Chapter 72

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 72

The man became even more anxious at this point. He hurriedly contacted a few friends to inquire about the situation. But when he managed to get in touch with one friend, hoping to ask if he could urgently sell some raw materials, that friend bluntly said, “There’s none left.”

“Didn’t I tell you? Some friend who needed this material cut off my supply source. I’m really in a hurry with this batch…” The man wanted to ask more questions, but before he could, the other person simply said they didn’t know and hung up.

After making several phone calls and receiving similar responses, the man finally realized that he must have seriously offended a big shot. However, before he could find out which boss he had offended, the boss he had originally signed the order with called and demanded delivery. And several of his business partners had filed complaints about the quality of the goods.

The shortage of raw materials, questions about the quality of the output products, and even a large number of return requests began to flood in. Various issues that were previously suppressed emerged, and the quality problems were brought to the forefront. Even the media started to expose their production line due to this issue. During the internal financial investigation of the company, significant discrepancies were discovered, and shareholders, including Bai Chengxue, came to inquire about the situation.

The man looked at the constantly ringing phone on the table and finally realized that this time it might really be over.


When Pei Mingzhan was cooking, he naturally noticed that the kitchen was a bit messy, even though Uncle Wang had cleaned up in advance. The air was filled with the lingering scent of creamy sweetness that wouldn’t dissipate. When he opened the refrigerator, he noticed the ingredients in the freshness layer and the extent to which those ingredients had been mishandled. Considering the bizarre recipes that Zhao Yao had shared online, it wasn’t hard to guess who was responsible.

Zhao Yao seemed capable of almost anything, but it appeared that he hadn’t mastered the skill of making desserts.

After coming out of the study, Zhao Yao nestled on the couch to watch TV. When he saw Uncle Wang approaching, he asked, “Is the kitchen cleaned up over there?”

Uncle Wang tacitly understood, “I’ve cleaned up.”

Zhao Yao was relieved, and his gaze returned to the TV.

Pei Mingzhan’s cooking speed was very fast, with proficient knife skills and smooth techniques. He skillfully prepared two or three dishes in half an hour. Seeing the ingredients in the fridge, he asked Uncle Wang, who happened to come over to check the situation. “Can the ingredients in the fridge be used? I can make two desserts after dinner.”

The ingredients can only be the ones Young Master practices making desserts with in the afternoon.

Uncle Wang wanted to say something but hesitated, finally he said, “It’s alright, you can use them.”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and said, “Alright.”

Uncle Wang watched Pei Mingzhan take out the ingredients that Young Master had fooled him with. He thought to himself that he would have to go to the supermarket later to complete the ingredients. Lately, the young master at home has been passionate about making desserts, and Uncle Wang suspected it was for Mr. Pei. The young master probably didn’t want Mr. Pei to know in advance.

Zhao Yao still didn’t know that the ingredients he had just prepared for making cream puffs in the kitchen had been taken by Pei Mingzhan. By the time he finished watching one episode of the TV drama, there was still no activity in the kitchen, which made him feel strange. So he went over to see what was going on.

With Pei Mingzhan’s speed in cooking, he should have already eaten by now.

And when he walked into the kitchen, Pei Mingzhan was just taking out a dessert from the oven. Seeing him approach, he beckoned him to come closer and said, “Come over and try it.”

Zhao Yao approached and saw a dessert that looked like an online template. Then he looked at Pei Mingzhan strangely and asked, “Why did you suddenly want to make this?” Just two days ago, he had watched a dessert tutorial online and had planned to try this in a couple of days.

“Want to give it a try?” Pei Mingzhan handed a piece to Zhao Yao and said, “Be careful, it’s hot. Eat slowly.”

Zhao Yao waited for the wind to cool it down a bit before carefully testing the temperature. After spending the past few days learning to make these desserts, the smell of sweets made him a little queasy. But what Pei Mingzhan had made was different from the sweetness in the air. It had a moderate sweetness and wasn’t as cloying as what he had been making. He asked in amazement, “How did you make this?”

Uncle Wang had already taken a lot of things out. Pei Mingzhan took the dessert off the baking tray and explained the process to Zhao Yao as they walked. After he finished explaining the process, he added, “Would you like to learn? After we finish eating, I can teach you.”

The online tutorials were complicated, but when Pei Mingzhan explained, it seemed very simple. Zhao Yao had been struggling with these things for the past few days, so when he heard Pei Mingzhan, he nodded in agreement.

Chinese New Year was approaching, and things at Pei Mingzhan’s company were also coming to a close. Plane tickets had already been booked, and in a few days, they planned to go to H City. Yao Bai had inquired about his New Year’s plans a couple of days ago. Considering the current situation, Zhao Yao had originally planned to visit the Zheng family in H City before returning to celebrate the New Year. But because of Pei Mingzhan’s last-minute invitation, he figured that this year, he and Uncle Wang would have to stay in H City.

His relationship with the Zheng family wasn’t as close as Uncle Wang’s. While Uncle Wang was somewhat of a recluse, he still had quite a few friends on the Zheng family’s side, so he probably wouldn’t be too lonely during the New Year. However, he hadn’t seen the people from the Zheng family for many years. Thinking about it now, they felt quite unfamiliar. This was also his first visit to Pei Mingzhan’s home, and he had already decided that if Uncle Wang had other plans during that time, he would stay at a hotel for a few days.

At the dinner table, the three of them discussed their plans for their trip to H City. After finishing their meal, Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan went downstairs for a walk and also made a trip to the supermarket to buy ingredients.

