Chapter 84

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 84

Pei Mingzhan looked at the WeChat red envelope on his phone and burst into laughter. He hooked his arm around Zhao Yao’s neck and pulled him closer, asking with a playful smile, “You’re rewarding me with this, huh?”

Zhao Yao, who had just been sending red envelopes to the employees in the work group, didn’t realize the meaning behind Pei Mingzhan’s words, at first. He replied, “It doesn’t seem quite right, does it?”

“Do you also think it’s not quite right?” Pei Mingzhan sighed, “Do you even know what the rewards for being in a relationship mean?”

Zhao Yao finally caught on. He tilted his head slightly and looked at Pei Mingzhan. His voice was a bit softer as he asked, “Can I change my reward now?”

Pei Mingzhan gazed at him and inquired, “What reward do you want to change to?”

Zhao Yao cast a glance at Pei Mingzhan’s mother and then said, “Lower your head a little.”

Pei Mingzhan lowered his head ever so slightly, and Zhao Yao had already leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Pei Mingzhan’s mother remained fully focused in her book, completely oblivious to the intimate exchange happening right beside her.


Zhao Yao stayed at the Pei’s house that night and only returned to Zheng’s residence the next day. After the New Year, Pei Mingzhan went back to work a few days ahead of Zhao Yao, who stayed with Uncle Wang at the Zheng residence for a few extra days. During this time, Aunt Zheng stumbled upon Zhao Yao’s mother’s photo album and some mementos left behind by his grandparents, but she wasn’t sure where they had been hiding all this time.

“These past few days, I’ve been going to the warehouse and found quite a few things. Some of them were in your grandfather’s house. I don’t know if you’ve checked that place yet,” Aunt Zheng said, taking out a worn photo album. “These are photos of your mother when she was young. It seems like they were taken back when she was still in school. There are many solo pictures and some of the people from the Zheng family.”

Zhao Yao accepted the photo album seriously, and as he flipped it open, he saw his mother’s image in student attire on the faded black-and-white photographs.

In his mother’s younger days, she appeared even more beautiful than Zhao Yao had remembered. She lacked that stern and imposing aura he associated with her. She was simply a lovely girl. In those yellowed, vintage photos, she showed a unique charm of her own. A woman like her didn’t belong in the confines of the Zhao family. She seemed more suited for a vast, free world.

For a while, Zhao Yao could close his eyes and vividly recall that dark, stormy day when his mother lay pale-faced with closed eyes. This image haunted him in every nightmare, where the moments of beauty faded away, leaving only these deep and oppressive memories of pain.

“Can I take these few pictures with me?” Zhao Yao asked.

Aunt Zheng nodded and said, “Of course, these were meant for you. I even found an old box. It’s the stuff your grandmother said she wanted to leave for Xiao Yao before she passed away.”

Zhao Yao was taken aback. “May I have a look?”

Aunt Zheng led Zhao Yao to the storage room at the Zheng residence. An antique-looking box sat not far from the entrance. She said, “We found this when we were tidying up. It’s been sitting here for so many years. Both your uncle and I almost forgot about it, until now.”

Zhao Yao bent his knees slightly, squatting down to open the box. Inside, he found small toys and neatly folded sets of costumes. Right on top was the red costume he had seen in the photos, the one he wore as a child. Zhao Yao remembered that his grandmother had handcrafted these costumes because she loved opera and enjoyed taking her little grandson, dressed in these outfits, to watch performances.

“Mom really loved these,” Aunt Zheng said as she watched Zhao Yao go through the box. Then, she suddenly remembered something and said, “Speaking of which, there’s something that comes to mind, and it’s related to Xiao Pei.”

When Zhao Yao heard that it was related to Pei Mingzhan, he looked at Aunt Zheng with a hint of surprise. “Pei Mingzhan?”

This story goes back quite a way. Aunt Zheng had been married into the Zheng family for over a decade, and she had a deep impression of Zhao Yao’s grandmother. Zhao Yao’s grandmother was an exceptionally gentle woman, and Aunt Zheng had never encountered the challenges often associated with marrying into a wealthy family. She felt that Zhao Yao’s grandmother was no different from mothers-in-law in ordinary households.

