Chapter 87

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 87

When Pei Mingzhan went online, some eagle-eyed netizens immediately noticed it. At noon, as soon as he logged in he forwarded a Weibo. This time, as he went online again, Pei’s fans assumed he was about to repost another collaborative Weibo. As a result, after brushing online for a while Pei Mingzhan directly reposted a food blogger’s Weibo post, accompanied by another netizen’s ID tagged in the front of it.

At first, fans didn’t pay much attention to this, but later, some curious Pei’s fans clicked to investigate. The discovery revealed that the “small  account” Weibo user seemed to be a Pei’s fan. Majority of their Weibo posts were related to Pei Mingzhan, either about “Mi Ying” or showcased beautiful pictures of Pei Mingzhan. This user appeared to be a very active and dedicated fan of Pei.

 After Pei’s fans clicked into the account, they immediately left comments beneath the original Weibo post, congratulating this fellow sister for catching Pei Mingzhan’s attention. Some of the sisters after scrolling down noticed something strange under this sister’s post. It appeared this sister posts everything, from bathtub reviews to retweets from an anonymous blogger, even casually following market trends…

It looks like a mix of a lifestyle account and a celebrity-chasing account. But there was something about it that seemed slightly off, like something’s wrong.

At this time, Pei’s fans belatedly realized and thought over how Pei Mingzhan saw this particular Weibo post and deliberately forwarded this Weibo??

Not only did he repost, but he also liked and commented in one go…

Confused and with hearts filled with uncertainty, the Pei fans had no choice but to continue scrolling down in search of answers.

Inside Pei Mingzhan’s studio, his assistant Lele had set up a special alert for Pei Mingzhan and was the first to discover the news.

“Brother Lao!” Lele quickly said after spotting the notification. “Pei Ge’s online and reposted a Weibo.”

On the nearby sofa nearby, Brother Lao reclined lazily as he played with his mobile phone showing little enthusiasm.

“What’s the big deal? didn’t he repost something around noon?” Brother Lao glanced at Lele. He was the one who had called to remind, or else how would Pei Mingzhan have remembered to come online and repost?

“No, no!” Lele walked over to Lao Ge, holding the phone. “Pei Ge reposted a post from a food blogger… and now all the online fans are paying attention to it.”

And he even added a tag, and it seems to be climbing up on the hot searches.

Brother Lao was surprised to hear this. While Pei Mingzhan did have a hobby for cooking, it wasn’t something he’d deliberately repost on Weibo, was it?

He got up from the couch and asked, “Just a repost? He didn’t do anything else, did he?”

Lele searched on the phone and replied, “No, just a simple repost.”

What’s the big deal about reposting? Just a food blogger’s post.

Brother Lao said, “Well, that’s fine. Reposting a bit of daily life counts as engagement. He’s been studying recipes recently. Maybe he accidentally hit the repost button.”

Lele hesitated as he scrolled through Pei Mingzhan’s Weibo. If it were just a regular repost, that would be fine, but this…

He asked, “Lao Ge, did Pei Ge ever repost with likes and a whole string of comments before?”

Lao Ge was confused: “?”

He took Lele’s phone and looked at it closely. Pei Mingzhan’s repost wasn’t a typical one. It included the ID “Alternate Account.” The name seemed rather strange. Clicking on it revealed a Weibo user whose feed consisted entirely of Pei Mingzhan’s posts. They were obviously die-hard fan of Pei Mingzhan.

“Wait a moment…” Brother Lao’s heart raced suddenly. He had a foreboding feeling. As he scrolled down further, he stumbled upon a few oddly familiar Weibo posts. “How do these posts seem so familiar to me? As if I’ve seen them before.”

One of the posts was a comment from a financial blogger, carrying insightful remarks and a professional analysis.

The more Brother Lao examined, the more it seemed familiar. After thinking about it, his expression suddenly changed.

This looks so familiar. Wasn’t this the repost I saw a few days ago on Mr. Zhao Yao’s friend circle?!

