Chapter 64.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 64.2

“Yeah,” Pei Mingzhan replied and then said a few more ingredient requirements to the food stall owner. “You said you had something to talk to me about? What’s the matter?”

Brother Lao hesitated for a moment, seeing Pei Mingzhan’s heart set on Zhao Yao, he couldn’t bear it. “Old Pei, I just heard something. Do you know that Mr. Zhao is in a romantic relationship?”

There was a pause on Pei Mingzhan’s end before he replied, “I know.”

Brother Lao was even more confused by this response. “You know? Pursuing a straight guy is fruitless, and there are still other shops out there… You’re only twenty-seven, there’s no rush for this.”

Pei Mingzhan stood in line at Y City;s specialty food stalls. He was wearing a mask, a scarf, and even flat glasses. His disguise made him look like a regular office worker, except for the occasional glances he received.

“Don’t worry. I have something to attend to. I’ll hang up first,” he calmly said after ending the call. He proceeded to scan a QR code to pay and picked up his items, then left the food stall to return to his car.

On the other end, Brother Lao who was hung up had a complicated expression on his face. This guy 1 already has a girlfriend, and yet this guy’s 2 still rushing to pursue someone. Pei Mingzhan is usually not a person who can’t figure it out, but how come he seems so crazy after meeting Zhao Yao? It’s like his first love or something.But when we were young, who didn’t have a crush on someone? But how come when it’s Pei Mingzhan, it turns into a strange love story, with no room for anyone else but Zhao Yao?

No, no. This couldn’t go on. He needs to have a serious talk with Pei Mingzhan. He couldn’t meddle in someone else’s relationship!

The more Brother Lao thought about it, the worse it seemed. After calming down, he tried calling Pei Mingzhan again, but all he got was a busy signal.

“Hello, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please…”

Brother Lao, “???”

He even hung up on his phone.


After arriving at the hotel, Zhao Yao sat on the couch and played on his phone. The bodyguard who had accompanied him switched hotels temporarily and was also staying here. Since Pei Mingzhan would be in town for a few more days, Zhao Yao estimated that he would return home late.

Lately, he has been spending more time on forums than on Weibo, and rarely looked at his original tree hole 3. With some free time on his hands, he opened Weibo and suddenly thought about Pei Mingzhan. He realized he hadn’t checked Pei Mingzhan’s Weibo much lately.

Since the last time he casually followed Pei Mingzhan, he had remained on Zhao Yao’s list of followed accounts. When he clicked on the first post in Pei Mingzhan’s profile, it was still the link to his previous live broadcast.

Zhao Yao thought to himself that it seemed like celebrities like them rarely use Weibo.

On his Weibo homepage, Zhao Yao saw posts from emotional anonymous bloggers, interspersed with a few financial news updates. After a few glances, Zhao Yao lost interest. He then switched to his message inbox, intending to clear the notifications. As soon as he entered, he saw a familiar ID.

Zhao Yao rarely used Weibo, and when it came to comments from online friends, he usually skimmed through them briefly. Typically, comments from users were related to certain topics or viewpoints. But, there was one user who stood out.

He also forgot when this user appeared, but one day, they started showing up under his Weibo posts, liking every single one, and even reposting and commenting in agreement with his views. He had never encountered such a dedicated follower before, so he decided to make a note of their ID.

The ID is a string of garbled characters, and the profile picture is a kite.

It’s so simple that it doesn’t look like a regular Weibo user. Occasionally, Zhao Yao would accidentally click on the homepage of other user. Typically, the homepage of netizens will have other reposted Weibo or original content. But this Kite user does not have an original posts, and the reposted Weibo is all his posts. But it also shows that their account has been registered for a long time.

Today, when Zhao Yao clicked into the profile, he found that the Kite user had posted an original Weibo.

There was no textual content, only a Weibo self-made emoji.

@afasfa: [Sun]

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment. The emoji was a sun. Was this because he had something to be happy about recently?

