Chapter 62.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 62.2

Honey Cheese has started broadcasting. On the first day of switching to the new platform, he lost quite a few fans. Most of the fans who followed him to the new platform were long-time loyal supporters. He’s been hesitating for a while, considering the contract terms and the platform’s recommendations. After receiving recommendations from several industry friends, he decided to give the Zhajiang Mian platform a try.

Just as he signed the contract with the new platform, his friends from the old platform began leaving messages on social media, expressing their disapproval of his move. Many people had previously suggested him to try other platforms, and now, as soon as they saw him switch, they started making sarcastic comments.

But Honey Cheese understood that some of these ‘friends’ were actually encouraging others to switch platforms. Lemon Platform was one of the largest platforms, but the recommendations for each content category was limited. Livestreams like their type were originally given a cold label on the Lemon Platform, and they received less exposure. Switching platforms meant one less competitor in their category.

He had seen through this secret competition and underlying rivalry among anchors. Although Zhajiang Mian was a new platform, they offer reasonable exposure in different content categories, and the contract terms they offered to Honey Cheese were favorable.

Honey Cheese is a lifestyle zone anchor. He usually live streams content related to cooking or crafting, targeting a niche audience with steady followers. On the first day of broadcasting on the new platform, there weren’t many viewers at the beginning. Honey Cheese greeted his loyal fans and began his livestream. This continued for several days. Although the viewership was not as high as on Lemon Platform, but it was steadily increasing.

Then, one day while he was live streaming, he suddenly found his broadcast being featured on the platform’s homepage recommendation. It was a typically calm morning for traffic, but the viewership and engagement in his livestream skyrocketed.

During his live broadcasting, Honey Cheese rarely paid attention to the viewer count, because activities like cooking and crafting demanded his full focus. He occasionally interacted and explained things to his fans, usually after completing a certain stage of the process.

When he finally checked the situation, he noticed a wave of new viewers joining his livestream, and some even used recommendation tickets to support him. Honey Cheese wasn’t used to closely monitoring his online presence, and with the platform having been online for less than two weeks, he didn’t have high expectations for the traffic. After checking the messages sent by the platform administrators, he learned that his livestream had been featured on the homepage recommendation!

Originally, Honey Cheese’s live streams were only recommended within specific sections of the platform. Now that he was featured on the homepage recommendation, he could truly feel the massive traffic of the platform’s front page.

【Wow, this is the type I like! Keep up the good work, anchor!】

【Amazing, the platform’s homepage looks so pretty and elegant!】

【[Rose Emoji x10] Come on, anchor! I’m on the subway and getting hungry.】

【The livestream interface is simple and not overly fancy, and sending bullet comments is easy!】


Isn’t Zhajiang Mian a new platform?! How come the traffic feels comparable to Lemon Platform? Honey Cheese was stunned. He had been streaming all morning, and the number ofbarrage and popularity in the livestream room reached unprecedented heights. The recommendation power of the new platform was even more impressive than he had imagined! He directly climbed to the platform’s daily ranking. He thought to himself, he didn’t care what others thought, Lemon Platform couldn’t provide him with such strong recommendations, and he didn’t have such a good opportunity there.


Since Pei Mingzhan’s live streaming activities, people in the industry have been inquiring about how much it costs to have Pei Mingzhan advertise for them. Not to mention, he was accompanied by Zhao Yao. It wasn’t just about money anymore. They couldn’t help but ask, what is the relationship between this Zhajiang Mian platform and Pei Mingzhan? Later on, after some inquiries, they found out that there were two other individuals behind the Zhajiang Mian platform, and they immediately stopped thinking. 

Nonsense, they’re advertising for their own platform. This is something that even money can’t usually buy.

The Zhajiang Mian platform is in full swing, while the Pencil Platform has started an event these past two days. At the beginning, the event seemed to be going well, but after the Zhajiang Mian platform’s recent actions, not only were they unable to suppress their momentum, but they also saw their daily traffic increasing day by day.

At noon, the owner of Pencil platform 1 received calls from other friends, all expressing that the background behind this Zhajiang Mian platform is not simple. Running an event to suppress them is one thing. If they manage to suppress them, everything would be fine. However, if they can’t suppress them, given the advantages of the Zhajiang Mian platform’s background, they will likely face waves of counterattack in the future.

Upon hearing this, he became somewhat anxious. If this platform really takes off, who knows how much traffic they’ll drawaway. In the industry, there are already other major platforms, and their medium-sized platforms have less traffic. Facing this situation makes him even more anxious.

