Chapter 91

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 91

Inside the tall office building, the secretary stood silently beside Mr. Pei, with the conference room behind them. The senior executives had just left the meeting room when they saw Mr. Pei staring at his phone with a serious expression. Even the more serious issues discussed in the meeting didn’t result such a grave reaction from Mr. Pei. Moreover, the fact that after hanging up one call, he immediately dialed another…

Mr. Pei didn’t move away. So, the senior executives standing behind him did not dare to leave. They could only stand silently in the background, silently asking about the situation from Mr. Pei’s secretary. The secretary also encountered this situation for the first time, and finally had to remain silent in the face of other people’s questioning.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Mr. Pei finally dialed a third phone call. The senior executives behind him all turned their attention to the phone in Mr. Pei’s hand. It wasn’t until Mr. Pei began speaking that they finally felt relieved.

Finally, the call went through. If it were to be disconnected again, Mr. Pei would stay right at the entrance of the meeting room.

“Find a safe place now. I’ll send my people to pick you up,” Pei Mingzhan frowned slightly, moving forward as he spoke. “Other places are not safe…”

The senior executives watched as Mr. Pei finally left. Now, their curiosity about the person on the other end of the phone grew. This was the first time they had seen Mr. Pei like this. One of the executives asked, “I just heard him say he’s going to pick someone up. Who is he talking about?”

“Is Mr. Pei personally picking someone up?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. He said ‘pick someone up,’ as if he’s instructing someone else to do it.”

“Hold on. Since when does Mr. Pei have others pick someone up for him?”

The quiet corridor echoed with Pei Mingzhan’s footsteps. The executives watched as his presence vanished around the corner, exchanging uncertain glances. At that moment, someone questioned, “Could it be Zhao Zong? Lately, Zhao Zong has been frequently visiting President Pei. He even spends a lot of time in his office.”


Xiao Wang watched as the car turned into the entrance of a commercial building. After the driver confirmed matters with Mr. Zhao, he busied himself with other tasks as instructed by Mr. Zhao, leaving only Xiao Wang to accompany Zhao through the underground parking lot. This was a commercial building in the city, and based on the team’s understanding of Mr. Zhao, there were no other industries of his in this location. Xiao Wang originally expected Mr. Zhao to head to Huihua after the detour but was surprised when the driver took a different route to this area.

Not long after they started walking, a man in a suit quickly approached from the front. He stopped in front of Mr. Zhao and said, “Zhao Zong, Mr. Pei asked me to pick you up.”

After saying that, he glanced at Xiao Wang, leaving him with a sense of suspicion. Xiao Wang couldn’t help but feel that the way the man looked at him was somewhat different.

Soon enough, Mr. Zhao followed the man in the suit to take the elevator upstairs. When they arrived at their destination after exiting the elevator, it became apparent that something was about to unfold.

A huge logo hung on the glass window. Xiao Wang suddenly realized where they were. It seemed to be the company of Mr. Zhao’s good friend, Pei Mingzhan.

Employees in the office area curiously peeked as Mr. Zhao entered through the door. They are no longer surprised by his presence. At first, when Mr. Zhao \visited their company, there was a bit of amazement, but with each visit, it became routine. Now, whenever they saw Mr. Zhao, they knew he was here to see Mr. Pei. If the two were leaving together, there was no need for guessing. It was likely for a meal together.

“Mr. Zhao is here again. Their relationship is really good.”

“I’m starting to think if Mr. Zhao is investing in Mr. Pei or planning to cooperate with our company.”

“The level of enthusiasm they show in this cooperation is unmatched by any other parties involved, isn’t it?”

“Don’t you think Mr. Zhao comes during odd hours, almost always towards the end of the workday?”

“Now that you mention it, I do get a strange feeling that Mr. Zhao comes to pick up Mr. Pei after work.”

“That’s quite a coincidence. I’ve been thinking the same, my friend.”

After the employees privately discussed for a short while, they noticed a new face entering with Mr. Zhao. The newcomer was dressed in a smart suit, carrying a briefcase, and appeared to be an elite assistant. From a distance, he looked like Mr. Zhao’s assistant. Finally, everyone found a plausible explanation. It seemed that Mr. Zhao really came to discuss business with Mr. Pei. Bringing an assistant along today probably means they are almost finished with their negotiations, right?

