Plane Supermarket Chapter 18

Plane Supermarket Plane 1: Da Liang Dynasty C18

The two employees arrived without any daily necessities. Sarah’s room had a simple bathroom where she could wash her face and brush her teeth. Ye Zhou only gave her toothpaste, a toothbrush, a towel, and a set of children’s pajamas.

Zou Ming and Ye Zhou stayed in the lounge, and they didn’t need anything else besides a bed and toiletries.

Ye Zhou was excited and couldn’t sleep until dawn. He watched Zou Ming as he went to wash up, and when Zou Ming returned, Ye Zhou couldn’t wait to ask, “Are you Chinese? Special forces? How did you end up on the system’s list?”

He was curious about both Zou Ming and Sarah, and even more so about the system.

He hadn’t had a chance to learn about it before, and now that he had this “unexpected visitor,” he couldn’t wait to get more information.

Zou Ming lay on the bed, wearing the light blue pajamas Ye Zhou had given him. He leaned against the head of the bed, with the top two buttons of the pajamas unbuttoned casually, revealing a large part of his chest. His honey-colored skin looked particularly sexy in the light. He turned to look at Ye Zhou, and although his tone was calm, there was no sense of coldness or aloofness, “I’m not a special forces soldier.”

“I am Chinese,” Zou Ming said.

Ye Zhou’s smile suddenly widened on his face. Seeing a fellow countryman, he instantly felt a sense of warmth towards Zou Ming.

But Zou Ming quickly added, “But in the era I come from, the concept of a nation has disappeared.”

Ye Zhou’s smile still hung on his face, and he responded with a somewhat puzzled “Ah.”

It was only after Zou Ming’s explanation that Ye Zhou understood the reason why he said that statement.

Zou Ming is not a special forces soldier. Although he considered himself Chinese, the era he lived in was a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

Human civilization had rapidly regressed, with the Earth going through wars and natural disasters. The land was no longer suitable for farming, and various factors led to steel and iron being scrapped easily.

Many regions were still shrouded in the haze of nuclear contamination. 

Arable land became scarcer, and water resources were in high demand.

In Zou Ming’s era, the situation of humankind was even worse than the refugees Ye Zhou had encountered in the present.

The shortage of resources led to competition, and people were either fighting or on their way to a fight. 

Zou Ming got the system unexpectedly and voluntarily registered because the only way to earn money was through the system, which could be used to purchase goods circulating within the plane trading system.

After listening to all this, Ye Zhou was taken aback. He hesitated a bit and asked, “We’re not in the same plane, right?”

Zou Ming replied, “No, we’re not.”

Ye Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. Even though it will happen in the future, he still found it a bit hard to digest if it were happening in his world.

After chatting for so long, Ye Zhou glanced at the time and realized it was already past four in the morning.

He said to Zou Ming, “Sorry for keeping you up for so long. Let’s get some sleep. We can wake up later.”

After all, no one would be waking him up at this place.


Chen Liu was holding a bag in his arms, filled with rations that the immortal had prepared for him. He couldn’t go out and reveal his identity to the Yellow Bandit brothers because he now had a job given by the immortal, and he had to listen to Wu Yan’s words when he went out.

Now that he had set foot in the immortal’s gate, he should have theoretically severed ties with his past life. However, the immortal had saved his life, and his brothers had also saved his life, but he only had one body and one life to give back to one person.

These rations were all he could offer now.

Around the campfire sat seven or eight young people, but they weren’t strong or tough-looking. They lacked the heroic and confident aura that the Yellow Bandits were rumored to possess. They leaned on each other, their dry lips cracked and healed several times. Although they couldn’t bleed anymore, deep cracks remained.

They were lucky to have made it this far.

Most of the people had died on the road, except for the first group of people who fled who had reached the pass.

The ones who can survive until now were either lucky or physically strong.

Among them was a man with a strong  physique. His clothing was no different from the others, but he appeared haggard , with long, disheveled, yellowing hair. They all stared numbly at the campfire, and not a single one of them spoke.

Chen Liu crouched nearby, having also survived hardships. He knew that when you escape and reach the end, you often lose the strength to speak or shed tears.

He couldn’t remember what was going through his mind at the time. Looking back now, he felt like he was a breathing corpse back then.

It wasn’t until someone by the campfire closed their eyes to sleep that Chen Liu raised the bag high and tossed it in the direction of the fire.

Although he was short, he had strong arms, and the bag landed perfectly next to the tallest man.

“Who’s there?!” a hoarse voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Liu was startled. He didn’t want to be driven out of their current group. His parents were still at the supermarket, and he had delivered the rations, but recognition was still a problem.

So Chen Liu lowered his body, crouched behind a tree, and nervously listened to the commotion outside.

The food inside the bag had been removed from its original packaging. The immortal had specifically instructed them not to discard the packaging and to bring it all back to the supermarket.

They had no objections and didn’t think there was anything unusual about it. After all, it was from the immortal world, and it shouldn’t be left in the mortal world.

“Dage! It’s a bag!” a thin, small man propped himself up on the shoulder of the person next to him. He stumbled over to the bag and looked around in confusion.

The people who had been asleep also woke up. They didn’t know what had happened yet, and their dull eyes showed no sign of excitement.

The man called “dage” walked over. He was probably the only one among them who could barely stand.

The ones who were too weak to move sat where they were, gazing at the bag on the ground.

