FLBOT Chapter 76.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 76.1

As the Chinese New Year 1 approached, the number of netizens surfing the web increased significantly. Film Movie Emperor Mr. Pei, who played the supporting role in the popular drama only sent two promotional micro-blogs during the broadcast of the drama, which made his fans dissatisfied. But because Mr. Pei was half out of the circle, his fans refrained from disturbing him.

So when they received a notification of his Weibo, his fans initially thought it was a collaboration or promotional post. It wasn’t until they opened it and saw a regular post that they became excited and started leaving comments.

The picture showed the interior of a Starbucks with a slightly angled view, capturing two drinks and the hand of someone sitting nearby.

From this, it was clear that Pei Mingzan had gone out with a friend and casually posted an everyday Weibo update.

【Oh, my God, daily post!】

【Old Pei seems to be in a good mood today, and he even posted a picture!】

【Chinese New Year is coming! Pei Mingzan, you should post more.】

【Hold on? Two drinks? Who did you go to Starbucks with?】

【The angle of this photo even captured the hand of the person sitting across…】

【From my experience in reading male signs, that hand clearly belongs to a man. The price tag on that guy seems to be (muted)…】

Numerous fans rushed to wish Pei Mingzan a Happy New Year. Pei Mingzan’s studio also reposted the actor’s Weibo, and they casually shared this post in the studio’s work group chat. Even Brother Lao, who was enjoying his break, chimed in.

Hardworking Manager  2: ?

LeLe: Pei Ge did pretty well this time. He even learned to post Weibo in advance without us nagging him.

Hardworking Manager: Oh.

Brother Lao watched as a bunch of employees in the work group started buttering up the boss while the boss himself remained silent. He had no idea how far this playful banter had gone.

Posting on Weibo and going to Starbucks… Is this his way of letting loose as soon as he’s back home? Did he really think the people in H City wouldn’t recognize Pei Mingzan?

Weibo was buzzing with activity, and Brother Lao noticed that Pei Mingzan hadn’t logged off yet. He glanced at the comments from fans and saw that some people were already speculating about a connection with Mr. Zhao, as if Pei Mingzan’s friends outside of the entertainment industry had automatically become associated with Zhao Yao.

Brother Lao had asked other staff members to monitor Weibo for him, and once he had closed Weibo, he continued scrolling through his phone. Just as he opened his Moments 3, the first message he saw was posted 2 minutes ago by Mr. Zhao. The photo showed a certain men’s clothing store, and Pei Mingzan was standing in front of a dressing room mirror.

Brother Lao: …?

Mr. Zhao didn’t usually post in his Moments. The previous original post in his Moments was some work-related image, and Brother Lao didn’t even know when it was from. Since becoming friends with Mr. Zhao on WeChat, Brother Lao occasionally peeked into his Moments, and most of the posts there were reshared articles from public accounts. It ranges from finance to health to a whole mix of emotional posts. The last normal original post in his Moments was from several months ago.

Two minutes ago, a lot of people gathered under the Moments post. And soon a significant number of people had already hit the “like” button. The lively responses quickly filled the comment section, one after another, dominating the entire page, with new messages popping up one by one. The top brass 4 from Huihua were among the first to comment, asking if Mr. Zhao was on vacation in H City. Many big bosses also left comments, asking about the identity of the young talent in the picture.

Chen Xi: Mr. Zhao, are you shopping? Nice outfit, Film Emperor Pei.

Yao Bai: [Awesome ((牛 Niú: Cow/ Mandarin Chinese Slang- awesome; powerful; impressive 牛屄 ― niúbī )][Awesome] Cool!

Ji Heyu: Happy New Year, Yao Ge!

Liao Manager: [Thumbs up][Thumbs up][Thumbs up]

XX Group’s General Ma: [Impressive]

XX Company’s Manager Qin: This young man looks quite energetic.

XX Company’s General Li: This outfit is nice. [Good Luck]

Some of the people here were big shots in the entertainment industry, while others were well-known figures even outside the circle. Those familiar with the entertainment industry could easily identify the flamboyantly dressed person in the picture as Pei Mingzan. But those not in the industry might think that the person on top was some relative or friend of Mr. Zhao.

Brother Lao looked at these names and felt a bit overwhelmed. Good guy, there were some people here he had added as friends but hadn’t even exchanged words with yet. Were these big shots really that bored during the New Year?! And most importantly, Mr. Zhao had actually posted in his friends’ circle, and it was about Pei Mingzan!?

Just as Brother Lao was feeling dazed, he suddenly noticed another name among the numerous likes.

—Pei Mingzan.

???Lao Ge being confused af TT orz, just enjoy the dog food

Were these two in cahoots to show off their love? Wait, how come in this lovey-dovey friends’ circle post, it seemed like he was the only one getting dog food to eat????


After Zhao Yao posted in Wechat Moments, he quickly saw the comments underneath. Some people complimented Pei Mingzan’s outfit, and others asked who the person in the photo was. In his spare time, he typed responses, replying to a few people he recognized.

“Sneaking in Moments post?” Pei Mingzan said after liking it, looking at Zhao Yao. Seeing that Zhao Yao was still engrossed in his phone, he asked, “Why didn’t you post a photo of us together?”

Zhao Yao was still busy replying to people, and he finished typing before answering, “I don’t have a photo of us on my phone. This one looks good.”