It was the first time for Xiao Wang to come here. At first, he didn’t pay much attention. However, as soon as he entered the employee area, he couldn’t help but notice the curious glances directed at him.

And their eyes carried a strange sensation, causing him to hesitate slightly. Why were all these people paying attention to this side???

The employee area leads to a corridor that goes further into other sections.

Zhao Yao hadn’t even reached Pei Mingzhan’s office when he saw him coming out from the office, heading straight towards him. Before Zhao Yao could say anything, Pei Mingzhan walked towards him, grabbed his shoulder and looked at him carefully. After confirming everything was fine, Pei Mingzhan asked, “I knew there might be an issue when I called you twice and didn’t answer. Did they do anything to you?”

Seeing this, Zhao Yao explained a few details about the tracking incident to him.

Pei Mingzhan paused slightly. He had guessed that Zhao Yao would encounter problems, but tracking was not what he had expected. Having gone out with Zhao Yao several times, he knew they were being followed. In fact, he had even had someone investigate the identities of those tailing them. These individuals were more skilled in the art of tracking than the paparazzi who used to follow him discreetly, suggesting that this was a commissioned operation. A little inquiry into Zhao Group’s affairs should narrow it down to a few people with strained relations with Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao had also briefly mentioned this issue to him. Although he didn’t say it clearly, Zhao Yao implied that while being tracked was one thing, based on their past encounters, it seemed unlikely for the other party to resort to extreme measures. But today proved otherwise.

Pei Mingzhan was a smart man, and certain matters couldn’t escape his notice.

Zhao Yao understood that Pei Mingzhan likely knew quite a bit about the situation. He didn’t beat around the bush and directly said, “The people following me this time are not the same as last time. Their skills are less refined, which is why I’ve been more cautious.”

“If there’s one, there’s another. Now that you’ve shaken them off this time, if they get another chance to catch you alone, they might just do anything,” Pei Mingzhan said, putting his arm around Zhao Yao’s shoulder. He then noticed a stranger trailing behind Zhao Yao and asked, “Your person?”

“New assistant. He happened to be accompanying me to check out some properties today,” Zhao Yao replied, following Pei Mingzhan inside.

Xiao Wang followed behind. Seeing Zhao Yao walked with Pei Mingzhan, he quickly followed them.

– *

When Zhao Zhikai received a message from his deputy, the group was in chaos. Zhao Qizhen went back to the old house after losing his temper, while the people in the group who witnessed the incident were whispering. Originally because of Bai Chengxue, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with his support for Zhao Qizhen, and were finally appeased by him. As a result, Zhao Qizhen made trouble in this place, and those who were ready to follow his advice called one after another to ask about the situation.

Zhao Qizhen was never the most suitable heir, and now, in the group, the only people with the right to inherit were him and Zhao Changshuo.

Originally, when Zhao Yao was still around, Zhao Zhikai thought his plan was foolproof. Little did he expect the situation would become into what it was now.

“So, your people couldn’t keep up with him?” Zhao Zhikai seethed with anger. “He only has an assistant by his side. Couldn’t you handle it?”

His deputy explained, “San Shao is extremely vigilant. Our operatives couldn’t get close to him, and he blended into the crowd before we could intercept. Moreover, his driver knows the city roads well, and they managed to shake off our pursuit.”

The plan didn’t go well. It was certain that Zhao Yao would now be suspicious. Missing this opportunity would complicate any future attempts to handle Zhao Yao. Zhao Zhikai had been planning to make a move on Zhao Yao during this period. He had been searching for a way to make Zhao Yao suffer, but unexpectedly, Zhao Yao seemed to be innocent, doing nothing at all. The information leaked by Huang Wenjun, who infiltrated Zhao Yao’s team, turned out to be useless. Adding to the puzzle was the news that Zhao Qizhen had visited Zhao Yao’s residence.

Although Zhao Yao had left the group, the traps he had set during these days were being dismantled one by one by Zhao Changshuo. If there weren’t any hidden motives behind the scenes, Zhao Zhikai didn’t believe it. So, he wanted to make a move on Zhao Yao to gauge Zhao Changshuo’s reaction. Unexpectedly, before the plan could be executed, Zhao Yao had caught wind of it and managed to slip away.

