Chapter 98

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 98

The paparazzi enthusiastically sent the photos he had taken back to the studio. After reviewing the images, the editor-in-chief angrily called, “Who did you capture?”

The paparazzi was confused by the scolding, and replied, “Didn’t I just tell you on the phone? It’s Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Zong, the CEO of Huihua.”

“Do you not know who Pei Mingzhan is? Haven’t all those groundless rumors in recent years been suppressed? Is this your first time in the industry? You should be aware of the unspoken rules, steer clear of Pei Mingzhan. If you want to last a few more years, don’t mess with him,” the editor exclaimed. “And as for Zhao Zong, do you think Huihua could have grown like this without him having a hard means?”

Recently, there have been frequent hot searches about the brotherly relationship between Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao. While their fans often ship them, few would connect them romantically. After scolding the person, the editor-in-chief continued, “It’s not that these two can’t be photographed. With their status, those photos would be valuable. But what have you captured? At best, half a profile, a few embraces. What kind of evidence is that? Huh?”

The paparazzi were confused because, in the past, when they exposed other celebrities, similar photos coupled with a side profile were usually enough to create a buzz. By adding some sensational writing, it would easily become a major gossip topic trending online.

“When you post something like this online, even if it’s not conclusive, it can still stir things up. But these two people have a formidable team behind them,” the editor explained patiently. “If you want to make big money, you need to capture something more compelling, understand?”

The paparazzi looked at these few photos and felt a bit confused, wondering what else he could capture that would be more compelling?

When Feng Mu returned to the company, he was immediately summoned by the senior management for a meeting to discuss the previous proposal in detail. Surprisingly, his assistant was nowhere to be found. After asking around, he discovered that the assistant had been directly transferred to another department. This left Feng Mu infuriated. He didn’t expect that the person he had personally mentored turned out to be untrustworthy. It was his trust that led him to share certain remarks, only to have them relayed to the higher-ups.

To make matters worse, Feng Mu found him being quickly promoted to another department, a move that clearly indicated a lack of regard for him.

As soon as he entered the meeting room, a colleague sitting nearby immediately began sarcastically commenting, “Director Feng, I heard your proposal got shot down again?”

“No need for you to worry. This is a matter for our technical department,” Feng Mu glanced at him and didn’t say anything more.

This time, his return brought considerable gains. The new proposal seemed promising in resolving previous challenges. If all goes well, he should be able to successfully persuade the higher-ups to give the new approach a try. At the very least, there should be some tangible results within the next six months.

Soon, others started coming to the room. But when the meeting started and the speaker directly finalized the technical department’s plans for the next quarter, Feng Mu was left confused. What’s going on? Why wasn’t this issue discussed with him beforehand?

“Wasn’t it agreed earlier to give the technical department time to address the issues?” Feng Mu stood up to counter, “And I also have proposed a plan. The implementation of the plan can be prioritized in phases, and I assure you that I will handle the technical challenges. You promised to give the technical department one month.”

“Director Feng, you also need to consider the cost of investment in this matter. Our initial requirement for the technical department was to address the current issues, while the plan you put forward would require one or two years of investment,” the senior executive stated, “Can your plan resolve the existing problems?”

“The issues you raised can also be addressed by the technical department. It’s just a matter of considering long-term solutions,” Feng Mu frowned, “This matter can be negotiated, and you didn’t even communicate with the technical department before finalizing the plan.”

“Since you can’t provide a short-term solution, outsourcing seems capable of handling the matter. We don’t want to waste time,” the senior executive said. “Also, having you attend this meeting is a matter of courtesy. The company is considering restructuring the technical department, and you still have unresolved personal issues. How can the company trust you?”

Feng Mu explained, “I can clarify this matter, but the plan can indeed be negotiated. I already have alternative solutions, as long as the budget is approved…”

The people in the meeting room exchanged glances, and finally, someone said to Feng Mu, “Director Feng, you said the same thing in the last meeting. The company gave you half a month, and the solution you presented couldn’t address the major problems. This time, let’s follow the company’s decision. If you have objections, let the strict supervision of the technical department’s chief engineer handle it for a while. Take a break for now.”

