Plane Supermarket Chapter 10

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C10

The fairy lamp emitted a soft glow, and despite the absence of ice in the room, it felt cooler than if there were ice.

Lin Youyuan used to scoff at the idea of immortals. He believed that people were ignorant, lacking in practicality, and yet they placed their hopes in gods and Buddhas.

He had once sneered at the thought of ‘immortals.’ No one had ever seen an immortal, but he had encountered many self-proclaimed immortals who were nothing more than charlatans, using tricks and alchemy to deceive and harm people.

But now…

He had no choice but to believe.

Lin Youyuan picked up a transparent container, placed the white pill in his saliva, and swallowed it with water.

He had unfortunately contracted tuberculosis during the locust plague.

At that time, the city had descended into chaos. Locusts covered the sky, like a dark giant cloth blotting out everything. If people didn’t hide indoors, they could see nothing outside.

The locusts devoured everything they could eat.

No matter how people tried to kill them, they couldn’t eliminate them all.

That day was terrifying and like a nightmare.

All the surrounding villages suffered total crop failure. He had planned to leave, but his tuberculosis flared up, so he had to seek medical treatment first.

However, the city’s doctors were leaving, and even with a reward promised, no one came to help him.

It was his household servant who managed to bring a doctor, but the doctor said that his tuberculosis was advanced, and there were not enough herbs to cure him. All they could do was keep him comfortable, and perhaps one day he might recover without treatment.

Lin Youyuan didn’t hold much hope. He hadn’t lived enough and didn’t want to die.

But it seemed fate had destined him for this calamity, and life and death were beyond his control.

After taking the medicine, he stared blankly at the cup in his hand.

The cup was crystal clear, without any impurities. He had seen various gemstones and crystals, but none of them could match the clarity of this cup.

Such a precious gemstone, used as a cup…

And it was handed to him without any hesitation.

It was evident that the immortals did not covet their belongings. They only want sincerity.

“You’ll stay here for the next two days,” Cao’er Niang said as she entered the security room wearing a mask. Everyone inside and outside the supermarket was now wearing masks. Although it felt stuffy, since the immortal had spoken, they dared not disobey.

“The immortal said you need to rest and recover slowly. If you need to leave in a hurry, it’s alright as long as the medicine has taken effect. You can take the medicine with you,” Cao’er Niang explained.

Lin Youyuan asked, “What about Zheng Ge and the others?”

Cao’er Niang replied, “They are out buying supplies. Judging by their appearance, they seem determined to empty the supermarket.”

Lin Youyuan asked further, “What does ‘supermarket’ mean?”

Cao’er Niang didn’t know either, so she vaguely explained, “Supermarket is the immortal’s cave dwelling, and it contains things that are beyond what the mortal realm can possess. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to enter wearing a mask too.”

“Take care of yourself!” Cao’er Niang hastily retreated.

She was afraid.

She wasn’t afraid of the disease, but rather, she was afraid of the aristocratic class represented by Lin Youyuan. To her, these people were different from her.

They were all human, yet they were different.

They were born as mud, while Lin Youyuan and others were born as trees.

Mud was trampled upon, but trees could soar high into the sky.

Entering the supermarket and seeing Zheng Ge and his group stuffing items into their shopping carts, Cao’er Niang finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Zhao Er wanted everything!

The immortal had everything!

Just a silver hairpin could “exchange” for all these items. Fortunately, the immortal wasn’t a mortal and didn’t do business, otherwise, they would surely go bankrupt!

“Zheng Ge! Look at this!” Zhao Er laughed like a seven or eight-year-old child, and even the scar on his face seemed more lively. He raised the item in his hand—a bag of cotton candy.

“It looks like clouds!”

Zheng Ge didn’t have time to look at him. His brothers were all like gluttons, wanting to stuff everything into their shopping carts.

The shopping cart itself was also a good thing. They didn’t know what it was made of. It looked like iron, but not quite. It had four wheels underneath, wheels that were not uncommon, but these wheels were very agile. They could move in all directions, unlike the wheels they had seen before, which could only go forward or backward.