The Zheng family had been very good. They never used their wealth and influence to belittle others. Aunt Zheng, being from a more modest background, didn’t have a marriage that was a perfect match in terms of social status with Zhao Yao’s uncle. She expected that there would be challenges and difficulties upon moving into the family, but to her surprise, she received respect from all members of the Zheng household. At the time, the matriarch of the family was Zhao Yao’s grandmother, and their relationship was warm and close. She would always guide Aunt Zheng patiently, never considering her clumsiness or her social background a hindrance.

Grandma Zhao’s interests and hobbies were very evident. She loved opera and was involved in both watching and learning it, which occasionally led to students coming over to the house.

Aunt Zheng recalled her encounter with Pei Mingzhan. It happened when she was helping Zhao Yao’s grandmother organize her opera costumes. She was surprised to find young Pei Mingzhan among her grandmother’s students, listening very seriously. 

During that time, Zhao Yao hadn’t come over for a visit yet while on vacation. So, under normal circumstances, Pei Mingzhan rarely visited the Zheng household.

At that time, Aunt Zheng asked another question, and Zhao Yao’s grandmother replied with a gentle smile, “Peipei, is it? He used to tell me that he wanted to become a television actor in the future, even wanting to become a film emperor…”

Aunt Zheng added, “It seems that’s how it was. It was just a child’s dream. Little did we know that when he grew up, he actually entered the entertainment industry and became a film emperor.”

At the time, Aunt Zheng had thought that children had naive ideas. After all, there were differences between Zhao Yao’s grandmother’s opera and television dramas. Somehow, that little kid Pei Mingzhan was convinced that Zhao Yao’s grandmother could teach him. Whenever students came over, if he was on vacation, he would sneak over.

Zhao Yao paused, realizing that Pei Mingzhan had been like this when he was a child.

Aunt Zheng thought for a moment and added, “Your grandmother even taught him later on. She asked him why he wanted to become a film emperor when he became an actor. He said that if he was going to do it, he wanted to be the best, so he could be remembered. He even mentioned making a bet with someone and how he had to follow through.”

She finished with a laugh. “Kids, sometimes they have wild dreams, but who knows, they might just achieve them in the future.”

After hearing this, Zhao Yao suddenly recalled a few days ago when Pei Mingzhan had asked him about his childhood dreams. He genuinely couldn’t remember, or maybe, he had mentioned something in passing without giving it much thought. But when he heard Aunt Zheng mention Pei Mingzhan making a bet with someone, he had a surreal and ridiculous feeling, as if the person she was talking about was him.

“He was always quite talented from a young age,” Zhao Yao mused as he closed the box. He couldn’t help but think that time could be rather unfair. Despite sharing childhood memories with Pei Mingzhan, he couldn’t recall a single moment of it. Instead, he had to rely on others to reminisce about those little details.


After returning to S City, Pei Mingzhan immediately began clearing the backlog of work from the past year. He practically burned the midnight oil every day, often working late into the night. This hectic schedule often left him with fewer opportunities to call Zhao Yao. Fortunately, the company was running smoothly now, without the chaos of the previous year. Once he had sorted through the piled-up files and tasks, he could manage to maintain a regular work schedule.

When “Mi Ying” was about to end, he logged in and shared some farewell wishes. The immense popularity of this drama exceeded his expectations. In recent days, whenever Zhao Yao had some free time, he would send him stills from the series, often selecting scenes in which he portrayed Feng Shiyue. Some of them were official promotional stills from the show, while others were fan-edited images. In any case, before they began their daily conversation, Zhao Yao would always send one or two of these images along with his comments.

Claiming it looked great.

At first, Pei Mingzhan still had a feeling that his charm hadn’t diminished. But, as Zhao Yao sent more and more photos, he suddenly felt that his position in Zhao Yao’s heart didn’t seem to match the character he had portrayed. Zhao Yao preferred to send fan-edited images rather than engage in video chats with him.

“Do we have anything else planned for the afternoon?” Pei Mingzhan checked his phone and saw a message from Zhao Yao earlier in the day.

His secretary glanced at the schedule. Their boss had temporarily returned and was diligently working. He was very efficient and in just three to four days, he had managed to clear most of the piled-up files. “There’s nothing this afternoon. The meeting that was originally scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed to tomorrow morning due to project issues.”