Halfway through his explanation, the deputy seemed to receive new information. He then turned to Zhao Zhikai and said, “Boss, there’s new information from Huang Wenjun…”

Zhao Zhikai paused slightly, furrowing his brows. “Just spit it out.”


Xiao Wang had already drunk two cups of tea in front of him. He saw Zhao Zong sitting on the opposite sofa. The things spread out in front of him were the drawings he had just got from the decoration team in the morning, and he was discussing with Pei Mingzhan.

“I asked them to change the gym,” Zhao Yao pointed to a location on the blueprint.

Pei Mingzhan glanced at the pencil marks above and asked, “Why the sudden change?”

“Your physical condition is a bit lacking. During the Chinese New Year, you caught a cold and took almost half a month to recover,” Zhao Yao said seriously. “Right now, you are young and your body can endure hardships. But once you’re past thirty, and your immune system isn’t as strong as before, many subtle issues may arise. Regular exercise is beneficial for maintaining good health.”

Considering Pei Mingzhan’s demanding workload, there might not be time to hit the gym. If he exercises at home, Zhao Yao can help keep him on track.

After hearing this, Pei Mingzhan fell silent. He examined the blueprints for a moment before making a comment.

“I think the bedroom is a bit small. We don’t need to separate the study into two either. I’d like to be able to see you when I’m working from home.”

“As for the bathroom, it looks fine. Is the bathtub the one we were considering?”

“The location of the kitchen, having the entire counter as a cooking station seems a bit too wide.”

Xiao Wang felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, watching the conversation shift from renovation issues to furniture matters. In the end, they even discussed which brand of beddings would be suitable. Honestly, based on his understanding of wealthy families, he believed that such trivial matters were usually handled by the assistants who had connections with the best teams, to make sure everything was presented to the leaders for approval. It was rare for leaders to be so meticulous about details, right down to choosing which bathtub to buy.

Most importantly, why were these two discussing this???

The more Xiao Wang listened, the more alarmed he became. Was Mr. Zhao buying a house to live with Mr. Pei???

Wait, why would two men live together? Xiao Wang belatedly recalled a conversation from a few days ago in the team. The PR manager had mentioned dealing with rumors about Mr. Zhao and Mr. Pei. So, was it real?

“Xiao Wang, have you noted everything?” Zhao Yao suddenly looked towards Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang came back to his senses and whose pen had not stopped recording, replied, “Mr. Zhao, everything has been noted.”

Pei Mingzhan’s secretary came in three times to bring tea, and on the fourth time, he brought in the pre-ordered lunch for Pei Mingzhan. Xiao Wang finally finished documenting both their opinions just as Pei Mingzhan’s secretary left the room.

It wasn’t until after leaving the office that Xiao Wang realized the whirlwind of events he had experienced that morning. First, he had been tracked while looking at houses with Mr. Zhao, and then he followed Mr. Zhao to Mr. Pei’s company to further modify plans. It had been such a thrilling morning, nearly the biggest crisis he had faced since starting his career.

“Mr. Wang,” Pei Mingzhan’s secretary led Xiao Wang to the rest area. “You can rest here during lunch. Someone will deliver your lunch shortly. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.” He handed Xiao Wang a business card.

Xiao Wang exchanged business cards with him. “Thank you.”

After the secretary left, he sat alone in the spacious rest area for a long time, lost in thought. He looked at the paper filled with detailed decoration requirements and couldn’t help but think of the two in the office seriously discussing furniture choices.

Did he just eat dog food?

What’s more, he had discovered a big secret. It turned out Mr. Zhao’s house had another owner, and it was none other than Film Emperor Pei. Previously, he had wondered why Mr. Zhao wanted such a large bedroom and even two studies. He thought it was because Mr. Zhao planned to live with his girlfriend. Today, he realized it wasn’t about cohabiting with a girlfriend. This was to hide the best actor in the golden house. 

– *

Lunch was from the restaurant Pei Mingzhan often ordered from,which is also Zhao Yao’s favorite taste.

Pei Mingzhan opened his lunch box and asked, “Did you investigate with your assistant this morning? Today’s visit to the house seemed impromptu. I remember last time you mentioned having bodyguards around, and the previous group probably didn’t notice your schedule.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t him,” Zhao Yao also suspected Xiao Wang. He deliberately delayed in the supermarket, giving Xiao Wang multiple chances to expose their location. But Xiao Wang never did so. “It should be someone else. I’ve been leaving the house’s renovation to the team, and I didn’t keep today’s house visit a secret.”