Feng Mu was taken aback, “What do you mean?”

“It means exactly what you understand. Sit down, let’s continue the meeting,” the senior executive frowned and said. “The speaker, please continue.”

After the meeting concluded, several people approached Feng Mu to console him. The senior executive from earlier walked over and, seeing Feng Mu’s dejected expression, added, “Director Feng, you need to understand that the company is going through a crucial period. This plan cannot be left solely to the technical department to decide. In addition, the matter of you meeting with higher-ups from other platforms privately has had an impact when it got back to the company. It’s not that the company is disappointed in you. It’s just that you seem to have misjudged the situation.”

Feng Mu looked up at him, “So what’s the meaning of you coming over now?”

“Don’t be so irritable with me. Tone down your temper a bit,” the senior executive glanced at him and changed his tone, saying, “Leave the matters of the technical department to Old Yan for now. You go back and take a break. When it comes time to renew the contract next month, you can hand over the work to Old Yan.”

The people around exchanged confused looks. Although Feng Mu was engaged in technology, he was not oblivious to the unspoken rules within the company. It was evident that this person was telling him to stay out of this matter, go home, take a break, and use the contract renewal next month as a veiled threat. Feng Mu coldly sneered, “Hand over the work? Renew the contract? If I don’t sign, will the technical department still be under my jurisdiction in the end?”

The senior executive chuckled, “Old Feng, what are you talking about? Being the director of the technical department has always been your responsibility. We’re just giving you a few days off.”

Feng Mu gave him a cold glance and without turning back, he walked away.

The senior executive’s expression cooled when he saw this. He hadn’t expected Feng Mu to be so uncooperative. Back in his office, he encountered Feng Mu’s former assistant who had been transferred to work on his side. Over the years, thanks to the assistant discreetly leaking information, he managed to secure his project funds. Otherwise, he would’ve been blocked by Feng Mu several times in advance. 

The assistant saw him coming in and asked, “Is the meeting over? What’s the outcome?”

“How can it be said? If Feng Mu’s issue is reported, it won’t be easy to handle,” the senior executive said after taking a seat. “Let’s leave him hanging for a few days. If he lacks backbone, we’ll deal with the contract next month.”

The assistant thought for a moment and said, “I think he’s quite invested in the Zhaojiang Mian platform. What if he doesn’t sign the contract next month? What’s the plan then?”

The senior executive smirked, “Him? The higher-ups are already dissatisfied with the technical department. Zhajiang Mian? The one calling the shots there is Gu Sui. If Gu Sui wants to make it in the live streaming industry, he still has to give our platform some face.”

“True.” the assistant asked, “But there’s also Zhao Yao over there. I noticed Feng Mu seems to value Zhao Yao quite a bit, and the person he went to meet this time was Zhao Yao.”

“I never heard that Zhao Yao is in charge of things. Besides, would Zhao Yao really offend our platform for the sake of Feng Mu?” the senior executive looked at the assistant. “And even if Zhao Yao had some authority, his reach wouldn’t extend to our side. The Zhao Group is still entangled in legal battles and he has an older brother in a high position. Do you think the relationships among wealthy brothers are as respectful as those netizens say on Weibo?”

“He and Pei Mingzhan trending is just to show his elder brother his incompetence. He’s not interested in meddling in our affairs. If Zhao Changshuo catches wind of it, Zhao Yao won’t be able to protect himself. Take some time to look into other members of the Zhao family. Who among them has a good ending?” The senior executive sneered, “Instead of worrying about these things, you’d better focus on practical matters. I didn’t bring you over here to collect a paycheck for nothing.”

“That’s right, I appreciate your guidance.” The assistant smiled flatteringly. “By the way, I heard that Feng Mu’s technical patent hasn’t been filed yet…”


“Zhao Zong, please have a seat here.” A senior executive from Huihua guided Zhao Yao to the main seat in the meeting room. Today happened to be Huihua’s quarterly report, and it was a rare occasion for Mr. Zhao himself to be present.

