Chapter 63.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 63.2

Chen Xi had been single for several years. This was the first time he heard his boss ask about his romantic history. “I used to have a girlfriend, but we broke up. In our line of work, who has time for love? I’m so busy, I wish I could split myself in two,” he said, all the while thinking why Zhao Yao had asked this question. Thinking back to the recent phone call, he had an immature thought.

“Oh, you broke up,” Zhao Yao lost his interest when he heard this. Breakups didn’t hold much reference value for him.

Hearing a hint of regret in Zhao Yao’s tone, Chen Xi continued, “Was that just now a call with your girlfriend, Zhao Yao?”

Zhao Yao glanced at Chen Xi and replied, “Something like that.”

With this confirmation, Chen Xi felt he had some place to use his skills and immediately said, “Mr. Zhao, even though I’m no longer in a relationship, I did date my ex-girlfriend for two or three years. She also broke up with me because I didn’t have much time to spend with her due to work. I understand a bit about dating. You see, understanding a girl’s mind is quite tricky. You have to take every word she says seriously.”

Zhao Yao saw Chen Xi has some understanding in the issue and became interested. He asked, “What do you mean?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and explained, “Take my ex-girlfriend as an example. When she mentioned craving a particular food in our daily conversations, it wasn’t just about satisfying her cravings. It was more about hoping that I would accompany her to eat it or buy it for her.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Yao was surprised. “What about when she says she misses you?”

“That’s simple,” Chen Xi immediately responded. “It means she genuinely misses you and wishes she could rush to your side right away.”

Zhao Yao suddenly realized, “So that’s how it is?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Absolutely, otherwise, why would she tell you that she misses you?” He thought that his boss’s approach was a bit too straightforward, so he gently reminded him, “Mr. Zhao, if you care about your girlfriend, you can’t let her take all the initiative. You need to take initiative too. If she wants to eat something, buy it for her or even cook it for her. If she’s not feeling well, take care of her…”

Zhao Yao listened to Chen Xi’s detailed guidelines for maintaining a romantic relationship and realized that there was some wisdom in his words. When Uncle Wang came to call them for dinner, he stopped discussing the topic.

During dinner, the conversation shifted away from the topic, but Chen Xi noticed that he and Zhao Yao seemed closer. Zhao Yao used to pay no attention to the performance reports and data, but now, when they talked about personal matters, Zhao Yao complimented him a few times.

After dinner, Chen Xi left the apartment with a light heart. As he reached the underground parking lot, he suddenly remembered something and quickly sent a text message to Brother Lao.

Two days ago, Brother Lao was worried about potential black materials rising from the live streaming. He had asked Chen Xi to keep an eye on any gossip about Zhao Yao. But now that Chen Xi knew that Zhao Yao had a girlfriend, he felt it was time to set the record straight and prevent any unnecessary fuss.

In the apartment, Uncle Wang was cleaning up the dining table and noticed that his young master had gone to the walk-in closet.

He walked over and asked, “Young Master, do you have any plans tomorrow?”

“I’m going to Y City,” Zhao Yao replied while choosing his clothes in the walk-in closet.

Uncle Wang asked, “Shall I have Xiaobai book your flight for you? Are you traveling alone, or would you like Xiaobai to accompany you?”

“No need,” Zhao Yao replied, taking down the scarf he had purchased online. “Just book the flight.”

Uncle Wang nodded and was about to make the call when he remembered something, “Young Master, you have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Do you need to reschedule?”

Zhao Yao’s hand paused as he took the scarf, and he furrowed his brows slightly, “Inform the doctor and tell them to reschedule when I return.”


Zhao Zhikai received the message just as he had finished a meeting. Zhao Changshuo’s tactics were becoming more frequent, and the news from the overseas sanatorium was not optimistic. It seemed that Zhao Changshuo also knew that his father couldn’t hold on much longer and was eager to reclaim the scattered power.

This setback disrupted Zhao Zhikai’s plans, and it wasn’t wise to act and expose himself.

“So, you mean Huang Wenjun got in?” Zhao Zhikai asked, “And none of the others made it?”

The secretary replied, “The Third Young Master’s team has a very strict interview process. We sent a total of five people, and most of them were eliminated in the final interview. Only Huang Wenjun made it through.”

Zhao Zhikai furrowed his brows slightly, “Final interview? Doesn’t Zhao Yao only have that dazed guy, Yao Bai, by his side?”

“The final interview was conducted by the Third Young Master personally, and he also eliminated those four individuals,” the secretary explained.

Zhao Zhikai chuckled coldly, “Zhao Yao has improved a bit. He managed to eliminate four people. I underestimated him. Have we received any updates from Huang Wenjun?”

“You were initially concerned about the Third Young Master’s mother’s assets. Huang Wenjun says he hasn’t been involved in the relevant business yet,” the secretary continued, “But he has gained some insights into the situation. Most of these assets won’t be managed by the Third Young Master’s team. It appears that they are still in the hands of the agent appointed by the Third Young Master’s mother.”

