July Updates

Hello everyone!

I am back! Well the site is… FINALLYヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

Some updates for everyone. It all started with me wanting to remove the html that is showing (I hate it till this day) on the first few paragraphs (It is still there TT). Then, it went full blown site crashing every now and then. Those past two weeks are NUTS.
I am in no way techy orz, so I dont really know what to do. I asked multiple people and kept having different answers lol. And for the themes I had to change multiple times. I really liked this one. Hopefully it holds (TдT) or IM going back to default ones

a. I can’t remove the ads. Its the one paying the site (along with the ko-fi), and hopefully the one for the consent banner.

b. the HTML is still there (;﹏;) (oh to be other sites without problem)

c. Hopefully this theme holds because I really liked it. Everyone can see how many minutes they will alot in their day or something (a bonus for me if im the reader).

d. I’m still new to this. Im trying to have a site, that I as a reader will go to.

Hopefully, by this coming week or max July everything is good.

And finally, thanks for everyone supporting!


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