Chapter 79.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 79.1

Not long after the New Year, H city’s famous tourist attractions welcomed a large number of tourists. During this period, Strawberry Terrace’s Spring Festival commemorative variety show also made preparations to shoot scenes all over the country, with their first stop being the culturally rich and picturesque H City. The director chosen for this project was none other than the renowned industry expert, Director Liu. The team had arrived in the scenic spot of H City early on the second day of the lunar new year to get everything ready.

“Indeed, today we’ve got hidden cameras,” the team negotiated with the person in charge of the scenic spot. “Rest assured, we’ll do our best to shoot without disturbing the tourists. If any issues come up regarding the cameras, we’ll discuss it with the tourists.”

After the  person in charge of the scenic spot confirmed the safety issues and discussed the shooting plan with the team, they gave the green light to begin filming.

On the third day of the lunar new year, in addition to the official TV station cameras, various media lenses were also scattered, trying to capture footage for their Chinese New Year reports. The scenic spot was equipped with multiple cameras, and it would likely take about half a day to capture material for this segment. The team chose the early hours of the day when foot traffic was relatively low to carry out their filming.

Director Liu said, “In the morning, we can capture the panoramic shots, and when the crowds are thicker later in the day, we’ll conduct some interviews.”

The rest of the team had been well-prepared, with some team members already setting up their equipment at the entrance of the scenic spot. They noticed a few scattered tourists arriving. The person in charge of coordinating the camera work sighed, “People are coming so early. I don’t think the scenic spot is open yet, is it?”

The ticket counter staff at the scenic spot said, “This is normal. Those who come this early are mostly locals. Tourists will probably arrive in greater numbers soon. Your cameras can get ready to start shooting.”

Director Liu was aware of the situation, and decided to have the person in charge conduct an interview first, as it might be challenging to do so when the place gets crowded. The coordinator quickly set their sights on two young individuals who had just come out of the parking lot not far away. These days, television interviews are meticulous affairs. Generally, for the sake of having interesting content and good marketing potential in post-production, the individuals chosen for interviews were carefully selected.

In the early hours of the day, before the tourists had livened up the place, these two young individuals emerging from the parking lot were dressed modestly but looked quite fit. The coordinator noticed that they were about to purchase tickets and hurriedly approached them with the camera crew in tow.

“Hello there! We’re from Strawberry Terrace’s ‘Spring Festival’ program interviewing team. Would it be possible to disturb you for a couple of minutes to ask a few questions?” the coordinator politely inquired as they approached.

One of the young men was at the ticket counter purchasing tickets, while the other young man turned around upon hearing the request.

He had a hat and a mask on, making his face somewhat indistinct, but his physical appearance and demeanor were clearly remarkable. This took the coordinator by surprise, as they hadn’t expected their first interviewee to be such a handsome gentleman.

Zhao Yao was a bit surprised when he spotted the camera. He had planned to meet up with Pei Mingzhan to visit the scenic spot today, purposely leaving early in the morning to avoid the crowds. They hadn’t encountered any other tourists but they bumped into a television recording.

Pei Mingzhan, who had just finished purchasing the tickets, also turned around and asked, “Is it a television interview?”

Zhao Yao nodded slightly and said, “Yes.”

The coordinator feared that the two handsome young men might walk away so he quickly added, “Just a few questions. It won’t take much of your time.”

Pei Mingzhan glanced and saw the Strawberry Terrace logo, and replied, “Sure, go ahead and ask your questions.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Zhao Yao kept an eye on the slowly approaching tourists in the distance while listening to Pei Mingzhan’s responses to the coordinator’s questions. He also casually observed the conditions of the other tourists. The flow of people in the scenic spot was not to be underestimated. If Pei Mingzhan were to be recognized, it could lead to trouble.

“Are the two of you friends? Is it common for you to come to the scenic spot this early?” the coordinator inquired.

Pei Mingzhan nodded, “Yes, we’re friends. There aren’t many people here in the morning.”

The cameraperson behind the coordinator tried to get a close-up shot of the handsome gentleman. But the gentleman’s tightly secured mask and hat only allowed his eyes to be seen vaguely. But the more they gazed, the more familiar the facial features seemed, and his voice sounded incredibly familiar. The coordinator had a lingering feeling that they had encountered this person somewhere before.