They couldn’t even think where the bag had come from, who had thrown it, and why.

But none of them expected there would be water and food inside the bag.

Water and food were extremely precious at this time. The price of food varied greatly, being cheap in times of peace and expensive in times of chaos.

Nowadays, even a sip of water could save a life.

“Dage” slowly squatted down, and as he did, he couldn’t help but sway for a moment, almost falling to the ground.

Once he had steadied himself and regained his composure, “Dage” reached out and opened the bag.

As the bag unfolded, everyone who saw its contents couldn’t help but hold their breath. The first thing that caught their eye was a bulging water bag. “Dage” instinctively looked towards the nearby woods.

“Water…” someone croaked, calling out in a dazed manner.

“Dage” didn’t pay attention to anything else. His hands, which had been powerless just moments ago, suddenly burst with strength. He picked up the water bag with one hand, removed the wooden stopper from the top, and sniffed at the opening. He didn’t detect any foul odor.

He took a sip carefully to confirm that it was indeed water and then eagerly took a big sip!

But he didn’t forget to share it with his brothers.

“It’s water.” “Dage” handed the water bag to the person closest to him. “Don’t drink too much. Save some for our brothers.”

The person next to him eagerly accepted the water bag and drank it without a word.

Although the water bag was quite large, only a small amount left after everyone had taken a sip.

Despite still feeling thirsty, none of them dared to drink any more.

For so many days, this is the most water they have drunk.

Usually, if they were lucky, they could find a muddy pit where wild animals had drunk. Although it was hard to swallow, it would somewhat relieve their thirst. 

If luck was against them, they might have to resort to drinking their own urine.

Even that wasn’t always an option.

Although the temptation to drink it all was strong, they knew that once it was gone, it was gone.

After drinking the water, “Dage” began to look through the items beneath the water bag.

“It’s all food,” “Dage” said as he swallowed unconsciously.

There were strange bread slices, yellow on the outside and white on the inside. There was also very coarse jerky that didn’t look like pork but more like beef, sugar cubes, and dry biscuits. And although the variety of items is not much, there were many portions.

While the variety of items wasn’t extensive, the quantity was substantial.

“I wonder who kind-hearted hero is!” “Dage” forcefully averted his gaze and stood up, shouting toward the woods, “I am Yang Zhi of Huangshan 1! I ask the hero to come forward, and let me and my brothers offer our respects to you!”

Chen Liu who was hidden in the shadows clenched his teeth tightly, not daring to make a sound.

Hearing no response, “Dage” called out with his last bit of strength, “If the hero is unwilling to reveal themselves, then so be it. I will leave a token here. If you are fortunate enough to survive, come and look at me with this item, and Yang Zhi will do anything he can. I will surely repay your kindness!”

With that, Yang Zhi took something from his pocket and respectfully placed it on a stone.

He had only taken a small portion of the items from the bag and distributed them to everyone.

They wolfed down the food, swallowing without much chewing, and even if they couldn’t taste it, they swallowed it eagerly, filling their empty stomachs.

Yang Zhi kept his peripheral vision on the edge of the woods, firmly believing that the person who had thrown the bag was now hiding in the forest.

Although he didn’t know the person’s intentions, he didn’t believe they were an enemy. It was more likely that they had some connection to them, to the Yellow Bandits.

But no matter how much he thought, Yang Zhi couldn’t think of anyone associated with the Yellow Bandits who could access such a large amount of food and water.

They were bandits. No matter what they do, in the eyes of the common folk whether good or bad, they were ruthless mountain bandits. Except for a few villages at the foot of the Huangshan, whenever people heard the words “Yellow Bandits,” they would flee. 

Banditry was rampant, and anyone associated with it was seen as an evil spirit by the common people.

His brothers didn’t ask about the source of the ration. They didn’t want to delve into it and had no energy to think. With food in their stomachs, they were already exhausted and drowsy, leaning against the trees and falling asleep.

Chen Liu watched Yang Zhi. In reality, he had never interacted with Yang Zhi, as he was just a small lackey in the group, operating only with others like him. Even if he had seen Yang Zhi, they had never exchanged words.

He had heard his brothers say that Yang Zhi came from a good family, the son of a landlord, but he wasn’t a heartless villain.

To protect the tenants under his care, Yang Zhi had gone to the county to beat drums and raised a complaint, accusing the local county magistrate of taking lives recklessly and acting as a tyrant. As a result, Yang Zhi was thrown into prison, and his family’s property was confiscated.

It was the Mountain King who sent people to abduct his parents, siblings, and even raided the execution ground, which ultimately saved his life.

Although Yang Zhi wasn’t the Mountain King of the Yellow Bandits, his literacy and robust physique, along with his unwavering loyalty, made him no different from the second Mountain King.

He was a good person.

Chen Liu clenched his fists tightly as he thought about it.

But in this world, good people often suffer the most.

He looked at the “token” that Yang Zhi had placed on the stone, and suddenly, everything became clear to him.

The immortal possessed magical powers! If the immortal saw this item, they would surely recognize that Yang Zhi was a good person!

When that happens, the immortal would come to rescue them!

There was only one main road here. As long as Chen Liu was fast enough and travels day and night, he could make the round trip.

Chen Liu made up his mind. He hunched over and decided to try to take the “token” while Yang Zhi and his group were fast asleep.

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  1. 黃山 Huangshan: Yellow Mountains[]

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