Chapter 85.2

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 85.2


The barrage was filled with a lot of fan interactions. Some were asking about the status of “Mi Ying” sequel, while others were asking about their own favorite artists.

After receiving the platform’s response, the female lead scanned the situation at the head table. Many of the big investors were seated there, which made her a bit nervous about going over. But in the end, Director Cheng called out to her, and she picked up the camera, heading in that direction. As she walked, she said, “I’ll take you to meet Mr. Pei, he’s at the next table.”

Pei’s fans weren’t particularly keen on mentioning their artist too often in the live stream of a new female lead. But when they heard the female lead was going to take them to see Pei Mingzhan, they suddenly became excited.

【!!!!!! The humble Pei fans are crashing the live stream today. Thanks, beautiful sister!】

【What are you saying? Obviously, she is a beautiful younger sister!】

【Hahaha, are you Pei fans really so miserable?】

【I heard that Film Emperor Pei has no activities this year, which is really miserable in comparison.】

The female lead adjusted the camera slightly and quickly reached the head table. She first approached Director Cheng and introduced to him, “This is our director, Director Cheng, an extremely talented director.”

Director Cheng smiled at the compliment and said, “Are you praising me like this? Hello, everyone, I’m the director of ‘Mi Ying’.”

【The director is the most handsome, they should make a sequel! 】

【Director, please tell me, what happened to Feng Shiyue in the end? 】

The female lead handed the selfie stick to the director, and the director skillfully adjusted the camera’s position.

Director Cheng scanned through a few questions, but when it came to the sequel question, he skillfully evaded, “Hahaha, shooting a sequel? Well, it depends on whether our generous investors are willing to continue supporting our small production team. If there’s any news about a sequel, we’ll definitely let everyone know. Please continue to support us.”

After saying this, he added, “Well, I knew you all came here for Pei Mingzhan. Let me introduce you to our Feng Shiyue.”

When the camera was adjusted to Pei Mingzhan’s side, the latter was still talking to Zhao Yao next to him. They were talking about buying a bathtub in private. Zhao Yao stayed at Pei Mingzhan’s house for one night these two days. As a result, Pei Mingzhan’s bathtub was too small. Zhao Yao asked the team to decorate the new house for at least two months. When he came to the bathroom decoration, he mentioned that he wanted to buy a big bathtub.

Pei Mingzhan also did not expect Zhao Yao to be concerned about this matter, and then talked about other decoration plans. In the eyes of outsiders, they are whispering from time to time, and they seem to have a very good relationship. When the audience in the live broadcast room looked at the camera, they saw Pei Mingzhan talking with his head slightly tilted, one hand on the table and the other hand on Zhao’s shoulder. Mr. Zhao frowned slightly and listened carefully to Pei Mingzhan’s words.


【Earned! I almost forgot that there might be Xiao Zhao at the celebration party for “Mi Ying”.】

【The two are inseparable. Last week they hung out together. This week they’re hanging out with each other at the after party.】

【Zhao Zong! Look at the camera, look!!】

Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan talked about the decoration and had a lot of ideas. In addition, the celebration banquet venue was very lively, and some words had to be spoken loudly before they were noticed. He chatted seriously with Pei Mingzhan here, and didn’t notice it until Director Cheng handed over the camera.

Director Cheng said, “This is Zhao Zong from Huihua.”

“Hello.” Zhao Yao nodded.

【Is this the main backer of ‘Mi Ying’?】

【Damn, quite handsome.】

There are still some fans who don’t know Zhao Yao on the bullet screen. As soon as they heard about the gold owner’s father, they thought he was a middle-aged man with a worrying head. Director Cheng’s camera was pushed to Zhao Yao, and the fans reacted. Most of the fans in the live broadcast room are the fans of the female lead, followed by the fans of other actors. They watch the drama to see the protagonist, and they don’t pay much attention to some things. They really heard about Zhao Zong, but this is the first time they also saw the true face of Zhao Zong in Huihua.

Who is Mr. Zhao of Huihua? He is the biggest financial backer of “Mi Ying” and the boss behind the scenes who made the most money at the end of the entire show.

Fans only pay attention to the artist and the plot when they watch the drama. At first glance, they see this young man in a black suit with a handsome face and a distinctive temperament. Even though his eyebrows and eyes are cold, it can’t hide his excellent appearance.

This handsome guy!? Is it Zhao Yao?

At this sight, a large group of people in the live broadcast room were surprised.

【Is this Mr. Zhao? ? ? 】

【Damn, he’s so handsome. Are CEOs already this good-looking now? 】

【Does the overbearing president really exist? 】

【I’m a little tempted. He’s handsome and young. Is this guy really the biggest investor in “Mi Ying”? 】

Zhao Yao casually greeted the fans in the barrage before realizing that the majority of the audience in the live stream were mainly there for Pei Mingzhan. So, he took the initiative to offer his place to Pei Mingzhan.

【Wait! Mr. Zhao, let me take another look at you!】

【Darn it, where’s the handsome guy!?】

【Wait a minute, I haven’t taken a screenshot yet aaaaah!】

【It’s over, Pei Mingzhan can’t capture my attention anymore. Right now, my thoughts are entirely fixated on Mr. Zhao. Why didn’t anyone tell me before that investors could be this handsome?】

【The earlier you join the pit, the earlier you enjoy the perks. Isn’t being a career fan very good? No worries about your career or growth. All you need to do is lie down and become a member.】

【Take a look at our best Boss in the world. As long as we have enough people, one day, we will definitely make it to the point where Mr. Zhao opens a Weibo account.】

When Pei Mingzhan took the camera, he caught a glimpse of a few lines flashing in the barrage from Zhao’s fans. Turning his head, he said to Zhao Yao, ‘Your fans are asking to see you.”

