Plane Supermarket Chapter 14

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C14

When you come you are alone and will return full of experiences.

 Zheng Ge stood in the sunlight with the bundles loaded on the back of the horses. Tthe haze cleared, and he felt a surge of strength coursing through his body.

Without the carriage, Lin You could only ride a horse. He was no longer coughing and seemed to have fully recovered.

Before leaving, Zhao Er sat on the horse’s back, looking back at the supermarket like a child reminiscing about their mother.

“Let’s go,” Zheng Ge lifted the horsewhip.

The horse had been doing well these past few days. Its fur was smooth and shiny, and it seemed even more spirited compared to before.

With a flick of the horsewhip and a resounding crack through the air, the horse stood upright and let out a long neigh before galloping forward.

Lin You bumped on horseback. He smiled wryly, looking ahead. Now, his backside would suffer again. When they had left the south, he could barely even walk.

“They’re gone, Immortal,” Cao Er Niang  gently knocked on the door of the rest area.

Ye Zhou’s voice came from inside the door, “I know.”

“Call Wu Yan in,” Ye Zhou suddenly said.

Cao Er Niang  was momentarily stunned. Her heart seemed to suspend in mid-air. Having experienced the feeling of being treated differently by the Immortal, she feared losing it. But she also couldn’t refuse, “Yes.”

When she returned to the warehouse, Cao Er Niang’s face was so dark it could scrape off a layer of ash. She looked at Wu Yan, who was chatting with his wife. Walking over with an expressionless face, she said to Wu Yan, “The Immortal wants to see you.”

Wu Yan, who had been smiling, suddenly stood up. His expression changed several times, and his gaze became sharp.

He didn’t care about Cao Er Niang’s expression either, and walked straight out of the warehouse.

“Mother, what did the immortal tell him to do?” Cao Er walked over, leaning close to Cao Er Niang and asked in a low voice.

 Cao Er Niang shook her head slightly and said through gritted teeth, “Ask the immortal if you want to know!”

With that, she turned and walked out of the warehouse.

 Cao Er stood frozen with a confused expression, after a moment, she muttered softly, “What’s gotten into Mother today? Why is she so angry?”

Standing at the entrance of the Immortal’s resting room, Wu Yan took a deep breath. He even smoothed his hair and patted his clothes to remove the non-existent dust before finally knocking on the door, “Immortal, I’m here.”

Ye Zhou was sitting on the sofa and said, “The door isn’t locked, come in.”

Only then did Wu Yan push the door open and entered the room.

He didn’t dare to look directly at the immortal. Wu Yan only dared to approach with a lowered head and said, “What is the immortal order?”

Ye Zhou gestured towards the single-person sofa across from him, “I have something to discuss with you, have a seat.”

There were two cups of tea arranged on the small table in the middle of the sofa. Ye Zhou smiled at Wu Yan, “Don’t be nervous.”

Wu Yan swallowed nervously, sitting stiffly across from Ye Zhou. He didn’t even know where to place his hands and feet, only looking at the steaming cup of tea in front of him.

“I have a task that I need you to do.” Ye Zhou was also somewhat anxious. It was his first time having such close contact with a local besides Cao Er Niang . He picked up his tea cup and took a sip, then after a two-second pause, he continued, “This task is dangerous. If you’re unwilling, I won’t force you.”

Wu Yan trembled all over, his voice quivering as he said, “Please tell me, Immortal.”

Ye Zhou said the words he prepared, “I have a tribulation that can be resolved by saving countless good people. While many people can be saved, finding countless good people is not easy. I cannot interfere in mortal affairs, so I need you to do it for me.”

Wu Yan suddenly raised his head, his eyes shining, “Immortal, I will go!”

Ye Zhou spoke seriously again, “This journey is dangerous, neither you nor I have full certainty…”

Wu Yan immediately interrupted, “Immortal, I can do it!”

He wished he could sign a military order right now.

His determination caught Ye Zhou off guard, and he hesitated, “You will be on your own out there. I won’t be able to help you. Think carefully.”

Wu Yan’s gaze was burning, his spirit vibrant, radiating an indescribable charm. “Immortal, I’m not afraid. If anything happens to me, I ask that you take care of my wife and daughter.”

Ye Zhou fell silent for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he could take the people in the store with him when he left this plane. He didn’t want to lie to this man who was concerned about his wife and daughter, so he shook his head, saying, “I can’t promise you that.”

“I don’t know when I’ll leave either,” Ye Zhou continued, “and if I leave, I don’t know if I can bring your wife and daughter with me.”

“If you’re unwilling, I’ll find someone else.”

The light in Wu Yan’s eyes dimmed, and after a long while, he said, “Immortal, I’ll go.”

Ye Zhou looked at him, slightly leaning forward, “Have you made up your mind?”

Wu Yan lifted his head and saw the immortal’s face clearly for the first time. He grinned, “Immortal, I’ve made up my mind.”

Ye Zhou warned, “Be careful in everything. If you encounter danger, just turn and run. Don’t try to be brave. Saving people is important, but your life is also important.”

As Wu Yan left the resting room, he appeared calm.

He wasn’t unafraid of death, nor was he without desires.

Wu Yan understood clearly that without the protection of the immortal, his family of three had no chance of survival. They would either starve to death or become someone else’s meal.

As long as he followed the immortal’s instructions and completed the tasks assigned to him, even if the immortal couldn’t take his wife and daughter to the immortal realm, he was sure the immortal would leave something behind for them to survive.

He was an insignificant mortal, his family destroyed and parents dead. His only concern was his wife and daughter.

