.】

Within Huihua Entertainment, there were both well-established artists and rising newcomers. Ji Heyu, who gained fame after the “Sheng” program, ranked among the top in popularity among the new generation of singers. He had been receiving numerous invitations lately and was busy juggling them. When Ji Heyu received a notification from his manager, he was taken aback. He had been chatting less with Mr. Zhao during this time, mainly because Mr. Zhao wasn’t interested in drama scripts, which made Ji Heyu focus more on his own business.

Half a year ago, he would never have imagined that he would gain such fame today. With his rising popularity, many friends who used to hang out at bars came to him for connections, classmates started reaching out to build relationships, and some even sold his phone number… His life had turned upside down, but he knew that the most important reason for all of this was Mr. Zhao’s support.

So when he learned that Huihua was planning to launch live broadcast, and especially after finding out that it was a livestream platform under Mr. Zhao, he eagerly jumped on board. He even discussed with his manager how to livestream to attract more viewers to Mr. Zhao’s platform.

His manager, Xiao Liu, had watched Ji Heyu grow over the years and said, “Why aren’t you this proactive when it comes to practicing dance routines? Plus, you have two business events scheduled for tomorrow, so you don’t have much time to stream this week. Let’s consider next week.”

“But don’t I have time tonight?” Ji Heyu thought to himself, “I could live stream while resting at the hotel tonight and even during backstage preparations for events…”

Xiao Liu remarked, “Are you planning to live on the platform? Live stream every day?”

Ji Heyu responded, “Isn’t this a way to boost Mr. Zhao’s platform? It’s essentially me making money for Mr. Zhao!”

Xiao Liu: “…”

I’ve seen hard working artists, but never one this hardworking!

In the end, at Xiao Liu’s request, Ji Heyu’s livestream schedule was set to two times. Although Ji Heyu himself thought livestreaming every day of the week was no problem, his manager adamantly rejected the idea.

On the day of the livestream, Ji Heyu was highly motivated. He had limited interaction with his fans before, but as soon as he started live streaming, he attracted a large number of fans. After undergoing this period of refinement, Ji Heyu wasn’t as easily shy as he used to be, and he interacted with fans very generously.

“Yes, I do get breaks, so don’t worry about that,” Ji Heyu addressed the barrage of comments, “You should also take breaks while working. I’ll be taking a short break early next year. The first half of the year is already planned out with events, what events? Well, you’ll have to wait for the official announcement for that…”

After chatting for half an hour, Xiao Liu reminded him from the other side that it was time to end the livestream.

This kid gets so into livestreaming that he loses track of time. He doesn’t even take breaks at night and is constantly thinking about work…

Ji Heyu hesitated for a moment, and when he couldn’t hold back any longer, he spoke up, “By the way, remember to download the Zhajiang Mian platform!”

【?? Cub, is Huihua making you do a livestream advertisement?】

【Just blink twice if you are kidnapped, j!】

“No, it’s not like that. I volunteered to do the advertisement,” Ji Heyu upheld his principle of earning money for Mr. Zhao, “Remember to download the app and follow me. You’ll receive notifications for my next livestream.”

Xiao Liu: ??? How many times are you planning to livestream!


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