Chapter 73.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 73.2

After Zhao Changzhuo left, Uncle Wang had already packed the suitcases, while the driver was waiting in the parking lot downstairs. Pei Mingzhan took Zhao Yao’s luggage and noticed that he seemed a bit absent-minded. So he asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”

Pei Mingzhan’s cold still hadn’t fully recovered. He had been worried about transmitting it to Zhao Yao over the past few days, which decreased their close contact.

Zhao Yao came back to his senses and said, “It’s okay, let’s go.”


In H City, the Pei family had heard about Pei Mingzhan coming home for the New Year a few days ago. They expected Zhao Yao to visit as well. So the household staff had been preparing the house during this time. The elder brother of the Pei family 1 had grown accustomed to this situation. After putting away some documents in the study, he came downstairs. He found Mother Pei in the living room, watching behind-the-scenes footage of “Mi Ying” on the TV with the sound turned up. She was even discussing something with Father Pei as they watched.

Pei Mingzhan’s older brother took a seat nearby and saw the scene on TV where Pei Mingzhan was eating fried chicken. He commented, “Mom, you’ve watched this scene three times already.”

Pei Mingzhan’s mother leaned against Pei Mingzhan’s father and replied, “Go tell your younger brother to ask the production team to release more behind-the-scenes scenes.”

Pei Mingzhan’s older brother was speechless, “I’ve told you several times, he’s just an actor. You need to talk to Zhao Yao about the production team. This drama is a project from his company. The behind-the-scenes scenes is under his control.”

Pei’s mother was just talking, mainly because the main drama only featured Pei Mingzan, so she could only get to know Zhao Yao through the behind-the-scenes tidbits. “Do you think his leg has fully healed? This fracture needs proper care. When he comes to our house, I’ll ask the cook to make some nourishing food for him.”

Big Brother Pei thought this matter wasn’t worth arguing with his mother. “It’s been quite a while. It should be fine now.”

“Hey, hey, look at this, Old Pei. How come these two still act the same as when they were kids?” Pei Mingzhan’s mother saw a clip where Pei Mingzhan was feeding Zhao Yao and said, “They were like this when they were kids. I would always see him trying to coax other people.”

Pei Mingzhan’s older brother asked, “Didn’t that just mean he got on people’s nerves every time?”

Pei Mingzhan’s mother replied, “Which child doesn’t have their ups and downs? How many times did you fall out with your classmates when you were a child? Now you’re inseparable.”

When the eldest son of the Pei family heard her starting to criticize her own childhood, he knew that in Mother Pei’s eyes, her youngest son was the most favored and couldn’t argue with her. So he said, “We should prepare for other matters. I heard that Zhao Yao is coming over with his steward for the New Year. They should be celebrating the New Year at the Zheng family’s place.”

“Why didn’t Peipei bring him home for the New Year?” Mother Pei commented while looking at them. “But celebrating the New Year at the Zheng family’s place is also fine. I heard that the child hasn’t been to this side for quite a few years.”

When the Zheng family received the news of Zhao Yao’s visit, Zhao Yao’s uncle was stunned and it took him several days to react. Eventually, it was his wife who ordered the preparation of other things, and he gradually calmed down. To be honest, since his sister left, his parents couldn’t accept the situation and passed away. Before leaving, they repeatedly instructed him to take good care of Zhao Yao.

He agreed and even thought about bringing the child to their home for care. But the environment in the Zhao family was entirely different from that of the Zheng family. When he called his brother-in-law, he was quickly rejected. So, he could only maintain contact with the child. When Zhao Yao was younger, he would occasionally express the desire to come over to this side. But as he grew older and his life became busier, he soon forgot about this side of the family.

In the end, he only called on special occasions like New Year. But when Zhao Yao took the initiative to visit for the New Year, it genuinely surprised him. After realizing this, he quickly had several rooms prepared, allowing Zhao Yao to choose as he pleased.

Where they lived now was different from before. Zhao Yao used to mostly stay in his father’s rural estate, and the rooms were there. He could only try to recreate Zhao Yao’s childhood room based on photographs.

Soon, he received a call from the airport pickup driver, informing him that they had already picked up the person and were heading home.

When Zhao Yao stepped off from the plane, he separated from Pei Mingzhan. The driver sent by the Zheng family had already arrived to pick him up, while Pei Mingzhan was heading back to the Pei family. They had to part ways at the airport.

Pei Mingzhan said, “If you’re not comfortable staying at the Zheng family’s place, just give me a call.”

“Does it have anything to do with getting used to it? Like you call me, and then you come with me to S City for the New Year?” Zhao Yao adjusted his scarf for him.

Pei Mingzhan smiled and said, “I’ll take you back to my home for the New Year.”

Zhao Yao patted his shoulder, “Alright, let’s get back. Your parents have probably been waiting for you for a while.”

After Pei Mingzhan got into the car, Zhao Yao followed and sat in the driver’s car from the Zheng family. As he watched the rapidly passing night scenery of H City, he suddenly felt that this city was very unfamiliar.