Mr. Zhao usually refrained from updating his friend circle, but lately, it was either various reposts or images related to Pei Mingzhan. So, whenever Brother Lao came across Mr. Zhao Yao’s friend circle, he paid particular attention. While he wasn’t knowledgeable about professional matters, he still had some recollection of Mr. Zhao Yao’s friend circle.

“Wait a minute, let me see this again.” Brother Lao was a little bit suspicious. He hurriedly scrolled down further, comparing it to the friend circle he had seen a few days ago…

“Oh,” Lele scrolled through the comments below and continued, “Fans are saying this person might be Pei’s friend, while some suggest It’s Mr. Zhao Yao’s Weibo.”

Brother Lao broke out in a cold sweat, trembling as he grabbed his phone to call Pei Mingzhan, “This must be Mr. Zhao Yao’s trumpet account…”

Darn it, how could Pei Mingzhan, who usually handles things so shrewdly, do such a stupid thing as forwarding a Weibo post on his main account?


The car drove smoothly to their destination, the supermarket. But the two people in the car were disturbed by the sudden situation.

“What do we do now?” Zhao Yao glanced at his Weibo, noticing a lot of fans following from Pei Mingzhan’s side. “Why don’t you delete the post?”

“It’s useless to delete the post now,” Pei Mingzhan said as his mobile phone became slightly stuck because of the surge in replies. “I guess fans have noticed it.”

They realized a bit too late. It was after the fans went to Zhao Yao’s side that they reacted. Deleting the post now might instead seem like an attempt to cover something up.

Zhao Yao encountered this situation for the first time and asked confused, “Why did you suddenly forwarded it?”

Previously, he shared Weibo posts with Pei Mingzhan but never saw Pei Mingzhan reposting. And Pei Mingzhan just mentioned that he switched to the wrong account. What did he mean?

“I was just used to it.”

Pei Mingzhan trailed off, suddenly noticing Zhao Yao’s scrutinizing gaze and helplessly added, “I reposted a long time ago.”

Reposted a long time ago?

Suddenly, Zhao Yao recalled the strange internet user beneath each of his Weibo posts. The garbled ID that never missed a repost, like, or comment. He scrolled through his previous Weibo posts, jumping to the page of this “afsafa” account and asked Pei Mingzhan, “Is this your alternate account?”

 In Zhao Yao’s phone was a Weibo user with a default profile picture and a scrambled ID. The most recent update was from last night, a repost of a scenery collection by another blogger that Zhao Yao had reposted. At the time, they were discussing their plans for the next vacation and where to travel. Coincidentally, Zhao Yao mentioned having seen a blogger’s recommendation on Weibo, so he shared the post with Pei Mingzhan.

Seeing that he cannot hide his alternate account any longer, Pei Mingzhan nodded reluctantly. “It’s me,” he admitted.

Previously, Zhao Yao had found this online user quite strange, consistently reposting many of his Weibo posts. It turned out this was Pei Mingzhan’s alternate account.

This online user left a deep impression on him. He paused for a moment and said. “You’ve been following me for a very long time.”

How did Pei Mingzhan know his Weibo ID before they were together?

Confronted with the discovery of his alternate account by Zhao Yao, Pei Mingzhan explained, “Do you remember when we stayed at the hotel once? You asked me a question about Weibo. I noticed it then and started following you later.”

Zhao Yao looked at him, seemingly a bit confused about the fact that Pei Mingzhan had started following his Weibo.

Pei Mingzhan saw Zhao Yao’s serious expression and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Is it odd to have an alternate account following one’s secret crush?”

Zhao Yao responded somewhat slowly, “You liked me back then?”

“I’ve liked you for a long time…” Pei Mingzhan was midway through his sentence when he suddenly received a call from Brother Lao. “Hold on, I need to take this call.”

“Is it your manager?” Zhao Yao asked.

Pei Mingzhan nodded, then answered the call directly on speaker, “It’s probably about the Weibo reposting.”

As soon as the call connected, Brother Lao roared from the other end, “Big brother, how many years have you been in this industry? How did you make such a mistake by reposting Weibo? Reposting is one thing, but you also liked and commented. Are you intentionally trying to annoy me?”