Zhao Yao nodded and, after taking his seat, noticed a staff member with a camera directly across from him. The staff member caught his gaze and slightly averted their eyes, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

Chen Xi sat down beside Zhao Yao and greeted him, “Zhao Zong.”

Zhao Yao looked at the content on the electronic screen, somewhat surprised, “Have you already addressed the issues we discussed last time?”

Chen Xi nodded, “Following your suggestions, we made some improvements. The initial scale can be planned, and if all goes well, we can implement it next month.”

“Good, it’s up to your decision.” Zhao Yao finished reviewing the content on the electronic screen, finding Chen Xi’s perspective reasonable, and didn’t mention anything anymore.

On the other hand, Chen Xi felt a bit uneasy. Every time he discussed plans with Mr. Zhao, there would usually be many fresh perspectives and suggestions. “Are there no other issues?” he asked.

Zhao Yao glanced at him, “Do you have any other questions?”

Chen Xi quickly retracted his words, “No, none.”

The meeting began, and Huihua presented the issues encountered in this quarter’s projects. Several key intellectual properties achieved excellent results, and the production teams took advantage of this opportunity to submit their works for awards consideration. It was now just a matter of time.

After listening to the quarterly report, the executives turned their attention to Mr. Zhao. Each time he attended, he didn’t offer many opinions during the meeting, but he would summarize the issues or propose new directions for development at the end. But today, after listening to the presentation, Mr. Zhao began looking at his phone, as if he was uninterested in the meeting content.

Huihua has recently welcomed a considerable number of new employees, including senior executives recruited by Chen Xi.

These newcomers were not very familiar with Zhao Yao, but within the company, he was well-known. The recently arrived supervisors viewed Mr. Zhao as something of a symbol. They had heard that he hadn’t attended many meetings since last year, and this was their first time seeing him conduct a meeting on their side. Faced with the evident importance given to Mr. Zhao by others, the supervisors found it a bit perplexing. They even felt that despite the external praise for Huihua, internally, it seemed hierarchical—whose authority was high dictated whose lackey they were.

Today’s meeting had been prepared extensively by their department, even analyzing the potential of each project from multiple perspectives. They anticipated praise or suggestions from the leaders present. But to their surprise, not a word was said by these people after the meeting ended. They were all waiting for Mr. Zhao to speak. But he just noticed that Zhao Yao didn’t pay much attention to the main screen. His focus was entirely on his phone.

After looking at his phone for a while, Zhao Yao looked up and noticed the gaze of the other senior executives. “What’s going on? If there are other issues, feel free to speak.”

Other executives cautiously asked, “Zhao Zong, what are your thoughts?”

Whether it was their perception or not, it seemed to them that Mr. Zhao didn’t pay much attention to the meeting’s content.

Zhao Yao glanced around at the attendees, recognizing most of them as familiar faces, but there were a few new ones. Especially the man in the front left, he recalled that Chen Xi had specifically brought in this professional for the new plan’s deployment, and the content of this meeting was a comprehensive report coordinated by his team.

“From the analysis of the plan, your multi-dimensional analysis based on the existing structure is indeed commendable. But in all aspects, more detailed proposals are needed,” Zhao Yao placed his phone on the table and then stood up, walking towards the podium.

The speaker quickly brought up the PowerPoint presentation for him. Zhao Yao thanked him and began speaking from the first slide.

“In the final analysis, a plan is just a plan. The actual implementation is often more complicated than you anticipate,” Zhao Yao pointed to one of the slides. “Take this, for example. You mentioned strategic deployment issues, considering project advantages comprehensively. But you didn’t elaborate into how much expected benefit this project advantage can bring under environmental considerations.”

The supervisor stood up and said, “Expected benefits are somewhat speculative. It’s not suitable to discuss them at this stage.”