Just then, a phone call came in, disrupting Zhao Yao’s thoughts. The caller displayed on the screen was Zhao Changshuo. Zhao Yao frowned slightly. Why was he calling at this time?

Zhao Changshuo had called him just yesterday, telling him that Zhao Zhikai’s  action is becoming unscrupulous recently and urging him to pay more attention to safety. That’s why Zhao Yao had made the last-minute decision to come to Y City with his driver. Zhao Ruihong had left the country not long ago, so there were only a few family members left in China…

Zhao Yao had thought that Zhao Zhikai’s recent change in behavior might be due to his father’s deteriorating health.

“Hello?” Zhao Yao answered the call.

It was very quiet on Zhao Changshuo’s end. He said, “I heard you went to Y City? Why are you traveling so far at this time?”

Zhao Yao replied simply, “I came here for something. Let’s talk about what you said in the morning.”

The reason Zhao Changshuo had called him this morning was exactly this matter. He had warned Zhao Yao that Zhao Zhikai might make a move, and Zhao Yao had come to Y City in response. Now, Zhao Changshuo’s voice sounded slightly solemn. “When I called you this morning, I hadn’t received any news yet. Just now, I got word that Zhao Zhikai has already started trying to win over other people.”

In fact, the main decision-making power within the Zhao Group still rested with their father. Zhao Changshuo and Zhao Zhikai were merely handling affairs on his behalf during this period. But with the sudden changes in the situation, even Zhao Zhikai was closely monitoring internal developments within the group. As long as news of their father’s critical condition comes out, the Zhao family’s situation would change dramatically. Zhao Yao remembered that during this period in his previous life, he had joined forces with Zhao Zhikai to deal with Zhao Changshuo. At that time, Zhao Zhikai had been the main strategist, and with his methods, even without a legitimate reason, it wouldn’t be difficult to handle Zhao Changshuo.

But the situation in this life is not as simple as in the previous life.  He had informed Zhao Changshuo in advance about Zhao Zhikai’s plans, and during this period, Zhao Changshuo had been proactive in countering those moves. Now, Zhao Zhikai was in a disadvantaged position. If he wanted to turn the tide and seize control in the end, he could only rally support among the shareholders to ensure that the final vote count was evenly matched with Zhao Changshuo’s. Only then would he have a chance to reverse his fortunes.

“Is he about to die?” Zhao Yao asked calmly. “Then, it’s normal for Zhao Zhikai to be anxious.”

Zhao Changshuo paused slightly when he heard the words. He was about to tell Zhao Yao the news from abroad, but from Zhao Yao’s tone, he probably already knew that his father’s condition was not good, so he had no choice but to say, “Yes.”

“In the end, there are only a few of us who can inherit the position within the company. Our second sister isn’t interested, and I’ll withdraw from the competition as well. In reality, among us, you and Zhao Qizhen are the only ones with a legitimate claim to the inheritance,” Zhao Yao continued. “Zhao Zhikai wants to gather support from others, but he lacks a legitimate reason to do so.”

“You mean Zhao Qizhen?” Zhao Changshuo was aware of this and had been on guard since Zhao Zhikai became close to Zhao Qizhen. But, he had never considered Zhao Qizhen a serious threat. Zhao Zhikai had never entrusted him with important matters, making it seem unlikely for someone like Zhao Qizhen to gain control of the Zhao Group through legitimate means.

“Even if Zhao Zhikai doesn’t use Zhao Qizhen now, it doesn’t mean Zhao Qizhen is completely useless. He might target Zhao Qizhen in his next move,” Zhao Yao replied. “What I mean is that Zhao Qizhen could become his legitimate reason.”

“You mean that Zhao Qizhen might be his way to gain a justifiable reason to inherit the group?” Zhao Changshuo paused for a moment. “Do you think he would use the same strategy we guessed before?”