However, news that spreads online cannot be faked. The fact that the owners behind the Zhajiang Mian platform are Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao has become well-known among online fans. Now, many fans are recommending and promoting the Zhajiang Mian platform because of this revelation. Not only that, other celebrities and influencers who have been invited to advertise for the Zhajiang Mian platform have also joined in. The user surge brought about by this wave is not to be underestimated.

This news spread to various major platforms. Other platforms that had initially planned to collaborate with the Pencil Platform to suppress the Zhajiang Mian platform began to reconsider. Dealing with just Gu Sui might be simple, but now that both Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao are behind the platform. Considering the circles that their live streaming platform is connected to, offending these two influential figures also means potentially offending the Pei and Zhao families behind them. Who would dare to get involved in this matter?

The boss of the Pencil Platform grew frustrated. Seeing that platforms they were trying to bring on board were now backing down, how could he cover the Zhajiang Mian platform alone? He had no choice but to discuss poaching other anchors with his team. Apart from planning engaging events to suppress the Zhajiang Mian platform’s traffic, they had initially intended to dig out anchors from the Zhajiang Mian platform. But the people they had sent came back with the news that the Zhajiang Mian platform was offering better conditions, and even well-known anchors  expressed their reluctance to leave.

In this situation, they can’t afford to back down, because the popularity of Zhajiang Mian platform is already on the rise. If they don’t suppress it soon, it might become difficult in the future. The boss of the Pencil Platform called his friend and said, “They have relied on celebrity traffic to boost their platform during this period. It won’t last long. Their platform lacks big anchors to sustain their growth… Check Zhajiang Mian platform, we can still consider recruiting some of their anchors if the situation permits…”

“Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao only streamed once. Their future growth won’t solely depend on that.” The Pencil Platform’s boss replied, “As long as we keep up the pressure, they might not be able to sustain their momentum. It’s a shame to give up on suppressing them, but the risks behind this matter are too great, and other platforms are not willing to take the risk.”

While he was still on the phone with his friend, he suddenly received a message from someone below.

His secretary rushed in and said, “Boss, we just received a message from the agency department. Several anchors have requested to terminate their contracts today.”

The boss grew irritated, “If they want to terminate, let them. As long as they can pay the breach of contract fee.”

“But, Boss, the anchors requesting termination are the ones we were negotiating contract renewals with,” the secretary hesitated, “Ending contracts upon expiration is one thing, but if all these anchors leave, we’ll be losing several A-grade anchors from our platform.”

The platform had many anchors, but there were only few who could support the platform’s reputation.

The Pencil Platform couldn’t compete with the likes of the Lemon Platform, those massive platforms. But, it managed to hold its ground with the stability provided by a few A-grade anchors. Now, with several A-grade anchors considering leaving, it means taking away the wave of traffic belonging to these anchors. This was a serious matter for the Pencil Platform.

The boss suddenly grew anxious, “What’s going on? Didn’t you say we’re close to finalizing these negotiations?”

The secretary replied, “I’m not sure either. The agency team mentioned that they suddenly changed their minds…”

The situation was turning for the worse for the Pencil Platform as it faced the possibility of losing key A-grade anchors along with the traffic the audience brought.

The Pencil Platform’s boss had no choice but to call one of the familiar anchors. The first call didn’t go through, and it was only connected on the second attempt. He was frustrated and angry at first but he had to persuade the anchor to reconsider. So, he began with a friendly tone, “Lao Cheng 2, I heard from the team below that you’re not planning to renew the contract. Is it because you’re unhappy with the terms? We can discuss it. We can increase the revenue share by another two points on our end…”

After a moment of hesitation on the other end of the call, Lao Cheng finally spoke, “Boss, it’s not just about the revenue share. The recommendations the platform has been providing lately are different from what you promised us initially. We’re considering switching to a different platform for our development.”

The Pencil Platform’s boss’s tone turned grave, “Are you thinking of moving to the Lemon Platform? Their recommendations might not necessarily be better than what we offer here.”

The recommendations from the major platforms are more competitive. These anchors might not necessarily have a better experience there, and staying here at least allows them to maintain a decent following.

Lao Cheng explained, “It’s not about that. After discussing with my colleagues, we’ve decided to develop on a new platform.”

The boss was taken aback, a new platform? What does that mean?

“Boss, there’s no need to persuade us further. Thank you for taking care of us during this time,” Lao Cheng’s voice carried an apologetic tone, “I need to hang up now, I’m still in the middle of a live streaming.”

As the call ended with a beep, the Pencil Platform’s boss realized the issue at hand. What other new platform could be as prominent during this time? It couldn’t be anything other than the Zhajiang Mian Platform, right!?

At this moment, the secretary finally spoke up, “Boss, the management team mentioned that the Zhajiang Mian Platform has also started poaching our anchors. They asked if we’re interested in discussing the benefits we’ve received during this time…”

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