“I believe that in a comprehensive plan, you need to show investors its potential advantages. Analyzing the advantages is a good thing, but you need to further tell me how much profit these advantages can bring or what potential it holds for the future,” Zhao Yao paused slightly, then smiled, “Indeed, these are somewhat abstract, but based on the current stage, your assessment of risks and benefits will determine how much money investors are willing to invest in this project.”

The supervisor was taken aback, “But this isn’t something we need to consider at this stage.”

“In today’s meeting, I did see that you have advantages in analysis and have proposed many insightful points,” Zhao Yao switched to another slide, “For example, the cultural environment you mentioned really surprised me. Analyzing from multiple perspectives is indeed an advantage.”

“If you need my input, I’ll tell you from an investor’s perspective. Within Huihua, you can gradually refine the plan with multiple stage reports. But as an investor, I prefer you to decisively present me with an expected outcome.”

Zhao Yao nodded slightly, “I’m an outsider, ignorant in your professional field. But I prefer more concrete and straightforward numbers. Even if it’s a future plan based on the existing foundation, that’s the investment potential I’d like to see.”

The supervisor was caught off guard by this statement. He thought Mr. Zhao had just come here to use his phone, but then he began articulating the focal points of each content area, even pointing out the parts of his presentation where he had been ignorant. After a moment of silence, he said, “I understand. In the next meeting, I’ll present a more comprehensive plan to you.”

“What’s your name?” Zhao Yao suddenly asked.

“Wu He,” the supervisor responded, surprised.

Zhao Yao nodded towards him, “Supervisor Wu, you are very capable. I look forward to seeing even better proposals from you in the next meeting.”

After the meeting, Supervisor Wu came out of the conference room a bit dazed, and colleagues around him came up to strike up converZhao Zong.”

“It’s rare. Zhao Zong rarely speaks during meetings. Situations like today are truly uncommon.”

“And you’re quite impressive too, daring to stand up and discuss with Zhao Zong.”

Supervisor Wu felt a bit embarrassed, “I might have been a bit presumptuous…”

In fact, he couldn’t hold back his frustration at that moment. Mr. Zhao didn’t seem to be taking the meeting seriously, but unexpectedly, when asked questions, he could articulate all the details and even pinpoint areas of negligence. Since it was an internal plan, he intended to present these aspects more comprehensively, but there were too many professional expressions, making it somewhat redundant.

“Did you think Zhao Zong wasn’t paying attention?” a familiar colleague said, “Don’t be fooled by Zhao Zong using his phone. Usually, the documents you send to Mr. Chen might have been glanced at by him. This plan was initially suggested by Zhao Zong. Do you think he wouldn’t pay attention?”

Supervisor Wu rubbed the back of his head, “I thought too much, and Zhao Zong is so young…”

He didn’t expect Mr. Zhao to be so knowledgeable. Thinking about it, how else would he have invested in Huihua, which was once on the verge of decline?

Just after chatting with his colleague, he saw Mr. Zhao answering a call while walking out, accompanied by an assistant.

“At this hour, is Zhao Zong leaving work already?” Supervisor Wu usually didn’t pay much attention to other internal matters. Glancing at the time, it was only four in the afternoon. Why was Mr. Zhao leaving so early? He had planned to go to Mr. Zhao’s office later to ask some questions.

“Oh, Zhao Zong’s office is usually empty. There used to be no one even on duty, but now there’s an assistant there to help with business. The assistant by his side, Wang Zhu, used to be Yao Zhu, but Yao Zhu has been busy with other matters recently,” his colleague explained. “Don’t worry. After the meeting, Zhao Zong usually leaves without going to PMr. Chen’s office for tea. I heard from one of the girls in the company that he seems to have a clingy girlfriend.”

“Ah? Zhao Zong has a girlfriend? But it seems like people outside say he’s single,” Supervisor Wu was surprised.

The colleague whispered, “You should pay more attention to office gossip. Last time, someone saw Zhao Zong coming out of President Chen’s office and made a call. The tone of the conversation sounded like he was coaxing his girlfriend. They said they had never seen Zhao Zong speaking so softly and gently to someone.”

