Chapter 82

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 82

It’s not even eight o’clock yet, but many fans  were already camping in the live broadcast room. This time wasn’t like any other spontaneous streams. This time there was a pre-announcement, and it’s in the evening, so there are a lot of Pei fans and drama enthusiasts waiting in anticipation.

【Nervous, it’s my first time squating for a livestream.】

【Don’t be nervous. We haven’t done this many times either. Stay calm.】

【Ah ah ah, I’m super excited right now.I have been so obsessed with Feng Shiyue recently.】

【Just the thought of this man leaving the entertainment circle makes me feel despair, just as I got into it.】

【It seems Peipei is in H City. I wonder where he’ll be livestreaming from? Maybe at his place?】

【A few days ago, there were posts on the fan page about some girls meeting Peipei and Mr. Zhao on the commercial street. By the way, did Mr. Zhao spend his New Year in H City?】

【Someone dug up that Mr. Zhao’s parents are from H City, so spending New Year there is quite reasonable, I guess.】

The fans had already begun chatting excitedly, eagerly anticipating the upcoming livestream content. Since it’s a collaboration with “Mi Ying,” this livestream should also be related to “Mi Ying.” In addition, “Mi Ying” is nearing its grand finale in the ongoing serialization. Many drama fans are looking forward to what kind of ending Feng Shiyue will have.

Time quickly passed by. Fifteen minutes before the scheduled livestream, the once darkened live stream room suddenly lit up. The background faced the balcony outside the room, as if captured by a mobile phone, capturing even the faint sounds of people moving about. Lele brought in a stand to secure the live streaming equipment, adjusting the camera to check the live stream room’s settings.

【!!! Here they come!】

【Ah, it’s Lele!】

【Is Lele setting up the equipment? Where’s Peipei?】

Because of the cooperation between the online streaming platform and the Zhajiang Mian platform, they had a dual-stream setup. Fans who were keeping watch noticed that the livestream room had opened early, and in it appeared Pei Mingzhan’s assistant, Lele. Speculations ran wild, with fans wondering if Pei Mingzhan had already returned to S City.

On the other side, Pei Mingzhan stood in a cozy B&B room, wearing matching couple outfits with someone. He draped a coat over his attire and asked, “Will you really not be in the mirror 1?”

Zhao Yao was lounging on the nearby sofa, engrossed in his phone. When he heard Pei Mingzhan’s question, he casually replied, “Well, just to avoid causing you too much trouble.”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and said, “It’s really not much trouble at all.”

Zhao Yao had made up his mind. After all, Pei Mingzhan’s livestream would only last a little over half an hour. He figured he could pass the time playing on his phone and saw there was no need to enter in the livestream room.

Brother Lao was very touched when he saw Zhao Yao’s understanding demeanor. He subtly hinted to Pei Mingzhan with his eyes, thinking, “Can’t this guy learn a thing or two from Zhao Zong 2?”

Pei Mingzhan didn’t pay attention to this, simply glancing over the instructions before asking, “The finale is set to air in a few days, right?”

Brother Lao nodded, “Can’t you be a bit more attentive? It’s your own drama, don’t you even follow the hot topics? The production team and the platform have mentioned you can share some minor spoilers, but when it comes to the main storyline, keep it vague and leave the audience with some suspense.”

“Alright,” Pei Mingzhan skimmed through the material. “Should we start?”

Once Brother Lao confirmed that everything was in order, he said, “Lele and I will be right here, keeping an eye on the barrage. If you run into any issues, just give us a shout.”

“No worries, you guys haven’t had dinner yet, have you? Go grab a meal,” Pei Mingzhan had just returned from outside with Zhao Yao and learned that Brother Lao and Lele had been busy all afternoon and hadn’t eaten dinner.

Lele glanced at Zhao Yao, who was resting. His mind wandered to last night’s events, making his mood a bit uncertain. He said, “The equipment here is all set.”

Brother Lao was still a little bit worried. “It’s fine. After you finish the livestream, we’ll come over. Besides, we’ll be helping you monitor the barrage, won’t we?”

Pei Mingzhan adjusted his clothing. “Zhao Yao is here. He can keep an eye on things for me.”

When Zhao Yao heard this, he looked up and said to Brother Lao and Lele, “It’s all right. I’ll watch it here. You can go to dinner first.”

The dining place was just outside the B&B. After Brother Lao saw there were no issues and Lele had spent the entire afternoon with him. So, he said to Pei Mingzhan, “I’ll go with Lele to get some boxed meals from there. Keep an eye out when we start in a while. We’ll be back in about ten minutes.”

