Chapter 86.1

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 86.1

The celebration banquet of “Mi Ying” is not yet over, but the internet already began to guess whether there will be a sequel to “Mi Ying” based on Director Cheng and Zhao Yao’s discussion. Some marketing accounts even went so far as cueing other actors to stir up the heat. Hinting that the reason why Director Cheng was reluctant to shoot the sequel was because of the inability to gather the current cast for the sequel. And some are saying that the leads are playing some big names now that they are popular.

All kinds of marketing methods are sent, but these are also common tactics within the circle. After the celebration banquet, the official team of “Mi Ying” issued a statement in response to online rumors, which ends the chapter of this matter. All that remained was for the production team to finalize their plans. In addition, the fans in the live broadcast room of the female lead were mixed with a lot of drama fans. They originally went for the affair of “Mi Ying”, but after watching the live broadcast, they were attracted by the investors of the crew.

Today, Zhao Yao’s super talk became lively again because Zhao Zong’s short live broadcast attracted a lot of passers-by fans. Curious netizens began to search for Zhao Yao and climbed to the super talk side one after another.

【I’m here to jump into the pit! I heard about becoming a member. Which memberships should I get?】

【 [Filmography] This is Huihua’s investment film list. [Material Compilation] this is the collection of Zhao Zong’s behind-the-scenes images and materials.】

【Hahahahais there another little sister in the pit? Welcome, welcome.】

【Zhao Zong is so good looking. I originally came for the news, but I didn’t expect that all my attention would be on Mr. Zhao in the second half. .】

【When I heard about Zhao Zong before, I thought he was some Mediterranean middle-aged man uncle. It wasn’t until after reading it today, I realized that I was ignorant.】

News about Zhao Yao is scarce, and occasional mentions usually are related to Pei Mingzhan. The liveliest fanbase gathering occurred last year during Huihua’s public relations crisis.

Netizens who know a little more know that Zhao Zong is a wealthy second generation who supported Huihua when it was about to go bankrupt. Zhao fans who entered the circle earlier know that Zhao Zong had sky-high benefits with the crew. And the fans who recently entered the circle, the ones  watching the tidbits of “Mi Ying,” realize that this overbearing president is a little different.

But other rumors also started to appear. Uninformed netizens previously believed that Zhao Zong was a middle-aged man who simply loved investing, coincidentally funding only blockbuster dramas. But, it’s precisely through this live stream that some users who hadn’t paid much attention before finally noticed this handsome CEO for the first time.

【Why didn’t I know that he was so handsome before?!】

【Hhhh, Xiao Zhao rarely appears in the limelight. Usually, when there’s news, It’s over on Film Emperor Pei’s side. They are good friends.】

【Right, right, right, you can also follow Pei Pei’s Weibo or fan page, and occasionally catch updates about Zhao Zong.】

【Doesn’t  Xiao Zhao have Weibo? I’ve searched for a long time and still can’t find it.】

【Weibo? Sisters, stop thinking about it. Instead of worrying about Weibo, you’re better off watching a few more dramas.】

【Weibo? Well, Huihua’s official account counts, remember to drop by there, engage with the posts, the admin there is a good persom.】

【And the local dog, our Zhangjiang noodles are quite popular there recently!】

The newly initiated fans followed the guidance of veteran fans, eagerly exploring different content realms. Today, they’re looking in Pei Mingzhan’s fan page, soaking in the behind-the-scenes images. Tomorrow, they’ll dash to “Mi Ying” fan page to indulge in edited footage. In the middle of their busy schedule, they still manage to spare time to check Huihua and Zhangjiang Noodles’ official accounts, eagerly waiting for any new updates or images.

Huihua’s official blog admin has been under a lot of pressure recently, because there are more Zhao fans under his promotional blog. So just before today’s meeting, the Publicity Department director earnestly instructed him that he must take more pictures. This was because this is the first time that Zhao Zong has come to attend the company’s internal meeting after two months, it’s now or never!

In the conference room, all the people sitting were the high-ranking officials of Huihua. The central seat remained empty, reserved for Zhao Zong, who had not yet arrived.