“This situation is very dangerous. You can reduce the unnecessary trips in the next few days, and the person in your team should be on guard,” Pei Mingzhan furrowed his brows slightly. “Some issues should not be neglected because they seem small. Safety matters should be handled with caution.”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment. Pei Mingzhan rarely spoke to him so seriously. It seemed that missing the call this time really made him anxious. Zhao Yao explained, “I’m sorry. I’ll pay more attention to security issues. This won’t happen again next time.”

“I heard from my eldest brother that things have been quite chaotic within Zhao Group recently. Some matters might affect you as well,” Pei Mingzhan observed Zhao Yao’s sincere attitude in admitting his mistake and decided not to say any heavier words. Zhao Yao was a person with many ideas, but sometimes Pei Mingzhan worried that his keenness on certain matters might make him overlook simpler issues, just like the situation today.

Zhao Yao nodded, “Got it.”

A new message popped up on his phone. As expected, the information he had discreetly released had been conveyed to Zhao Zhikai through Huang Wenjun. He paused slightly, “In a while, there won’t be any more problems.”

The outer packaging rustled. Pei Mingzhan didn’t immediately hear what Zhao Yao said. He asked, “What did you just say?”

“Nothing.” Zhao Yao put his phone aside and continued, “I found a simple recipe online yesterday. When you’re not working this weekend, I’ll give it a try and cook it for you.”


Yao Bai received the message a bit later. He immediately arranged for someone to go to Pei Mingzhan’s company to protect Zhao Yao. When he called, he couldn’t shake off a sense of worry and concern, “Ge, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? If I didn’t receive a call from Xiao Wang, I wouldn’t have known about this.”

“It’s not a big problem. No need to worry about it,” Zhao Yao reassured. He had just finished eating and was in Pei Mingzhan’s office, watching a drama on Pei Mingzhan’s tablet. On the other side, Pei Mingzhan was sitting at his desk dealing with the data that he hadn’t finished in the morning.

Yao Bai was still very worried, “This isn’t a trivial matter, Ge. Next time you go out, bring your bodyguards with you. Don’t just take a driver. Uncle Zheng told me that things are quite chaotic within the group now. What if Zhao Zhikai goes crazy and starts causing trouble? You can’t reason with a lunatic.”

“Yes, I’ll be more careful,” Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan, who was engrossed in his work. The man’s gaze was almost entirely on the computer, handling the piled-up tasks with calmness and dedication. Zhao Yao didn’t enjoy high-intensity work, but he couldn’t deny that Pei Mingzhan, engrossed in his work, was charming and excellent.

The charisma pouring from this man, whether in dealing with the entertainment industry or his current job, couldn’t be explained in just a few words. Zhao Yao rarely observed other men in this manner, but Pei Mingzhan always caught his attention no matter the circumstances.

“Ge, did you hear what I said?” Yao Bai heard silence on the other end of the phone. He was on his way to Film Emperor Pei’s company. He didn’t understand why his brother seemed a bit off when it came to love. Shouldn’t the current concern be about security? Why wasn’t his brother worried at all??

“I can hear you, go on.” Zhao Yao said.

Yao Bai replied, “I’ve finished speaking…”

Zhao Yao paused slightly, realizing that Yao Bai seemed to be discussing something related to ‘Li Meng’ today. He asked, “How did the meeting go for you?”

“…” Yao Bai gave up on the conversation. His brother didn’t care about his problems or the issues at Huihua. in the end, he only cared about Film Emperor Pei. Yao Bai sighed, “It’s quite good. During the meeting today, we discussed the data since the show started. Our project has achieved the best results among all previous Huihua projects. It’s already a big hit.”

He received news of the incident while he was in the meeting room of the Huihua project group and had just come out after the meeting.

The data for “Li Meng” exploded, making it the only major hit IP at the beginning of the year. The numerous brands approached them for collaboration. Since “Li Meng” was essentially produced by Huihua, involving the same team in directing, writing, and the cast, all matters would go through Huihua. This sudden success of “Li Meng” also immediately brought a surge in popularity for many actors within the company.