“Da Ge!” One of the brothers nearby came over, his dark face filled with joy. “Look at this!!”

Zheng Ge finally gave him a glance and said irritably, “Stop calling me! I’m busy!”

In the surveillance room, Ye Zhou ate his hamburger and drank cola while watching the screens.

Of course, the hamburger was definitely not freshly made. It was heated and ready to eat, lacking the taste of freshly made food, but it was better than nothing.

Ye Zhou also added two pieces of lettuce and a tomato inside.

Now it didn’t matter what they chose, as long as they had enough “money” at the checkout.

Moreover, the items they picked were not expensive, so they should have enough.

The currency exchange system at the supermarket checkout was actually beneficial for Ye Zhou.

It was calculated based on the purchasing power of the items in the local area. For example, a silver hairpin would be worth about one tael here, so it would be converted into currency based on the purchasing power of one tael of silver.

Rather than the value of one tael of silver in modern times.

So this group of people was actually quite wealthy.

They just didn’t know it themselves.

Perhaps they also knew that they needed to hurry on their journey. Cao’er Niang had personally said that it was impossible for them to stay, so most of the items they stuffed into their shopping carts were dried meats and compressed biscuits.

Perhaps due to hunger, they mostly chose food items, and all of them were convenient and dried goods that are easy to carry.

Although they wanted the porcelain and glass cups, they also knew that these items were fragile and couldn’t be guaranteed to remain intact during their journey.

So after discussing among themselves, they decided to buy three decorative crystal balls that could play music and create snowflakes.

Ye Zhou thought they were quite clever. They prioritized purchasing items that would ensure their survival and then bought rare goods that were less fragile and had a high chance of remaining intact. Even if only one of the three crystal balls remained unbroken, it would be enough for them to make a profit.

Greed leads to nothing but trouble.

Everyone understood this principle, but not everyone could do it.

Ye Zhou didn’t think ancient people were foolish. He believed that in the face of temptation, only a few could stay true to themselves.

During the checkout, Zhao Er took out his silver hairpin, while Zheng Ge took out the dagger from his pocket. The remaining individuals also gradually took out the most valuable items they had on them.

However, as they stood before the checkout counter, they were all anxious.

The items they presented clearly didn’t hold equal value compared to what they intended to purchase.

Not to mention the crystal balls, just the amount of dried meat they had wouldn’t be affordable with the money they exchanged.


Ye Zhou walked out of the monitoring room. He had spent a month teaching the employees how to handle transactions.

The employees, unable to read Chinese characters or even Arabic numerals, had failed to learn despite Ye Zhou’s nearly month-long teaching effort. Ye Zhou couldn’t determine whether it was his own incompetence as a teacher or the employees’ lack of aptitude.

Ye Zhou didn’t pay much attention to Zhao Er and the others’ gaze directed at him. He had grown immune to being looked at that way by the employees over time.

“Immortal!” Someone shouted, and after a moment of stunned silence, Zhao Er and the others dared not look at Ye Zhou’s face. They hurriedly knelt down and began to kowtow without waiting for Ye Zhou to tell them to rise. The sound of their foreheads hitting the tiles made Ye Zhou’s headache.

Ye Zhou glanced at Cao’er Niang.

Cao’er Niang immediately understood and loudly exclaimed, “Quickly get up! The immortal doesn’t need you to kowtow.”

Ye Zhou: “…”

Although his intention was indeed to stop them from kowtowing, hearing it from Cao’er Niang felt somewhat off.

Zhao Er and the others stopped kowtowing but still didn’t dare to get up. They had witnessed the various strange things in the “supermarket” and couldn’t help but show respect.

Originally, Ye Zhou was worried that these people might become malicious after seeing the supermarket. But now he felt that his concerns were somewhat unnecessary.

When faced with the unknown, fear always outweighed excitement.

They might be thrilled by the things in the supermarket, but they were more afraid of the “immortal” standing before them.

Everything originates from the unknown.

Ye Zhou felt that if he were to board an alien spaceship, he would undoubtedly be excited. But no matter how friendly the aliens might be, he wouldn’t dare to entertain the idea of taking control of their spaceship. Who knows if the aliens might suddenly pull out a laser cannon and turn him into a pulp?