The coordinator had considered interviewing the silent young man on the other side but hadn’t yet asked a question when the young man’s slightly cold voice sounded, “There are tourists coming this way. Let’s go.”

The talkative young man in front of them nodded apologetically at the words and said, “We’ll head inside first.”

The coordinator felt a bit disappointed and said, “Thank you very much for your assistance. Have a pleasant journey.”

As the two young men walked away, the cameraperson remarked, “This footage is quite good, and these two individuals are very camera-friendly. Filming them should go smoothly.”

“Didn’t the TV station’s official social media ask us to release a teaser video tomorrow? We can use this footage for that, and the interviews with these two handsome gentlemen can add some spice,” the coordinator nodded. Their program was lacking in entertainment value, but it was a traditional show for Strawberry Terrace. Talk and word-of-mouth about it were mostly confined to local viewers. It was rare for the official social media to provide a promotional slot, so they needed to prepare the promotion well.


Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan only relaxed after entering the scenic spot. Zhao Yao asked, “Why did you agree to the interview just now?”

Pei Mingzhan replied simply, “It’s for Strawberry Terrace’s ‘Spring Festival’ program. My parents love watching that show. If I end up on it, I can send it to them to watch later.”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment and asked, “You appear on shows quite often, don’t you?”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and replied, “I don’t appear on shows with you very often. My mom even asked me recently why the behind-the-scenes footage for ‘Li Meng’ is released so slowly.”

Zhao Yao was slightly taken aback after hearing this. They had made plans yesterday to hang out today and have a meal at Pei Residence. Pei Mingzhan had been upfront with him about his family already knowing about their relationship, and he mentioned that his mother was looking forward to meeting Zhao Yao.

This left Zhao Yao somewhat hesitant as he asked, “Why does your mom like watching these things?”

“She really likes you,” Pei Mingzhan replied simply. “This area of the scenic spot is quite big. We won’t take the main path. We’ll use the smaller side paths to avoid most of the tourists.”

Zhao Yao nodded and followed Pei Mingzhan, but his thoughts were still thinking about Pei Mingzhan’s family.

Previously, he hadn’t given this matter much thought. He didn’t have any close relatives to inform, and he didn’t need to consider the feelings of those around him too much. But a few days ago, when Pei Mingzhan came to Zhao Yao’s house, he realized that he needed to have a conversation with his own family about Pei Mingzhan.

Being in a relationship was a matter between two people, but external factors could inevitably influence the development of their feelings. Before entering a romantic relationship with Pei Mingzhan, Zhao Yao had extensively read online advice and guides, many of which addressed the issue of introducing a significant other to one’s family. This included scenarios involving parental objections and differences in background.

And in their current circumstances, this issue was indeed quite significant. Over the past couple of days at Zheng’s residence, he had thoroughly reviewed online guides about visiting someone’s family and felt that paying a visit required special attention to detail. “Do your parents have any particular preferences?” he asked.

Pei Mingzhan laughed in response, “Does liking you count?”

“Does your father enjoy tea, or does your mother have any favorite collectibles?” Zhao Yao thought about this question seriously.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Didn’t you already prepare something yesterday?”

Zhao Yao had indeed asked Uncle Wang to purchase quite a few items. He hesitated as he said, “It might not be enough.”

Pei Mingzhan burst into laughter, while Zhao Yao had already picked up his phone to search for some renowned antique stores in H City.

The two of them had lunch in the scenic spot’s restaurant, reserved a private dining room, and savored the local specialties. In the afternoon, they explored most of the scenic spots before getting ready to leave. Pei Mingzhan’s voice had caught the attention of a few people on two occasions, and a couple of bold young ladies had approached, asking for their contact information, but Zhao Yao had intervened both times. Luckily, in the end they were not exposed.

After leaving the scenic spot, Pei Mingzhan reluctantly agreed to Zhao Yao’s request. They visited a jewelry store and an antique shop, purchasing a calligraphy and painting set and a set of jewelry. Only then did Zhao Yao seem satisfied.

Although it wasn’t obvious on the surface, Pei Mingzhan could sense that Zhao Yao was treating this matter with extreme care and seriousness. It was a side of Zhao Yao he rarely saw. In Zhao Yao’s eyes, it seemed like there was nothing to fear. Whether they were at his company or in other situations, he always appeared in control and at ease. This was the first time Pei Mingzhan had seen Zhao Yao this nervous.

