Chapter 99

Full Level Bigshot Only Takes the Career Path Chapter 99

In the late night, Zhao Yao was carried to the bedroom by Pei Mingzhan in a daze. As soon as he lay down, sleepiness overwhelmed him. At this moment, the phone beside him rang. Zhao Yao reached out to grab the phone, only to be held down by Pei Mingzhan.

After a while, the ringing on the other end of the phone stopped as well.

Pei Mingzhan glanced at the phone number displayed on the screen. He was familiar with the name in the contact. It seems to be the name of the bodyguard who often accompanied Zhao Yao.

Not long after, a text message arrived.

Pei Mingzhan took a quick look and then placed the phone at a distance to avoid disturbing Zhao Yao’s rest.

The next day, when Zhao Yao woke up, he only noticed the call from the bodyguard. He vaguely remembered something about a late-night call, but it seemed like someone pressed it off. He checked the text message sent by the bodyguard, furrowing his brows slightly. He was considering having the security team investigate whether it was a spy from Zhao Zhikai’s side.

Was it a paparazzi after all?

“Are you up?” Pei Mingzhan entered from outside the door, already dressed in a suit and tying his tie. Seeing Zhao Yao sitting up in bed, he approached and asked, “Breakfast is ready, it’s the sweet porridge you like. Should I bring it over to feed you?”

“No, I’ll wash up in a bit.” Zhao Yao handed him the phone, saying, “I wondered why it felt like someone was following us. Last night, someone entered the residential area, a paparazzi who followed us and took some pictures.”

“What did they capture?” Pei Mingzhan leaned in to take a look. The latter part of the text message contained photos sent by the bodyguard. Some from their outings last week, others from the past few days when Zhao Yao picked him up and dropped him off.

After looking at them, he furrowed his brows slightly. “They only took these?”

Zhao Yao replied, “Seems like there are more pictures. I’ve already had someone investigate the studio behind him. They took the shots, but nothing was leaked.”

“Don’t worry about the paparazzi. Have them send the materials to my studio. Our team can investigate faster,” Pei Mingzhan suggested.

Zhao Yao nodded in agreement. Yes, Pei Mingzhan’s studio was more familiar with handling such matters.

But he didn’t expect that a paparazzi had been following them for so long, and the fact that this person had gone undetected for such a period was a testament to the impressive skills of the entertainment industry paparazzi.

Pei Mingzhan noticed that Zhao Yao was still sitting on the edge of the bed without much movement. So, he unbuttoned his suit slightly and approached, intending to pick him up. “Alright, Mr. Zhao, don’t dwell on these matters. How about freshening up and having breakfast? Your boyfriend has to go to work.”

He added, “If you don’t move, I might just take matters into my own hands.”

Zhao Yao had to set aside his phone and glanced at Pei Mingzhan’s tie, reaching out to straighten it. “Your tie is crooked.”

After fixing it, he said, “I want to eat fried eggs.”

The last time, Pei Mingzhan prepared a simple breakfast for him, and among the dishes was a taste of fried eggs different from what he had eaten before, but it suited his palate exceptionally well.

“Yeah, I’ll come down after washing up?” Pei Mingzhan checked his wristwatch. “Ten minutes, there’s still time.”

Once Pei Mingzhan left, Zhao Yao leisurely made his way to the bathroom . In the meantime, he asked his subordinates to talk about the paparazzi matter to Pei Mingzhan’s studio for handling matters that were better left to the professionals.

Pei Mingzhan spent ten minutes preparing fried eggs for him. When Zhao Yao descended the stairs, the fragrance from the dining room reached him. Uncle Wang was tidying up the delivery boxes. When he Zhao Yao, he asked, “Young Master, have the unpacked delivery boxes from the study last night been discarded?”

Thinking back to the events of the previous night, Zhao Yao hesitated for a moment.

“Young Master?” Uncle Wang asked again.

Zhao Yao replied, “They should be in the bedroom. I’ll handle it later when I have more time.”

Uncle Wang nodded after hearing this and proceeded to clear away the other delivery boxes. When Zhao Yao entered the dining room, Pei Mingzhan had already served him the sweet porridge. He also reminded him, “Yesterday, Uncle Wang told me you went to the study. In the middle of the night, he even brought warm water for you.”

He smiled, “Uncle Wang is quite smart. He didn’t ask about the matter.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Yao stirred his porridge.

After sitting down, Pei Mingzhan asked, “What do you think about the paparazzi situation?”

“It’s a little bit annoying,” Zhao Yao paused slightly. “I don’t like having other people follow us when we’re together.”