Pei Mingzhan, hearing the accusation, felt innocent and replied, “This time, it really was an accidental repost. I forgot to switch to my trumpet.”

“Wrong account? You, you, have some guts, huh? You actually still have a trumpet??” Brother Lao was left speechless, he couldn’t even vomit out the blood in his mouth 1. Pei Mingzhan had been quite lazy in posting on Weibo before, even to the extent that for a while, he was immersed in shooting and had his studio manage his Weibo account. Brother Lao had never worried about Pei Mingzhan having an alternate account, assuming that even if he did, it would likely be an inactive one. But now, from Pei Mingzhan’s tone, it seemed not only did he have an alternate account, but it sounded like he used it regularly?!

Brother Lao was so angry that his speech started to tremble as he questioned, “Tell me the truth, did you repost that Weibo because of Mr. Zhao? Your fans have already started to guess whether that alternate account belongs to Mr. Zhao.”

After hearing this, Zhao Yao paused and explained on behalf of Pei Mingzhan, “That’s my Weibo. When I shared it with him, he accidentally reposted it. Can we delete it now?”

“Zhao… Zhao Zong?” The voice that came through the speaker carried a hint of tremor.

“It’s me,” Zhao Yao replied.

Originally holding back his breath to question the artist who often created issues, Brother Lao suddenly realized that Pei Mingzhan had broken the rule by using the speaker when he heard Mr. Zhao Yao’s voice.

Brother Lao was holding his breath and wanted to question the artist who had been doing things all day, but when he heard Mr. Zhao’s voice, he realized that Pei Mingzhan had made a foul. He turned on the speaker.

Hearing the reply, he tempered his emotions slightly, slowing his voice. “Mr. Zhao is here too, huh? Deleting the Weibo post now won’t work. It’s been a while, and the fans aren’t that easily fooled.”

Pei Mingzhan said the same thing just now. Zhao Yao thought for a while and asked, “So, what should we do now?”

Since there is no way to delete it, they had to consider alternative strategies for damage control.

Brother Lao had a whole lecture prepared to reprimand Comrade Pei Mingzhan, but the moment he heard Mr. Zhao Yao’s voice, all those words got stuck in his throat. He patiently explained, “This issue isn’t only about Mr. Zhao’s trumpet account but also about Old Pei’s trumpet…”


At first, the netizens didn’t pay much attention to the small Weibo repost by Pei Mingzhan. Most of Pei Mingzhan’s fans were more focused on his recent search on cooking. Ever since his time in “Youxian,” many fans were attracted by Pei Mingzhan’s cooking skills. So, when they saw Pei reposting recipes, his fans blew rainbow farts in the comments section below his post.

Later, when other fans clicked to view the Weibo, they discovered the previous alternate account belonged to a fan of Pei Mingzhan. But looking carefully, it didn’t seem to be just an ordinary fan account. Different strange guesses instantly came out.

【Wait a second, don’t you think this trumpet…】

【To be honest, I also thought about it…】

【Named “Alternate Account,” I just checked. It follows both Huihua and Zhajiang Mian…】

【Could it also be a fan of Mr. Zhao?】

【But there’s not a single thing related to Mr. Zhao on his Weibo. It’s either about Pei Mingzhan or reposts from other bloggers.】

【In fact, fans from both sides might follow these accounts, but this alternate account is very strange. It follows many upcoming dramas of Huihua, which is related to Pei Mingzhan. I feel, um, mostly likely, probably, should be the one we guess.】

【So, is this Zhao Zong’s trumpet?! Ah ah ah, this cold man!!】

【He lied to us about not having a Weibo account, and here he is with a trumpet. I am so angry.】

【My Luoyang shovel 2 has been shoveled to last year, and I also found that this trumpet forwarded the content of Zhao’s Group. If it weren’t for Zhao Zong, this wouldn’t make sense!】

After some thorough research, Pei Minghzan’s fans discovered that this “Alternate Account” should be Pei Mingzhan’s fan. But it seems it is not a simple fan, because they only began forwarding Pei Mingzhan’s posts at the end of last year. As if they entered the fan circle during the time of “Mi Ying,” but some comments reveal that he is very familiar with Pei Mingzhan.