Supervisor Wu said, “Oh? Zhao Zong’s girlfriend is really low-key…”


After leaving the company, Zhao Yao went to pick up someone from Pei Mingzhan’s company, and then the two went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

By the time they reached the supermarket, it was close to five o’clock, and it was gradually becoming busier. Zhao Yao had been out with Pei Mingzhan many times and was familiar with places like supermarkets. He picked items according to the recipe’s requirements and placed them in the shopping cart.

Pei Mingzhan pushed the cart and, seeing him choosing items so seriously, asked, “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were the one cooking. You’re picking items with such precision.”

Zhao Yao didn’t speak but checked the production dates instead. “Uncle Wang mentioned that some condiments at home are running out too. We’ll need to buy some later.”

After saying this, he suddenly glanced towards another corner of the supermarket, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. “Strange.”

Pei Mingzhan reached for an item and asked, “What’s strange?”

“I always feel like someone is following us,” Zhao Yao said, his gaze directed towards the spot he just noticed. There were only a few people pushing shopping carts around.

At this point in the supermarket, there were quite a few people moving around, but most of them were shopping for their own needs. Zhao Yao looked at the surroundings but didn’t notice anyone acting suspiciously. Was it just his imagination?

“Is  the matter with Zhao Zhikai been resolved?” Pei Mingzhan became cautious as well when he heard his serious tone. After both of them carefully observed and found no signs of suspicion, he asked, “Imagination?”

“I don’t know,” Zhao Yao thought for a moment. “It might be my imagination.”

And it wasn’t the first time. A few days ago, when the two of them went out for dinner, he also felt a strange gaze but couldn’t pinpoint any suspicious individuals.

Pei Mingzhan knew that once Zhao Yao started to feel suspicious about something, he would dwell on it for a long time. After the incident with Zhao Zhikai’s people tracking them a while ago, it became normal for Zhao Yao to suspect being followed. But now that Zhao Zhikai was entangled in a lawsuit and the situation at the company had stabilized, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be anyone tracking them at this time.

Pei Mingzhan said, “Don’t overthink it. Let’s finish shopping and head back.”

“Really?” Zhao Yao withdrew his gaze, thinking that he would have to have someone look into the situation when they returned.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Could it be one of your fans or paparazzi?”

Pei Mingzhan said, “What you’re saying is possible too. But there’s nothing good about following us. I haven’t released any work for two months. I’m out of the spotlight.”

After finishing their shopping, the two prepared to check out. It wasn’t until they left the supermarket that the paparazzi, who had been trailing them all along, dared to show himself. He watched the two of them leave with a pounding heart and then discreetly took a photo. God knows how incredibly difficult to track these two. Not only were they highly vigilant, but they also frequently noticed his hiding spots.

If he hadn’t cleverly pushed the shopping cart and grabbed a few items this time, he might have been caught red-handed.

Fortunately, with his five or six years of experience in the industry, he could handle such situations within his capabilities and hadn’t been discovered.

“These two are so close. They are even buying groceries together after work every day. I don’t believe there’s nothing fishy going on,” the paparazzi said, glancing at the photos on his phone. Pei Mingzhan’s business dealings were known to quite a few people in the industry, but fearing being mobbed by fans, this information had been kept under wraps. The paparazzi only noticed Pei Mingzhan’s private outings after following Zhao Yao’s car several times.

At first, he thought the two were meeting after work, but he soon realized that they weren’t just meeting up. They had gone grocery shopping together several times. He also observed Pei Mingzhan staying overnight at Zhao Yao’s place multiple times, only leaving the next day. If it weren’t for the high security in Zhao Yao’s residential complex and the difficulty in figuring out Zhao Yao’s exact address, he would have confirmed their romantic relationship a long time ago!

Fortunately, he happened to have a high school classmate working in that residential complex. It took him two weeks, but he finally managed to establish a connection and secure a brief half-hour visit.

“Hey, it’s me,” the paparazzi spoke into his phone after making the call. “Yes, just take me in for a quick tour in the evening. I can’t get in without someone familiar with them.”

