Plane Supermarket Chapter 17

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C17

In the early hours of the morning, the employees had already fallen asleep, and the supermarket was quiet, almost deathly quiet.

Only Ye Zhou couldn’t sleep. It had been five hours since he pressed the hiring button, but his hired bodyguard still hadn’t shown up.

With something on his mind, Ye Zhou couldn’t sleep no matter what.

He carried a bunch of snacks and a tablet, grabbed a folding chair, and went to sit at the supermarket entrance.

If the hired bodyguards didn’t arrive by the time dawn arrived, he would go back to the rest area to sleep.

Tonight, the stars were shining brightly, and the moon was covered by dark clouds, seemingly indicating that there would be rain tomorrow.

But rain couldn’t quench the thirsty land, and from Ye Zhou’s observation, those dark clouds should disperse by tomorrow morning.

Ye Zhou played the single-player version of Plants vs. Zombies, with cola and potato chips beside him, along with a few packs of spicy snacks. He looked up from time to time and looked ahead.

As the time passed slowly, Ye Zhou couldn’t stop yawning. At three o’clock in the morning, he was really struggling to stay awake.

His upper and lower eyelids clung together like long-lost lovers, wishing they could be together all the time.

Just when Ye Zhou was preparing to pick up his things and head back, a sudden flash of light appeared on the horizon.

That light only lasted for an instant, illuminating the night sky in that moment and then quickly disappearing, leaving the sky dark once again.

Ye Zhou stood up in excitement.

He was still a bit worried, worried that the people he hired might not be Chinese and wouldn’t understand Mandarin. 

And the biggest problem was that he didn’t know Japanese or Korean, and his English skills were limited to everyday conversation – the rest he left to his teacher.

To be precise, after passing the fourth level of the exam, he became lax in his studies. After all, passing the fourth level would earn him a degree certificate, and he had already firmly established his goal of opening a supermarket, so he didn’t feel the need to learn English well.

If he had known it would come in handy today, he wouldn’t have forgotten it so quickly.

Ye Zhou hurried down the steps. As soon as he stood on the ground, he heard movement coming from the woods. The dry grass rustled, and there were faint noises.

His eyes gleamed as he looked in the direction of the sound, not far away.

As the footsteps got closer and closer, the figure of a man also came into Ye Zhou’s eyes.

Just like in the photo, the man has a pair of dark eyes, and his double eyelids make his eyebrows look very deep.

His eyebrows were thick but not coarse, his nose straight, and his lips slightly thin but not to the point of seeming unfeeling.

His hair was very short and easy to manage, but it didn’t make him look dull. Instead, it gave Ye Zhou the impression of a somewhat untamed spirit, like a poised and powerful black panther, agile and ready to pounce on its prey at any moment.

The man was dressed entirely in black  –  a black jacket, black pants, and he carried a heavy black machine gun on his back.

He also had a handgun strapped to his waist.

He looked like a mobile fortress.

Ye Zhou’s eyes became brighter and brighter – self-armed! He saved money!

This bodyguard was worth hiring!

“Zou…” Ye Zhou was about to call out the man’s name when he saw another person step out from behind the man.

Ye Zhou: “!!!”

He remembered that he had hired two adult men!

Walking out from behind the man was a young woman. She was wearing a black fluffy skirt and had a black veil accessory on her head, with intricate lace patterns on the skirt’s hem.

Although Ye Zhou wasn’t completely fashion-illiterate, he couldn’t help but feel that the girl’s outfit resembled something from Western medieval times. He didn’t understand that this style is known as “Lolita.”

And she didn’t look Asian at all.

She had light golden curly hair and red eyes.

Ye Zhou: “…”

He remembered now. This girl was the surprisingly cheap vampire who only charged three thousand!

A “young lady” who was 420 years old.

But he clearly didn’t hire her! The person he hired was supposed to be Asian, a man with fists the size of sandbags and a muscular physique like a mountain. He had chosen based on their body types, one being agile and the other robust, thinking one of them would be reliable.

“Sarah?” Ye Zhou looked at the girl walking towards him.

The girl nodded, pointing to her earring and spoke in a sweet, childlike voice, “I have a translator.”

Ye Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. If he had known there was a translator, he wouldn’t have worried about the language barrier.

“Wait a minute,” Ye Zhou frowned. Although he knew she was over four hundred years old and far from needing any protection as a young girl, he couldn’t help but wear a helpless expression as he asked, “Why did you come? I didn’t hire you!”

Sarah shook her head, looking completely oblivious, “That’s your problem. I received the contract and came after signing it.”

Ye Zhou was about to say something more, but Sarah interrupted, “Don’t underestimate me. My salary is low not because of my abilities but because no one hires me! You all like to judge by appearances, thinking I’m still a child just by looking at my face. With someone like you, I could take on a hundred of you.”

Ye Zhou: “…There’s no need for that example.”

“That’s not the problem!” Ye Zhou reacted, “You’re a vampire! Sister! Ancestor! What do you normally eat?!”

Sarah waved her hand, “I’m not picky. Human blood is best, but if there’s no human blood, then cow’s blood is okay, followed by chicken blood. I don’t like  pig blood, but if there’s no other option pig blood is fine.”

