Chapter 63.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 61.1

The live streaming platform incident had caused an uproar. Gu Sui called to express his gratitude, thanking the two big shots for their generous sacrifice. Zhao Yao paid little attention to the commotion and instead focused on the performance chart sent by Gu Sui in their group chat. During this time, he didn’t find anyone to advertise their platform, but the Zhajiang Mian platform “still spread around and gained popularity. Gu Sui had even gone ahead and started digging several other anchors.

Zhao Yao initially thought that it would take some time for the Zhajiang Mian platform to develop, but he did not expect Gu Sui to have a good market eye. He knew when to seize the opportunity. He had heard from Pei Mingzhan that other platforms had initially tried to suppress Zhajiang Mian, but once the traffic started flowing, Gu Sui decided to poach anchors from others.

In addition, there were quite a few anchors in the industry who had started inquiring about the Zhajiang Mian platform and had thoughts about developing to a different platform. But these matters were not Zhao Yao’s concern. He and Pei Mingzhan just established their relationship. In a blink of an eye, Pei Mingzhan had to travel out of town for a week due to business issues in his company. They hadn’t even officially started their relationship, and they were already separated by distance.

During this period, Zhao Ruihong had planned to visit but had to leave early due to some issues with RH business abroad. Before leaving, she gave Zhao Yao the contact information of RH’s domestic manager, saying that if Huihua needed any assistance, he could contact them directly. But she didn’t think Huihua would need their help and considered it more of a way to connect with Zhao Yao.

“What does this mean…?”

It was Chen Xi’s first time visiting  Zhao Yao’s house. As they sat down, Zhao Yao handed him a business card.

Zhao Yao replied, “Just take a look and decide for yourself.”

It was useless to leave the contact information to Zhao Yao. But since it was given by Zhao Ruihong, he considered it a convenience, and given Huihua’s current development trends, it could also be mutually beneficial in final analysis.

Chen Xi accepted the business card with mixed feelings and continued, “Oh, by the way, Mr. Zhao, ‘Mi Ying’ is going to premiere in two days.”

“Mi Ying?” Zhao Yao was a bit surprised. He had almost forgotten about this drama. “Is post-production all done?”

“Yes, it should air this weekend. Due to the nature of the content, it will be available for online streaming in collaboration with Panda Platform,” Chen Xi explained further. “Because this drama features a cameo appearance by Actor Pei, it garnered quite a bit of online attention. Considering our overall investment, the return rate for this drama may be a few points higher than initially estimated.”

“That’s good to hear,” Zhao Yao replied with some interest. Although he had seen actors filming on set, there was still a significant difference between the on-set experience and the final product presented on screen. In addition, if he counted correctly, this would likely be Pei Mingzhan’s last work before retiring from the industry.

“Thank you for your hard work during this period. After ‘Mi Ying,’ there’s a promotion for ‘Li Meng,’ right?”

Zhao Yao continued, “Will the schedule for ‘Li Meng’ be on track?”

Chen Xi hurriedly replied, “There shouldn’t be any issues. Post-production is nearly complete, and it will be ready for submission soon.”

Chen Xi was still a little nervous coming over to Zhao Yao’s place. Yesterday, Zhao Yao went to the company and conducted temporary interviews. Among the people Chen Xi and Yao Bai had initially selected, most had been rejected, leaving only two candidates. He came today to deliver some documents, but he also wanted to inquire about Mr. Zhao’s attitude.

In the kitchen, Uncle Wang was preparing dinner. Chen Xi had arrived in the afternoon, and it was still early for dinner, so Zhao Yao invited him to stay for a meal. Initially, Chen Xi had come to deliver documents, but now that business matters were done, he couldn’t find a suitable topic for conversation with Zhao Yao, whose attention was entirely on his phone.

The living room had a simple decor, but Chen Xi noticed several valuable decorations with just a quick glance. He remembered the incident where Huihua’s artist Ji Heyu had taken a selfie with a million-dollar painting, and his eyes were drawn to a painting placed next to the wall-mounted television. The overall interior design of the room was quite elegant, except for the temporary DVD cabinet near the TV and the stack of books on the table.

Just now, a book was left on the couch, and he took a quick look at it. The cover was extravagant, and it was hard to imagine that this type of book was Zhao Yao’s favorite.

“I heard that Huihua is collaborating with Zhajiang Mian Platform?” Zhao Yao suddenly spoke up.

Chen Xi became a bit nervous when he heard this. “Yes. Nowadays, an artist’s exposure doesn’t just depend on resources. With the rise of the internet and diverse forms of communication, live streaming is indeed a good way to maintain an actor’s popularity.”

One must know, actors often spend several months in the studio for filming, and some even work on multiple projects in a year, leaving them with little time for regular activities. Initially, Huihua had some agents suggest to actors to consider live streaming to provide benefits to their fans. But they didn’t consider partnering with a specific platform. They used whichever live streaming platform they found convenient. But now, with Mr. Zhao’s Zhajiang Mian Platform, how can they use other platforms?

After hearing this, Zhao Yao replied, “That’s good.”