Pei Mingzhan nodded in agreement. Indeed, there was nothing else scheduled for the afternoon.

Zhao Yao’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 2:30 in the afternoon, and factoring in the travel time, he had approximately an hour to spare. Pei Mingzhan picked up his suit jacket from the back of his chair. “If there are any other documents in the afternoon, just send them to my email. Tell the driver to wait for me downstairs.”

The secretary nodded quickly and left to make the necessary arrangements.

Zhao Yao had nothing to do these days and was just browsing properties near Pei Mingzhan’s company. He had asked his team to look for options but didn’t find the duplex villa he was hoping for. The closest they found were the two-story duplexes in other upscale neighborhoods.

When the team received this task, they were actually confused. They had expected Zhao Yao to focus on other projects, but to their surprise, the first order of the year was to find a suitable property. The original search range didn’t get any results, so the team expanded their scope and eventually settled on a relatively secluded neighborhood. While it was a bit farther from Pei Mingzhan’s company, it was centrally located and had excellent security.

Zhao Yao, satisfied with the choice, gave the green light to the team to proceed.

In recent days, Huang Wenjun had received instructions from Zhao Group to closely monitor Zhao Yao’s activities. Since the beginning of the year, there had been a lot of turmoil within Zhao Group, which had left many employees on edge. Even some subtle movements from the higher-ups had been circulating as rumors. Huang Wenjun’s ultimate boss was Zhao Zhikai, and he had heard that the boss was preparing to take action against Zhao Yao. So, the information on his end had become extremely important.

It appeared that the boss wanted to seize an opportunity to strike at Zhao Yao by targeting his company. So, Huang Wenjun was brainstorming ways to make contact with the core team at work. However, the highest-ranking individuals in the team were Zhao Yao’s assistant, Yao Bai, and another undisclosed asset manager. If he wanted to get close to the core, he would have to go through these two.

The person responsible for Zhao Yao’s assets, who had never made an appearance, was an impossible target. So Huang Wenjun decided to focus his efforts on Zhao Yao’s assistant, Yao Bai. This person seemed somewhat clever but didn’t possess the same level of business ability as the others in the team. Huang Wenjun couldn’t understand why Zhao Yao had such trust in him, entrusting him with the team’s affairs.

It was rumored that this person had come from within the Zhao Group alongside Zhao Yao and had a bit of a personal relationship with him. Huang Wenjun thought that approaching him might be a breakthrough point. So, over the past few days, he worked on establishing connections and finally managed to encounter Yao Bai. But he soon discovered that this person was completely unresponsive to his probing, with his mind entirely absorbed in a recently popular drama.

He was well aware of this hit drama. It was none other than the television series “Li Meng,” produced under Zhao Yao’s company, Huihua.

But could a television series like this really give any valuable information? Huang Wenjun believed that this wasn’t the main focus. So, he dedicated some effort to finally uncovering news about Zhao Zong. It appeared that Zhao Zong had recently been keeping the core team busy with investigations into real estate in S City. Some of the work had even been assigned to his side. On the surface, it seemed like they were searching for locations to buy properties, but deep down, he suspected that they might be planning a new business project.

Judging by his time working with Zhao Yao, it appeared that Zhao Yao’s assets in the entertainment industry were relatively modest. Given the level of attention from the boss, it was highly likely that this “house hunting” was a signal for a new project.

“So it seems like he really spread this news. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but he’s taking it very seriously,” Yao Bai, who had been waiting at the airport since Zhao Yao’s flight landed, informed Zhao Yao about Huang Wenjun’s actions as soon as he arrived. He’s also keeping an eye on Huang Wenjun’s activities these past few days. “What do you think he needs to say to make Zhao Zikai believe it?”

As Zhao Yao walked alongside Yao Bai, he said, “Whether Zhao Zhikai believes it or not is one thing. For Huang Wenjun, we’ve always kept him in the dark about information, and he seems a bit anxious now. But this unconfirmed news shouldn’t have reached Zhao Zhikai. It’s just speculation. But you can really feed him some news lately.”

Yao Bai nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve discussed it with Mr. Zheng. We’ll release it slowly.” Then he asked further, “Ge, Zhao Zhikai’s side is already scheming to make a move on you. Aren’t you even a bit concerned?”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment, “Because it’s not the right time yet.”