He was so nervous that it was so cute…

The car soon turned into the villa area where Pei’s family lived. The villa belonging to the Pei family came into Zhao Yao’s view.

After arriving at their destination, he stepped out of the car alongside Pei Mingzhan and encountered Elder Brother Pei playing with a dog in the villa’s garden. Elder Brother Pei was dressed casually in leisure wear, holding a frisbee, while a Border Collie jumped around him.

Pei Mingzhan introduced him, saying, “My older brother, Pei Mingyan.”

Zhao Yao extended his hand slightly, his voice calm and polite, “Hello, I’m Zhao Yao.”

Pei Mingyan was meeting Zhao Yao for the first time and noted a significant difference from the adorable child he remembered from their childhood. From his appearance, this young man seemed to show an even more composed attitude than Pei Mingzhan, which came as a bit of a surprise. He said, “No need to be so formal. You can call me ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Yan Ge’ just like Peipei does.”

“Yan Ge,” Zhao Yao replied.

After greeting Pei Mingyan, Pei Mingzhan led Zhao Yao inside. As soon as they entered the living room, Zhao Yao heard a somewhat familiar TV program playing. He spotted a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa, with a romance variety show on the TV in front of him. He was adjusting the playback progress with a rather serious expression.

“Xiao Yao is here?” Mother Pei quickly came out from the kitchen, still wearing an apron, and eagerly circled around Zhao Yao.

Ever since the incident a few days ago when Pei Mingzhan spilled he beans about his feelings for Zhao Yao, the three members of Pei family had been aware of Pei Mingzhan’s affection for Zhao Yao. Pei Mingyan knew that Pei Mingzhan was pursuing Zhao Yao, so he wasn’t particularly surprised. The most shocked and excited person was Pei Mingzhan’s mother. She knew about her son’s sexual orientation and had prepared herself for the possibility of him bringing a boyfriend home in the future. But she never imagined that Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao would end up together.

When Mother Pei learned about the connection between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao, she was actually mostly happy. After all, Zhao Yao had grown up in the Zhao family but had not lived a comfortable life. But from her position, Pei Mingyan couldn’t interfere in the decisions of the Zhao family. All she could do was ask Pei Mingyan to look out for Zhao Yao when they encountered each other in the business world. In her heart, she regarded Zhao Yao as if he were her own child. Even though her relationship with him wasn’t particularly close, and they had only met a few times, she genuinely liked this young man from the bottom of her heart.

And now, this young man had become the object of her child’s affection. From the depths of her heart, she felt their relationship had become much closer. The more she looked at Zhao Yao, the more satisfied she felt. If Pei Mingzhan hadn’t explained several times, she might have already asked about marriage and when they planned to move in together…

The sudden warmth left Zhao Yao stunned. Then, he politely greeted her as “Auntie” and handed over the calligraphy and painting set and the jewelry he had prepared in advance.

Mother Pei was a petite woman with a simple and elegant appearance that retained the charm of her youth. Her voice was gentle and soothing, and from the moment they met, she made a great impression on Zhao Yao. She was a kind and beautiful lady.

Mother Pei received the gifts with a beaming smile. “Thank you, Xiao Yao. Auntie really likes them,” she said. Then she added, “You and Peipei can have a seat first. We’ll be ready for dinner in a little while.”

Pei Mingzhan watched as his mother made her way to the kitchen with a hint of regret. Although she had restrained herself somewhat upon meeting Zhao Yao, she hadn’t overwhelmed him with excessive enthusiasm.

He led Zhao Yao to the other side of the room and introduced him to his father, saying, “This is my dad.”

“Uncle,” Zhao Yao responded.

Father Pei appeared to be a reserved individual. When he saw Zhao Yao, he gave a slight nod and simply said, “Consider this as your own home. Please have a seat.”

Zhao Yao followed Pei Mingzhan to sit beside him, and when he looked at the television, he noticed that the recent romance show had been turned off. In its place was a behind-the-scenes feature of the popular “Li Meng” series, showing the scene where he and Pei Mingzhan were eating fried chicken.

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