Brother Lao didn’t think it was much of an issue. Pei Mingzhan had been in the entertainment industry for several years, and he knew the right balance for live streaming. There was no need for him to worry too much.

He gave Lele’s shoulder a reassuring pat. “Let’s go, Lele. Brother Lao will take you to a farmhouse for some good food.”

After Brother Lao and Lele left, Zhao Yao glanced at the time. There were just a few minutes left before the live broadcast was scheduled to begin. “You can start preparing now, it’s almost time,” he said. Setting his phone aside, he picked up the tablet from the other side, watching the barrage of messages flashing across the screen.

The mobile camera for the live stream was positioned in one corner of the room, capturing half of the bed and the decorative paintings on the wall behind. The B&B’s decor was quite modest, and the barrage of comments had already started guessing where Pei Mingzhan might be traveling. This room didn’t resemble a typical home. it looked more like a hotel room or an apartment from the outside.

Pei Mingzhan adjusted the position of the wicker chair and took his seat in front of the camera one minute ahead of schedule. Beside him, a mobile phone displayed a stream of flashing comments in real-time.

He warmly greeted the fans in the live chat and, when someone asked where he was traveling, he replied, “We’re in the countryside, staying in a B&B. How about Lele? They’re here for work reasons, on a business trip to this area.

【I think I just heard Brother Lao mention going to enjoy some farmhouse.】

【Is Peipei still on a New Year trip? When are you returning to work? Do they have any job arrangements for this year?】

“This year, it depends on the situation. If there’s a script I particularly like, I might take it on,” Pei Mingzhan said as he scanned through the barrage of comments. But due to the rapid refresh of the barrage, there were some messages he couldn’t quite make out.

Before Lele left, he briefed Pei Mingzhan on a few questions he should help address. Zhao Yao 3 selected several questions from the barrage and passed them over to Pei Mingzhan. Pei Mingzhan tilted his head slightly, looking at the questions that Zhao Yao had handed him, and continued answering to the fans, saying, “It seems that ‘Li Meng’ is nearing its end. Since you’ve asked about ‘Feng Shiyue,’ I can give you a brief overview, but when it comes to spoilers and the ending, it’s best to watch the actual episodes.”

【!!! Why did Peipei choose to take on ‘Feng Shiyue’ in the first place? This role is quite different from your previous works, but your performance is amazing!】

“Taking on this script was rather unexpected. it was recommended to me by Director Cheng,” Pei Mingzhan explained. “As many of you are aware, I’ve been reducing my activities recently. ‘Li Meng’ was the only drama I took on last year, and it was my first attempt at such a character. It seems I did quite well.”

As Pei Mingzhan responded to the questions, Zhao Yao continued to sift through them. His pace of reading the barrage was slower, and while Pei Mingzhan chatted with fans after answering a question, Zhao Yao patiently waited for more questions to be handed to him.

“How about pouring me a glass of water?” Pei Mingzhan suddenly suggested.

Zhao Yao raised his head slightly. At first, he thought that Pei Mingzhan was engaging with the fans. It was only when he felt Pei Mingzhan’s intense gaze fixed on him that he realized Pei Mingzhan was speaking to him. He silently mouthed “wait a moment” and then got up to pour a glass of water for him from the other side.

【Huh? Who is Peipei talking to?】

【It might be a staff member, right?】

【Wait, didn’t Brother Lao and Lele go out to eat at a farmhouse? Is there someone else in Old Pei’s room?】

【It doesn’t seem like a staff member. Isn’t Peipei on vacation?】

【Damn, I’m so curious!】

【I just noticed that too. Old Pei’s gaze occasionally drifts to something outside the frame. There were a few times when he answered questions while looking in the wrong direction.】

【It must be someone off-camera helping him with the questions. The barrage is moving so quickly. He can’t keep up by himself!】

【Who is this person!??】

Since Zhao Yao was a fan of herbal tea, hot water was always readily available in the room. He filled a cup with water for Pei Mingzhan and brought it over. After setting the cup down, he returned to his seat to monitor the chat. To his surprise, when he checked the chat, he found that the viewers were no longer asking questions. Instead, they were asking whether there were other staff members in the room.