For example, when fans mentioned Pei Mingzhan’s favorite fruits, this account would repost and add a comment like “He also loves eating apples.”

Or when there were baseless negative rumors fabricated by some anti-fans about Pei Mingzhan, this account would be questioned when he forwards it.

And when fans mentioned how Pei Mingzhan seemed to have recently maintained a very regular sleep schedule, this account would repost with a comment like “No, he stayed up late last week.”

PART 2 2058

If encountered in ordinary circumstances, Pei Mingzhan’s fans might not take them seriously, because such comments are quite common among younger fans. It’s common to use various tones to express affection for their favorite artists. Occasionally, there are even cuter expressions. But looking at these Weibo posts in a different perspective…

This blogger seems to know Pei Mingzhan???

After a series of investigations, Pei’s fans belatedly realized that this blogger not only knew Pei Mingzhan but also seemed to be a close friend outside of the entertainment circle. With this conclusion in mind, Pei Mingzhan’s fans immediately linked it to Zhao Yao, who had recently been particularly close to Pei Mingzhan. Could this Weibo account belong to Mr. Zhao?!

The Zhao fans who are used to browsing Pei Mingzhan’s super topic arrived quickly after hearing the news. As soon as they heard about traces of Mr. Zhao in Pei Mingzhan’s reposted Weibo, these seasoned fans well-versed in Mr. Zhao Yao’s information immediately started their analysis.


@AlternateAccount//@ZhajiangMiaAPP: New features recently updated…

@AlternateAccount: Forwarding Weibo//@RecommendedRomanticDestinations: Today, I will focus on introducing H City to you..

【The recent works he’s been paying attention to are actually the ones Huihua announced not long ago.】

【Around the Lunar New Year, they even reposted Weibo posts about tourist spots in H City.】

【Damn it, I didn’t notice until you mentioned it, but everything seems to make sense. This is really Zhao Zong!】

【Just think about it. Film Emperor Pei reposting, liking, and commenting all at once. Can an ordinary fan have such an honor?】

【Even ordinary friends don’t seem to have this honor. My friends are too lazy even to like my Weibo.】

【So, it must be Mr. Zhao, hahahaha. I guess the Film Emperor Pei probably forgot to switch accounts.】

【So, the Film Emperor Pei also has a trumpet?】

【Wow, you guys are really good at spotting the highlights!】

Pei Mingzhan’s fans realized that he might also have a trumpet, but the fans of Mr. Zhao were not content with just this. After analyzing and determining an 80% likelihood that this Weibo user was Mr. Zhao, the fans of Mr. Zhao began to dig deeper into this account’s treasures. This trumpet account had posted very few original Weibo content. But the more they scroll down, the fans of Mr. Zhao was left baffled. Why is the style of this Weibo so strange?

【Just checked the following list and found that Xiao Zhao is following many emotional bloggers.】

【I seem to have made faster progress than you. I’ve just scrolled all the way to the front. It appears that Zhao Zong was studying couple trust for a while. I didn’t quite understand it. It seems pretty deep.】

【[Screenshots] I’m laughing to death! When I think of Xiao Zhao following these bloggers and debating love steps with netizens, I can’t help but Laugh.】

【Xiao Zhao is so serious. It’s my first time seeing someone seriously discussing the atmosphere of haunted houses.】

【His words are so emotionally intelligent. To be honest, it’s a bit strange for a guy to follow relationship blogs, but the things he reposts and comments on are meaningful. The perspectives he brings up are thought-provoking.】

【Yes, like the question about why we relax our vigilance towards our partners when in a relationship. I thought it was because of a good relationship, but after seeing Zhao Zong’s comments, I suddenly feel like I’ve overlooked many details.】

【Hhhhhh, I carefully observed Zhao Zong’s comments and realized he pointed out many things I hadn’t noticed before. I’ve been speaking about relationships in vain!】

Zhao Zong’s Weibo is simply a treasure trove. Netizens have never given up as soon as they turn it over. On this side, Zhao Zong is discussing market problems and getting plenty of likes. On the other side, he’s engaged in discussions about emotional problems, agreeing that he hadn’t considered it before. Previously, Zhao Yao’s fans knew him as a handsome CEO, but now, they discovered his broad interests extending to psychology, cuisine, travel, and more through these Weibo posts.