Occasionally, he could recall bits of his childhood memories. During that time, he mostly lived in the countryside, quite a distance away from the city. When he thought back, he realized it was mostly about pushing open the gate of his grandfather’s old house, stepping across the threshold, and then following a group of older kids to play around.

The car quickly arrived at the location of the Zheng family’s mansion. It was Zhao Yao’s first time visiting this place. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw his uncle and aunt standing at the entrance, with two teenagers beside them, likely his cousins.

“Xiao Yao, come on in and sit at home.” His uncle quickly approached, and the servants took the luggage and quickly welcomed him and Uncle Wang inside.

The two kids were well-behaved. They greeted him and then went to the other side. His uncle was busy talking to him, inquiring whether his previously injured leg had healed and showing concern for his current career situation. Zhao Yao’s impression of the Zheng family had already faded quite a bit. Even the last time he saw his uncle, the man had a lot more white hair on his head, but he was still a vigorous middle-aged man in his forties with strong health and a strong voice.

Zhao Yao had initially thought that his unannounced visit might make things awkward, but his uncle and aunt had no such concerns. They chatted casually as if they had known each other for a long time.

Auntie had just gone to the kitchen to check on dinner and, when she returned, she said, “Uncle Wang brought something for me. He said you brought it over. You don’t need to bring so much stuff next time you come to our house.”

“It’s only natural,” Zhao Yao replied casually.

The aunt suggested that the two of them talk, and then she went to the kitchen. When she met Uncle Wang, she hurriedly told him not to be too busy and to take a rest first. Uncle Wang was an elderly figure in the Zheng family, and there used to be some traditions in the family. The Zheng family owed a favor to Uncle Wang’s family. When he was young, he began working for the Zheng family. Later, when the Zheng family’s daughter married into the Zhao family, he followed and became their personal steward.

“When I used to see Xiao Yao in the past, his mother was still alive, and he was only that tall,” his Aunt couldn’t help but reminisce with Uncle Wang about the past. “He grew up so quickly. In recent years, when Old Zheng calls, that child always says he’s too busy. I thought he had distanced himself from our family.”

Uncle Wang said, “The young master said he should come home.”

Zhao Yao’s aunt noticed the two of them talking in the living room. “This child has changed a lot too. At that time, both elderly people were worried that there would be no one to take care of this child. In the blink of an eye, so many years have passed. You should visit home more when you have time.” She continued, “By the way, you asked me about the photo album before. I asked Auntie to organize the old photos. There are quite a few of them.”

When Uncle Wang called the family, he took the opportunity to ask if there were any childhood photos. He noticed that his young master had been quite fond of looking at old photos lately and thought it would be nice to find some pictures of the two elderly people to show him.

The atmosphere in the Zheng family was relatively formal compared to the Yao family. After a brief chat, Zhao Yao could tell that his uncle had been trying to find topics to bond with him and was careful to avoid sensitive subjects.

They finished the meal quickly. Before coming, Uncle Wang reminded Zhao Yao to bring two red envelopes for the kids. In return, he received red envelopes from the two adults. Zhao Yao’s aunt handed him the red envelopes, saying with a smile, “Take these.”

Zhao Yao was slightly stunned, looking at the red envelope in his hand, not knowing what to say. He could only say a simple “Thank you” and added, “Actually, at my age…”

His aunt interrupted, saying, “There’s nothing wrong with it. In our family, even unmarried youngsters receive red envelopes. Take it.”

Zhao Yao had no choice but to accept it.

The experience of receiving red envelopes had been a long time ago. After he was reborn and celebrating the first New Year back, he received red envelopes from his elders. Since he grew up, he rarely visited the Zheng family or had the opportunity to call on them, let alone receive red envelopes from family members.

When Bai Chengxue had just married into the family, she used to pretend to be a loving mother. On festive occasions, she would have the housekeeper place a red envelope on his table. Later, when he left home to live independently and entered into the power struggles within the group, his situation changed dramatically. It remained that way until his death at the age of thirty-five due to a severe illness. He ended up a alone.

After dinner, his uncle was concerned that the long journey might be too tiring for him, so he advised him to rest early.

When Zhao Yao entered the room, he was a bit surprised by the somewhat childlike decor. He asked about it upon seeing the gifts his aunt brought.

His aunt replied, “The room in your grandfather’s house used to be quite similar to this. Your uncle thought you might be more used to how it was back then, so he had it decorated accordingly.” She went on to reminisce about some childhood stories.

Zhao Yao’s childhood memories were somewhat vague, but with her reminder, he started to recall those memories.

His Aunt chuckled again and said, “I heard from your uncle that you got along well with that child from the Pei family. You used to love playing together when you were kids. I never expected that the Pei family’s child would also go to S City for development. I remember there used to be quite a commotion, and the Pei family…”

Pei family’s child? When we were kids?

Zhao Yao paused for a moment and suddenly thought of something. “Are you talking about Pei Mingzan?”

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  1. The funny thing is the author won’t say their names for a few chapters. So it will always be Pei Mingzhan’s mother/brother/father or Mother/Father/Elder Brother Pei[]

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