Pei Mingzhan worked during the day, so their time together was already limited to after work. Also given Pei Mingzhan’s special status, they often had to find ways to avoid fans when going out. While evading fans was manageable as long as they went unnoticed, they still enjoyed a fair amount of freedom.

But being tracked by paparazzi completely changed the nature of the situation. Zhao Yao enjoyed holding Pei Mingzhan’s hand, and Pei Mingzhan loved hugging him. While this was fine at home, any slight negligence outside will end up in situations like being photographed. While they could manage to intercept pictures once, there were times of oversight. Their dates outside together had become less carefree.

“I heard the Golden Rose Awards are next month,” Pei Mingzhan suddenly mentioned.

Zhao Yao nodded. Huihua had submitted several projects, and “Mi Ying” was among the nominees. “What’s the matter?”

But “Li Meng” didn’t make it in time and could only be submitted for year-end awards.

“Nothing, just checking,” Pei Mingzhan replied.

After finishing breakfast, Pei Mingzhan went to work. When Uncle Wang returned after finishing his work, he found his young master busy sorting through DVDs. The floor was already piled with numerous DVDs, neatly arranged in separate stacks. After looking closer, he noticed that the DVDs intentionally separated were all dramas starring Mr. Pei.

“Does the young master need any help?” Uncle Wang asked.

Not sure if it was his imagination, but he always felt that the young master’s mood was quite good.

“I had someone deliver a cabinet. There’s an empty space next to the study to place it. We can store his DVDs there,” Zhao Yao said after organizing the items and standing up. “I have something to attend to later, so you don’t need to wait for me to come back for lunch. I should be home in the evening.”

Uncle Wang nodded. “Alright, I’ll take care of the remaining tasks in advance.”

“Yes, thank you,” Zhao Yao said, pausing before asking, “Regarding the last time I asked you to get a stomach check, did the health report come out?”

Uncle Wang hesitated for a moment at the mention of it. “Yes, there’s not much of an issue.”

“That’s good,” Zhao Yao said, finally feeling reassured.

Watching the young master head to the closet, Uncle Wang had a different feeling inside. Since last year, the young master had not only been attentive to his own diet but also started paying attention to Uncle Wang’s eating habits. Uncle Wang had a preference for certain flavors, occasionally enjoying pickled vegetables. But since last year, the young master had taken control, saying it wasn’t good for the stomach and advising him to eat less.

And the young master would also regularly remind him to go to the hospital for check-ups and get reports. At first, there were indeed some minor health issues, but following the doctor’s advice and medication, everything had improved. Uncle Wang didn’t understand why the young master placed such importance on his health, but reaching his age and living alone, receiving care from younger generations was really gratifying.

– *

On the internet, the incident from the pedestrian street two weeks ago continued to circulate among fans. Later, many fans even posted some candid photos from the street, reconstructing the entire event. CP fans were happily eating  sugar. Then, a user with the ID ‘Xiao Mu is still working hard’ posted a picture of their backs.

In the photo, the two young men walked side by side along a pedestrian street, gradually blending into the crowd.

@Xiaomu is still working hard: # Pei Zhao # You two really looked good !【Photo】

【Damn! It’s a clear version of their backs!】

【Goddess, ahhh! So skilled at photography!】

【On the other street, a group of people is still rushing to share blurry pictures, but here, a blogger has hidden their talents and quietly captured high-quality shots!】

【These two caused such a commotion and then casually strolled on the next street!】

【Please, beg them to have more meals together, preferably visit famous restaurants all over the country.】

【Wuwuwuwu, I already have the plot in my head, so wonderful!】

After posting the picture, Mu Tingting’s Weibo suddenly received a lot of private messages, with many asking her how she encountered these two. The incident on the pedestrian street became popular, but few passersby managed to capture decent photos. Blaming Pei Mingzhan’s quick running, when Mu Tingting shared this picture, many fans couldn’t control their excitement and were eager to hear more about the blogger’s observations.

Mu Tingting posted the photo with the consent of both Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao. After they finished their milk tea and were about to leave, she mustered the courage to ask if she could share the picture online. Pei Mingzhan praised her for taking a beautiful shot when he saw the picture and agreed to let her post it.

Mu Tingting was more than willing to share the interesting story behind this incident with other fans and wanted them to understand how good the relationship between these two people was in private. So, after being continuously asked from other fans, she began revealing the story behind this photo.