Chen Xi was in high spirits today. A few days ago, he had a detailed discussion with Mr. Zheng from Mr. Zhao Yao’s team about Huihua’s future development plans. Coupled with the recent increase in Huihua’s performance and popularity at the beginning of this year, it was an opportune moment to ride this wave and take things to the next level.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, expanding Huihua was necessary. But in the current market environment, seizing the opportune moment was far more important. Huihua had just undergone a rebirth last year. Expanding rashly might lead to neglecting other crucial aspects. So, this idea remained in his plans and has yet to be executed.

When Mr. Zheng came to discuss this matter, he also brought Mr. Zhao’s thoughts along. Mr. Zheng assured Chen Xi that Zhao Yao’s team would wholeheartedly support his plan. In addition, he presented a detailed proposal that not only addressed the concerns Chen Xi had but also proposed solutions.

“This proposal is just an initial draft. The specific details require further discussion and refinement with Huihua. You have a better grasp of the current market environment than Zhao Zong. Our team will extend full support to all the projects outlined in the proposal.

Put simply, Zhao Zong’s team will provide you with full support. there’s no need to feel restricted by other concerns, whether It’s lacking resources or funds, as the team will offer assistance. Huihua can operate however it wishes, but the sole requirement is that within the next ten years, Huihua must generate the expected returns that satisfy Zhao  Zong.”

After hearing this, Chen Xi was both surprised and touched. In his original plans, he would have hesitated to take the first step for at least three years until Huihua ran smoothly. But now, Zhao Zong’s support undeniably shortened that timeline.

In order not to disappoint Zhao Zong’s trust, Chen Xi spent the last few days further refining his original ideas. So in today’s meeting, apart from the regular agenda, he also planned to briefly present the future blueprint.

“So Huihua has a meeting to put forward the blueprint. You are not afraid of Zhao Zhikai finding out?” Yao Bai followed Zhao Yao into the elevator.

Zhao Yao replied, “He knows, but in the short term, he can’t address this. The plan requires a long period from planning to execution. Huihua just raised this question, but my team did not move on the surface. Do you think Zhao Zhikai will spend energy to deal with Huihua because of a plan?”

Yao Bai retorted, “What if he just loses his mind?”

Zhao Yao shot a glance at Yao Bai after hearing this. “Losing his mind? That’s also possible. If it were the Huihua of last year, it might not withstand his suppression. But the current Huihua holds a certain status in the industry, with no shortage of resources or reputation. If Zhao Zhikai intends to deal with Huihua, it would likely begin by targeting its vulnerabilities. But here lies the question, how do you suppose, at this point, he could counter a conceptual blueprint proposed at a meeting? Especially in an entertainment sector unfamiliar to Zhao Group.”

Yao Bai suddenly realized, “Ah, I see. It doesn’t matter how Huihua presents it because it’ll take time from proposal to implementation. Zhao Zhikai doesn’t have the time to engage in a conflict with us at this moment.”

“So, you don’t need to worry about Huang Wenjun leaking it, because It’s information that’s known but can’t be acted upon,” Zhao Yao said, raising his head slightly as the elevator doors in front of them opened.

Zhao Yao didn’t come here for some time and noticed the changes in Huihua’s office area. It had expanded from one floor to two, even altering the appearance of the reception area. As he entered the employee zone, he received a warm welcome from the staff. Employees passing by enthusiastically greeted “Zhao Zong,” even those seated at their desks couldn”t resist saying hello.

“Hello, keep up the good work,” Zhao Yao paused briefly, then followed Yao Bai towards a conference room further inside.

After he left, other employees began discussing it in private.

“Let’s celebrate Zhao Zong’s coming to work!”

 “Hahaha, I guessed right! I had a feeling when I saw the arrangements made in the conference room today.”

“He looks so cool in that suit.”

“Mr. Zhao has been quite popular online lately. I used to think he was cute, but the moment he stepped into the office area, he gave off the air of a really cool guy.”

“No kidding, that silent aura of Zhao Zong is really cool.”

“What’s it like having a handsome boss? The moment he says something, I feel especially motivated to work hard.”