Pei Mingzan didn’t say anything. He hadn’t quite realized it yet, but based on the relationship guide he’d read a while back, it was customary for couples to post in their Moments to declare sovereignty and their relationship status. Netizens said that sharing these kinds of posts could make your girlfriend happy, and it would also bring joy to yourself. At first, Zhao Yao didn’t understand this behavior, and not many people knew about their relationship. But thinking about it more, it did seem like they should post something in their Moments.

After the post, many people came to like and comment on it. Zhao Yao noticed others praising Pei Mingzan’s good looks and couldn’t help but feel a bit happier. It was no wonder that some of his friends couldn’t wait to post lovey-dovey updates after they got into a relationship.

“No need to rush with the replies,” Pei Mingzan pushed the drink toward Zhao Yao. “If you wait any longer, it won’t taste as good.”

Zhao Yao had to shift his gaze and then asked, “Where should we go later?”

Pei Mingzan checked the map on his phone and said, “There doesn’t seem to be many other places around here. I can take you to see other parts of H City. You didn’t get to explore much last time you were here, did you?”

“Alright,” Zhao Yao took a couple sips of his drink. Just then, two girls quietly approached them.

The girl in the lead asked cautiously, “Excuse me, are you Pei Mingzan?”

Pei Mingzan looked at the two girls in surprised, “You could recognize me just like that?”

He lowered his mask slightly and added, “But please keep your voice down. I’m out with a friend.”

The girl covered her mouth and whispered. When she first saw the Weibo post, she was a bit surprised. Coincidentally, she was at the same Starbucks and found the background in the photo somewhat familiar. A quick scan led her to the two guys sitting near the window. The two handsome men were already quite eye-catching, and quite a few girls in the store had been stealing glances at them. But they hadn’t approached them, so she compared the Weibo post and looked over at them again, and the more she looked, the more she thought it was Pei Mingzan. So she gathered the courage to approach with her friend, and it turned out to be him!

She glanced to the side, and the guy sitting next to her was also wearing a hat and mask, but he had lowered his mask slightly because he was sipping his drink. She could tell that he was Pei Pei Mingzhan’s good buddy, Xiao Zhao!

Pei Mingzan signed autographs for the two girls and agreed to take a photo. But when they were taking the photo, one of the girls shyly asked, “Could Xiao Zhao also be in the photo? I, I, I’m your fan too, and I make sure to renew my membership every month! Don’t worry, I won’t post the photo online!”

Membership renewal? Zhao Yao was stunned. What did that have to do with his fans?

On the other side, Pei Mingzhan laughed, “It seems they’re real fans, so you should fulfill their request and take a photo with them.”

Zhao Yao had no objections to this. The girl had a selfie stick, and they quickly took a photo together. Afterward, she politely thanked both of them.

Pei Mingzhan suddenly stopped one of the girl and said, “Could we trouble you to take a photo for us?”

The girl was pleasantly surprised, “Of course, I can.”

Pei Mingzhan handed his phone to the girl and then put his arm around Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao was momentarily surprised, only to hear Pei Mingzhan’s hushed voice, “Weren’t we just talking about not having a photo together? Let’s have her take one for us.”

Zhao Yao relaxed his body, allowing Pei Mingzhan to embrace him. He shifted his gaze towards the phone camera. “Should we make any hand gestures?”

Pei Mingzhan thought for a moment and said, “How about throwing a ‘peace’ sign?”

Zhao Yao understood and silently raised a two-fingered “peace” sign.

The girl held the phone, gazing at the photo where the two men appeared both affectionate and completely natural. She thought to herself, “Handsome guys are just so handsome. They don’t need any filters for their photos to look this good.” Within the frame, the two handsome guys were playfully making cheesy hand gestures. Pei Mingzhan wrapped around Zhao Yao with his long arms, and lazily threw up a ‘peace’ sign, while the smaller Zhao beneath his arm had less room to maneuver and held his hand politely.

No matter how Film Emperor Pei posed, he exuded a sense of style. But Zhao, the “Total Package,” Yao looked downright adorable as he made those hand gestures.

The girl quickly found the perfect angle and took the photo for them. She handed the phone back to Pei Mingzhan and whispered a suggestion, “There are a lot of people in the store watching this way. There’s a side door at the Starbucks nearby. You can make a quick exit later, and we’ll help you cover it.”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment and indeed noticed quite a few people gazing in their direction. The dim lighting inside the store made it challenging to see their faces clearly at first, but their actions had drawn attention. He figured that more people might come over to them soon.

Sure enough, just as the crowd dispersed in one direction, it seemed like someone was approaching from the other side. Pei Mingzhan immediately took Zhao Yao’s hand and turned around, heading for the small door the girl had mentioned. By the time they reached the exit, some people began to realize that something was wrong, but with the bustling Lunar New Year crowd, their curiosity outweighed their pursuit, and they didn’t manage to catch up.

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  1. 过年 guò nián: celebrate the Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year/ Spring Festival []
  2. If you forgot like I did XD 劳苦社畜 literally translate labor social animal (LOL), or hardworking office worker or laboring wage slave meaning someone who works diligently and tirelessly in an office or corporate environment.[]
  3. Circle of friends, e.g., instagram close friends i guess?[]
  4. High level positions[]

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