After hanging up the phone, he hurriedly followed suit.


After dinner, the two rested in the living room. “Li Meng” was approaching its grand finale in the ongoing serialization. Recently, after finishing their work at night, the two had been catching up on the series. When watching the show, Pei Mingzhan liked to be physically affectionate, either squeezing Zhao Yao’s hand or holding him in his arms.

Because the previous sofa was not wide enough, they even replaced it with a new one.

Sometimes, Zhao Yao would get annoyed, but Pei Mingzhan could easily pacify him with a few words. To understand his behavior better, Zhao Yao even consulted online, and netizens mentioned that small wolf dogs were often like this, especially clingy, and liked to be around you all the time. Reflecting on it, he felt more understanding, given that he, too, sometimes loved to stick close to Pei Mingzhan.

“I noticed that your gaze toward Zhang Qi is different,” Pei Mingzhan leaned slightly against Zhao Yao’s shoulder, and his breath brushed against Zhao Yao’s ear as he spoke.

Zhao Yao was hugged by Pei Mingzhan and heard his words while the TV drama was reaching a crucial point. A group of ministers led by Su Liguang was debating with the conservative faction in the court, a pivotal moment in the original story. Zhao Yao, engrossed in the unfolding drama, answered somewhat absentmindedly, “How is it different?”

Pei Mingzhan responded, “Especially serious.”

After hearing this, Zhao Yao added, “Well, he acts well.”

Unable to resist teasing Zhao Yao, Pei Mingzhan playfully nudged him, “When you watched my drama before, you weren’t this serious.”

Zhao Yao gently explained, “That’s because this is my third time watching. I can afford to be less focused on certain plot points.”

Moreover, when he watched Pei Mingzhan’s dramas at home earlier, Pei Mingzhan once asked why he preferred watching them on TV when he could witness him act out anything he wanted in person.

When Uncle Wang brought the fruit from the kitchen, he saw Mr. Pei playing with the young master again. He was so accustomed to this nightly scene that he could effortlessly ignore it. After placing the fruit down, he sat on the other side to watch TV.

At that moment, it seemed like the young master’s phone rang. Uncle Wang turned his head and saw the young master reaching for the phone on the other side.

“Who’s calling?” asked Pei Mingzhan.

Zhao Yao looked at his phone, “Gu Sui.”

Pei Mingzhan esponded, and then listened as Zhao Yao talked to Gu Sui, mentioning something about the company and also the name Feng Mu. When Zhao Yao finished the call with Gu Sui, Pei Mingzhan asked, “I heard you mention Feng Mu just now. Is he the technical director you went to meet last time?”

“Yeah, it seems he’s encountered some issues. When Gu Sui contacted Lemon Platform, they said he was on vacation. Originally, Gu Sui planned to discuss technical cooperation with him, but the platform refused,” Zhao Yao explained briefly. “So, after asking, it seems Feng Mu had a falling out with Lemon Platform. He’s planning to terminate the contract with the platform and is now involved in a lawsuit because of technical patent issues.”

Pei Mingzhan understood their plan after listening, “So, Gu Sui wants to recruit people? Then why did he come to you?”

“Well, because he thinks I can persuade Feng Mu,” Zhao Yao said. He didn’t quite understand why Feng Mu held him in such high regard. He heard that other companies were also trying to recruit Feng Mu, but he rejected all of them. Gu Sui didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he approached Zhao Yao as a mediator.

From the current situation, it seemed challenging for Feng Mu to navigate the live broadcasting industry.

As the largest platform in the live broadcasting industry, the Lemon Platform still holds significant influence in certain aspects. Companies collaborating with the Lemon Platform carefully consider details and refrain from recruiting Feng Mu. Generally, companies bold enough to recruit Feng Mu in the live broadcasting industry are often medium to low-tier companies. The remaining ones come from other industries that recognize Feng Mu’s talent and wish to recruit him.

Both he and Gu Sui have seen Feng Mu’s technological expertise and are aware of his strong determination to achieve this particular technology. That’s why they are considering recruiting him to Zhajiang Mian.