Zhao Yao’s fans were a little trance. They did not expect Zhao Yao, a cool guy, to pay attention to a lot of things…

【The big boss deserves to be the big boss. The style of his Weibo is different from the usual CEO.】

【Right, right, right.  His range of knowledge is impressive.】

【Wait a minute? Don’t you find it a bit strange that Mr. Zhao is following these bloggers?】

【What’s so strange about it? Haven’t you noticed the rest? Mr. Zhao is studying into psychological matters.】

【Wait, why do I feel like your gazes toward Xiao Zhao suddenly became kind???】


Previously, the fans who were following Zhao Yao’s alternate account habitually checked the big shot’s microblog to see if he had any new insights on the stock market today. There was a recent period where the big shot almost suffered a financial loss, and if it hadn’t been for the timely reminder from this big brother’s account. Even though the big shot seemed to have started following stars recently, whenever there were changes in the stock market, he would still repost and comment on things.

But today they just entered the big brother’s microblog and suddenly found that the number of likes and comments in the microblog has increased several times. They almost thought they had clicked the wrong microblog. A group of people are still a little confused, but after reading the comments of the netizens below, they realized that the problem was that the big shot was stripped under his skin 3

@DailyBoredom: ??? I just found out that the treasure trove blogger I follow is my Zhao Yao’s alternate account. //@AlternateAccount: Repost microblog//@xxFinance: Highlights today…

【I’m also confused. I didn’t know about Zhao Zong until Huihua, and this blogger was recommended to me by my friend, saying there’s a lot of good stuff to learn.】

【It feels like my dimensional wall was broken…】

【Damn it, I even talked about falling in love with Zhao Zong. Now I also realized I also criticized Zhao Zong.】

【Laughing to death. Is the sister upstairs real?】

【I’m shocked. It turns out that General Manager Zhao has always had a Weibo.】

Yao Bai recently fell in love with reading Weibo to check discussions related to “Li Meng.” So he also knew about Pei Mingzhan’s retweeting that brought up a food show to the hot searches, but he didn’t click to view it. But later in the evening, another trending topic shot up tagged with #ZhaoZongTrumpet. 

Before he could check it out, his team called to confirm the situation.

Because of the frequency of Zhao Zong’s appearance in trending topics during the Chinese New Year, the public relations team had been closely monitoring Weibo’s dynamics, ready to retract or suppress the hot searches related to Zhao Zong. When this new trend appeared, their initial focus was on determining whether this Weibo account was indeed Zhao Zong’s trumpet, which was important for deciding the right approach.

Could this be his brother’s Weibo?

He applied for this account! 

Yao Bai was shocked to see this. When he clicked on his brother’s Weibo again, he found that the home page of his brother’s home page was basically occupied by fans. He searched it and realized that it was only in the afternoon that Film Emperor Pei forwarded his brother’s trumpet account that it was exposed.

How did these two go from researching cooking to messing around on Weibo and even revealing a trumpet directly?

Seeing fans already searching into the details of the alt account, Yao Bai was left confused. How to handle this situation? Even suppressing the trend couldn’t change his brother’s exposure on Weibo. But thinking about the exposure didn’t seem like such a big deal…

When Yao Bai called, Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan were buying groceries at a nearby supermarket. After Brother Lao took charge of handling the matter, the line went silent. They both realized that it wasn’t a big issue. It was just the small trump account they used for casual browsing on Weibo getting exposed.

The supermarket was rather quiet, mostly occupied by middle-aged ladies examining the vegetables. Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan stood at a distance, avoiding the bustling crowd. Pei Mingzhan carefully picked out suitable vegetables from the shelves. The supermarket was noisier compared to the loud voice on the phone, which had been ringing for a while before finally beig answered.