The explosion of the drama not only brought word of mouth, but also the value of the actors began to rise. Huihua has long been prepared to deal with the impact of the upcoming business. In addition to the “Li Meng” project team, the artist’s economic department is the busiest. In particular, the leading actor Zhang Qi was originally an unknown veteran actor who had been playing a supporting role for many years. After this incident, his acting skills were recognized by the public. Even netizens who originally disagreed with his performance as Su Li Guang also said that they had been hit in the face.

Zhang Qi really portrayed Su Li Guang vividly. From the first episode to the present, he successfully brought to life several high points in Su Li Guang’s character arc from the original work. His acting style had its own unique characteristics, presenting Su Li Guang in a way that exceeded the audience’s expectations.

“Director Tang also mentioned that if it weren’t for your additional investment at that time, with the original cast, the male lead wouldn’t have shone so brightly,” Yao Bai added, expressing his admiration for his brother’s insight. In order to enhance the project, he had even revisited the source material.

Regarding the drama “Li Meng,” Su Li Guang doesn’t have many standout moments. Instead, it serves as a lens through which to observe the changes in the court. In the original work, there are many supporting roles that outshine the protagonist, but the main character’s position has never been shaken. Su Li Guang is a complex character and challenging to portray. In Director Tang’s original plan, the idea was to cast a good-looking newcomer and highlight the protagonist’s importance through editing. But with the casting changes, especially when Zhang Qi was finalized for the role, there was actually a discussion within the team about this character’s portrayal.

The character Su Li Guang is either a flaw or a finishing touch.

In the case of “Li Meng,” the choice of Zhang Qi proved to be the right one. After this project, Zhang Qi will probably be able to get back on his feet.

“I met Zhang Qi today. He’s been quite active in business activities lately. When he saw me, he said a few words, expressing his hope to have the opportunity to thank you directly,” Yao Bai emotionally said. “His daughter will be discharged from the hospital in a few weeks, and her recovery is going well. There shouldn’t be any major issues.”

“That’s good to hear.” Zhao Yao also felt relieved. Compared to the previous life, the lineup of “Li Meng” is a bit different, and with the change in time slots, it has more opportunity in this life.

A good drama won’t be buried, and this time it is presented to the public in a more complete form.

“Xiao Yao, could you help me bring the files from the table over there?” Pei Mingzhan suddenly asked.

While Zhao Yao was talking to Yao Bai, he stood up and walked to the other side to pick up the files, “Is it this one?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Pei Mingzhan just glanced at it briefly, then quickly shifted his attention back to the computer, “If you’re tired, you can rest in my lounge area.”

Yao Bai heard the movement from the other side. It seemed his brother was talking to Pei Mingzhan, and considering the time, he added, “Ge, I’ll bring the files to your place tonight to discuss. You go ahead and focus on your work with Pei Ge. I won’t disturb you!”

Zhao Yao put down the files and just as he responded with a “Okay,” the other person on call quickly hung up. 

Following that, the name of the agent he had recently arranged in Country Y popped up on his phone, causing his brows to furrow.

Pei Mingzhan heard the sound and looked up, asking, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay. Yao Bai hung up on me,” Zhao Yao glanced towards the lounge area. “I’ll rest for a while. Wake me up when you’re done.”

Pei Mingzhan said, “Come over for a moment.”

Zhao Yao walked over with confusion. Pei Mingzhan hooked his neck, tilted his head slightly, and gave him a peck on the corner of his mouth. “En, don’t stress over other things too much. If things get too complicated, I can actually help you.”

“Go and rest.”


When Zhao Changshuo received the news, he sent more people to pay attention to Zhao Yao’s personal safety. Today, Zhao Yao’s trip was not known to the bodyguards who were following him. So when this happened, he received the news even later.

“Zhao Zhikai has really gone crazy.” Zhao Changshuo frowned slightly and then instructed his secretary, “Keep Zhao Qizhen at the old residence. Have the butler keep a close eye on him for the next few days and try to minimize his outings as much as possible.”

Given Zhao Zhikai’s recent actions targeting Zhao Yao, the safety of Zhao Qizhen should not be taken lightly either.

After arranging everything, Zhao Changshuo was about to call and check on Zhao Yao’s situation when he received a message from his overseas contact. Reading the message, he paused slightly, and then his expression changed subtly, “Arrange the earliest flight for me to Y country.”

His secretary was stunned and quickly left to make the arrangements.

There was no need for many words. It seems that the person abroad is dying.

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