Chapter 85.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 85.1

When the final episode of “Mi Ying” aired, it sparked widespread discussions online. Many film critics wrote long reviews of the series, and on review websites, the rating for “Mi Ying” settled at a high 9.5. The conclusion of the TV series also implied that there would be no more new plot developments. This was because the fate of Feng Shiyue in the ending remained ambiguous, leaving viewers uncertain about whether he lived or died.

“Mi Ying” ended leaving a suspense to the viewers. After the male lead and his small team resolved the formidable final boss, his mentor, Feng Shiyue, mysteriously disappeared. And due to other problems their organization had fallen apart. The silver lining was that there were plans to rebuild the organization, but the bad news lay in the lingering enigma of the Blood Moon at the story’s close, a stark contrast to the Blood Moon’s appearance at the beginning, aligning perfectly with Feng Shiyue’s introduction.

This kind of ending leaves the audience a lot of room for imagination, causing viewers to speculate whether that Blood Moon scene was a reflection of Feng Shiyue’s fate. But some also believe that “Mi Ying” might be setting the stage for a sequel.

【Wu wu wu, no wonder Peipei didn’t reveal the ending last week. It turns out the ending is like this.】

【In the series, Feng Shiyue’s allegiance is always a little unclear. He guided the male lead, but he also has ties with the villain.】

【I feel like there should be a sequel, but this ending is just right. 】

【Oh my god, didn’t they say Pei Mingzhan was going to leave the industry? I don’t want a sequel then, imagining someone else as Feng Shiyue would make me cry to death.】

The celebration banquet was scheduled for 7 o’clock in the evening, and most of the actors had cleared their schedules in advance to attend. Even before it began, Director Cheng was engaged in a conversation with the screenwriter outside, and they were discussing the topic of a sequel to “Mi Ying.” In their original plans, there was really a sequel, but whether or not it would be produced remained uncertain. Feng Shiyue was a character that runs to the entire story framework, with limited screen time in the follow-up but was quite important.

Originally, they hadn’t planned on making a sequel. Part of the reason was the target audience and market, and another part was their original intention when creating the script, which was to produce only one film. The current ending is just right, offering the audience ample room for imagination and providing a sufficiently clear conclusion to the story.

But with the growing online demand, Director Cheng and the screenwriter couldn’t help but consider whether they should produce a sequel to further unfold the entire world’s panorama to the viewers.

“With the current popularity of ‘Mi Ying,’ securing investment shouldn’t be a problem,” the screenwriter said. “But moving forward with a sequel comes with other risks.” After a moment of contemplation, the screenwriter continued, “If we produce a sequel in the next two years, it might work out fine. But it would be extremely challenging to retain the current cast, and the reputation of the series might also be affected by unforeseen factors. There are just too many variables.”

Director Cheng thought for a moment and decided to give it more thought later.

There were a lot of people in the celebration banquet, with only a few actors unable to attend due to prior commitments in other cities. The rest of the cast was present. The crew members were already gathered in the banquet hall, waiting for the festivities to officially begin, and nearly everyone had arrived even before the designated time.

“Is Mr. Zhao coming tonight?”

“According to what the director mentioned, yes. It’s been a while since I last saw Mr. Zhao. I’ve seen online that he has been spending most of this year over in H City.”

“Speaking of that, Mr. Zhao’s popularity has been quite soaring recently. I often see him and Film Emperor Pei on hot searches.”

“Speaking of which, didn’t Director Cheng plan to invite Film Emperor Pei? How come I heard he’s not coming?”

“It’s probably because of work. I’ve heard from people in the industry that Film Emperor Pei started his own company, and he’s less involved in managing the studio’s affairs now. It seems like his agent has started focusing on promoting newcomers in the industry.”

As the crew members relaxed and chatted about some industry gossip, it wasn’t long before they spotted the screenwriter entering. They wondered why Mr. Zhao hadn’t arrived yet. But in the next moment, they saw Director Cheng walking in, closely followed by two individuals.

One of them was Zhao Yao, the investor of “Mi Ying.” Today, he was dressed in a luxurious, tailored black suit, giving off a lively spirit. He stood out among the circle of artists, outshining many. Surprisingly, by Mr. Zhao’s side stood Pei Mingzhan, the film emperor. He, too, was donned in a suit, with a color scheme very similar to Mr. Zhao’s.

In this comparison, Director Cheng, who stood between the two, suddenly became less prominent.

From the moment they entered, a hush fell over the conversation in the banquet hall. Following this, several influential heads of production teams and actors approached them to exchange greetings, and only then did others begin to discuss the matter in hushed tones.

“Oh, Film Emperor Pei is here too!”

“It looks like he came with Mr. Zhao.”

“Didn’t they say they have a close relationship online? They both look really handsome today.”

Apart from the crew, several cooperating investors attended the celebration banquet. Originally, the primary investments for “Mi Ying” came from Huihua and Xingchen. However, due to issues related to Xingchen’s business shift, the major investors became Huihua and the Zhao Group. In addition to these, there were also smaller investors who heard that Mr. Zhao would be present at the celebration and rushed over to chat.

Two people from the Zhao Group also attended, but while others were busy approaching to strike up conversations, their attention was fixed on Film Emperor Pei. It’s worth noting that Film Emperor Pei, had recently made frequent appearances on Mr. Zhao’s social media circle. Mr. Zhao, who wasn’t particularly active on social media, had been sharing not only reposts but also photos of outings with Film Emperor Pei, or stills from “Mi Ying” in his recent social media updates.