【I took a screenshot of that hand from earlier!】

【I’m getting anxious, who is this person? Did Peipei go out to have fun with Mr. Zhao again?】

【Damn, is it Xiao Zhao? Peipei, have Xiao Zhao show his face!】

【??? Wait, how did the topic change so quickly?】

【It’s not Xiao Zhao, is it??】

Zhao Yao saw these questions in the barrage and decided to feign ignorance. Fortunately, there were other drama fans asking questions about “Mi Ying,” so he took the opportunity to pick out these questions and pass them over to Pei Mingzhan.

Pei Mingzhan glanced to the side, and each time he did, the fans would ask. Finally, he could only smile and say, “Yes, there’s still someone in the room.”

【So, who is this staff member?】

【Brother Lao and Lele have both left, and the one who remains can’t be ordinary!】

【Peipei, have the staff member reveal their face, is it a young man or a young lady?】

【Hahaha, I totally agree! Whatever you say, I won’t believe it. This staff member is definitely not just an ordinary one.】

“Alright, you won’t believe whatever I say,” Pei Mingzhan said. He then glanced at Zhao Yao, who was sitting behind the camera, his brows furrowing slightly as he gazed at the barrage of comments. It seemed like he was troubled, perhaps searching for fan questions.

Zhao Yao lifted his gaze upon hearing these words, his eyes tinged with a hint of confusion, silently questioning.

Pei Mingzhan explained, “The barrage is asking why you’re not appearing on camera.”

Zhao Yao didn’t respond. He had avoided Pei Mingzhan’s live stream precisely because he didn’t want to become a topic of discussion. He pointed to the camera and whispered a reminder, “Work.”

In the live stream room, fans were focused on Pei Mingzhan at first. But for some reason, they began to notice his gaze looking towards something beyond the camera. Even while answering questions, he occasionally glanced in that direction, showing a high level of concern. Especially when he looked beyond the camera, it was unclear what the ‘staff member’ had said or done, but Pei Mingzhan wore a smile on his lips giving off an air of deep affection.

【Shit, I’d just gotten used to Feng Shiyue’s fearless personality, but this smile is making me weak.】

【Ahhhhhh, Peipei’s smile looks so sweet.】

【I’m so curious. What did the staff member do to make Pei Mingzhan keep that smile on his face?】

【I’ve noticed that ever since Old Pei announced his retirement, he’s changed completely. He used to maintain some image, but lately, he seems to care less.】

【Wait a minute, I’m starting to think this is no ordinary staff member…】

【Old Pei never smiled like this even at Brother Lao.】

【Crap, could it really be Zhao Zong!?】

Zhao Yao didn’t pay much attention to these details at first, but when he noticed the barrage of comments from the fans, he took a glance at Pei Mingzhan and frowned slightly.

‘He’s working,’ Zhao Yao thought. ‘Why does he keep looking over here? And these fans in the barrage are jumping to conclusions too quickly. How did they link it back to him?’

In addition to the advance announcement, there was also the platform sharing links on social media at this time, which attracted curious passersby to check out the situation. Because of the staff member’s question about water delivery, Zhao Yao’s fans had also joined the stream.

Recently, because of several chance encounters between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao in H City, fans had developed a heightened intuition for tracking them. When they heard that there were discussions in the fan community about a person appearing in Pei Mingzhan’s livestream who seemed to be Zhao Yao, they quickly flocked to investigate the situation.

【I heard our Zhao Zong is in the livestream room, so I rushed over.】

【Where’s my Xiao Zhao? Come out and let Mama have a look.】

【Humble servant, when will ‘Mi Ying’ grow up and invite its sponsor father for a livestream session?】

Zhao Yao was a bit puzzled when he saw his own fans entering the livestream room. He quickly glanced at the remaining livestream time, realizing that it was about fifteen minutes away from their scheduled time. He was just contemplating what questions to pick out for Pei Mingzhan next.

Suddenly, a hand slid into the blind spot of the camera, with its broad palm enveloping Zhao Yao’s hand that was casually resting on the table. Zhao Yao lifted his head slightly and met the gaze of Pei Mingzhan, who was looking at him across the table.

Pei Mingzhan was still answering fan questions, saying, “Right now? The weather here is fine, not too cold.”

He playfully scratched his fingertips along Zhao Yao’s hand, and continued, “Is the coat nice? I really like it.”

In the atmosphere of the whole live stream, the protagonist of the live broadcast secretly reached out to hold his boyfriend’s hand in a dead corner that others had not noticed.

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  1. livestream[]
  2. If anyone forgot, 总 zǒng: head / chief / general / Mr.[]
  3. Author wrote Pei Mingzhan, but I do think it’s ZY[]

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