The night in the residential area was very quiet. This neighborhood was in an affluent area, and there were fewer people out and about at night. Pei Mingzhan took Zhao Yao’s hand and walked shoulder to shoulder on the path.

“Your birthday is coming up soon after New Year, right?” Pei Mingzhan suddenly asked.

Birthday? Zhao Yao was a bit unfamiliar with the concept. When he was a child and celebrated his birthday his mother was there. There was a tall cake, as well as many family and friends. It brought some excitement to their otherwise quiet old house. But later on, he stopped celebrating his birthday because the same cake and the same festivities felt empty without anyone to tell him when to blow out the candles and make a wish, or to hold his hand while cutting the cake.

Zhao Yao replied indifferently, “Is that so? I don’t even remember. I don’t celebrate my birthday.”

Birthday greetings had always been a simple matter for him. As he grew older, his classmates would ask about his birthday during school, and his colleagues would arrange birthday celebrations at work. However, he would simply say, “I don’t celebrate my birthday.” His classmates would be surprised, wondering why someone from his background didn’t celebrate their birthday. His colleagues would nervously remove all decorations and not dare to touch this sensitive topic. It was a simple matter for him, but in the mouths of others, not celebrating his birthday had become either a strange or significant thing.

“Why don’t you celebrate your birthday?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment and then said, “I haven’t celebrated my birthday since I was eight. It’s not a big deal, really. Uncle Wang and the family’s housekeeper used to arrange things for my birthday, but I never attended the banquet. Gradually, they stopped organizing it.”

Pei Mingzhan’s voice slowed down as he asked, “May I ask why?”

“When I was a child, I was stubborn. After my mother passed away, I had a very awkward relationship with my family for a while. Later on, my father remarried, and I felt like it didn’t matter whether I was in the family or not,” Zhao Yao spoke slowly, as if reminiscing. “There wasn’t much to it afterward. As I got older and more independent, I moved out to live on my own with Uncle Wang.”

“To be honest, it’s not that I dislike celebrating my birthday. When I was a child, I would always think of her during my birthday, wondering why my mom wasn’t there, why she didn’t ask me to make a wish or cut the cake. So I stopped celebrating it. After growing up, I found it troublesome to celebrate birthdays. In our circle, when you celebrate a birthday, many people come, and you have to deal with all sorts of socializing and networking… so I just stopped doing it,” Zhao Yao chuckled.

Zhao Yao didn’t know why he suddenly brought up this matter with Pei Mingzhan. Honestly, it was the first time he had ever discussed such personal matters with someone. Even with people like Uncle Wang or Yao Bai, he had never spoken about these things…

He felt like he was being too weak, which was unlike him. 

But when facing Pei Mingzhan, it seemed like he could effortlessly reveal even his deepest secrets. It was a strange feeling for him. He just had this sense that when he shared his thoughts with Pei Mingzhan, he would understand and truly listen.

As they were talking, Pei Mingzhan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Zhao Yao turned his head to look at him, “Why did you stop?”

Pei Mingzhan pulled him into his arms and said, “I really want to celebrate your birthday for you. Have you made a wish, cut the cake, and then take you to fly kites.”

Zhao Yao was taken aback, “The first part sounded quite normal, but why flying kites?”

Just as he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have forgotten something, as if there was someone in his memories who had taken him kite flying in the vast fields, with a much taller boy running alongside him while holding a kite.

“I just wanted to take you kite flying,” Pei Mingzhan said, slightly releasing his hold on Zhao Yao. Then he lowered his head and kissed Zhao Yao on the face.

The evening had turned colder, and a chilly breeze blew on the path, but Zhao Yao didn’t feel cold at all.

Pei Mingzhan’s breath felt like a warm breeze against his face, making him feel all soft and warm, with a heat that seemed to come from deep within his bones. Even the hands that held his face were scorching hot.

After what felt like an eternity, Pei Mingzhan finally let go of him and said, “How about I teach you to make a cake tomorrow?”

Zhao Yao was a bit dazed from the kiss and hadn’t quite registered the cake-making proposal. “Aren’t you working tomorrow?” he asked.

“Tomorrow night,” Pei Mingzhan added, “Do you want to learn?”

“I’ll see if it’s easy to learn,” Zhao Yao touched his mouth slightly, “You bit me a bit hard.”

Pei Mingzhan turned his head to look, “Is that so? Let me see.”


By the time the two of them returned home after shopping, it was already quite late. Uncle Wang had prepared the ingredients and was waiting for them, but as soon as they put down the groceries, they said they were ready to rest. Uncle Wang saw the young master and Mr. Pei went to the media room after taking a shower and didn’t disturb them further.

On the way, Zhao Yao was kissed by Pei Mingzhan several times. He had been a little annoyed at first, but Pei Mingzhan’s affectionate gestures made him forget everything. By the time they reached the media room, they were already in high spirits.

Zhao Yao couldn’t put this feeling into words. He just wanted to be closer to Pei Mingzhan. He didn’t have the mental capacity to think about anything else. By the time he realized it, Pei Mingzhan was already on top of him.

In the end, they didn’t get to watch the movie. They both needed some release, so the two went to the bathroom instead.

Uncle Wang had originally been downstairs watching the most recent episodes of a popular TV show. When he had finished watching and brought up a glass of water, he happened to see Mr. Pei half-naked with a towel around his neck, still covered in droplets of water, emerging from the young master’s room. Pei Mingzhan was momentarily surprised when he saw Uncle Wang with the water glass, as he hadn’t expected someone to come at this moment.

Uncle Wang remained calm, handed the water glass to Pei Mingzhan, and subtly reminded him, “Mr. Pei, don’t catch a cold.”


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