“Is the Zheng family still in control?” Zhao Zhikai furrowed his brows slightly. “It’s strange. Given his current level of caution and his less close relationship with the Zheng family, I’m surprised he’s willing to entrust these assets to them.”

The secretary nodded, “Third Young Master seems to have little interest in these matters. Recently, he has only invested in Huihua and the Zhajiang Mian platform.”

“You instruct Huang Wenjun to keep a close eye on his interactions with Zhao Changshuo,” Zhao Zhikai frowned and continued, “All these appearances might be for the benefit of others.”

The secretary nodded again, “Understood.”

“Wait,” Zhao Zhikai added, “After you leave, have Zhao Qizhen come over. With Zhao Changshuo making so many moves, we might as well use these two.”

Zhao Qizhen and Bai Chengxue had been relatively quiet for a while, likely due to something Zhao Changshuo had said to them. The news about the overseas nursing home hadn’t reached their ears. Given their strong desire to seize the family’s assets, their calmness in this situation was suspicious. If Zhao Yao and Zhao Changshuo were truly cooperating secretly, they shouldn’t be ignoring this matter.

The secretary didn’t ask further questions and simply nodded before leaving.


Mi Ying is finalized!

The web series that faced quite a few controversies during its production has finally set a release date, on January 20th. The happiest people about this news are not only the fans of the main actors but also the fans of Pei Mingzhan and Ji Heyu.

Ji Heyu’s current traffic has been soaring, and most of the projects he’s been taking on are related to music. It’s said that many producers have tried to contact Ji Heyu to discuss acting opportunities, but his manager has refused them, stating that Xiao Ji is currently focused on music and doesn’t want to rush into acting.But “Mi Ying,” as a web series from Ji Heyu’s early career, carries high expectations from Ji’s fans.

As for Pei Mingzhan, it’s worth noting that besides “Jianghu,” which aired a few months ago, he hasn’t had any new projects for quite some time. When it comes to his unreleased works, besides the one that seems unlikely to air due to its subject matter, Mi Ying is one of the few that still holds some hope.

Before it was even broadcast, there was a festive atmosphere on Weibo, similar to celebrating Chinese New Year.

The official account of the series has started sharing various materials to boost excitement. These materials include shots of the main characters and other miscellaneous content. While the official account has been consistently sharing these materials, the amount of content featuring Pei Mingzhan is significantly less due to his limited time on set. Also, the staff responsible for these behind-the-scenes materials found that all of Pei Mingzhan’s materials were somehow related to Mr. Zhao, making it difficult to find solo shots of him.

After sharing the makeup and promotional photos, Pei Mingzhan’s fans were eagerly waiting for more. To appease them, the production team ended up posting a GIF of the cast enjoying roasted chicken on set late at night.

@MiYingWebSeries: #AfterWorkSeries01# One moment, they are battling evil forces, and the next moment, the actors and teachers are indulging in a late-night meal [adorable].

The image posted is in a 3×3 grid format and features several pictures. However, when it comes to Pei Mingzhan, there’s only one image – a picture of him and Mr. Zhao. In the image, Pei Mingzhan is wearing gloves while tearing into the roasted chicken, and Mr. Zhao is sitting next to him, holding a chicken leg.

【Hahaha, I’ve heard before that this is the best crew when it comes to providing fan service.】

【I’ve seen those blurry images from before, and now I’m really envious of the production crew!】

【That roasted chicken looks so delicious, it’s making me hungry.】

【As a Zhao fan, I’m here all the time. I suggest you be more timely with the updates! [Kneeling.jpg]】

【Hahaha, now that I’m looking at this picture, it seems like Pei and Xiao Zhao had a great relationship from way back.】

【Isn’t this picture from before the release of “Jianghu”? Aaah, their friendship is amazing.】

【Fairy friendship! Mr. Zhao, hurry up and urge Pei Mingzhan to film more! Woo woo woo!】

【With all this content, I’m starting to believe my ship is real.】

Mi Ying was gaining a lot of online attention, and Pei Mingzhan had tried calling Zhao Yao around noon but received no answer. He was starting to get worried. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that he received a text message from Zhao Yao in response.

As soon as he had just finished a meeting, Pei Mingzhan received a call on the internal line, with the secretary informing him that someone was waiting for him in the reception room.

Pei Mingzhan furrowed his brows slightly. He didn’t visit the branch office often, and when someone wanted to meet him, they usually scheduled an appointment in advance. This kinds of visits are rare and quite unusual. 

After exchanging greetings with some senior executives who had just finished their meetings and returned to their workstations, Pei Mingzhan asked his secretary while walking, “Is it a client who made an appointment?”

The secretary replied, “They said it’s not a pre-scheduled client. The front desk mentioned that it seems to be Mr. Zhao.”

Author’s note: 

Chen Xi: Saying ‘I miss you’ means ‘I want to see you.’

Zhao Yao suddenly understood: Oh.

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