Yao Bai asked, “Are you saying that everything will be fine as long as it’s the right time?”

“Zhao Zhikai will soon find himself overwhelmed,” Zhao Yao simply said. “Zhao Changshuo is pinpointing his weaknesses, and on my end, I’m keeping tabs on his every move. Once the right time arrives, he’ll stumble on his own, making it all too easy to deal with him.”

And the most precise timing for this will have to wait until the overseas information comes in.

Zhao Yao couldn’t recall exactly when it had started, but in this lifetime, his father’s deteriorating health had progressed faster than in the previous one. Pinpointing the exact timeline was difficult, but it wouldn’t be too long.

As Zhao Yao finished speaking, he suddenly remembered something. “Later on, have Old Zheng get in touch with Chen Xi and let him know that the plan I prepared earlier can now be put into action.”

Yao Bai paused for a moment, as if he had also heard about this matter. “Is it about expanding Huihua’s scale?”

“Yes,” Zhao Yao had quite a few assets under his command. Currently, he has only invested in Huihua and the Zhajiang Mian Platform. In reality, Huihua had a strong foundation, making it well-suited as the central hub for expanding various businesses.

In his previous life, Chen Xi had gone from being the CEO of an ordinary company to later becoming a formidable tycoon that struck fear into the hearts of the entertainment industry. It had taken him about a decade to achieve this. Chen Xi was an ambitious and strategic individual, and what he lacked now was just someone to give him that extra push from behind. Contacting Chen Xi through Old Zheng was also based on this consideration. Huihua had achieved its current success in less than a year, and it was high time to apply some pressure on Chen Xi.

“Keep a close eye on Huang Wenjun on this matter,” Zhao Yao added.

“Alright, only Old Zheng and I know about this matter.” Yao Bai had no extra opinions on the matter. They were closely monitoring Huang Wenjun’s movements, and from Huang Wenjun’s actions, his older brother could easily deduce Zhao Zhikai’s intentions. There was no need to worry about Zhao Zhikai. They just needed to keep a closer watch on Huang Wenjun himself.

Then, he remembered something, “Ge, in a couple of days, there’s a celebration banquet for ‘Mi Ying.’ The crew’s own celebration didn’t happened yet. They insisted on waiting for you to return from H City. Can you see which time slot works for you in these next few days?”

A celebration banquet? Yao Bai had did mentioned this to him.

After some consideration, Zhao Yao replied, “Any of these next few days will work, just not too late in the evening. For the rest, you can let the production crew coordinate the time themselves.”

Yao Bai nodded, “I’ll go tell Director Cheng about it.”

He continued, “The car is waiting outside. Let’s head towards the exit on the left.”

Zhao Yao nodded and then spotted a somewhat familiar figure not far away. The person was wearing a mask, a cap, and a long coat over a suit. He hesitated for a moment, then said to Yao Bai, “Wait a moment.”

Yao Bai was puzzled, “Did we leave some luggage behind?”

A man in a windbreaker from a distance walked over, and when he approached the group, he casually tipped his hat and said, “So, Yao Bai came to pick you up.”

Yao Bai finally recognized the man as Pei Mingzhan. He quickly suppressed his surprise and replied, “Film Emperor Pei, what brings you here? This airport is full of people!” S City’s airport was frequented by many celebrities. Fans and paparazzi were known to stake out the place, so you had to be careful not to get caught on camera.

“I’ve kept my itinerary confidential,” Pei Mingzhan asked, “Are you planning to go back?”

Zhao Yao glanced at his attire, “Did you just come from the company? Why didn’t you tell me a heads-up?”

If he hadn’t just spotted Pei Mingzhan, wouldn’t they have missed each other?

Pei Mingzhan spotted Zhao Yao from afar a while ago, but he saw him talking to Yao Bai and didn’t want to interrupt their conversation. He said, “If I’m going to tell it to you, how can I call it a surprise? I haven’t seen you for several days. Let me give you a hug.”

Zhao Yao extended his arms slightly, and he approached for a warm hug. Then, he turned to Yao Bai and said, “You and Uncle Wang can go ahead. I’ll ride with Pei Mingzhan.”