@Xiaomu is still working hard: 【Many sisters asked me about this, so I’ll quickly share the story behind this photo. At that time, I went to the popular restaurant with my sisters, and while waiting in line, I noticed Xiao Zhao and Pei Pei. I must say, Xiao Zhao is really super sharp. He even caught me secretly looking at them. Later, when it was said online that the two were discovered in the restaurant, they came running out while I was still in line 【sigh】, and then, maybe because they were running too fast, Xiao Zhao’s hat fell off!!】

【After the hat fell off, it happened to fall right beside me, so I picked it up and caught up with them. (Quietly saying we waited in line for two hours. Now that I think about it, it was worth it Hahaha.) At first, I didn’t expect to find them, but in the end, it was my sharp-eyed sisters who spotted them. When we walked over, it seemed like they noticed the hat was missing. Xiao Zhao looked a bit anxious, and I even heard them discussing whether to go back and look for it. Then we approached and returned it.】

【!!! Now, here’s the main point. They treated me to milk tea, and this photo was taken when they took me to have milk tea. Their relationship is really super good. Later, I heard from the milk tea shop’s waitress that when the two of them ordered milk tea, they even ordered for each other. P.S.: Mr. Zhao is health-conscious, so he drinks fresh milk, while Pei Pei’s little preference is cocoa! 【Milk tea pictures】】

Mu Tingting recounted the whole story, even posting pictures of the milk tea. In the photos, you could see the hands of the two guys sitting across, along with two cups of milk tea. Unfortunately, their faces weren’t visible.

【Damn, the blogger is truly favored by the heavens!!!】

【I’m so envious. Not only did this person encounter my CP, but my CP even treated her to milk tea!】

【Blogger, you can actually keep it a secret for so long!!! Do you have any more stories? Quickly tell me Wuwuwu! (Envious and eager to hear)】

【This story teaches us that in the future, if a CP loses their hat, you must pick it up. What’s waiting in line at a popular shop compared to that!! As long as you take the initiative, the CP might treat you to milk tea!】

【And the milk tea was low-sugar. Did Xiao Zhao order it? So considerate!】

【??? Did you guys get deceived by the focus? The key is the milk tea, right? They were ordering milk tea for each other!】

【Also, the blogger mentioned they were considering going back to retrieve the hat. Have you ever thought that the pedestrian street was chaotic at that time? If they went back, wouldn’t they be blocked by a crowd of passersby?!】

【Oh, oh, oh! So about this hat…?】

【【Pei Zhao CP Outfit Collection】 was compiled by fans last time. Then, based on the blurry pictures from passersby, they analyzed that this hat had appeared a long time ago.】

Pei Mingzhan sat in the office, accompanied by his manager.

“I’ve managed to suppress the paparazzi issue for you,” Brother Lao didn’t expect the paparazzi to be bold enough to follow Mr. Zhao to his residence. “Their editor spread some minor gossip online, but they didn’t release any pictures, so the fans aren’t buying it.”

After finishing, he added, “If you let him capture some major material again, I won’t need to suppress the hot searches for you. Once the fans start speculating, it’s like a sledgehammer, and there’s no turning back.”

There were still some leftover pictures on the computer. Pei Mingzhan carefully selected a few good-looking ones and saved them. “This paparazzi isn’t bad. Some of the shots are quite on point.”

“???” Brother Lao felt like he was about to cough up blood from this guy’s popularity. “You’re even selecting photos? Old Pei, do you realize how serious this situation is? If you still want to keep this under control, keep a low profile. I’m begging you on behalf of your brother.”

He said as he took out his phone and pulled up a Weibo post. “And why didn’t you tell me about you treating fans to milk tea? Your fans are saying you allowed the picture to be posted. Her little write-up made Lele, and even me, uneasy. She even asked me how to handle this. Ordering each other’s milk tea and wanting to go back to pick up the hat??? Pei Mingzhan, your courage has reached the heavens!”

Pei Mingzhan received the forwarded message, and he paused slightly. “Oh, she posted it? I searched online last time, thinking I could see it when I got back. I quite like this picture.” He saved the photo directly, planning to send it to Zhao Yao later.

Brother Lao: “…”

Pei Mingzhan added, “That hat really needs to be found. It was the first hat he gave me, and it’s a shame to lose it.”

Brother Lao replied, “…Are you trying to anger me to death?”

“Did the news about ‘Mi Ying’ getting shortlisted come through?” Pei Mingzhan shifted the conversation, “Next month, maybe?”

“You found out pretty quickly. Wasn’t it still undisclosed online?” Brother Lao paused at the mention, having just received the news yesterday and coming over today to discuss it. “Golden Rose’s ‘Mi Ying’ has a high chance of winning, but I sense you’re not that interested. After all, you’ve already won the Best Actor trophy.”