“If you haven’t prepared it for me, just give me an advance on my salary,” Sarah continued, “I’ll buy it myself.”

Vampires…  are quite down-to-earth.

Ye Zhou looked at the man behind Sarah. He didn’t need an introduction. Ye Zhou knew his name very well and even knew his hobbies and specialties, although it was all from a brief profile.

“Zou Ming?” Ye Zhou extended his hand towards the man.

Zou Ming nodded and reached out to shake hands with Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like they wouldn’t be difficult to get along with. 

Although one was the employer and the other an employee, it was better to have a good relationship than to meet as enemies.

“I’ve prepared rooms for you both. Originally, there were supposed to be two men… but I’ve only prepared one room,” Ye Zhou glanced at Sarah again.

Sarah was shocked, “I’m not staying in a room with a man!”

Zou Ming, on the other hand, didn’t react much. After a few seconds of silence, he asked, “Do you have a tent?”

Ye Zhou replied, “If you don’t mind, you can stay in the same room as me. My lounge is quite large, and I can set up an extra single bed.”

Zou Ming had no objections, and neither did Sarah.

The room prepared for Sarah was the security room at the supermarket entrance. But it had been carefully cleaned and well-maintained by Ye Zhou, so it was spotless and very clean. The bedding had also been changed, and an extra bed was set up.

Ye Zhou didn’t inquire too much about the backgrounds and abilities of the two.

Although their resumes weren’t very detailed, the two bodyguards had just arrived, and it was nighttime, so they probably needed rest. 

Even if they didn’t need rest, they would need to adjust to the time difference. 

Ye Zhou decided to leave any questions for tomorrow.

Upon seeing the security room, Sarah made a request, “Could you get me a coffin? I don’t have high demands, a wooden one will do, but if you have an iron coffin, that would be even better.”

She was very satisfied with the security room, which was small and clean.

For a vampire, room size didn’t matter much. Even if she were staying in a castle, she would still be lying in a coffin.

Ye Zhou, “I’ll check in the system. If I can’t buy a coffin, I’ll have one made from wood for you.”

Sarah smiled at Ye Zhou and said, “Could you make the coffin a bit thicker?”

She acted naturally and along with her childlike appearance, smoothed over any dissatisfaction Ye Zhou might have had.

Ye Zhou was now even having self-doubts, questioning whether he had hired the right people and if he had made a mistake. If it was his mistake, he shouldn’t blame it on this “young lady.”

So, Ye Zhou smiled and said, “I’ll do my best. Are you hungry? Would you like to eat something before sleeping?”

“No need.” Zou Ming had already folded the single bed neatly. He moved with precision, taking off his jacket to reveal a black form-fitting outfit underneath, designed to move easier. It hugged his body, outlining the contours of his arms and chest.

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but focus his gaze on Zou Ming’s arms.

Zou Ming’s physique was lean, not bulked up from excessive bodybuilding, and he wasn’t aiming for maximum size.

Instead, it was a physique that represented the human limit achievable through rigorous training, with no excess muscle or fat anywhere on his body, just the right amount.

He didn’t have fists the size of sandbags, but with one punch, there probably weren’t many who could withstand it.

Ye Zhou would be lying if he said he wasn’t jealous  of such a figure.

But he also knew that achieving such a body through his own willpower was impossible.

The best shape Ye Zhou had ever been in was during high school. At that time, he played basketball alongside attending classes. When he lifted his shirt, he had well-defined, prominent six-pack abs. Every time he played basketball, girls would bring him water and towels, treating him like a male lead in idol dramas. 

He even made some female friends as a result.

But once he entered college, relationships began to drift apart, and they rarely got together anymore.

During high school, he was busy playing games and basketball, and he never thought about puppy love, let alone having the time for it. 

By the time he reached college, he was focused on chasing his dreams and worried himself relentlessly. Romantic relationships were far from his mind.

When he got to college, he was once again focused on chasing his dreams. He extremely scrutinized himself relentlessly, let alone thinking about love.

Even after graduating from college, Ye Zhou had no interest in dating. At that time, all his energy was invested in opening the supermarket, and he even believed love as a major obstacle to his career.

Among his female friends, there was one who had broken up with her boyfriend of six years because it was difficult to find a job after graduation and the extreme pressure it brought. 

Now that he was here, Ye Zhou had even less interest in pursuing ‘love.’

But when he looked at Zou Ming, he did feel a bit of a “body crisis.”

It seems like he couldn’t just stay in the lounge every day and be a homebody. He needed to exercise his body regularly. 

Otherwise, when danger comes, he wouldn’t be able to run fast enough.

Zou Ming also noticed that Ye Zhou’s gaze had been fixed on him, and he glanced up at Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou felt a bit embarrassed when he was caught red-handed and said, “You have a great figure.”

Zou Ming nodded slightly, seemingly not upset. Instead, he asked calmly, “Do you want to touch it?”

Ye Zhou’s mouth twitched, “… There’s no need for that.”

Originally, he was worried that the employee would have a bad personality. 

Now it seemed that the issue was the opposite. The employee’s personality was a bit too good.

Zou Ming nodded and lifted the folded single bed with one hand, saying to Ye Zhou, “Lead the way.”

Ye Zhou then left the security room and walked towards the lounge.

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