“Alright,” Yao Bai responded, raising his head slightly. He couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t noticed Pei Mingzhan’s behavior when it came to love before. Coming to the airport to pick someone up, risking being surrounded by fans, was quite unusual. Could it be that men in love always acted unpredictably?

Pei Mingzhan’s car was parked in the opposite direction from Zhao Yao’s driver. After handing their luggage to Yao Bai, Zhao Yao walked empty-handed alongside Pei Mingzhan. As they walked together, Zhao Yao noticed some girls holding banners not far away, likely fans of some celebrity.

“What were you talking to Yao Bai about just now?” Pei Mingzhan asked.

Zhao Yao paused for a moment and said, “We were talking about the celebration party for ‘Mi Ying.’ Director Cheng must have told you about it as well, right?”

“Yes, my manager mentioned the news to me, but the exact time hasn’t been confirmed yet,” Pei Mingzhan replied, looking at him. “Do you think we should attend, Zhao Zong?”

“Yes,” Zhao Yao nodded, “Are you not coming?”

Pei Mingzhan put his arm over Zhao Yao’s shoulder, saying, “Of course, if you’re going, how could I possibly not go?”

Zhao Yao asked again, “Weren’t you really busy with work these past few days? How did you manage to find time to come over?”

Pei Mingzhan replied, “I finished work early today, so I came to pick you up and thought, why not stay at my place tonight?”

Mu Tingting was a photography enthusiast. Sometimes she joined events to photograph celebrities, but most of the time, she was just an avid photography buff, spending her days online researching photography techniques and seeking inspiration through her camera lens. One day, she accidentally stumbled upon a scenic photograph. This picture she discovered had been posted by a prominent photography master she followed on Weibo. This photography master enjoyed traveling around the country, capturing breathtaking shots, and each photo shared on his Weibo account held a wealth of knowledge worth learning.

The particular picture that had caught her attention was a photograph of flying kites in the outskirts of H City, posted by him.

Mu Tingting was a fan of Zhao Yao. So she had recently started following Pei Mingzhan’s super topic for his candid photos. She even tried her hand at photo editing, so when she saw the mention of “H City,” her mind immediately drifted to Pei Mingzhan. However, things couldn’t be that coincidental, so she didn’t think too much. It wasn’t until last week when Pei Mingzhan went live, and she noticed the distinctive orange jacket he was wearing that she began to think where she had seen it. It wasn’t until she scrolled through the master’s Weibo right before bed that it all clicked!

Pei Mingzhan’s coat, isn’t it the same as the coat on the kite flyer that the master took when he was collecting outdoor photos in the suburbs last time?

The picture only showed the distant silhouette without a clear front view, but because the image was in high resolution, when she zoomed in, she could still distinguish the details of the jacket. At first, Mu Tingting was a bit skeptical, as there were some differences between the front and back of the clothing. It wasn’t until a fashion blogger among Pei Mingzhan’s fans analyzed his outfit during the live broadcast that she went online to find a comparison image. This comparison made it even more obvious. It was the same jacket!

In the kite-flying picture, there were two young people out in the countryside flying kites, with several children gathered around them. It looked both playful and heartwarming, which left a deep impression on Mu Tingting. However, as soon as she thought about H City, the matching jacket, the two young individuals, and the countryside, her mind began to race uncontrollably.

But indulging in fan speculation was a bad behavior among fans. She struggled to control her thoughts, only daring to discuss it with her close-knit group of friends.

【Shit, this picture Tingting found looks so real!】

【Didn’t you say there was a staff member in Pei Mingzhan’s live broadcast? If it were an ordinary staff member, I don’t think Pei Mingzhan would react like this.】

【And he talked about being thirsty and pouring water, it feels like he was playing with his friends on purpose…】

【Who is this friend, though? I’ve gone through all of Pei Mingzhan’s non-celebrity friends’ tags these past few days.】

【I just went to search the guesthouse in that place, and there’s one place that looks similar to the background in Film Emperor Pei’s live stream!】

【Yeah!!! My God, let’s discuss it in private. Don’t send it to arouse people’s imagination. What if the illegitimate child follows us?】

【I’ve saved the kite-flying picture! Damn, these two men are so childlike that they go to fly kites together.】