“He’s that important?” Pei Mingzhan wasn’t much involved in the platform’s affairs, but he had noticed Zhao Yao and Gu Sui discussing it in the group recently.

Zhao Yao said, “From what it seems, he is indeed the talent that Zhajiang Mian needs.”

Uncle Wang was halfway through watching TV when he noticed the two on the other side seemed to be discussing something. After that, Mr. Pei went to take a shower, and the young master continued playing with his phone. Seeing this, Uncle Wang thought for a moment and tactfully reminded, “Young Master, there was a delivery this afternoon. I’ve put it in the study for you.”

After hearing Uncle Wang’s reminder, Zhao Yao suddenly remembered something he had purchased, “Is it here? I’ll go take a look.”

When Pei Mingzhan came out after taking a shower, the TV was still on in the living room, but only Uncle Wang was watching. He was a bit surprised and asked, “Uncle Wang, where’s Xiao Yao?”

“The young master went to the study,” Uncle Wang replied.

Pei Mingzhan had no choice but to go to the study to find him. But after reaching the study, there was no sign of him. Instead, he heard some noise from the bedroom area. When he entered the room, he found Zhao Yao studying a few things at the table, with a package beside it.

Buying something?

He took a closer look, and when he saw those items, he paused slightly and said in a deep voice, “Where did you buy these?”

Zhao Yao fiddled with the items, “They were recommended by netizens. Last time I saw a post asking about tools, and someone recommended a review of the tools. There were shopping links, so I thought of buying them to try.”

When he asked at first, he hadn’t found the relevant post. After a few attempts, his posts were deleted by the administrators. It was the kind-hearted netizen ‘Even if Bald, There’s a Wife to Love’ who correctly guided him. The original thread was in a relatively hidden section of the forum. He thought his posts were deleted by the administrators, but they had actually been moved to another section by the administrators.

These sections are much more detailed than what he saw on Weibo, and there are even shop links for purchasing.

After looking for a while, Zhao Yao couldn’t figure out the switches on a few items, so he said, “Wait a moment, I’ll go online and check the tutorials online.”

“Why look at usage tutorials?” Pei Mingzhan’s voice was slightly deep. “I’ll teach you how to use them.”

“How do you know how to use these?” Zhao Yao asked and then realized, well, it made sense. Netizens said these were trendy things that young people liked to play with. He originally thought of figuring them out himself before trying them with Pei Mingzhan. “Then, I’ll learn. I’ll go take a shower first.”

Pei Mingzhan gently held his hand and said, “When you were reading the posts, didn’t the original poster tell you?”

Zhao Yao was taken aback, “Tell me what?”

“This thing is waterproof.”

“Boss, I’m inside the community now, and it wasn’t too difficult to find out. I have a general idea of where Zhao Zong lives.” With the help of his friend, the paparazzi successfully infiltrated the residential community, avoiding the patrolling personnel. He headed directly to the building where Zhao Yao lived, searching for a suitable spot within a man-made tree-lined area for camping.

As he still didn’t know the exact floor where Mr. Zhao lived, he planned to observe a bit more and hoped to capture footage of the corresponding floor.

Before he could set up his equipment, several men in black clothing approached him directly from a short distance away.

The paparazzi was caught off guard, still on the phone with his editor when he was grabbed by two individuals in black.

“Wait, what are you doing? If there’s an issue, we can talk about it. No need for violence…”

The men in black took his equipment and examined it, leaving the paparazzi cowering on the side.

When they finally turned their attention towards him, he stammered, “Don’t use force, you know that’s against the law, right?”

The editor heard the situation and became anxious. He hurriedly asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

As the paparazzi watched the men in black mute his phone, the worried voice of his editor came through. The paparazzi pleaded, “Brother, you didn’t tell me there were bodyguards lurking near Zhao Yao’s place. I’ve been caught…”

Editor-in-Chief: “…”

“Really? Wrong number, I’ll hang up first.”

Paparazzi: “…”

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