Ye Zhou didn’t look at them but walked behind the cash register. His tone was neither heavy nor light as he said, “Get up.”

Zhao Er secretly glanced up and quickly lowered his head again.

No wonder he’s an immortal, even more handsome than the nobles. It’s clear that the environment in the immortal realm nurtures people better than the mortal world.

They didn’t get up, and Ye Zhou didn’t urge them.

After more than ten minutes, the leader, Zheng Ge, tentatively began to rise slowly. He still didn’t dare to look at Ye Zhou, keeping his head lowered and focusing on his own nose. He clumsily moved to the side of the cash register and timidly called out, “Im- immortal…”

Ye Zhou casually nodded but didn’t respond.

Zhao Er noticed that Zheng Ge stood up and wasn’t punished by the immortal, so he got up and positioned himself behind Zheng Ge.

The others followed suit.

Ye Zhou: “…”

No wonder this “Zheng Ge” is the leader.

Otherwise, if he didn’t urge them or reach out to help, they might continue kneeling indefinitely.

Ye Zhou focused on his own tasks, starting by scanning the items they had taken out.

In reality, these items weren’t worth much in modern times. After all, they weren’t antiques, and he didn’t have the Da Liang Dynasty.

There was a Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, but it didn’t have the Tang Dynasty or Wu Zetian.

Clearly, they weren’t from the same era.

And even if he were to bring these items back to the present day, a brand new hairpin like this would sell for at most one or two thousand yuan. After all, it’s not a luxury brand item, no matter how well-designed it may be.

But if he could exchange them directly for money, it would be a different story.

These items have strong purchasing power in this era. After converting them into Chinese yuan based on the local price of rice, he wouldn’t just break even. He could even earn quite a bit.

Zheng Ge and Zhao Er’s most valuable items were just a large bag of buffalo meat.

The other items were priced at no more than twenty each.

And these were selling prices, not cost prices.

Ye Zhou had a smile in his eyes. He originally thought it would be difficult to accumulate one hundred points, but it turned out that a single transaction was enough.

He suppressed his excitement. If it weren’t for so many people watching, he would have leaped with joy.

“When are you leaving?” Ye Zhou asked.

Zheng Er was stunned for a while before tentatively responding, “Immortal… Are you asking me?”

Ye Zhou nodded.

Zheng Er dared to lift his head slightly, looking up at Ye Zhou. After seeing Ye Zhou’s nod, he said softly, “Immortal, we need to escort the esteemed person outside to the south. Now that he has received the immortal’s medicine…”

Ye Zhou said, “Rest here for two days. Once his condition improves, you can set off.”

Sending a Buddha to the west. After they leave, he can return on his own. It’s just playing the role of an “immortal” for two more days.

Although Zheng Er really wanted to stay and cultivate alongside the immortal, he had his elderly mother, wife, and children at home. The families of his fallen brothers were also waiting for him to bring back money. Therefore, despite his reluctance, he dared not express his desire to stay.

On the other hand, Zhao Er suddenly knelt down again with a “thud,” bowing his head and saying, “I beg the immortal to accept me as a disciple!”

“I beg the immortal to accept me as a disciple!”

His family didn’t need him. His parents were with his elder brother, and they would never lack food to eat. His elder brother was also watching out for him.

He didn’t want to leave! He wanted to stay here and cultivate with the immortal!

He, too, wanted to achieve immortality!

Ye Zhou glanced at Cao’er Niang and then ignored Zhao Er, who was continuously kowtowing, as he walked back to the rest area with an expressionless face.

He entrusted the rest to Cao’er Niang. She had experience dealing with such matters.

If he could achieve immortality and cultivate as an immortal, why would he bother running a supermarket in this remote place?

He would have ascended to the heavens a long time ago.

Ye Zhou entered the rest area with great joy and eagerly turned on his computer—

Unexpectedly, his “journey to another world” ended here.

Although there was a slight sense of “regret,” that’s just how life is. Having some regrets is normal.

A life without regrets is an incomplete one.

The computer screen lit up.

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