Chapter 71.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 71.2

When Pei Mingzhan learned about the rumors online, there was only one week left until the Chinese New Year. As the Spring Festival approached, the company was also preparing for the holiday. It was only after he had finally finished his busy work that he realized he had only a week to talk to Zhao Yao on the phone and hadn’t even seen him in person.

He went online to check the rumors and only then found out that there had been such an incident related to Mi Ying these days. Fortunately, the situation was resolved in time and didn’t turn into a major issue.

Pei Mingzhan scrolled through Zhao Yao’s Weibo and noticed that his boyfriend hadn’t been busy sharing his nine-grid photos lately. Instead, he seemed to be focusing on various random things like learning to cook and relationship tips for couples. Pei Mingzhan habitually liked all of Zhao Yao’s Weibo posts.

Seeing that it was still early, he put on a hat and a mask, then went to the supermarket to buy groceries, preparing to go to Zhao Yao’s house.

When Uncle Wang received Mr. Pei’s message, he was in the kitchen watching his young master trying to learn how to make desserts. After several days of practice, the young master had finally made some progress, but he still wasn’t very skilled at making desserts.

Watching his young master in an apron, looking very serious while holding a whisk, his expression during dessert-making was just like when he was handling his work. It made Uncle Wang both want to help and be afraid to help.

Soon, Zhao Yao’s attention was drawn away by his ringing phone.

Uncle Wang picked up the phone from the side and found an unmarked phone number. Zhao Yao glanced at the number briefly and then untied his apron to wash his hands and answer the call.

Uncle Wang said, “Mr. Pei said he’s coming over tonight 1.”

Zhao Yao paused when he heard this. He knew that Pei Mingzhan had been busy recently, so he was surprised that he had time to come over today. Zhao Yao replied briefly, “I see. I’ll go to the study.”

The study room was very quiet. Zhao Yao turned on the lights and listened to the report from his confidant while walking over. He asked, “So, this guy actually used Bai Chengxue’s money to do other things?”

The investigation was related to Bai Chengxue’s company. The man who recently met with Bai Chengxue turned out to be her ex-boyfriend from over twenty years ago. The investigation took some time, but it revealed that the man had not been straightforward with Bai Chengxue and had used her money for various other purposes.

“What about what I told you to do?” Zhao Yao asked.

His confidant replied, “I’ve already contacted other suppliers, but he won’t be able to secure that particular contract. And because of the recent acquisition of shares, his available liquid assets should be insufficient.”

The company established by Bai Chengxue actually has some connection with the Zhao Group’s business. That’s why she can use the connections within the company to provide convenience to her ex-boyfriend. But because of this, there is also competition between her company and certain aspects of the Zhao Group’s business. So, in the competitive business arena, it’s not difficult to undermine a company like hers.

The head of the raw materials department used to be his mother’s subordinate in the past. He was later transferred to manage this department in another division. So, he had his trusted subordinate approach the manager responsible for this business, informing him about the matters of this company. The rest was just waiting for the right opportunity.

“Don’t spare that guy either,” Zhao Yao added. “IHe won’t get away easily using my Zhao family’s money for these shady activities.”

When it comes to internal matters within the group, it may involve the interests of many key individuals within the group. But isn’t the Zhao Group in its current mess precisely because of these parasites? When it involves endangering company secrets, Bai Chengxue can be the sharp edge that Zhao Changshuo uses to eliminate the internal problems.

Zhao Yao instructed his subordinate to handle a few more tasks and then contacted Old Zheng to prepare for the final stages of their operation. He hadn’t expected that investigating Bai Chengxue would lead to such significant revelations. This operation not only resolved the issue with Bai Chengxue but also provided Zhao Changshuo a great gift.

It’s still a bit of a loss, but Zhao Changshuo doesn’t have other entertainment resources in his hands, so he can’t help him much…

He thought carefully. Although he couldn’t take advantage of Huihua on this matter, there were still many resources within the Zhao Group that could be used, such as the technical workforce that Gu Sui mentioned before. In the past, he also considered setting up a live streaming platform because the business in Zhao’s Group is a good foundation. It is twice the result with half the effort to run a live broadcast.

It was dark before he knew it. As soon as Zhao Yao finished explaining the matter, he looked up and saw Pei Mingzhan standing at the door.

Pei Mingzhan leaned against the door frame and was looking at him. “Are you done with work?”

Zhao Yao rearranged the documents on the desk and asked, “When did you arrive?”

“Just now,” Pei Mingzhan walked into the study.  “Uncle Wang said you were in this room, so I came here. I bought a lot of groceries. What would you like to have for dinner tonight?”

“Anything is fine.”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment, thinking about how messy he had left the kitchen while attempting to make desserts. He wasn’t sure if Uncle Wang had cleaned it up.

It’s strange that he’s good at cooking ordinary dishes, so why is it so difficult to make these sweet treats that Pei Mingzhan loves to eat?


When Bai Chengxue received the message, she found it hard to believe. She had instructed someone to dig up dirt on Zhao Yao, but instead, she found out that there were negative reports online that were actually boosting the popularity of “Mi Ying.”  Seeing that the negative news was decreasing, she immediately made a phone call to inquire about the situation.

