Chapter 79.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 79.2

Zhao Yao followed Pei Mingzhan to sit beside him, and when he looked at the television, he noticed that the recent romance show had been turned off. In its place was a behind-the-scenes feature of the popular “Li Meng” series, showing the scene where he and Pei Mingzhan were eating fried chicken.

Father Pei remained composed and poured a cup of hot tea for Zhao Yao. “Here, try this tea.”

Zhao Yao: “…”


The news of the release date for “Li Meng” was finally confirmed after the New Year. Many netizens who had been following this highly anticipated IP eagerly checked the release schedule. As a popular IP, “Li Meng” had generated quite a buzz even before its broadcast, mainly due to the casting choices. Many fans of the original work expressed their dissatisfaction on the official account, both towards the production team and some of the prominent actors involved.

As a key project for Huihua in the annual lineup, the investment in “Li Meng” had almost reached its pinnacle with the support of Mr. Zhao. The cast was meticulously chosen, favoring many seasoned actors who perfectly fit their respective roles. In an age where popularity often takes precedence, this drama remained faithful to its initial project requirements, ensuring that the entire production was filled with highly skilled actors.

The key creators actively promoted the series, with several industry heavyweights also lending their support through shares and repsosts. They succeeded in generating a buzz around “Li Meng” well in advance. While the fans of the original work paid attention to the storyline, other netizens were drawn to the show’s setting and theme. One must know that there are relatively few well-made period dramas set in ancient court settings, and the recent surge in popularity of historical dramas in China made this upcoming release all the more rare. Coupled with its status as a renowned IP adaptation, many viewers felt that this series came with a certain level of quality assurance.

【Actually, the cast is quite decent, but the lead role is somewhat lacking.】

【And it seems like the director isn’t that well-known. I have no idea about the script adaptation.】

【Let’s take a look at the actual episodes. To be honest, Huihua’s recent productions have been quite reliable, considering the hit series “Mi Ying” from before the New Year.】

The promotional team for “Li Meng” was working overtime online, and as soon as the release date news was announced during the Chinese New Year holiday, they capitalized on the festive buzz to quickly climb the trending topics list. Being on the trending list attracted even more attention, and the promotional team took advantage of this surge in traffic to release the trailer for “Li Meng.”

Netizens who were casually surfing the web and clicking on the trending topics saw the official trailer for “Li Meng” prominently displayed at the top.

Zhang Nana was a television drama lover who spent her leisure time collecting all sorts of TV series online. Her taste was diverse, but she mostly preferred contemporary dramas, and her interest in historical dramas was relatively mild. When she came across the trending topic #LiMeng#, her initial reaction was that another low-quality drama had bought its way into the trending topics.

You see, before a drama airs, if it’s already trending, it’s either because the lead actor’s fans have hyped it up too much, or the production team has purchased the hot search status. Most of these dramas usually fail to make waves.

With a curious spirit, she checked out the cast and was surprised to find a group of seasoned actors and a relatively unknown lead actor.

Zhang Nana was puzzled. Why did this kind of historical drama, which seemed to carry a touch of old-fashioned tragic romance, hire so many veteran actors? And who is this lead actor? She couldn’t recall ever hearing about them.

Driven by curiosity, she clicked on the homepage’s trailer.

The trailer started with a massive stone door, and a pair of fair and delicate hands were placed on it. With a gentle push, the door swung open, revealing a prosperous dynasty.

In the bustling streets, vendors and street performers shouted. Then, a rider carrying a red flag galloped through the crowded lanes, leaving hoofprints resembling bloody stains. The news of a frontline defeat swiftly shattered the lively atmosphere of the streets. Once again, the young scholars gathered around and talked, each showing his ambition to serve the court. But in the blink of an eye, in a dimly lit chamber, the flickering glow of an orange lamp cast a solemn light on the faces of the advisors, who were deeply troubled.

The sharp contrast between the flourishing golden age and the hidden turmoil in these scenes left Zhang Nana on edge, her heart pounding. This interplay of light and shadow continued until the latter part of the trailer, where the dimly lit frames gradually gave way to bustling streets and alleys. A child holding candied hawthorn apples was tripped by a tall adult, causing the candy apples to slip from their grasp. 

At this moment, a slender and fair hand entered the frame.

The man was dressed up as a valiant warrior carrying a long sword and had a handsome appearance that carried an air of the martial world distinct from this flourishing era.

It was as if he had brought a glimmer of light to this turbulent world, gradually dispelling the clamor of voices and the sound of galloping horses, making them fade into the distance.

With candied hawthorn apples in hand, Su Li Guang extended them to the child, offering a warm smile. “Here you go, your candied hawthorn apples.”

Su Liguang handed the candied hawthorn to the child, smiling as he said, “Here you go, your candied hawthorn.”


【I’m relying on this quality???】

【The scene of the general raising the flag for help – ah ah ah ah ah!】

【Just a few scenes gave me the chills. To be honest, the gravity of ‘Li Meng’ as a drama is hard to convey with just a few actors, but this trailer completely left me dumbfounded.】

【So impressive!!】

【Is this a new drama? Which platform is it broadcast on?】

【It looks really good.】

【Oh my goodness… that scene where Su Liguang enters the capital at the end, my god!】

【Whoo, whoo, whoo, Su Liguang my male God seems to be alive!!】

After watching the trailer, Zhang Nana was stunned for a few seconds. She replayed it, and after watching it from start to finish, the mesmerizing editing effect lingered. Especially the smile and voice of that martial artist at the end, it brought her into that atmosphere, making her feel like she was the child who dropped the candied fruit.