Now, attending the celebration banquet together, it’s evident that the two of them should be really very close friends. They were just FrIeEnDsSS HAHAHAHAHA   

Unknowingly, the celebration banquet had quietly started. With the primary investors present, everyone else also began to unwind, chatting while enjoying their meals. “Mi Ying” was an online drama series that had recently garnered attention. Following discussions with the collaborating platforms and actors, they decided to host a live stream during the celebration, aimed to solidify the popularity of “Mi Ying” and facilitate the future development of “Mi Ying” intellectual property. Currently, various related merchandise for “Mi Ying ” was in the presale stage.

Ji Heyu also arrived at the scene. Due to his work, he hadn’t seen Zhao Yao for quite a while. Seeing Zhao Yao talking with others, he walked up to greet him.

When Zhao Yao sawn Ji Heyu, his initial impression was that Ji Heyu seemed to be in much higher spirits than before. In the past, Ji Heyu had been somewhat timid in his actions and decisions, but now, his confident demeanor in front of others was striking.

“Yao Ge,” Ji Heyu said.

Zhao Yao nodded toward him and asked, “Xiao Ji, how have you been during this time?”

After Ji Heyu greeted him politely, he proceeded to discuss several key points of his career with Zhao Yao.

After hearing his words, Zhao Yao expressed his satisfaction with Ji Heyu’s progress over the past six months.

Zhao Yao had a good impression of younger generations like Ji Heyu. Perhaps it was because he had encountered different people in his past life, but when he saw earnest and straightforward individuals like Ji Heyu, he couldn’t help but feel the urge to nurture them. That’s why he had provided Ji Heyu with great opportunities to showcase his talents in the first place. It also proved that this young man did indeed possess a certain level of talent, as he remained humble and composed in the face of becoming famous.

He reached out and patted Ji Heyu’s shoulder. “Well, keep up the good work.”

Ji Heyu nodded flattered. In his mind, he was already thinking about returning to consult his agent and see if he could schedule a couple more live streams for the following week. PLeASE HAHAHAHAHA   

After talking with Ji Heyu, other people also came up to talk with him. Pei Mingzhan noticed others offering drinks and conversation to Zhao Yao, so he took the initiative to step forward and shield Zhao Yao from a few rounds of drinks. After a while, the two of them finally took their seats at the head table of the celebration banquet.

On the other side, the female lead of “Mi Ying” at the platform’s request started a small live stream. Since it was a collaboration between the live streaming platform and Zhajiang Mian, the mobile live stream had excellent quality. Apart from the female lead’s personal fans, fans of other cast members also arrived when they heard the news of the live stream at the celebration banquet.

At the table with the female lead, many members of the main cast were seated. She generously introduced the actors sitting beside her through the live stream, addressed questions from the chat, and talked with the supporting actors around her. The live stream’s popularity soared for a while.

The netizens’ questions were varied, and whenever fans inquired about their respective artists, the female lead would shift the camera to allow other cast members to answer.

【Ah ah ah, Xioa Jiejie 1, did old Pei went to the event?】

【Wu wu wu, this scoundrel of a man only reposted the finale Weibo after Feng Shiyue’s went offline. No conscience at all.】

The female lead had a relatively limited interaction with Film Emperor Pei, and furthermore, he wasn’t seated at their table. So, she mentioned, “Pei Ge is here too, at another table.”

Fans started to request that she turn the camera toward Pei Mingzhan’s direction. The female lead, with a playful tone, shifted the conversation, and on the other end, the platform’s team that monitored the live stream received messages to ask if Pei Mingzhan was willing to appear on camera. Zhao Yao didn’t particularly like such interactive situations. When others came to talk, he would occasionally respond with a word or two. So, when the platform team approached Pei Mingzhan, he noticed immediately.

Pei Mingzhan had no objections to this. The live streaming of celebration banquets had occurred several times, and there were even a few instances when he had encountered actors who unexpectedly brought the camera over at other celebration banquets without much preparation. The “Mi Ying” production team was quite considerate in its approach, and in such situations, they would give a heads-up in advance.

Zhao Yao was slightly surprised. “There’s still a live stream here?”

Pei Mingzhan replied, “Mi Ying is also an intellectual property. Even after the drama has aired, there are ongoing collaborative projects.”

Director Cheng, sitting beside Zhao Yao, added, “Does Mr. Zhao wants to avoid the actor’s table?”

He thought Zhao Yao might not enjoy being on camera. He was about to instruct someone to communicate this to the female lead, but then he heard Zhao Yao say, “It’s fine. You can have her come over.”

Pei Mingzhan noticed this and exchanged a few words in a hushed tone with Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao nodded slightly and whispered back as he replied.

To outsiders, seeing two people whispering piqued their curiosity. At first, the attention of the small investors was primarily focused on Zhao Yao, but now, they were starting to notice that Mr. Zhao and Film Emperor Pei seemed to have a particularly good relationship. One of the investors commented, “Mr. Zhao and Mr. Pei have such a great relationship. I even saw Mr. Zhao visiting H City last time, right? It made the news when he visited the tourist spots.”

Zhao Yao’s expression softened a lot when he heard someone mention his good relationship with Pei Mingzhan. He responded to the previous investor’s question, saying, “The scenery at the tourist spots in H City is really beautiful. Mr. Wang, you should take the opportunity to visit and relax there sometime.”

“Nature is calling. It’s time to take a walk.”

“H City’s development is getting better and better, and its cultural aspects are especially impressive.”

“Ai, that’s right. I have to say that Mr. Zhao is really handsome and looks good on camera.”

“Mr. Pei is great as well. By the way, does Mr. Pei have any new dramas this year?”

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