The tone on the phone was particularly urgent, “Hurry, hurry, can this be rushed?  I understand that you want to get back at Zhao Qizhen, but I am not familiar with the entertainment industry. Avoiding Zhao Group’s surveillance to help you with this is not that easy, okay?”

The man on the other end of the line was her ex-boyfriend. They had maintained a relatively friendly relationship after their breakup, especially before she married into the Zhao family. He had given her advice back then, warning her that the future of the Zhao Group was uncertain. She might not have an easy life if others took over. He suggested that she should be cautious and prepare an escape route for herself.

At the time, Bai Chengxue didn’t take his advice seriously. But after Zhao Changshuo gained favor, she started feeling a sense of crisis grow in her heart. Her own family didn’t trust him. But for some reason, she trusted her former boyfriend. Under his guidance, she used her connections to provide various advantages to his company. It gradually grew into a successful business.

The dividends she received from the Zhao family were not enough to sustain her luxurious lifestyle each month. To maintain her high-end consumption and secure her son’s future when Zhao Qizhen eventually took over, she had refrained from taking advantage of the company’s resources. Now, she finally needs the company to support her son, but how can the results be disappointing?

Bai Chengxue had a bad temper, and her voice sounded annoyed. “Can’t all this money solve the issue with Zhao Yao?”

The man on the phone fell silent for a moment and then replied, “You used your money to buy up scattered stocks not long ago, and now you want to invest in an entertainment company. Huihua did have some bad rumors before, but its foundation is completely different after Zhao Yao took over. I have limited available funds at the moment, but I’ll help as much as I can.”

Bai Chengxue asked, “So there’s no way to go after Zhao Yao? I’ve given you so much money over the years to build up this company, and now when I ask you to cause some trouble for Zhao Yao, it’s turned into such a mess?”

The man remained silent, listening to the furious sound of the phone being hung up at the other end. A cold smile couldn’t help but curl up at the corner of his mouth.

The entertainment industry is vastly different from the circle he’s in. Dealing with someone like Zhao Yao may seem simple, but it depends on whether there’s someone backing him. This woman keeps pushing, and even the marketing team he’s in touch with has advised slowing down. Now that things have turned out like this, can it really have nothing to do with her?

“With just a little money, she’s acting all high and mighty. She doesn’t even think about whose name the company is under right now,” the man sneered. “She might have a pretty face, but in the end, she’s just a fool.”

Such a person still wants to compete with Zhao Changshuo from Zhao Group, which is a far cry from reality. If it weren’t for the fact that this woman still has some usefulness, he wouldn’t be kind enough to advise her.

“Report,” the secretary knocked on the door and entered wearing an unpleasant expression.

The man was already frustrated because of the situation with Bai Chengxue. Now, seeing the secretary’s pale face, his mood worsened even more. “Speak up if you have something to say.”

The secretary handed over a report with a pale face, “Boss, we’ve been experiencing problems with raw material supply recently. Several suppliers who used to provide us materials have informed us that they are facing shortages and can’t provide us with the materials.”

The man’s expression immediately darkened. “What do you mean? In such a huge raw material market, you mean to tell me that, apart from these few, you couldn’t find another supplier?”

The secretary explained, “Our team tried to contact other suppliers to inquire about material issues, but their prices are much higher than we expected. Some of the suppliers that used to supply materials at lower rates mentioned that their supplies have been acquired at higher prices by other customers during this period.”

As the Chinese New Year approached, their company had taken on a large order scheduled for delivery after the holiday. Now, due to this material issue, they were missing the last component. Without the right raw materials, they wouldn’t be able to deliver their products within the specified time frame. This could lead to substantial breach-of-contract penalties, not to mention that this batch of semi-finished products might become completely unusable.

The man stood up anxiously, “What about the other matters? Our expected price range isn’t low, is it? How can we not find anything at this price point?”

Faced with the boss’s questions, the secretary’s expression remained grim, “There’s nothing available.”

It was at this point that the man realized the gravity of the situation. In the current market, the chances of such a scenario was very low. The most likely explanation was that a competitor, possibly even deliberately, was driving up the prices of the materials they needed.

Now, with their originally massive orders approaching delivery, most of the company’s visible funds have been invested in it. Dealing with the high-cost materials at this moment is a serious blow. He also manipulated the books a bit, so any mishap in managing the working capital could potentially trigger an internal crisis within the company.

Originally, he had some working capital available, but because of that idiot Bai Chengxue, she used all of his funds to buy up scattered stocks, even wasting some on trivial matters in the entertainment industry, as if nothing had happened.

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    王叔道:“裴先生说晚上过来。” Just for context: For people who were confused at first, like me. Yes, uncle wang picked up the phone, and talked with PMZ. It was just ZY who ‘answered’ (literally when a phone call comes and you choose between answering and ignoring it) the phone call. So, ZY still did not know what PMZ said. I swear at first I was liked ZY answered but it was still UW?? So yeah, just for people whose brain was not braining orz HAHAHA []

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