“Really?” At those words, Zhao Yao paused momentarily. Then, he leaned in to observe the comments scrolling across the live stream room. Having assisted Pei Mingzhan in a live broadcast before, he was now quite familiar with this live streaming space, making it easy for him to notice the location of the comments in the barrage.”

【Mr. Zhao, look at us!!!】

【Mr. Zhao, could you take more pictures, pretty please, we’re begging you.】

【Mr. Zhao, please spare a glance at us pitiful Zhao fans. We’re from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of you.】

Pei Mingzhan smiled and said, “They’re asking when you’ll join Weibo.”

Zhao Yao fell silent for a moment and then replied, “Thank you for your support, but I’m not an entertainer, so I won’t consider joining Weibo.

Pei Mingzhan knew that Zhao Yao had a personal Weibo, but from the way he looked, it seemed he didn’t want to engage too much online. “Should we chat with them a bit more? It’s a rare live broadcast opportunity?”

Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan, thinking, ‘Isn’t this Pei Mingzhan’s job?'”

The platform staff overseeing the live stream didn’t particularly care who was doing the live broadcast. Their initial task was to have the actors conduct a live stream to boost interest. But they didn’t expect having both Mr. Zhao and Pei Mingzhan together. Especially, the attention on these two people has been quite a lot lately. They wished these two would continue the live stream a bit longer, whether chatting or simply being in front of the camera.

Pei Mingzhan had the phone in his hands, holding the camera towards Zhao Yao. “Mr. Zhao, would you answer a few fan questions?'”

Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan behind the camera. A similar scene had occurred last week, except he was the one behind the camera then. Now, the roles were reversed with Pei Mingzhan taking his place. It felt quite strange, especially when looking at Pei Mingzhan. His heart felt itchy and waned to be closer to him for a while longer.

“Not opening a Weibo.”

“Photos? I don’t have a habit of taking selfies.”

“For a new drama? You can check out the ongoing popular series ‘Li Meng.'”

When answering the questions, Zhao Yao seriously began addressing the fans’ queries. “A sequel to ‘Mi Ying’?”

The fans on the barrage happened to talk about the sequel. Judging from the development of the Internet, now “Mi Ying” might indeed have a sequel. Just now they also asked Director Cheng, but his answer was ambiguous. Now they directly asked the gold owner’s father.

Director Cheng was taken aback upon hearing this. After all, considering a sequel was within the scope of consideration, but the main concern was whether the second season could maintain the current cast and reputation. This matter hadn’t been discussed with the investors and management yet.

Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment before saying, “The question of filming a sequel requires further consideration. Whether it’s from the production team or our investors, the project undergoes a certain process from its filing to completion. So, at this moment, we can’t provide you with a definite answer. Therefore, regarding the decision to film a sequel, don’t be misled by online rumors. Please rely primarily on the official statements issued by the production team.”

Director Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, nearly worried that this matter might have upset Mr. Zhao. He was also concerned that the comments in the barrage might conflict with Zhao’s feelings, so he quickly signaled Pei Mingzhan, who quickly took control of the situation. He chatted with the fans for a few moments, steering the conversation in a different direction. Afterward, he handed the camera back to the female lead.

Director Cheng approached Zhao Yao to explain the concerns regarding the sequel. After listening, Zhao Yao responded, “I understand your concerns about shooting a sequel. If after your consideration, you still wish to proceed with the sequel, you can submit the project proposal to Huihua. I look forward to your update.”

“Okay,” Director Cheng nodded solemnly.

After taking back the phone, the female lead returned to her seat among the actors. Interacting with the fans while finalizing the remaining activities, she noticed a large number of people in the live stream room discussing Mr. Zhao.

For a production team like theirs, consisting mostly of new actors, there are many hidden risks. But during the filming period, instead of terminating the collaboration due to unforeseen incidents, the investors not only continued their support but also increased their investment to help the team overcome obstacles. Without this support, the achievements of “Mi Ying” wouldn’t have been possible, and the actors wouldn’t have had the opportunity to rise to fame.

It can be said that their current success is inseparable from Mr. Zhao and the comprehensive support from Huihua.

“Mr. Zhao is an incredibly good person. If you’ve followed ‘My Time on Set,’ you’d see how much support Mr. Zhao usually provides for our production team. It seems like I didn’t lose weight during filming. Instead, I gained a few pounds due to the crew’s meals…”

As they talked about the interesting anecdotes from the set, other actors around the female lead also began sharing stories from their time on the set.

The female lead glanced at the barrage of comments while talking  with the fans. But when she noticed a fan mentioning the relationship between Mr. Zhao and Pei Mingzhan, she hesitated briefly and skillfully diverted away from that topic.

There was something that maybe she was the only one who noticed. When she was standing there just now, her angle was blocking people. Looking from her angle, she unexpectedly saw Mr. Zhao’s hand underneath when he was answering fans’ questions. His hand was slightly resting on Film Emperor Pei’s thigh.

Instead of saying anything, Film Emperor Pei quietly held his hand back.

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