“Yes, and even now, the more worthless Zhao Qizhen appears, the easier it will be for Zhao Zhikai to take power from him later on,” Zhao Yao said with a slight smile. “Big Brother, there are numerous ways to manipulate the inheritance rights. Since Zhao Zhikai knows about the situation abroad, your overseas connections might not be secure enough. When someone passes away, a will might suddenly emerge. Do you think the situation will remain the same then?”

Zhao Changshuo’s expression immediately turned serious. “Are you saying he might act over there?”

“After all, he needs a legitimate reason, and he can easily claim that he’s assisting Zhao Qizhen to gain a position of power. At that time Zhao Qizhen’s inaction will be the perfect excuse for him to usurp power,” Zhao Yao continued. “That man is capable of anything to seize control of the company. After careful calculation, it might take him as little as five years or as long as ten years to become the Chairman legitimately.”

Zhao Changshuo had considered this issue before but hadn’t paid much attention to Zhao Qizhen. But following Zhao Yao’s explanation, he realized that Zhao Zhikai would indeed focus on Zhao Qizhen in the future. “I will pay more attention. By the way, Zhao Zhikai has been closely monitoring your situation recently, so you should also keep an eye on your surroundings.”

Zhao Yao was taken aback when he heard the words, and then said: “I will, thank you.”

After Zhao Changshuo hung up, Zhao Yao sat alone, quietly reflecting on the strategies Zhao Zhikai had used in his past life. In fact, he could guess Zhao Zhikai’s possible moves in the near future. But, these strategies weren’t something a mere will could resolve. Zhao Zhikai was undoubtedly planning to make significant moves, and that’s why he had sent Huang Wenjun to join Zhao Yao’s team. Zhao Zhikai might also intend to manipulate things within Zhao Yao’s sphere of influence.

It is too simple to sow discord between the two of them. If he truly had a cooperative relationship with Zhao Changshuo, then Huang Wenjun would serve as a flag for planting seeds of discord at a crucial moment. If he didn’t have such a relationship with Zhao Changshuo, Huang Wenjun could still create the illusion to disrupt the situation.

He originally wanted to quit the group and spend his days idle, but Zhao Zhikai still counted him in.

It would be fine if Zhao Zhikai didn’t do anything, but now that Huang Wenjun is on his side,  it was clear that Zhao Zhikai was considering him a potential threat.


Zhao Yao was taking a shower when Pei Mingzhan returned to the hotel after shopping. He simply tidied up the things he had left in the living room while Zhao Yao’s suitcase was slightly opened. Pei Mingzhan picked up the coat that had fallen to the ground and suddenly noticed several things placed inside the half-open suitcase.

Zhao Yao had only brought a few changes of clothes and a tablet on this trip, but there was an obvious medicine kit in his suitcase.

“You’re back?” Zhao Yao walked out while drying his hair, seeing Pei Mingzhan helping him with his suitcase. He walked over, took out two scarves of the same color from the suitcase, and said, “I bought this one when I bought the hat last time. Try it on and see if the color suits you.”

Pei Mingzhan came back to his senses, removed the scarf around his neck, and then took the scarf and put it on.

Zhao Yao observed Pei Mingzhan from head to toe. The latter was wearing a well-fitted suit, and the warm-colored scarf softened his overall appearance. Zhao Yao had noticed before that when Pei Mingzhan wore a suit, his demeanor changed significantly, becoming more aggressive.

He looked like a cautious and fierce lion, and beneath his calm gaze lay meticulous calculations, just like a predator stalking its prey.

“It suits you well,” Zhao Yao praised. “No wonder you’re the famous Best Actor Pei. You look like a hanger in whatever you wear.”

“I quite like it,” Pei Mingzhan smiled. “But I only dress up to impress you.”

Zhao Yao felt somewhat soft-hearted by Pei Mingzhan’s words. “I’m glad you like it.”

“That’s right,” Pei Mingzhan took off the scarf and casually asked, “I just noticed you have a medicine kit in your suitcase. Have you not been feeling well lately?”

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