She quickly searched for the actor and discovered that he wasn’t an idol but an actor who hadn’t worked in years. This drama was his comeback project.

For the first time, Zhang Nana’s heart was captivated by a period drama trailer. She began to search for various information in the trending topics, only to find out that the investment company and production team behind this drama were the same as those of the hit drama “Li Meng” from the previous year, called Huihua.

Online discussions had mixed opinions. Some viewers were won over by the trailer and expressed their intention to watch the series, while others maintained an objective attitude and decided to wait and see the actual drama. Some speculated about the dedication of the production team in making the trailer versus the main series… Regardless of the discussions, “Li Meng” achieved success with its scheduled premiere, and everyone was now eagerly waiting for the release of the full series.

Upon seeing the online reactions, Yao Bai chose to share this news with Zhao Yao as soon as possible. “Li Meng” had been the result of half a year’s hard work from Huihua. Due to concerns about the promotion, he had been a bit anxious over the Lunar New Year. Now that good news had arrived, he was eager to share his joy with his brother Zhao Yao.


Zhao Yao received the message just after finishing his meal, while participating in the post-dinner activities at the Pei family’s gathering.

He briefly replied to Yao Bai’s messages without having the chance to thoroughly read them. Before he could do that, Mother Pei affectionately called out to him, “Xiao Yao, take a look at this.”

Zhao Yao tucked his phone into his pocket and shifted his attention to the album in Mother Pei’s hands. There, he saw a photo of a young Pei Mingzhan, completely naked and holding a baby bottle, with a rather innocent and confused expression as he gazed at the camera. After a moment’s pause, Zhao Yao seriously commented, “Very cute.”

On the television, they were playing a loop of behind-the-scenes footage from “Mi Ying” with the title “My Time on the Set.” Meanwhile, Father Pei and Elder Brother Pei were having a tea conversation. Mother Pei had taken out pictures from Pei Mingzhan’s childhood and was flipping through them, narrating interesting stories from his early years to Zhao Yao.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t find this surprising and rose from his seat to tell the housekeeper to prepare toiletries. It seemed like Zhao Yao would be staying over tonight.

Mother Pei was still excited as she showed Zhao Yao the photos. By the time they finished looking at the pictures, it was getting late, and she naturally suggested, “Why don’t you stay here tonight? I’ll have the servants prepare everything.”

The television program had been on repeat for goodness knows how long, and Zhao Yao suddenly felt that Mother Pei showing him the photos was probably a way to stall for time. But when Pei Mingzhan had come over to suggest he stay the night, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Though staying over at the Pei residence felt a bit unusual, he simply said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Mother Pei smiled brightly, “No need to be so polite, my dear. Your mother and I were very close when we were young. There’s no need for formality.” She suddenly realized something and patted Zhao Yao’s hand, “We’re all family now…”

Elder Brother Pei remembered Pei Mingzhan’s instructions and quickly coughed a couple of times to prevent their mother from scaring others, “Mom, it’s getting late. We should rest.”

Pei Mingzhan came downstairs at that moment and escorted Zhao Yao upstairs, saying, “I have clothes and toiletries in my bedroom. Are you tired?”

When Zhao Yao came out, he hadn’t brought any clothes. He hesitated for a moment when he heard that Pei Mingzhan had prepared clothes. “It’s alright.”

Pei Mingzhan said, “My mother can be talkative sometimes. Don’t take it to heart. She’s just very enthusiastic.”

Zhao Yao shook his head. “She’s a very gentle mother.”

When they went to the bedroom, it was the first time for Zhao Yao coming to Pei Mingzhan’s room. The ambiance here was cozier compared to Pei Mingzhan’s apartment in S City. Aside from the essential furniture, decorations on the walls, trophies in the cabinet, and more, at a glance, it encompassed all the traces of Pei Mingzhan’s growth from childhood to adulthood.

Pei Mingzhan took out some pajamas and, as he saw Zhao Yao pausing in front of the trophy cabinet from his school days, he approached and embraced him, asking softly, “Would you like to take a bath together?”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment, thinking about the guide he had accidentally come across on a forum a few days ago. He then asked, “Do you have a bathtub in your bathroom?”

Pei Mingzhan smiled at his question and said, “Yes, we do. Do you want to give it a try? It’s spacious enough for two.”


After Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao left, there were still three people left in the living room. Father Pei let out a small yawn and said, “I heard that the boy’s sleep quality isn’t very good. Did we prepare a special bed in the guest room? We wouldn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, especially if he’s not used to it.”

Father Pei frowned and continued, “After all, it’s the first time he’s staying at our place…”

Mother Pei turned her head to look at her husband. “What’s there to worry about? Can Peipei just let him stay in the guest room?”

Pei Mingyan sneered, “Isn’t it obvious? Pei Mingzhan’s intentions are all over his face. You didn’t notice that?”

Father Pei frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Just a moment ago, when we were looking at the photos, Pei Mingzhan’s eyes were practically glued to him,” Elder Brother Pei said, and then added casually, “I bet he’s in your youngest son’s room right now, and who knows what commotion they might stir up tonight.”

“Boss!” Mother Pei suddenly became serious.

Pei Mingyan halted at his mother’s shout. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t go there later,” Mother Pei said.

Pei Mingyan hesitated. “Mom, my study is just beyond Peipei’s room.”

This was about the documents he left in his study.

Mother Pei frowned. “Can’t you go to bed early? Why go to the study room? Just go to sleep.”

Pei Mingyan replied, “…”

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