“Oh,” Pei Mingzhan, after hearing his manager’s words, solidified the timeframe in his mind. “Xiao Yao’s birthday is next month, and I want to celebrate it for him.”

“What? Zhao Zong is having a birthday?” Brother Lao was puzzled by the sudden shift in the conversation, but looking closely Mr. Zhao is celebrating a birthday, wouldn’t that mean Pei Mingzhan is up to something again??

He asked anxiously, “What do you want to do? Pei Mingzhan, I advise you to be careful.”

Pei Mingzhan closed his email and switched to the work page, saying, “I’ll let you know in advance this time…”


When Zhao Yao arrived at Gu Sui’s office, it was already past ten. Gu Sui dismissed others when he saw Zhao Yao arrived, then placed Feng Mu’s documents in front of him.

“So, is everything settled?” Zhao Yao noticed Feng Mu’s resume still on top. He remembered that Gu Sui mentioned making him a mediator just yesterday.

“No, he’s still a bit stubborn, but Zhajiang Mian is planning to poach him.” Gu Sui said openly, “Feng Mu is involved in a patent dispute with Lemon Platform. I heard that one of his patented technologies was actually stolen from his assistant. Feng Mu originally wanted to leave cleanly, but his company seized this opportunity to withhold the fruits of his labor.”

“Stolen?” Zhao Yao was surprised. “Which technology?”

“The one we discussed last time, but it was an early unfinished version,” Gu Sui explained. “His assistant was sharp-eyed too, recognizing the importance of this technology. Since Lemon Platform couldn’t retain talent, they wanted to keep that technology within the company. They even spread the word in the industry, and now several companies are hesitant to take on Feng Mu’s projects.”

“So, you’re planning to take him in?” Zhao Yao understood Gu Sui’s intentions. The current situation indeed presented a good opportunity for Zhajiang Mian, who aimed to recruit talents.

Gu Sui explained, “I reached out to Feng Mu. He was questioned by the company because of our meeting. Originally, he wanted to join us, but the possibility of causing trouble for us because of this matter made him decline. That’s why I thought of having you act as a mediator, especially since Feng Mu seems to hold you in high regard.”

“I’m not sure if I can persuade him,” Zhao Yao said. “And you’ve already decided to take the initiative.”

“Whether I can persuade him is another matter, but establishing goodwill wouldn’t hurt.” Gu Sui grinned, “That’s why I had you come over. Let’s have lunch with him, and I’ll mention that Zhajiang Mian can provide him with professional legal consultation. I’ve already set up a lunch appointment.”

“He came to S City?” Zhao Yao paused slightly. “Well, that works.”

Feng Mu had just arrived in S City yesterday. These days, he has been busy organizing materials to address the patent issues related to the technology. Originally, since the technology wasn’t fully developed, he didn’t consider applying for a patent. Unexpectedly, taking this technology with him now became a challenge.

If it were someone else from the technical department, it would be manageable, but the person competing for the patent was his former assistant.

At first, when developing this technology, many drawings and programs were not concealed from his assistant. Furthermore, with the current strained relations with Lemon Platform, some colleagues who could have served as witnesses were reluctant to risk losing their jobs. The most challenging was the difficulty in defining the boundaries of this matter. He had placed too much trust in his assistant, and the timelines for some crucial programs were now blurry. Helpless, he had to seek legal advice everywhere.

He came to S City because Gu Sui mentioned the availability of specialized lawyers in this field, leading him to bring the relevant documents.

After he arrived, Feng Mu noticed that, aside from the lawyer and Gu Sui, Mr. Zhao was also present.

During their last meeting, he was still in high spirits discussing technical issues with Mr. Zhao. Little did he expect that on this reunion, he would appear in such a desolate state.

 “Mr. Gu, Zhao Zong,” Feng Mu took his seat.

“This is Lawyer Wang. I’ve already conveyed your issue to him. Have you brought the necessary documents?” Gu Sui didn’t beat around the bush and immediately got to the point.

Feng Mu was grateful and quickly presented his materials. “These are the documents mentioned online. I’ve brought them all.”

Lawyer Wang nodded, “Please wait. let me take a look first.”

Gu Sui intentionally reserved two private rooms. The place offered excellent confidentiality while Lawyer Wang and his team waited in the adjacent room, ready to conduct a detailed analysis once Feng Mu provided his documents.

During the wait, Feng Mu felt a sense of embarrassment thinking he was delaying the time of these two people. “I’m really sorry for taking up your time.”