“Well, I’m in the supermarket with him now. The Weibo incident? He accidentally used the wrong account while reposting,” Zhao Yao explained to Yao Bai.

Pei Mingzhan placed the Chinese cabbage into the shopping cart and asked, “Yao Bai?”

“Well, he asked how to handle the Weibo situation,” Zhao Yao replied, pausing before continuing with the conversation on the other end of the phone. “It’s not a big issue. If you’re worried about the impact on the fans, I’ll just reapply for a new account.”

Yao Bai heard this and continued, “So, our team will help suppress some of the negative aspects. Why are you so resistant to opening a Weibo account? You’re not an artist, so you don’t have to worry too much about this issue. In addition, Weibo can also be a way to attract attention, and your followers will notice the projects you promote.”

He also paid attention to Zhao Yao’s Weibo and observed that Zhao Yao had a keen interest in the projects produced by Huihua, often reposting them on his own Weibo.

He also paid attention to Zhao Yao’s Weibo and noticed Zhao Yao’s keen interest in the projects produced by Huihua, often reposting them on his own Weibo.

Nowadays, many CEOs of companies with some reputation maintain a Weibo account. Some do it to build their personal image and attract fans, while others use it as a tool to repost the company’s official content. Interested fans would then click on their profile. Considering his brother’s current popularity, why worry about nobody paying attention to Huihua’s new projects even if he posts a Weibo?

“I”ll talk to you later,” Zhao Yao replied indifferently, noticing that Pei Mingzhan had picked up two more items and was busy pushing the shopping cart. “I’m hanging up.”

Yao Bai hadn’t finished speaking when his brother hung up the phone on the other side.

He refreshed the page and noticed a considerable increase in the number of followers on his brother’s Weibo homepage.

Watching these online activities, he thought that his brother probably didn’t care much about these things. He dialed his team and said, “Yes, It’s Zhao Yao’s Weibo. No need to suppress the hot searcg. Just keep a close eye on it.”

After selecting ingredients at the supermarket, Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao left. Originally, they planned to cook a few dishes in the evening. They included a new Cantonese dish because Zhao Yao was interested in it. Zhao Yao was still experiencing some lag while browsing his own Weibo and decided to screenshot the posts he was interested in. “Do you always get stuck when you go to your Weibo?”

Pei Mingzhan paused for a moment before replying, “Not really. I usually log off after posting on Weibo.”

Zhao Yao looked at his phone, confused. He contemplated whether he should get a new one in a couple of days. “The blogger mentioned to pay attention to the cooking temperature.”

Pei Mingzhan responded, “Okay.”

The driver quickly parked the car downstairs at Zhao Yao’s residential area. They took the elevator home, during which Pei Mingzhan continued to explain to Zhao Yao how to determine the appropriate cooking temperature.

As the elevator quickly reached the designated floor, Zhao Yao stepped out and noticed someone standing at his door.

Pei Mingzhan stopped speaking when he noticed someone standing at Zhao Yao’s doorstep. “Is there a guest?”

The visitor was a young man dressed in a newly released casual brand, sporting a brightly decorated coat. He stood by Zhao Yao’s door, hesitating for a long while with his hand hovering near the doorbell.

Pei Mingzhan found the young man unfamiliar and felt he wasn’t someone Zhao Yao would typically socialize with. Zhao Yao also didn’t mention any other visitor coming over that evening.

Pei Mingzhan noticed Zhao Yao  frowning slightly and asked, “Do you know him?”

Zhao Yao glanced at Zhao Qizhen standing at the door. His tone turned colder, “I know him. He’s nominally my younger brother.”

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  1. Figuratively. Normally used in cultivation novels “Vomit out blood out of anger”[]
  2. 洛阳铲 Luòyáng chǎn: Luoyang shovel, also known as shovel, an archaeological tool for half of the cylindrical shovel. [Didn’t find the slang meaning but found this. So, Luoyan shovel means digging deeper through old things –ish?? In this case ZY’s old post HHHH][]
  3. Exposed[]

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