Zhao Yao and Yao Bai arrived punctually at the conference room, joining the other senior executives who had already assembled. Once Zhao Yao took his seat, the meeting officially began. On his way, he received the meeting agenda. His primary intention in attending was to hear Chen Xi’s plan.

He had confidence in Chen Xi’s capabilities. However, the present Chen Xi was somewhat different from the Chen Xi of a few years ago. If any issues surfaced in the plan, there was room for timely adjustments to prevent minor problems from escalating into potential hidden danger.

As he finished listening to Chen Xi’s speech, Zhao Yao quickly noticed a staff member in the corner holding a SLR camera, aiming it in his direction. It was typical to have staff present to document internal meetings. But the repeated shots directed towards him made him confused and sparked a bit of curiosity.

The duty of managing the official account had fallen on this young staff today. Maybe it had been a while since they last photographed Zhao Zong. Now, from any angle, Mr. Zhao appeared exceptionally photogenic, he can’t help but take a few more extra shots.

After the meeting, Zhao Yao went to Chen Xi’s office to discuss the issues concerning the plan. Once he briefly outlined a few key points to Chen Xi, the latter suddenly brightened up, saying, “I didn’t consider this issue previously. It was indeed negligence on my part.”

“Well, pay attention to these issues before implementation,” Zhao Yao said. Witnessing Chen Xi quickly understanding the problem, he further recognized Chen Xi’s capabilities. Some young individuals often refuse to step back, thinking their ideas alone can make a breakthrough in the market.

But Chen Xi didn’t have this issue. His understanding of problems was very thorough, and he excelled in analyzing and absorbing these experiences.

“If there are no issues, I’ll take my leave first,” Zhao Yao glanced at the time. He had planned to have lunch with Pei Mingzhan at noon today, and there were only fifteen minutes left until their meeting. He reckoned he might be running late. “You’re more sensitive to market issues than I am, and you’re familiar with the dynamics within the industry. But in some aspects, It’s best to conduct more in-depth research.”

Chen Xi hurriedly stood up. “Okay, I’ll walk you out.”

He thought to himself, “How could Zhao Zong be less sensitive to market issues? He”s being too modest.”


Chen Xi escorted Zhao Yao out. As soon as they stepped out of the office door, Zhao Yao picked up his phone to make a call. His expression remained calm, but there was a slight furrow in his brow. It was difficult to tell what his mood was.

He wondered, “We were just talking fine in the office. Why the sudden change in demeanor once it ended?”

Zhao Yao swiftly swipe his phone screen and immediately made a call as Chen Xi walked ahead. Along the way, they encountered several passing senior executives, each greeting Zhao Yao upon meeting him. But Zhao Yao simply nodded slightly in acknowledgment, appearing absorbed in the phone call.

After about ten seconds, it seemed the call got through, and Zhao Zong’s slightly furrowed brow finally eased, his voice also softening considerably, “Have you arrived? I got held up with something on my end.”

After hearing this, Chen Xi realized, “So Zhao Zong had a lunch appointment?”

As Chen Xi emerged from the employee area, those nearby greeted him casually, and when they spotted Zhao Yao following him, someone loudly called out, “Zhao Zong.” Chen Xi was startled. Huihua didn’t impose strict regulations on interactions with employees. Occasionally, he strolled through this area himself. But he wondered what was going on today. The sight of Mr. Zhao seemed to energize the crowd, as if injected by chicken blood, surprising him.

Zhao Yao’s attention was completely on his phone. After hearing the greeting, he merely nodded in acknowledgment and then continued, “Have you arrived early? If so, wait a bit. It’ll take me about twenty minutes to get from Huihua to your location.”

As he reached the front desk, Zhao Yao ended the call. It was only then that Chen Xi asked, “Was Zhao Zong talking to his girlfriend?”

Listening for a while, given Zhao Zong’s gentle tone, the person on the other end seemed quite important. Moreover, during this Chinese New Year period, Zhao Zong had been in H City and hadn’t appeared to communicate much with his girlfriend. Maybe today, the girlfriend was coming from Y City.

With this thought, Chen Xi felt slightly annoyed. Did he delay Zhao Zong’s dinner appointment with his girlfriend?

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