Gu Sui asked, “No big deal. How have you been considering the matter we discussed last time?”

Feng Mu smiled bitterly, “Do you still want someone like me?”

Zhajiang Mian is currently on the rise. If it faces joint suppression from Lemon Platform and other platforms, the troubles encountered could be significant. Feng Mu doesn’t want to jeopardize the Zhajiang Mian platform because of his own issues.

Gu Sui smiled, “Zhao Zong and I are serious. Our platform needs talents like you. You don’t have to worry about causing trouble for us because of other reasons. Do you think Zhao Zong and I are afraid of trouble?”

On Zhao Yao’s table, there was also a set of documents. When Feng Mu came, he brought several sets, and one of them was placed in front of him.

Many of Feng Mu’s materials were shared with his assistant, but Zhao Yao is certain that this technology originated from Feng Mu’s hands. During their previous discussions, Feng Mu proposed many conjectures not originally present in the original project proposal, and these conjectures were all realized in later developments. If the assistant were the original creator, Feng Mu wouldn’t have displayed that attitude at the time.

Even if Feng Mu could now present additional conjectures, he couldn’t prove that the foundational speculations were entirely his creation. His greatest concern is that Lemon Platform separating this technology…

As Zhao Yao flipped through the materials, he suddenly noticed a certain detail. He paused slightly and asked, “The ‘basic logic framework’ you mentioned here… Did you also provide this material to your assistant?”

“I did. I sent it for him to organize at the time,” Feng Mu replied after hearing Zhao Yao’s question.

Zhao Yao continued, “So,In the first place what software did you write this framework? While you might have collaborated with your assistant in the program development, for the framework, you should have had an initial model. Did you upload it to another cloud platform before development, or do you still have the original template?”

He hadn’t seen anything in this document mentioning the use of other development software. But Feng Mu mentioned a software version that had been updated in recent years, which didn’t align with the initial development time he stated. This means there might be other software not mentioned.

Feng Mu developed most of the materials in the office, and he didn’t hide anything from his assistant. The concept of the initial template had completely slipped his mind until Zhao Yao brought it up. It was only then that he recalled he had indeed created an initial template before the development, written on a software. He hastily took out his notebook from the bag, saying, “I don’t know which software it was on. Let me find it.”

The original template was designed back when he was still in school. It was originally intended as a graduation project. But because of the high technical difficulty, it was never implemented. Feng Mu searched through his belongings and finally found the prototype version on a cloud drive associated with an account. When he saw this version, he was momentarily stunned, surprised that they really found it.

At this point, Lawyer Wang also brought over some documents. After hearing that they found the original template, he was quite surprised, “Having the original template is very important evidence. The upload time on the cloud drive serves as proof…”

– *

When Zhao Changshuo finished his work, it was already approaching evening. Because of recent tasks involving the group, he had been resting in the office and would rarely return home.

At this moment, just after completing his work, he noticed his secretary entering.

Seeing this, Zhao Changshuo said, “It’s not time to leave yet. You can rest early today. there’s nothing else to attend to.”

The secretary, who had been working overtime with the boss lately and had a rare moment of rest, said, “Boss, the Secretariat just organized the recent online public opinion. As you instructed us to keep an eye on the situation with San Shao recently, we just received some unfavorable news.” Planning to leave work, he had received this unexpected message and decided to inform the boss before departing.

Zhao Changshuo furrowed his brow slightly. “Zhao Yao? Didn’t I tell you last time? His matters should be handled directly without reaching me. Or is this matter particularly serious?”

“It’s not a serious issue,” the secretary continued. “It’s just that someone is taking advantage of the current public opinion surrounding the Zhao family, spreading rumors about discord between you and San Shao. There are even discussions among the employees within the group.”

Zhao Changshuo frowned, displeased by this, “Who leaked it?”

“We haven’t found out yet, but it’s highly likely related to the issues left behind during Zhao Zhikai’s term,” the secretary explained briefly. “We will arrange for someone to handle it directly.”

“Investigate who’s spreading rumors behind the scenes,” Zhao Changshuo thought. During the previous turmoil, it didn’t leak, but now that it surfaced, someone must be orchestrating it.

The secretary received the order and left.

Zhao Changshu sent a message to Zhao Yao on WeChat after thinking about it and then went online to search for more information.

As a result, when he entered Zhao Yao’s name, additional keywords popped up…

#Zhao Yao Beautiful Love#


Zhao Changshuo paused slightly. Zhao Yao has a girlfriend…?

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