One life for himself, two lives for his wife and daughter, it was worth it.

What’s more, he didn’t believe he was destined to die out there. With the items the immortal provided and being cautious, how likely was it for something to go wrong? Nowadays, even bandits struggled to feed themselves, and if he encountered them, he was confident he could outrun them.

If people were starving, it was unlikely the bandits could keep horses well-fed.

Thinking this way, Wu Yan felt much more at ease.

What danger was there outside now? The people outside were either starving or already dead, with few in good health.

Moreover, those who were physically strong were definitely heading south.

Once back in the warehouse, Wu Yan explained the situation to the other men. He didn’t try to persuade them, only saying, “I’ve thought it over. It might be tiring and tough, but it’s not necessarily dangerous. We won’t go too far, and if our supplies run out, we’ll come back. If you’re not willing to go, I won’t force you. The immortal didn’t force me either.”

The men looked at each other, but none of them replied immediately.

Wu Yan didn’t rush them, “Take your time to think it over. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, so let me know tonight if you’re coming or not.”

Meanwhile, Ye Zhou was busy too. He was searching for weapons for Wu Yan. Gritting his teeth, he even exchanged the valuable crown of Lin You for money and spent the entire afternoon browsing the goods section.

Fortunately, aside from firearms, other self-defense tools were quite affordable.

Ye Zhou bought a stun baton, pepper spray, and even a semi-automatic crossbow.

All these items combined cost less than ten thousand.

It seemed that in this trading system, thermal weapons were the most expensive.

Everything else is cheap.

He didn’t know whether to consider it good or bad.

Ye Zhou couldn’t eat dinner that night. He had no appetite. He felt like he was doing something wrong, forcing others to take risks on his behalf.

Throughout the afternoon, he kept looking at the weapons. After going through the selection, he even slapped his forehead, briefly considering going with Wu Yan and the others.

It was only when Wu Yan and the security guards arrived to find him that he suppressed the urge to go out with them.

“I’ll divide these items among you, and I will teach you how to use them,” Ye Zhou said. “You will need to carry more things.”

In addition to flashlights, binoculars, and weapons, Ye Zhou also prepared adhesive bandages, Yunnan Baiyao 1, iodine disinfectant, and gauze in case of emergency for them.

Apart from these items, they would definitely need to carry dry rations.

Since they had no means of transportation, it was going to be tough.

The men were still avoiding making direct eye contact with Ye Zhou, and even though they didn’t say it, Wu Yan had become their de facto leader. Wu Yan respectfully said, “Immortal, we are all willing to go.”

After discussing for an entire afternoon, they all felt that this journey wouldn’t be in vain.

But Wu Yan didn’t allow everyone to accompany him. He had to leave three out of the eight men behind.

When the men initially heard about the expedition, they were scared out of their wits. But upon reflection, they realized it might not be as challenging as it seemed.

What dangers could there be outside? They are well-fed now. If they couldn’t fight, couldn’t they run? If they couldn’t outrun, couldn’t they hide in the woods?

What’s more, they were sure the immortal would provide them with immortal weapons.

Those outside were just ordinary mortals made of flesh and blood, not indestructible monsters. Why should they be afraid?

Ye Zhou hadn’t expected Wu Yan to mobilize so many people. His perception of Wu Yan seemed to have changed subtly.

Unexpectedly, his supermarket had hidden crouching tigers and hidden dragons 2.

“Take these items and follow me outside,” Ye Zhou walked straight out.

The employees hurriedly picked up the items.

Teaching them how to use these items wasn’t difficult at all. Even though Ye Zhou hadn’t taught them Arabic numerals, there was no pressure explaining how to use flashlights and binoculars.

Even the semi-automatic crossbows, they quickly learned it. Although the accuracy needs some more practice.

But with the crosshair, even if they weren’t accurate, they wouldn’t miss by much.

The employees’ faces were flushed with excitement. These items were their guarantee for survival outside.

Immortal artifacts! The things from legends were now truly in their hands.

Ye Zhou instructed, “These items can harm others, but they can also harm you. Be careful when practicing, don’t injure yourselves.”

The employees quickly responded, “Rest assured, Immortal. We will be careful, definitely!”

Ye Zhou nodded. “I’ll have Li Shi and the others pack your belongings overnight. You’ll head out tomorrow, and once you’re familiar with the surroundings, then you can explore further. Understood?”

The employees repeatedly assured him. But Ye Zhou was still worried, “In my opinion, your lives are important, as are the lives of others. There is no priority. After you go out, prioritize your own safety first.”

The employees fell silent. They didn’t look at Ye Zhou, but their bodies were trembling slightly.

They themselves didn’t consider their lives important, yet the Immortal actually valued their lives!

If the officials in the imperial court had the virtues of an Immortal, how could these farmers be living in such dire circumstances?

Even during years of good harvests, they couldn’t fill their bellies, starving to death with golden wheat right in front of them! What kind of logic was this?!

When disasters like famine come, the high-ranking officials were the first ones to flee, leaving them here to die!

They were diligent and honest, yet their lives only got worse.

They were working tirelessly throughout their lives, but they couldn’t even earn a proper place to live on their own. Their descendants would only fare worse and worse, if they had the chance to leave any descendants at all.

Ye Zhou finished speaking and noticed that no one answered. Just as he was about to say a few more words, he realized that some of the employees had tears in their eyes.

People who have endured too much hardship can’t enjoy even a little sweetness. But when they finally got a taste of it, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts broken.

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  1. a traditional Chinese medicine[]
  2. talented group of individuals[]

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