“Mr. Zhao, it seems you’re interested in live streaming recently?” Suddenly, Chen Xi remembered something. “The guy managing Huihua’s official Weibo is constantly discussing matters with their supervisor, and their supervisor ended up reaching out to me, saying there’s no material to update the Weibo.”

“Material?” Zhao Yao paused. “Huihua has so many artists. How can there be a lack of material for Weibo updates?”

His tone carried a touch of reprimand and distrust.

Chen Xi quickly explained upon hearing this. “It’s not what it sounds like. The artist’s Weibo monitoring our official account isn’t primarily about this. When we mentioned a lack of material, it meant there’s no material provided by you. You mentioned last time that if fans had any concerns, they should contact the official account. As a result, all the fans have flooded our official account with requests.”

Zhao Yao furrowed his brow slightly. “How many fans can I have?”

Chen Xi wasn’t sure if he should answer that. It seemed like the god of wealth in his house didn’t know anything about his influence. He also didn’t seem to anticipate that Huihua’s official Weibo had become his personal account. People who didn’t know might think that Huihua equaled Zhao Yao’s studio!

He hesitated for a moment and then said, “Quite a lot.”

“Oh.” Zhao Yao responded.

Chen Xi, “…”

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s phone rang. Chen Xi took the initiative to mute his own phone, and could hear Zhao Yao answering the call without trying to conceal it.

The caller was Pei Mingzhan, and given the time of this dinner, Zhao Yao knew Pei Mingzhan was likely going to call.

“Hello?” Zhao Yao answered the call and asked, “Are you off work?”

It is also difficult to go on a business trip out of town. At this moment, Pei Mingzhan had just left the branch office building, and the driver arranged by the general manager hadn’t arrived yet. He was standing at the company entrance, wearing a mask. There were several girls looking at him from a distance, but they hesitated to approach and ask for his photograph after seeing the company’s security guard. 

Pei Mingzhan said, “I just got off work. I’ll come over for dinner later.”

Then he added, “I have some unexpected matters here. It looks like I’ll need to postpone my return by two days.”

Zhao Yao paused and replied, “Alright, no problem.”

Pei Mingzhan was still waiting for the car to arrive. Aside from their phone calls and occasional video chats, it was as if last week’s confession by Zhao Yao had never happened. 

He caught in the corner of his eye the two girls not far away. He nodded politely to them and then heard the sound of a car approaching.

“How’s work going?” Zhao Yao asked on the other end of the phone.

Pei Mingzhan briefly explained the work-related issues and then mentioned that there were some interesting places in his current location.

After talking for a while, Pei Mingzhan suddenly asked, “I still have two days before I can return. I’m starting to miss you. Do you miss me?”

Chen Xi sat on the other side of the sofa, while Zhao Yao spoke in a low voice. But in this place, there were only the two of them. He couldn’t hear the voice from the other end of the phone, but he could still hear Zhao Yao clearly. At first, he thought it might be one of Zhao Yao’s friends, but as the conversation continued, the more he felt something was wrong.

He was still thinking about something when he heard Zhao Yao saying, “Miss you? I did.”

He asked about dinner, work, and even asked if there were any holidays??

“Still miss you?”

And when did Zhao Yao start speaking so softly? Could it be one of those little goblin on the other end of the line?

Chen Xi had been busy with matters related to Huihua. Several times he had talked with Zhao Yao, but those conversations were mostly about work. Only a few times had he gotten the opportunity to know Zhao Yao better. Even then, it was just casual small talk during breaks with Yao Bai. In addition, there were times when they worked on suppressing hot searches. Chen Xi heard several times about the relationship between Zhao Yao and the famous actor Pei Mingzhan. Although he was aware that these claims were primarily spread by CP fans, he had also encountered some black rumors in the process.

But it is not as exaggerated as Pei Mingzhan’s manager, Brother Lao. Who didn’t know that Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao have a good relationship? Based on his understanding, Chen Xi believed that Zhao Yao was undoubtedly a straight man.

A young talent like Zhao Yao, who was only 24 years old, should be fully dedicated to his career. While Pei Mingzhan was his friend, Chen Xi had never thought about whether Zhao Yao had a girlfriend or not.

But now, in this situation, Zhao Yao, who was usually so serious, was speaking to someone like this?

Is he really in a relationship???

Chen Xi’s expression immediately turned serious. He felt like he had stumbled upon a major secret. At this moment, Uncle Wang, who had come over to ask Chen Xi about his preferences, saw that Chen Xi seemed uneasy. Chen Xi thought about going to the kitchen to help Uncle Wang.

After Zhao Yao finished his call with Pei Mingzhan, he was still a bit absent-minded. He had stored numerous tips and tricks for cultivating a relationship during the period they had been in love, intending to try them when Pei Ming Zhan returned.But now their reunion was postponed by another two days.

Chen Xi brought some fruit over, noticing Zhao Yao’s frowning. He knew Zhao Yao might not be in a good mood.

He cautiously asked, “Mr. Zhao, Mr. Wang asked me to bring the fruit over.”

“Chen Xi, do you have a girlfriend?” Zhao Yao asked after thinking for a while.

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