Mu Tingting looked at the two people in the photo and thought that two days ago, fans mentioned Mr. Zhao’s future wife. After all, Mr. Zhao is not a person in the entertainment circle. For fans, he is a little hot vegetarian. Although he is young now, he may already have a girlfriend. Career fans don’t worry about Zhao Zong’s emotional line, but Mu Tingting suddenly has a very bold idea that Zhao Zong and Fil Emperor Pei seem to be strangely compatible…


Huihua had been busy with project work these days, with a lot of tasks lined up. Chen Xi was so caught up that he lost track of time. “Mi Ying” and “Li Meng” were the two hottest projects from Huihua last year, leading to a series of follow-up effects. These days, Huahua’s employees had to manage not only various incoming projects but also prepare to handle artist contracts.

Once Chen Xi had wrapped up his work, he received word from his secretary that Zhao Zong had returned from H City.

Chen Xi was somewhat surprised, “Zhao Zong is already back? In that case, I should prepare the hardcopy documents for him. I’ll take them over after work.”

The secretary nodded and added, “Earlier, when you were in a meeting, Mr. Zheng from Zhao Zong’s team contacted you.”

Chen Xi was familiar with this Mr. Zheng. He had met him when he helped Yao Bai select the team members for Zhao Zong. “Alright, I’ll give him a call in a while.”

Once the secretary had left, Chen Xi thought about sending a message to Zhao Zong via WeChat, planning to visit him after work. So, he sent a WeChat message to ask if Mr. Zhao would be at home that evening.

In the city center of S City was a red light.

The driver slowed down and came to a stop. Pei Mingzhan turned his head to Zhao Yao and asked, “Didn’t you mention you had something to send me?”

“Didn’t you receive it?” Zhao Yao frowned, then opened WeChat and said, “I sent it to the wrong person. It looks like I sent it to Chen Xi.”

Pei Mingzhan paused after hearing this, “How could you send it to the wrong person?”

Zhao Yao lowered his head slightly, “Chen Xi’s profile picture has a color scheme similar to yours, and I accidentally clicked the wrong one. It was Chen Xi who messaged me, and the chat window was at the top, so I thought it was you and shared it directly, but it ended up going to Chen Xi.”

After withdrawing the message and replying briefly to Chen Xi, Zhao Yao reshared the content with Pei Mingzhan. “I’ve sent it to you. Do you want to take a look?”

But Pei Mingzhan who was next to him was doing something in his phone. Zhao Yao leaned over to check and noticed that Pei Mingzhan was looking through a pile of photos, carefully selecting one. “Wait a moment, I’m changing my profile picture.”

After changing it, Pei Mingzhan handed his phone toward Zhao Yao and asked, “Does this one look good?”

Zhao Yao looked towards Pei Mingzhan’s phone screen and saw that Pei Mingzhan had set his profile picture to a photo from their recent kite-flying trip to the countryside. The picture showed a silhouette, not revealing the person’s identity unless you looked closely. But Zhao Yao recognized that silhouette as himself. He had been standing on the side, guiding the kite’s string, and this photo was likely taken by Pei Mingzhan during that time.

He hesitated for a moment, then suddenly realized something and asked, “Are you changing it to a couple’s profile picture?”

Pei Mingzhan looked a little surprised and replied, “Well, you could say that.”

Zhao Yao read about this in forums. It was said that young couples often changed their profile pictures to matching ones to show their unique status to each other.

He thought for a moment and then opened his photo album, “In that case, I’ll change one too.”


Just after Chen Xi had sent Zhao Zong a WeChat message, he received a recommendation from Zhao Zong on Weibo within a short time.

The recommendation was for an edited video from “Mi Ying.” Judging by the thumbnail of the mini-program that popped up, it seemed to be a personal edit of Feng Shiyue from “Mi Ying.”

He became nervous all of a sudden. Why did Zhao Zong send him a video from “Mi Ying” out of the blue? Did he miss something related to “Mi Ying”?

As he was about to click on it to check, the recommended share was suddenly withdrawn.

In its place, Zhao Zong simply said: Sent it to the wrong person.

Not long after, he followed up with another message: “I won’t be home tonight.”

Chen Xi stared at the withdrawn message notification, remaining silent for a while. Did Zhao Zong really send it to the wrong person?

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